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Pretending She's Mine #2020

Pretending She s Mine Part Two of Two She loves me She loves me not She chose him I deserved what I got Booze and sex is all Tyler Chamberlain has left Olivia Barrett made her choice leaving Tyler in the wake of his heart

  • Title: Pretending She's Mine
  • Author: Stacey Lewis
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Pretending She's Mine By Stacey Lewis, Part Two of Two She loves me.She loves me not.She chose him.I deserved what I got.Booze and sex is all Tyler Chamberlain has left Olivia Barrett made her choice, leaving Tyler in the wake of his heartache and pain Drowning his sorrows in a series of bad choices, Tyler sets out to forget the one woman who stole his heart any way he can But it s all for show He can t forPart Two of Two She loves me.She loves me not.She chose him.I deserved what I got.Booze and sex is all Tyler Chamberlain has left Olivia Barrett made her choice, leaving Tyler in the wake of his heartache and pain Drowning his sorrows in a series of bad choices, Tyler sets out to forget the one woman who stole his heart any way he can But it s all for show He can t forget He can t let go Note This book contains themes of infidelity which may be a trigger for some readers This book contains adult situations and is recommended for 18

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    1. I received an ARC via the author in exchange for an honest review Thank you 3.5 stars Having embarrassingly never read any of the prior books from the series, Pretending He s You was the cherry popper for me into this series.Normally, I HATE love triangles because of the whole drama angst fest, but, for this one I just couldn t help myself It just called to me really.You have flashbacks of the past and present You see how things started, where they are now, and venture to where they end for Oliv [...]

    2. Got Arc for honest reviewOlivia must decide does she want safe and caring boyfriend Emmet even though they have been together for a while they are always on again off again, enough to give anyone whiplash Or will she choose the sexy British guitar playing tattooed Tyler who she feels she has a connection and he understands her But Livvie can t tell her best friend SB what s happened as she has her own stuff to deal with and the only person she can talk to is Tyler who s opinion is biased.At time [...]

    3. Oh my mother loving goodness This book was EPIC This is the 4th book in the Nashville Nights series Which all of the Nashville Nights have to do with different couples, but they re all connected by being friends and family with everyone else Its awesome because you never really miss much SoOoOoOooO the story is told from 3 point of views the Main character Olivia then there is her on again off again boyfriend Emmett and then last but not least there is Tyler The book is broken up into two parts [...]

    4. Josie s ReviewWow Seriously I just loved this book I have read all the books in this series and when I got my hands on a copy of this I jumped right in All of the Nashville Nights books have angst and drama so you if you read them then you know you can expect it But this book WAS OFF the charts with Angst and Drama I almost threw my Kindle so many times.Pretending He s You is a short read that has a serious LOVE TRIANGLE Ms Mosteller tells this story in 3 POV s So we get to know how each of the [...]

    5. This is book 4 in the Nashville Nights series The books in the series follow different couples, but their stories cross over and you see many events from a different perspective.Livvie has always been a bit selfish, and she admits it Livvie and sweet, football playing Emmett have been together since their junior year of high school Emmett has known that he wants to marry Livvie from the start Their relationship has been on and off too many times to count over the past 6 years Even though she bre [...]

    6. I m reading books from What to read afterArsen maryse books book rec Some good reads but this one was just a waste of time, not my type of reading material when the characters are still teenagers Meh

    7. Won In First Reads Giveaway HmmI usually like to do quick reviews I m not trying to make a business out of it, but some books just call for detail Pretending He s You The main character Olivia, pretends that one man is the other through out this entire book Olivia is the worst female lead character I ve ever read in a book I m not sure if the author meant her to be this way She was selfish, a cry baby, self centered She s a liar Manipulator She even says she uses fake tears to get her boyfriend [...]

    8. May include slight spoilers3.5 torn hearted starsI want to start this review by saying how much I love the other books in the Nashville Nights series and I suggest before you read this book you check them out I couldn t wait to dive into this one but my goodness, I did not expect the roller coaster ride my heart was put through.This book is about cheating, which to me, is always a big no no in books but I so desperately wanted I went on ahead The book features Olivia, who we met previously and [...]

    9. I still am reeling from the first part of the Tyler Olivia Emmett triangle It definitely made me scream at them several times I normally hate triangles, but something in the way the story unfolded drew me in and had me hooked The tri POV was well done Can we say angst level nine million Having all three voices made for some very interesting and unexpected twists to the story And my I want a bad boy devil voice is rooting for Tyler Reformed manwhore for the win All three of them surprised the s o [...]

    10. ARC for honest review Apparently the 4th book in the Nashville nights series, where have I been, to have not read the previous ones There are two parts to this story, this is significant in how the story is told It spans several years It is also told from the three main characters POV.It is the ultimate love triangle With a hell of a lot of angst and hot sex thrown in The story starts on the main character Livvies 18th birthday She comes from a slightly troubled home, and at this point can see h [...]

    11. Pretending He s You was absolutely brilliant It falls perfectly in line with Stacey Mosteller s other Nashville Night series I highly recommend reading them in order to avoid any storyline spoilage While the surrounding story might have a theme that is hard to read e.g infidelity , but that is not the over arching theme There is much depth to PHY It s a story of growth and discovering one s self at a time when one s supposed to This book spans several years following Olivia or Livvie Barrett, h [...]

    12. There are three people in this romance and things are getting crowded Olivia was young, just turned eighteen, and not dealing well with the drama in her life Whether out of her control or of her own making, the situation she finds herself in is not going to be solved easily when emotions are involved Emmett has always been there for Livvie, but the on again, off again nature of their relationship is beginning to wear thin They are not teenagers any and despite the ups and downs, he wants a life [...]

    13. 5 Stars From Sammy s Book Obsession MY THOUGHTS I was provided with a Review Copy ARC for review I was so happy to finally get this book that I devoured it in one day I loved it I m not usually all that into a messy triangle story, but this one was awesome I can t wait for the next one as this one kind of ended on a cliffhanger I m not generally a fan of those either, but this wasn t a huge cliffy Pretending He s You was well written and I loved the characters They were well developed and I real [...]

    14. What an emotional roller coaster Wow Torn between wanting two men, Livvie needs to grow up Her boyfriend, Emmett, can see their future as a happily married couple Will Livvie want that too Or will she run back into Tyler s arms again Impressive tattoos and piercings in naughty places, Tyler is the opposite of Emmett Wild and heated sex, break ups and make ups and written in the POV of all three main characters Stacey has rendered me speechless Yes there is a definite cliffy and yes I d like to p [...]

    15. Stacey is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors I really wanted to love this The writing is fantastic, as always with her books, but I new I was going to have a hard time with the topic My personal opinions kind of ruined this one for me I did not like Olivia, I don t think she deserved either one of the guys I just don t like reading about infidelity.

    16. Loved this book and the complexity of the characters and the real life issues that some people do deal with However, I did not like the ending and I am hoping there is going to be a sequel The main character is also a bit immature It s clear her and Emmett are stuck in a high school mentality type of relationship Both are good people but clearly don t belong together Otherwise fabulous book.

    17. So I ve been waiting for this story I may have stalked the author until the release I preordered this book and was so happy to see it hit my kindle today It explains so much about why Livvie is the way she is The downside to this book I want Tyler

    18. I really loved this book,i found the series to fantastic, the love triangle fabulous, and i can t wait to read the next book

    19. 4.5Pretending He s You is book 4 in the Nashville Nights series and my first book by Author Stacey Mosteller This was kind of book that made me want to stand up and scream, and then grab a bowl of ice cream and eat myself into oblivion that means it was GREAT Emmett is the all around good guy He has goals, knows what he wants, and how he wants to achieve them One of the most important things he s wanted is herLivvie She is young, self centered, indecisive, confused, and completely makes us want [...]

    20. Stacey Mosteller You are in trouble, a big swift kick in the keister Hahah I am probably in trouble too so I guess we can call it even You have left me on this waiting list for Pretending She s Mine now I will just sit here on the cliff.Pretending He s You will have you on the edge of your sit, or in my world cliff so to speak Main character Olivia aka Livvie, poor girl, her heart must be full of so many emotions, and going between feelings and sorrows can be hard She is stuck between a rock and [...]

    21. Livvie is a very confused young woman Six years plus dating her boyfriend, she falls for one of her brother s band mates What initially is a crush, develops into like a raging fire She was eighteen Now at age twenty one, nothing has changed Tyler left Nashville with his band to give Livvie plenty of room to get over her feelings for him The band toured and achieved quite a bit of success Coming back to Nashville on a break, he confronts the fact that he really loves her and cannot get her out o [...]

    22. I was given a complimentary copy for an honest review by author Stacey Mosteller.This is book 4 from Nashville Nights by the author.Olivia Barrett has been in an on and off again relationship with Emmett for 6 years On her 18th birthday instead of spending it with her he went out with the boys Now her crush Tyler Chamberlain seems to come to her aid and gives her a special birthday surprise, problem is Tyler has a girlfriend Neither of these 2 can stay away from each other no matter if they are [...]

    23. I loved a great threesome I could not get enough of this roller coaster ride filled with Angst and Drama The emotions are off the chart I truly enjoyed this love triangle and this book gave reader a wonderful 3 POV s all I can say is thank you, thank you, and thank you Yes, it s about cheating, but keep an open mind because these to hero are going to make it hard to choose side I am so looking forward to book five.

    24. This was a great read, I really felt for all the characters in this book It was like one big mess after another and I just wanted to hug all of them It was a captivating, addicting read and I could not put it down I absolutely adore Tyler and I hope to see of him in the future I highly recommend this book

    25. OMG Liv and Emmett Livvie and Tyler Livvie can t make up her mind Emmett is safe Tyler makes her feel The entire story , I wanted to choke Livvie Livvie wanted her cake and eat it too Livvie does not want to hurt either guy but can she live with her decision I don t think I could This is one story that was hard to read with the emotional roller coaster I was on I am team Tyler.

    26. I don t know where to start This book was an emotional roller coaster, I just wanted to yell at Olivia for the things she was doing to Tyler I just can t wait for the next book to see what happens In case you haven t figured it out I really loved this book Stacey Mosteller is my new favorite author.

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