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A History of Western Philosophy #2020

A History of Western Philosophy Since its first publication in Lord Russell s A History of Western Philosophy has been universally acclaimed as the outstanding one volume work on the subject unparalleled in its comprehensivenes

  • Title: A History of Western Philosophy
  • Author: Bertrand Russell
  • ISBN: 9780671201586
  • Page: 478
  • Format: Paperback
  • A History of Western Philosophy By Bertrand Russell, Since its first publication in 1945 Lord Russell s A History of Western Philosophy has been universally acclaimed as the outstanding one volume work on the subject unparalleled in its comprehensiveness, its clarity, its erudition, its grace and wit In seventy six chapters he traces philosophy from the rise of Greek civilization to the emergence of logical analysis in theSince its first publication in 1945 Lord Russell s A History of Western Philosophy has been universally acclaimed as the outstanding one volume work on the subject unparalleled in its comprehensiveness, its clarity, its erudition, its grace and wit In seventy six chapters he traces philosophy from the rise of Greek civilization to the emergence of logical analysis in the twentieth century Among the philosophers considered are Pythagoras, Heraclitus, Parmenides, Empedocles, Anaxagoras, the Atomists, Protagoras, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, the Cynics, the Sceptics, the Epicureans, the Stoics, Plotinus, Ambrose, Jerome, Augustine, Benedict, Gregory the Great, John the Scot, Aquinas, Duns Scotus, William of Occam, Machiavelli, Erasmus, More, Bacon, Hobbes, Descartes, Spinoza, Leibniz, Locke, Berkeley, Hume, Rousseau, Kant, Hegel, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, the Utilitarians, Marx, Bergson, James, Dewey, and lastly the philosophers with whom Lord Russell himself is most closely associated Cantor, Frege, and Whitehead, co author with Russell of the monumental Principia Mathematica.

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    1. There s a throwaway remark in this book which has haunted me ever since I read it some time in the mid 70s Russell is talking about Socrates, and he wonders if Socrates actually existed Maybe Plato made him up I don t think many people would have been able to make up Socrates, muses Russell But Plato could have done it It s hard not to continue this line of reasoning If Socrates turns out to be fictional, who else is And which fictional characters of today will later be accepted as historical pe [...]

    2. A Critical Patronizing Survey of Western PhilosophyRussell is consistently opinionated throughout his presentation and it might confuse some of the readers that he is so casual in writing off some of the major philosophers and their key ideas This is because the book is not a mere history of philosophy, a mere account of ideas, by any stretch Instead it is a critical survey, a long catalogue of what Russell agrees and disagrees with among all the major doctrines The format followed is a brief hi [...]

    3. I stole this off my father s shelves many years ago The indications on the inside cover was that he read it in Finland in 1959 I think he once missed a train there and the next one wasn t for a week.It s true that this is in many respects a heavy, dry, and testing read On the other hand it s full of interesting anecdotes about the philosophers themselves, from the earliest of ancient Greeks to Russell s contemporaries in the 20th century And Russell, a mathematician of the highest order as well [...]

    4. This is a remarkable book Over the years I have found various reasons to look into it now and again, but have never read the whole thing Mostly I ve read the bits about particular philosophers Heraclitus, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche and Marx for example I hadn t realised that dipping in this way was missing much of the point of the book This is not just a history of Western Philosophy, but also a bit of a how do all of the main schools of Western Philosophy fit into their culture and times So, much [...]

    5. A History of Western Philosophy And Its Connection with Political and Social Circumstances from the Earliest Times to the Present Day, Bertrand RussellA History of Western Philosophy is a 1945 book by philosopher Bertrand Russell A survey of Western philosophy from the pre Socratic philosophers to the early 20th century, it was criticised for Russell s over generalization and omissions, particularly from the post Cartesian period, but nevertheless became a popular and commercial success, and has [...]

    6. I enjoyed this a bit too much The History of Western Philosophy is exactly my kind of book, and so this review will be biased.This, however, illustrates my first point One s opinion of this work will largely depend on one s opinion of Russell This is because he frequently injects his views, ideas, and opinions into the text I happen to love the guy I m sure reactions will differ.In this history, Russell does not entirely succeed in his stated goal What he was trying to do was to firmly situate m [...]

    7. OverviewBertrand Russell s History consists of 76 Chapters, almost all under 20 pages.Each Chapter contains a summary of one major philosopher s key arguments interlaced with criticism that reflects Russell s own priorities and perspectives In a sense, it is one philosopher judging the work of another.We therefore need to exercise caution in relying on Russell s methodology, perspectives and conclusions.Apart from this reservation, I actually really enjoy his style He is very clear and seems to [...]

    8. Not only is this an excellent primer on all the major Western philosophers and an impressive synthesis of the evolution of philosophic thought over a 2500 year span, it s also one of the wittier books I ve ever read I d be quite interested to hear Bertrand Russell s thoughts on the past 65 years I did stumble upon his remarkable final statement, written two days before his death at age 97, which shows him putting his formidable powers of rationality to work in succinctly and accurately assessing [...]

    9. At first it seems impressive that a single individual could accumulate such a vast understanding of Werstern Philosophy from Thales to Dewey At first it seems that the work is well researched, objective, and only humorously judgemental at times And for the first five hundred pages these feelings seem to preside Yet, when Russell reaches what, to me, is the important period of Philosophy, namely the modern period from the Rennaisance till the present, I find that Russell s analysis of each philos [...]

    10. Bertrand Russel rocks the entire history of Western Philosophy like a boss Long but, oh so worth it

    11. Russell s History of Philosophy is a good little introduction to a massive field His biases will be a problem for those who are aligned with the ones he critiques This is because he frequently lets his biases cloud his thinking For example, he writes, So little is known of him Leucippus that Epicurus a later follower of Democritus was thought to have denied his existence all together, and some moderns have revived this theory There are, however, a number of allusions to him in Aristotle, and it [...]

    12. A very subjective history of philosophy Russell makes it very clear what he thinks of every philosopher mentioned and it s not very hard to see who he likes and who he dislikes The first part of the book on Ancient Philosophy I thought was excellent and very fascinating The variety of thought and ideas here was really incredible and made for very easy and interesting reading throughout In fact, once I had finished Russell s examination of Plato I decided to read three of Plato s dialogues, all o [...]

    13. This is of course an analytic philosopher s history of western philosophy, which means that Russell presupposes that there is a single rational goal which all philosophers are seeking to reach through collective progress Unfortunately, philosophy is not mathematics, nor is it science Russell s account is sometimes troubling, sometimes funny, as he methodically points out every logical error in the Ancient Greeks, the rationalists, the empiricists, etc The notion of progress as it pertains to phi [...]

    14. Lewat buku History of Western Philosophy ini, Bertrand Russel berjaya mencari gaduh dengan semua pengikut pengikut mana mana mazhab falsafah Aku merujuk di sini kepada gaya Russell mendekati subjek subjek kajian beliau Russell akan bermula dengan bercerita tentang biografi ringkas faylasuf tersebut, diikuti dengan latar zaman, karya karya definitif faylasuf tersebut, garis garis besar pemikiran beliau, diikuti dengan kritikan Russell terhadap faylasuf tersebut Kaedah diskursif sebegini bertepata [...]

    15. Ray Monk A History of Western Philosophy remains unchallenged as the perfect introduction to its subject Russellwrites with the kind of verve, freshness and personal engagement that lesser spirits would never have permitted themselves This boldness, together with the astonishing breadth of his general historical knowledge, allows him to put philosophers into their social and cultural context The result is exactly the kind of philosophy that most people would like to read, but which only Russell [...]

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    17. There are three points I want to make 1.The author has a very fantastic style of writing It uses the classic way of writing non fiction When you read it, you won t feel you are reading a textbook, because you can know what the author is thinking and that he is sharing his thoughts with you not just mentioning them when he is talking to himself 2 The author uses a critical and analytical method of representing the ideas he is going to make I believe it is a great demonstration of the early analyt [...]

    18. This book is invaluable to me I first read it as a high schooler young college student, and I have never stopped reading it since This has served as a resource reference for countless various reasons Mr Russell offers a pretty comprehensive account of Western, intellectual history here, but he also provides erudite commentary on almost all major philosophers philosophies of the Western tradition The only reason I give this 4 and not 5 stars is Mr Russell s glaring ommission of Kierkegaard I gues [...]

    19. I found this a very well written book on the history of philosophy It presented most of the major western philosophers in chronological order starting from the ancient greek It focused most on political theory and the influence of politics and society on the philosophers view as well as the social impact of the philosophers on their communities I especially enjoyed the part on the ancient greeks and found it very informative and to a certain sense romantic It also covered part of the Islamic phi [...]

    20. I much preferred The Dream of Reason as a philosophical overview to this one To be honest they are both subjective and fairly biased views of historical philosophy but I just prefer Gotliebs bias I don t know what that says about me, perhaps I should be looking for something objective but I don t know if I want objective anyway Russell focuses a bit too much on the matching up of philosophers to their works and not as much as he says he was going to on how that relates to society I got really [...]

    21. This is the mother of all books This tome was apparently dictated by Bertrand Russell to his secretary during his lecture trips in America as he traveled by train across the country in the 1920s.It is witty, provocative, profound, and informative all at the same time.If you want to know what genius is, then read this book It is the encapsulation of the entire philosophical thoughts of the western world, written well, dictated in the most engaging way possible Need I say Read it Alas, my paperba [...]

    22. This is THE absolute reference book for Western Philosophy Starting from the Pro Socratic times and ending at the dawn of the 20th century, Russel goes through all the major philosophical movements of the West The thought of most major philosophers is being beautifully laid down and analysed by one of the greatest minds of the 20th century Despite being very dense, the book is wonderfully readable, so if you have any interest in the matter this is a work that should be in your library and in a v [...]

    23. There is no doubt that Russell ignores some important elements in the history of western thought in his History of Western Philosophy I am not as much annoyed as some who consider this book worthless for that matter I may be biased toward him and the importance he gives to the scientific method in considering the various schools of philosophy He obviously aims at a philosophy based on the scientific knowledge acquired at his time However, I see it somewhat unfair to totally ignore some figures s [...]

    24. This book is really a fantasitic work I really like the cover A broad way to the western philosophy I bought this book last week, and fell in love with it suddenly I have read it many times already The book is divided by three parts, ancient philosophy, catholic philosophy, and modern philosophy I love the schoolmen best By the way, the table of contents is very nice, too Many histories of philosophy exist, and it has not been my purpose merely to add one to their number My purpose is to exhibit [...]

    25. A great introduction to all of the heavy weight philosophers The last chapter summed up well why Russell had the habit of crushing each of the philosophers in turn throughout the book Certainly some spankings were in order Russell had a great mind, and this book had an interesting historical accompaniment along with each summary Spoiler He was not a fan of Nietzsche.

    26. In this wonderfully wide ranging, intelligent and humane book Russell not only introduces the most important philosophers and philosophies from the ancient Greeks onward in the Western tradition, that is, he alludes occasionally to oriental traditions where they influence western philosophy, but on the whole they are outside his remit , he gives the historical and social context from which the philosophies rose I found this to be particularly valuable my modern mind often has difficulty how some [...]

    27. As many others surely have pointed out there are two main problems I can see with this book.1 Bertrand Russell is an analytical philosopher and thus automatically looks upon all continental philosophy with the smugness and superiority so typical of the British.2 This was written in the middle of World War II and thus every philosopher is viewed with a contemporary lens of suspicion Often Russell will simply sort out philosophers as being either proto Fascists, proto Communists or Liberals like h [...]

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