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Sins of September #2020

Sins of September September Dawson is not quite fourteen when her mother takes off leaving her and her four year old half sister Scout under the care of Jesse Ryan her much younger husband and September s step fath

  • Title: Sins of September
  • Author: Graysen Blue AndreaSmith
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 410
  • Format: None
  • Sins of September By Graysen Blue AndreaSmith, September Dawson is not quite fourteen when her mother takes off, leaving her and her four year old half sister Scout, under the care of Jesse Ryan, her much younger husband, and September s step father.

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    1 thought on “Sins of September

    1. UPDATE MARCH 22, 2015 I HAVE NEWS PLEASE SCROLL DOWN TO THE END OF MY REVIEW.1 star DNF 51 % Review posted November 6, 2014 The author accused me of bullying.Casey is a conniving bitch Dear September,I guess you know the saying It takes one to know one Author Graysen Blue offered me an ARC and I did accept due to the premise of the book Fact is, younger heroine older hero is one of my favorite tropes Unfortunately the book is a major failure The author sent me a PM, telling me how disappointed s [...]

    2. 2.5 stars cause sometimes I m nice, I don t want to hear anything Soph This review possibly contains spoilers I love age diferrence stories Especially ones with a younger heroine and an older hero So when I read the blurb, I was SOLD This was right up my alley.Unfortunately this didn t work for me, for many, MANY reasons.The heroine was so immature and a manipulative bitch I really didn t see what Jesse saw in her except that he wanted to fuck her because she looks like her mother, the only woma [...]

    3. I ve thought about this all f king day About being inside of you, claiming what is mine Graysen Blue is a wonderful writer Her writing is simply perfection The moment I picked it, I was glued Ooo yeah, I am claiming JESSE 3 He is mine LOLWhat s it about A story about gorgeous and darling step daughter, September falling in love with her step father, Jesse annd yes, he is young So, of those of you who want thrill and love taboo, this book is perfect PICK IT UP NO REGRETS HeroHe is has my heart Th [...]

    4. This is where I d normally write my review But, I have to say I am utterly shocked by the authors note at the end of this book Really, you are going to wait to decide if you are going to write the continuation of this book based on how many people like it Then, if enough people like it, you have asked for ideas of how this story should go You don t have a vision for where you want your book to go So now, I not only bought it, but I have to give you ideas on how to write the next one I have to sa [...]

    5. 4.5 September and Jesse loving stars If you re looking for your next read that has angst, mystery, drama, love, sex and isn t your run of the mill Erotica this is the next must read for you.The YA NA category for this Novel is perfect, but don t let that fool you September is a beautiful, smart, teenager ready to experience exactly what being a woman means Having had her life torn to shreds when she was young and having the opportunity to be right back where she belongs, she takes that chance an [...]

    6. September was just a kid when her mother skips town Leaving her to tell her step father Jesse that she s not coming back But now September is seventeen and is going to spend the summer with him and her half sister, Scout September s seduction of Jesse begins slowly, manipulating those around her to get what she wants Jesse isn t that much older than her and as she turns eighteen it is getting harder for him to look past the woman that she s become Spending the summer playing house has allowed th [...]

    7. Just finished the book and I m still trying to gather my feelings about this.No it doesn t shock me at all the relationship between stepfather and stepdaughter, but its not a easy one to get through, specially when you have a child like Scout around, but I guess everything could workout well.I wont make a resume of the book, I usually don t do that because of all the spoilers that come around, so I will just say that I liked this story Its different, its well written, its taboo, its sexy and hav [...]

    8. I really loved this book I know some people may have issues with the relationship between Jesse and September, but to me it s about two people falling in love despite what people may think is wrong The heart wants what the heart wants and why deny it The author told the story in such a way that you can t help but to root for them to be together It is emotional and very steamy I sincerely hope we have a second book to see where their love story goes There is so much i would love to say, but I ca [...]

    9. I given a gift of this book WOW I could not put it down What would you do if you had feelings for your step father and he had feelings for you I love the writing in this book and the story line and the story keep me thought the entire book I was shock with the ending and now are bitting at bites for the second book

    10. Sorry but I couldn t go any further than half way, nothing to do with the story line, the authors writing style, I just found it hard to connect with the characters

    11. Omg what can I say What a great debut I loved this book I couldn t put it down I just love September and Jesse Can t wait for the second book to come out.

    12. Ok so I wasn t sure what to think going into this book I mean really step daddy and his daughter Yes they aren t blood but it just didn t seem right Well, as I started reading and seeing everything that goes on with September I began to have my eyes open As you get older the age difference really doesn t matter.September is a girl that ends up growing up really fast Her mother needs to be locked up in a padded room and let for what she did and her parents need to stop babying her and understand [...]

    13. I can t resist these forbidden love stories where our couple is sneaking around and secretly lusting after one another and this one delivered on the smut very nicely For a story like this to really drag me in though, I need the feels the emotional connection between the characters and I didn t really get that from this story I m afraid.September goes to live with her stepfather and half sister just before her eighteenth birthday She s always had a ahem soft spot for for her stepfather, Jesse, bu [...]

    14. The story is well written and the characters are fully fleshed out The subject matter was a bit taboo but the way it was written you can understand how two people can find love in this situation But, to me the chemistry just wasn t strong enough between September and Jesse, something was lacking And I had a hard time with the main character, September, she was so conniving and dishonest I had no sympathy for her And Jesse seemed a bit too naive to me, for being the older one in the relationship [...]

    15. 10 Wonderful Stars but 5 on hereThis book was given to me for my honest review.We all have heard one time or another about Adam and Eve and the forbidden fruit as we know from the scriptures is the Apple but is that really the forbidden fruit Can the proverbial forbidden fruit not be any kind of fruit or anything really What is forbidden can just be the one thing we crave the most Hmm like blueberries on a cold winter s day cause of the succulent taste that we associate with the summer months Se [...]

    16. A really great read I was glad I was offered the chance to read this one I was a little skeptical when I first started this book When you think of a step dad Right away my own mind goes to old man But this isn t the case at all We get a glimpse of the past when September was a pre teen Her mom was a bit of a wild one Not really knowing her own dad, September took to Jesse her mom s new husband with no problems Jesse being a bit younger than her own mom Libby, was a great step dad to September an [...]

    17. September Dawson was in her early teens when her irresponsible mother took off, leaving September, and her 4 year old half sister, and her stepfather to fend for themselves Her step dad, Jesse was younger than her mother, so only eleven years older than September.Shortly after her mother left, September was sent to live with her grandparents in another state She was crushed.Fast forward four years Jesse wants September to spend the summer with he and Scout the half sister while he works long hou [...]

    18. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and rated it a 4 star read for me the only reason it didn t get a 5 was because it was a cliffhanger Grr The taboo relationship between Jesse and September is nothing new to me has I ve had a friend to the same and also one of my sister friend did it too , and well there nothing wrong in my eyes really , I love the flow of this book and couldn t put it down, the character building was brilliant, you got to see how much they grew up and how strong they became, I ca [...]

    19. you must be twisted to write that It does not matter that he is older, but he is her stepfather and her sister s father In a country where cousins are not allowed to marry With such language it is porn for teenagers or young adults, and therefore disgusting I must add that I find unbelievable that the author writes a review as if she was just a reader with 5 stars, of course, and hoping there will be a follow up If the only reason for not having sex with your father or brothers is the fear to ha [...]

    20. Sins of September September 1 When September Ends September 2 by Andrea Smith writing as Graysen Blue3.5 stars e truth is she is mine I ve claimed her I ve marked her, hell I ve fuckin imprinted on her if you want to know the truth September does belong to me, in every possible way This is one of those series that is hard to review, the subject matter is not for everyone but personally I felt the way that the story was delivered was not on the gross side of uncomfortable, it was honest and a sit [...]

    21. Sins of September much to tell without giving away too much of the book.This story throws you smack in the middle of September s screwed up childhood Her mother is abandoning her, her half sister and husband for what I can only assume is another mand doing so without remorse Jesse step father decide that since September will stay with her grandparents and he will keep his biological daughter, Scout Several years later she goes to stay with Jesse for a summer to help out with her half sister Whic [...]

    22. I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review I ve heard some people saying negative things about how the author had written September s actions and the way she thinks things she says She is seventeen when the book begins Plus, she had a very screwed up background Do you remember how you were at that age I thought I knew everything there was to know about sex I didn t I would also assume I was very mature for my age then go on to do something extremely imma [...]

    23. Just finished the book and I m still trying to gather my feelings about this.No it doesn t shock me at all the relationship between stepfather and stepdaughter, but its not a easy one to get through, specially when you have a child like Scout around, but I guess everything could workout well.I wont make a resume of the book, I usually don t do that because of all the spoilers that come around, so I will just say that I liked this story Its different, its well written, its taboo, its sexy and hav [...]

    24. Despite the taboo aspect of this story, the truth remains that it s a beautiful love story September is naive with the feelings she harbors yet lucid enough to recognize them as real The subject matter is bold and although some may cringe, I felt it was honest and pure I absolutely loved this book and cannot wait to read

    25. I absolutely LOVED this book It was super HOT and very well written I loved all of the characters and feel that the author did a great job capturing the dialect from the south The story was absolutely fabulous and I immediately fell in love with Jesse The ending left me hanging, so I can only hope that Graysen is currently working on a sequel Brilliant job

    26. What the fuck is this The book was good, don t get me wrong but the whole fact that it s a not a full novel is bullshit No indication what so ever that it would be a series I m totally bummed out now The ending was just ridiculous by the way Argh, I m frustrated now.

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