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Berserk, Vol. 4 #2020

Berserk Vol Now that the evil Count has been killed and dragged to Hell by the demon lords of the Godhand Guts the Black Swordsman hooks up with his former benefactor the mercenary Gambino But it s a deadly r

  • Title: Berserk, Vol. 4
  • Author: Kentaro Miura Duane Johnson
  • ISBN: 9781593072032
  • Page: 459
  • Format: Paperback
  • Berserk, Vol. 4 By Kentaro Miura Duane Johnson, Now that the evil Count has been killed and dragged to Hell by the demon lords of the Godhand, Guts, the Black Swordsman, hooks up with his former benefactor, the mercenary Gambino But it s a deadly reunion, one that nearly takes Guts life The following years see Guts wandering from battlefield to battlefield, where his awesome skills as a slayer catch the eye of both wNow that the evil Count has been killed and dragged to Hell by the demon lords of the Godhand, Guts, the Black Swordsman, hooks up with his former benefactor, the mercenary Gambino But it s a deadly reunion, one that nearly takes Guts life The following years see Guts wandering from battlefield to battlefield, where his awesome skills as a slayer catch the eye of both warring parties, including the legendary Griffith, warrior leader of the Band of the Hawk, who is eager to test his combat skills against those of the Black Swordsman As usual, anytime that Guts is involved there will be hell to pay

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    1 thought on “Berserk, Vol. 4

    1. D rd nc cilde kadar okudum, serinin konusu belli olmaya ba lad ve olaylar giderek ilgi ekici hale geliyor Devam n merak ediyorum ama u s ra iddet i erikli eyler okumak istemedi im i in seriye ara vermeye karar verdim.

    2. This is the 4th volume in the Berserk series and starts the storyline involving Griffith and the Band of the Hawk I enjoyed it and continue to find this series very well done I am always very impressed with how much progress the story makes in each volume.In this volume we get to see how Guts was raised from a boy to be the badass fighter he was in the earlier books We also meet Griffith and the Band of the Hawk For those who have watched the original anime this is where the Golden Age story arc [...]

    3. Y ac s que la cosa se pone jodida y m s interesante que nunca Ya s que tengo cierta debilidad por las historias con or genes secretos , pero esta se gana las cuatro estrellitas por m rito propio M s me meto en el pasado de Gatsu y m s dudo si sentir compasi n, asco, si justificarlo, si mandarlo a cagar o qu Finalmetne se empieza a correr el velo de su pasado, su relaci n con su padre , su amigontagonista Griffith y su postura frente al mundo Si mantiene el nivel de este tomo, creo que embarcarme [...]

    4. This is where Kentaro Miura hits his stride and the ideas really developed in the Guardian of Souls arc pay off dramatically Further, Miura s figure work and the art are consistent The texture work is really improved and Kentaro Miura s line work seems much controlled.I am often uncomfortable about the way seinen manga uses rape as a explanation for tragedy and violence however, outside of a scene in volume one that is made incongruous by this arc, the costs of sexual violence is felt through t [...]

    5. The story arc that covers Guts past kicks off pretty quickly it actually started in volume 3 on the last chapter Guts is definitely not your ordinary protagonist, so I m glad this started early so Guts isn t a total mystery through most of the beginning Oh boy, Guts childhood was pretty damn tragic, and the manga hasnt even covered it all To be honest, Guts entire life is tragic It makes me wonder will there be a happy ending for Guts

    6. An entire anime was based around this arc One of the best animes, in my oh so humble Internet certified opinion, so that must count for something.

    7. This volume opens on a pretty gruesome rape scene, so I guess trigger warning Though if you re reading Berserk and you ve gotten to vol 4, you probably already realized this is going to be an intense, violence and gore filled ride, so I guess you can t be too surprised Vol 4 takes us back into the past, to Gatts days as a mercenary under the tutelage of Gambino, who probably wins an award for most despicable character which in this manga, is high fuckin praise It was interesting to see Gatts chi [...]

    8. This is my review for Berserk volumes 1 7 So, this is the last volume of Berserk for me, at least for a while I borrowed these from my buddy who is a huge fan of the series, and if he had books, I would probably keep reading Sadly, only the first seven volumes were published here in Russia before the publisher abandoned the project, so that s all that my friend has in borrowable paper format.I can t really decide how I feel about Berserk, honestly It has a lot going for it the artwork is phenom [...]

    9. Anyone who s seen the Berserk anime will enjoy this volume, as it shows us Guts s incredibly bitter childhood and his growth into a resentful young adult where he meets Griffith and the Band of the Hawk, the arc the anime is based on In my opinion, nothing can match the art of the manga Every line on these pages is painstakingly loved and beyond perfect.What makes Berserk amazing is how completely over the top it is Not completely unlike Jojo, but if Jojo had ten times blood and gore Not only i [...]

    10. The first volume of the series to take place entirely in the Golden Age arc, this one is a good litmus test for the rest of the series If you can get through this volume and still want to continue reading, you ll probably enjoy the series.This volume has a lot of concepts and themes that continue to play out throughout this arc abuse, violence, dominance, sex, etc I do think that this story runs much deeper than pure horror the character development for Guts and Gambino is compelling and sad I a [...]

    11. Volume 4 is amazing, I cannot believe how hard Guts upbringing was, he s only known hate and blood, it s sad too see how it s translated into his adulthood In saying this it s interesting to see how his swordsmanship has grown from birth, he s an absolute gun Also it s strange to see Griffith in this state and not in the Godhand, I m intrigued to see how this all goes about, I don t trust him one bit though And Casca seems like an interesting character I m keen to learn about I love this series [...]

    12. Re read I had forgotten how much I hated Griffith and Corkus I understand how Caska could feel that way, but she s just stubborn here Technically, Golden Age arc started last volume, but it feels rather strange going back to it Maybe because it s the one arc that s been adapted so much in different media It feels oddly familiar, though, without letting up any of the gore that Berserk is famous for.

    13. Scorcio del passato Si riavvolge il nastro per tornare agli albori di tutto, quando non si aveva tempo per essere bambini e i grandi ti costringevano a fare tutti i giochi da grandi perch ogni compromesso sempre necessario per vivere Non si usa mai il termine sopravvivenza n si comprendono mai appieno le comode etichette che attribuiamo per semplificare il mondo con comode classificazioni.

    14. Now that it s into the Golden Age, the demons and visceral brutality make way for a measured action fantasy tale, albeit with some harrowing events perpetrated on the young boy that would become the Black Swordsman A great continuation and the moment in which the whole story changes from pure spectacle to a meaningful, thematically driven tale.

    15. Tome tr s tr s interessant puisque l on conna t enfin le pass de Guts, ou du moins une premi re partie On voit notamment sa rencontre avec Griffith mais on comprends aussi que sa col re date depuis longtemps, bien trop longtemps et a explique beaucoup de choses sur le personnage de Guts adulte, tant par sa col re que par son c t plus vuln rable.

    16. Guts back story is justd To see the kind of torture he had to endure as a young child, no wonder he has a sense of no regard for his own life in a fight I am so intrigued to learn about Griffith too.

    17. the chronologically earlier volumes are much low fantasy in nature than the first three material here was pretty faithfully adapted in full by the series, spanning gutts childhood roughly to being adopted into the band of the hawk

    18. In this volume, it continues with Guts origin story Here it details him meeting Griffiths and the Band of the Hawks This continues to be an intriguing Manga and as always, the illustrations are brilliant.

    19. In this episode, it goes back to the beginning of the main character, Guts and how he was trained to be a mercenary and go out on his own Some of the story, however, was told in previous episodes and did not need to be repeated Nevertheless, it was a pretty good story.

    20. Para este tomo vemos en pleno apogeo la era dorada de Berserk, hace aparici n la cuadrilla del guila as como Giffith, personaje muy poderoso que al parecer tendr gran impacto en la historia.

    21. These Are So Addicting I m breezing through them I promise I won t use these to fulfill my reading goals this year, but I might get through all 39 volumes so far very shortly D

    22. With this volume, we enter the period of the manga that is most famous the Golden Age arc The horrific tragedy this volume begins with is unexpected, to say the least I have been critical of seinen manga that use rape as a plot device to make their world seem gritty, harsh, and violent To include rape and survivors of rape in a fiction requires, from my perspective, a certain capacious understanding of why and how such a thing would happen and how it impacts the characters involved Deploying ra [...]

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