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Under Suspicion #2020

Under Suspicion Friday Barnes girl detective is under arrest Getting arrested was the last thing Friday expected after solving the swamp yeti mystery at her boarding school But she better clear her name fast She s

  • Title: Under Suspicion
  • Author: R.A. Spratt Phil Gosier
  • ISBN: 9781626722996
  • Page: 234
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Under Suspicion By R.A. Spratt Phil Gosier, Friday Barnes, girl detective, is under arrest Getting arrested was the last thing Friday expected after solving the swamp yeti mystery at her boarding school But she better clear her name fast She s got new cases to investigate, like a scandalous quiche bake off, a decades old mystery buried in her school s backyard, and why the new boy, Christopher, is being so nicFriday Barnes, girl detective, is under arrest Getting arrested was the last thing Friday expected after solving the swamp yeti mystery at her boarding school But she better clear her name fast She s got new cases to investigate, like a scandalous quiche bake off, a decades old mystery buried in her school s backyard, and why the new boy, Christopher, is being so nice to her.More adventures and intrigue ensue in Friday Barnes, Under Suspicion, the second book in the illustrated Friday Barnes mystery series, starring a genius detective with the brains and social skills of Sherlock Holmes.Don t miss Book 1, Friday Barnes, Girl Detective

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    1. My daughter and I loved this second book in the Friday Barnes series even than the first Friday s eccentric, quirky personality shines through as she develops self confidence and gets used to being in the spotlight Friday s extensive vocabulary as she spits out interesting conglomerations of facts and information annoys everyone on her campus, but thoroughly entertained us One complaint I do have to make is that girls in this series do not get a good rap Friday is socially inept and totally no [...]

    2. Ladies and Gentlemen, It s an honor for me to present you Friday Barnes A.K.A The Lady Sherlock Holmes.

    3. Author R.A SprattFirst Published 1 1 2015Length 260 pagesThe Friday Barnes books are a hidden gem They have yet to reach the potential they deserve contemporary classic yet slowly they claw a readership as word of mouth spreads.They don t talk down to children They don t strive to maintain a limited vocabulary, instead extending and challenging They have a lovely humour and lyricism that lends itself to being read aloud in a class or by the bed The MC, Friday Barnes, is female without being ster [...]

    4. I gave this book four stars because I liked how every page you read changes your thoughts Friday Barnes is a girl who solved a bank robbery and get a 100,000 dollar reward she uses the money to enroll herself in the best private school in the country and to make money at the school she solves mystery s for her peers and even teachers.When she hears that a criminal escaped and is on the lose she believes she can uncover the culprit.

    5. Under suspicion was a great book and I loved it so much I finished it in 4 days I really think you should read it I loved and I hope you do too Friday Barnes Under Suspicion300 pg

    6. This book is so goodI dearly love this book Some parts of the Story is hilarious and I was laughing out loud This is a really good Mystery and its for ages 11 15 years of age group I love reading Books of this age level because they are clean, funny, real good mysteries I give this Book 5 5 Stars here on I would highly recommend this Book to anybody that loves to read Mysteries The next Book is coming out in January of 2017 I am going to collect these books They are my type of Books They remind [...]

    7. Friday has her hands full with her latest cases First, she s accused of terrorism Then, she has to solve a case regarding a bake off and a home economics class To top it off, a case involving a stolen necklace and an escaped maximum security prisoner plague her cases as well Will she solve her cases or she in above her head Similar to Encyclopedia Brown and Sherlock Holmes, Friday is a genius detective with spunk She s an engaging, entertaining character that is well developed and likable Althou [...]

    8. Such a fun romp I discovered the Friday Barnes series yesterday, and I ve already read the first two books, and have the next three piled by me, ready to go I love Friday s logical yet innocent outlook on the world, and her difficulty reading social nuances which make for funny moments, with friends and adults mostly understanding and supporting her, rather than putting her down They re a bit of a Famous Five x Malory Towers feel, only with dryer wit and a great pace I suspect I ll have read the [...]

    9. I liked this follow up to the first book, lots of fun new characters and a fun plot line, some interesting stuff happens and the mysteries are not as carefree as in the first book, but never the less still full of good times.The ending is a bit f a shock and I honestly did not see it coming.My god daughter and I both really enjoyed this book.

    10. Ok, the twist in this one I saw and solved, but I still loved this one just as much as the first And now I m gobbling down the third one Seriously, this character and her friends just crack me up I will be recommending this whole series to all of my patrons.

    11. Okay this is still cliched But its really damn funny, like I chuckle out loud to myself The whole Melanie shipping Ian and Friday and also taking unnecessary naps, all the teachers loathing Friday while simultaneously needing her help and all the hatred about exercise It s pretty good.

    12. I won this book in a First Reads contest.I have given it to a young reader who just discovered this series She was so excited to get the second book in the series and told me I was way cool for giving her the book I hope she enjoys it.

    13. This book is a wonderful mystery with a plot that keeps on thickening Friday is so smart, but everyone has a weakness What I like about her, though, is that she keeps that weakness as a part of her to make her unique Wonderful, and humorous at the same time.

    14. Review by G.P I like how Friday has a specific outfit she likes to wear, especially her hat.

    15. The plot of Friday Barnes Under Suspicion wasquestionable, especially after the hugely successful and brilliant first book Where it picked on from was brilliant and didn t drop expectations But then the love triangle distracted people from the real plot the holes appearing all over the school For example, look at the original USA cover it shows Ian and Chris and Friday puzzled over this love triangle Even the promotional piece doesn t show the holes but the love triangle Luckily, it DOES turn ou [...]

    16. Bring Nancy Drew into today s times and you will have Friday Barnes Detective mystery lovers will enjoy this series filled with the somewhat comical adventures of Friday and her spacey sidekick and best friend Melanie Pelley In Friday Barnes Under Suspicion, Friday not only has to solve numerous mysteries, but she also has to figure out who is trying to frame her Will her investigation be successful

    17. I selected this as my February Book of the Month for the bookshop I work at It s confirmed, I m hooked on this series Absolutely delightful characters with laugh out loud hilarious interactions And yet another cliffhanger at the end R.A Spratt is such an imaginative author, I just love it After the cliffhanger at the end of Friday Barnes Girl Detective, I had been eagerly awaiting the second book, Friday Barnes Under Suspicion, and I was not disappointed Under Suspicion begins with Friday being [...]

    18. In this, the second title of the series, thirteen year old Friday Barnes is arrested right after solving a case at her exclusive boarding school, Highcrest Academy But her brush with the law is only brief since Friday can easily shut down the case the police have against her It s a good thing too since her school is brimming with other cases that need her detective skills and patience Even though she seems to have only one friend, Melanie Pelly, in the whole school, Friday still agrees to help h [...]

    19. This second Friday Barnes mystery has Friday at her quirky best She is an eleven year old Sherlock Holmes clone She has his genius and lack of social skills Friday solves all sorts of cases in her exclusive boarding school from a quiche bake off to a buried treasure I liked her friendship rivalry with Ian who is vying for her for top of their class and for a scholarship too But Ian has a rival for Friday s affections in new student Christopher who is being suspiciously nice to her I like Friday [...]

    20. Even jumping into the second book of this series, I am hooked The stories are great and the vocabulary Friday uses is excellent for those high achieving readers who can handle doing some good old fashion word work looking it up I would recommend these books to be in all school libraries.

    21. Never having read any of the Friday Barnes series, I than good reads for the opportunity It was a win win situation I look forward to reading it with my granddaughter Friday solved so many little mysteries whch really will keep the interest of small children And yet the big mystery of the escaped prisoner was saved to the last few pages I think when Friday explains her reasoning and how she solved the mystery will encourage 8 to 10 years to put their thinking caps on Now I have to getthe next bo [...]

    22. This book picks up right where the last one left off Friday has been carted off to the police station having been accused of terrorism There is a man there who has been accused of stealing a sapphire bracelet though it is referred to as a necklace as well It follows the same format as the first book with Friday solving smaller crimes at her school and eventually solving one overarching crime A fun read, I can t wait for the next.

    23. This series is great fun But sweet mary jane, SOMEONE should have proof read these books The errors are horrid from continuity errors the necklace that becomes a bracelet to misunderstood words tenant and tenet are different things It gets really really bad in this second book.But read this series anyway It s GREAT.

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