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How Not to Disappear #2020

How Not to Disappear Hattie s summer isn t going as planned Her two best friends have abandoned her Reuben has run off to Europe to find himself and Kat s in Edinburgh with her new girlfriend Meanwhile Hattie is stuck bab

  • Title: How Not to Disappear
  • Author: Clare Furniss
  • ISBN: 9781471120305
  • Page: 463
  • Format: Hardcover
  • How Not to Disappear By Clare Furniss, Hattie s summer isn t going as planned Her two best friends have abandoned her Reuben has run off to Europe to find himself and Kat s in Edinburgh with her new girlfriend Meanwhile Hattie is stuck babysitting her twin siblings and dealing with endless drama around her mum s wedding.Oh, and she s also just discovered that she s pregnant with Reuben s babyThen GloriaHattie s summer isn t going as planned Her two best friends have abandoned her Reuben has run off to Europe to find himself and Kat s in Edinburgh with her new girlfriend Meanwhile Hattie is stuck babysitting her twin siblings and dealing with endless drama around her mum s wedding.Oh, and she s also just discovered that she s pregnant with Reuben s babyThen Gloria, Hattie s great aunt who no one previously knew even existed comes crashing into her life Gloria s fiercely independent, rather too fond of a gin sling and is in the early stages of dementia.Together the two of them set out on a road trip of self discovery Gloria to finally confront the secrets of her past before they are wiped from her memory forever and Hattie to face the hard choices that will determine her future.

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    1 thought on “How Not to Disappear

    1. This book and I were rather a disaster together Probably not the book s fault, per se More ME I kind of looked at it and knew it was not a Cait Book BUT YA KNOW GOTTA GIVE THESE THINGS A CHANCE I did so love the author s debut The Year of the Rat Also the story did feel like Unbecominghonestly it s actually weird how SIMILAR those two books are Not that I think there s any copying involved since they ve been published close together Just that I had the misfortune to read BOTH and dislike BOTH SA [...]

    2. Adored this book My View This is an engaging read, at time hilarious, at times poignant and heartbreaking it may sound like I am describing a modern YA romance but this book is so much than that It is a coming of age story, a story of the circle of life and in particular focusses on end of life beginning of life, relationship and dementia But it is also about memory and identity, prejudice, love, family, assumptions, domestic violence and unplanned pregnancy this narrative discusses so many iss [...]

    3. Wow 4 5 StarsHOW NOT TO DISAPPEAR is the gripping tale of Hattie and her great aunt Gloria, who have not yet met until the start of the novel Hattie is pregnant, and in a stage of denial about it, her dad died when she was little, and Gloria has dementia and is facing the memories of her complicated past The plot mainly includes Hattie and Gloria going on a road trip to recover Gloria s past before she can no longer remember it herself Along the way, Gloria reveals her life story to Hattie, and [...]

    4. This review also appears on my blog, Reading with Jenna.I received a copy of this book from Simon and Schuster Australia All thoughts and opinions are my own.This is a story about two women from different generations who go through similar experiences of being pregnant at a young age It is a heartwarming story about family and motherhood and I enjoyed it very much.In this book, Hattie discovers that she s pregnant with her best friend s child and she has no idea how to handle the situation She s [...]

    5. 4 1 2 stars Hattie as a main character was brilliant She is so complex and mature for her age, and Furniss does a great job of making her real Even though I haven t been in her position hiding a teenage pregnancy , I felt like I could relate completely to her A thought that stuck with me while I was reading this was how Hattie was such a strong female character without having to be physical fighter Her strength came from feeling her emotions, feeling scared and being brave enough to hold her hea [...]

    6. Ah, this book I loved it.Hattie is a teenager, who has just found out she s pregnant with her best friend s baby And she s not sure how to feel about that A distraction comes in the form of her long lost aunt Gloria, who s losing her memories, and so Hattie takes her on a road trip of places that mean a lot to her so she can remember them one last time I really love books about teen pregnancy and the issues faced by pregnant teens, and this was such a heartwarming coming of age story that read l [...]

    7. How Not to Disappear was an emotional story that did not shy away from some difficult elements, and addressed those elements without making you want to stop reading it By addressing troubling issues it showed how important it is that we face problems in our society and stand up to its flaws, such as racism and rape culture It showed how important progress is, in that it reminds you of how much worse things used to be, but also how we still have room to keep improving.While doing this, there was [...]

    8. Review by ireadnovels.wordpress I really loved reading this book Clare Furniss is an outstanding author building truly amazing characters, with an incredible story line I just couldn t put this book down I read this all night until I had finished I loved reading about the relationship, Hattie with her great aunt Gloria, who no one knew existed, who now has early stages of dementia Hattie finds herself pregnant by Ruben, and in her mind she is set to have an abortion Hattie tells her aunt Gloria [...]

    9. A wonderful story of family secrets and huge bursting with life characters I absolutely LOVED this book from start to finish Perfect in so many ways and definitely best read with a box of tissues to hand.

    10. This is Clare Furniss s second YA novel her first was the well received The Year of the Rat and she has definitely demonstrated that she can write realistic YA with enough depth for an adult to read and enjoy As with her first novel, this one takes place in contemporary London Furniss writes characters with believably messy and complicated personal lives, but relatably so The tone is not melodramatic in any way, although the protagonist Hattie is dealing with some fairly big problems Neither gri [...]

    11. How Not To Disappear follows the story of Hattie and Gloria, Hattie s great aunt whom no one knew existed Together they go on a journey For Gloria it s a chance to tell the story of her past, to have someone else know, before the cruelty of dementia takes it away forever.For Hattie it s a chance to get to know her great aunt while having to make her own life choice on whether or not to keep her baby, a result of a one night stand with flaky best friend, Rueben This is a very emotional book, espe [...]

    12. As I reached the end, I thought of the beginningd it seemed so long ago Like, this story is magnificent and important equally sad and delightful, then a bit sad but it s also long Reading it felt like a commitment, and that s why I put this book off for so long It was lovely though, when I was able to give it my time.

    13. Eh I mean, I m all for family stories but I m really not a fan of the past and present approach ____________REVIEW I read a lot of Aussie YA and US YA, so this UKYA was nice and refreshing also, that s a lot of letters I apologise ANYWAY so How Not to Disappear is nice because it s mostly about FAMILY Basically we ve got this long lost aunt who s got dementia, and a kindly neighbour reaches out to her only family which just so happens to be our main character, Hattie What I love about Hattie apa [...]

    14. After absolutely loving The Year of the Rat, I was so excited to read this book and I certainly wasn t disappointed This book is gorgeously written Hattie is a brilliant protagonist and Gloria is such a fantastically complex character How Not to Disappear is a beautifully poignant book about the power of memories and how they shape our identities in the present As Hattie is sent on a reminiscent journey with her Great Aunt Gloria, a somewhat cantankerous, yet lonely, spirited soul, Hattie begins [...]

    15. I enjoyed Clare s previous book and as a consequence I had high hopes for this book I am glad to report it did not disappoint at all.I loved How not to disappear I loved the main character Hattie and really enjoyed getting inside her head and seeing the world from her point of view I equally loved meeting Gloria, Hattie s long lost great aunt I particularly enjoyed seeing the relationship between the two develop I also loved getting into Gloria s backstory over the course of the book.A really he [...]

    16. WOW I picked this up as a challenge to read a book you had never heard of before I didn t have much time at the library, so I mostly just skimmed the synopsis too I was extremely pleasantly surprised This is, of course, a contemporary, but there were so many secrets and the entire experience was such a journey I completely fell in love with the characters and they were incredibly fleshed out Such a fabulous hidden gem

    17. I m not sure how this book made its way into the teen section of my library but it was a great read I was enthralled to find out what happened at the end.

    18. Tard bastante en terminar este libro Las primeras p ginas no me atrapaban lo suficiente y terminaba dejando el libro a un lado Las ltimas 150 p ginas lo cambian todo Esas 150 p ginas valen la pena de una forma inigualable El libro trata varios temas, amor, enfermedad, el peso de nuestras decisiones, todos ellos lo trata de una forma nica La autora logra mostrarte que la vida no es justa y logra convencerte de que aunque la vida no es perfecta, uno puede aprovecharla al m ximo Hattie y Gloria son [...]

    19. Wow, what a book I have heard SO many good things about Clare s debut novel The Year of the Rat, but I haven t actually read it, but I managed to get hold of a copy of How Not To Disappear from the library, and I thought it sounded amazing and the cover is by far one of the most gorgeous covers I have ever seen in my life Just LOOK AT IT The colours are stunning, and the book itself is absolutely gorgeous The story is stunning, and it didn t seem like a young adult novel at all, it seemed a lot [...]

    20. This review and can be seen at Angel ReadsI received a review copy of How Not To Disappear by Clare Furniss from Simon and Schuster, this has in no way influenced my thoughts or feelings about the book How Not To Disappear had a slow start When I heard about How Not To Disappear I was excited to read It sounded intriguing and I knew that I had to read it, so when I began to I was disappointed, however after I got about 50 pages in, it started to get interesting How Not To Disappear is told from [...]

    21. This is the first book I have read by Clare and it won t be the last This was such a beautiful book that I shed a few tears whilst reading it, it was just wonderful In this story we follow Hattie Hattie has just found out that she is pregnant by her best friend Reuben, who is currently in France living it up with partying, drinking and a lot of girls.Hattie has no idea what to do in her situation, her best friend Kat is away with her girlfriend Zoe and her mum is busy working and trying to plan [...]

    22. Originally posted hereA largely enjoyable read featuring some pretty heavy topics such as teen pregnancy, society s attitude to pregnancy outside of wedlock, abortion, dementia, the break down of family units pretty serious and depressing stuff Going into it, I didn t realise quite how depressing the story was and I thought it was going to be of a comedy and a light summery read There are funny bits here and there but the overall tone of the book was pretty heavy The POVs go back and forth betw [...]

    23. I haven t read anything like it before, it is not the kind of book are usually go for but that is one of the reasons why I wanted to try it The story follows Hattie, her family and friends as well as a long lost relative, who has a lot of secrets If you like books involving relationships and family mysteries then definitely pick this one up but be warned that it is not a happy book it is one of the most melancholy and at times upsetting books I ve read recently The book deals with a lot of impor [...]

    24. Not what I expected Such a step up from Furniss s lacklustre The Year of the Rat I usually steer clear of any road trip novels or books about dementia, but Furniss manages to blend these two things I loathe into a charming and emotional story which I gobbled up After reading the blurb you d think it all sounds a bit far fetched, but it s strangely relatable and realistic, and although clich s do appear, they don t ruin the book Hattie and her great aunt Gloria s stories intertwine and their char [...]

    25. Thank goodness, Clare Furniss is back After the much deserved success of The Year of the Rat, I couldn t wait to get my hands on How Not to Disappear, and I was lucky enough to get an early proof It s just as brilliant as Clare s debut Where to even begin putting into words how this book makes you feel It s dark and gritty, hilarious and warming, heartbreaking and hopeful The dialogue is fantastic between teenager Hattie and pensioner Gloria who would hate to hear me calling her a pensioner sorr [...]

    26. Oh wow I loved this book.Given how much I adored The Year of the Rat I know that How Not To Disappear would be good but just how good, that was the question Well Clare Furniss continues to be an absolutely superb writer Every possible expectation I had was met.Hattie and Gloria are splendid characters to read They are alive on the page so that you become so attached that the you read the your heart sings and suffers, depending on which page you happen to be on Like I said, I loved How Not To D [...]

    27. A lovely story of Hattie, a young girl dealing with an unexpected pregnancy, and her relationship with a long lost elderly relative, Gloria, who is in the early stages of dementia Gloria wants to revisit her past before she forgets it, and she and Hattie embark on a journey through England that uncovers the parallels in their lives despite the generational difference, reveals secrets, and explores life choices and the impact they make on the future Often light hearted and humorous but also poign [...]

    28. Omg I was not expecting this.I wasn t sure how I was going to feel about this when I first picked it up but as I kept reading and the story kept unfolding I got sucked in Especially the flashback chapters I cried when the plot twist was revealed, it really shocked me I really did enjoy this and was a blubbering mess by the end of it Trigger warning rape

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