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The Nightingales are Drunk #2020

The Nightingales are Drunk Drunk or sober king or soldier none will be excluded Sensual profound delighted wise Hafez s poems have enchanted their readers for than years One of the greatest figures of world literature

  • Title: The Nightingales are Drunk
  • Author: Hafez Dick Davis
  • ISBN: 9780141980263
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Nightingales are Drunk By Hafez Dick Davis, Drunk or sober, king or soldier, none will be excluded Sensual, profound, delighted, wise, Hafez s poems have enchanted their readers for than 600 years One of the greatest figures of world literature, he remains today the most popular poet in modern Iran Introducing Little Black Classics 80 books for Penguin s 80th birthday Little Black Classics celebrate the h Drunk or sober, king or soldier, none will be excluded Sensual, profound, delighted, wise, Hafez s poems have enchanted their readers for than 600 years One of the greatest figures of world literature, he remains today the most popular poet in modern Iran Introducing Little Black Classics 80 books for Penguin s 80th birthday Little Black Classics celebrate the huge range and diversity of Penguin Classics, with books from around the world and across many centuries They take us from a balloon ride over Victorian London to a garden of blossom in Japan, from Tierra del Fuego to 16th century California and the Russian steppe Here are stories lyrical and savage poems epic and intimate essays satirical and inspirational and ideas that have shaped the lives of millions Rumi 1207 73 Rumi s Selected Poems is available in Penguin Classics.

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      365 Hafez Dick Davis
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    1 thought on “The Nightingales are Drunk

    1. Come, tell me what it is thatI have gainedFrom loving you,The doubtful quality of translation and the thematic similarity of the selection makes it an unsuitable book to approach Hafiz s poetry for the uninitiated Not that it s impossible to not like him, but I hold this LBC responsible for the many one star comments trashing Hafiz the poet that you see in community reviews But I can t help but rate it five stars because Hafiz is a five star poet and one of the greatest practitioners of the clas [...]

    2. This is a crap poem.It suggests that through alcohol we can find happiness, which is just absurd Alcohol makes you drunk not happy There s a massive difference between the two A temporary fix does not constitute for lasting contentment The Nightingales are drunk, wine red roses appear,And, Sufis, all around us happiness is near I just don t like the attitude of the poem It is too fatalistic in its approach to life There s nothing wrong with drinking alcohol, but the way this poem suggests it sho [...]

    3. When love is faithful, and it seemsNothing can hurt you,Know that the world is faithless stillAnd will desert you remember this The thing is, even if all the other Little Black Classics were terrible and not worth the paper they re printed on, then this, this one book, would have made it all worthwhile I read it and I fell in love Simple as that Without this series I most likely would never have read a single word of Hafez and I am so infinitely, so deliriously happy that I have, because I have [...]

    4. Truly some of the most beautiful poetry I ve ever read Some of the earlier poems weren t my favorite, but the later ones really showed Hafez s ability as both a poet and a critic I ll definitely be reading from him soon.

    5. Go, mind your own business, preacher what s allThis hullabaloo I thought I knew what Hafez was all about, but it turns out I didn t When I recently read The Left Hand of Darkness I thought that Handdara was based on Buddhist ideas, but now I am almost sure Le Guin was drawing rather on Sufiism or on Hafez, who calls himself ignorant, names his freedom, finds kinship in monasteries and enough of everything on earth in the dust at God s door This inn has two doors, and through one we have to go Wh [...]

    6. Hafez was a 14th Century Persian poet whose works are amongst the most popular in modern day Iran The nightingales are drunk is a collection of his poetry taken from Faces of Love Hafez likes wine He likes drinking wine a lot He revels in speaking to himself as if he were another person and his drinking is much a common problem with his religious practices Speak Hafez On the world s page traceYour poems narrative The words your pen writes will have life When you no longer live No poem owns a tit [...]

    7. The two ends of H fez s poetry Ah, god forbid that I relinquish wine to What does life give me in the end but sorrow H fez was a Persion poet, whom, I am quite sure, had two obsessions, women was he bisexual and wine It is said he also targeted religious hypocrisy, but I did not see much of that in this collection, but I do want to see in the future I find this part funny And if I leave the mosqueFor wine, don t sneer at meSermons are long, and timeMoves on incessantly For a Muslim, he sure is i [...]

    8. Can you tell that I am desperately hunting down every single LBC poetry collection there is because I ve recently learned that the entire collection is going out of print panics and runs to the book store The Nightingales Are Drunk is by far my favorite poetry collection in the Little Black Classics series Almost every poem packed an emotional punch and I highlighted and annotated the shit out of my edition 10 10 would totally recommend And even though the drunkenness of loveHas ruined me,My bei [...]

    9. The 1 star is only for the translation issues I don t know what could have been done better but definitely there was a sense of poems being contrived which I could not shake off.But Hafez is Hafez What are five stars for him when he has pitcher full of galaxies at his disposal

    10. Hafez is a CRAP POET There said it, now lets get through his poemsWine, wine, wine Hafez, my name is Hafez I shall mention Hafez in every poem, in fact Hafez while reading this Hafez the mention of my name Hafez did I mention it Hafez that s it Hafez the drunken muslim, after leggin it from the mosque I like to go on the piss, the razzle oh, AND get rat arsed In one poem I even mention getting out quick so I can neck the wine bottle.I writes Hafez at the end of every poem because I am so drunk I [...]

    11. I come away with some things 1 Hafez was probably an alcoholic Hah All the poems in here talk about the pleasures of drinking wine.2 I know that saying your name in the poem you are writing was is old tradition but God it got annoying fast.3 I liked some of the poems but the majority was meh Not my style, not my feel Sorry Hafez of the wine bar.

    12. I may be a little biased because he wrote one of my all time favorite poems I really don t care, I m still sticking with 4 stars.

    13. A delightful little book, that I took my time reading and still didn t want to come to an end Not all of the poems were great, but some of them really struck a cord in me It s still baffling, for me at least, to think that Hafez lived in the 14th century My people were still picking their noses at that time, while in other parts of the world culture was blooming And what I also loved about his poems was that his 14th century mindset was so similar to my own, in the 21st century I also advocate t [...]

    14. Not going to give this a rating because I barely understood most of the poems, but they were at least lovely to pass the time with and the book is precious if only for its title and that I bought it in company of my baes.

    15. This is an incredibly brief introduction to one of Persia s most famous poets It s likely that the translation is dated I ve seen mention of better translators But several poems give the impression that Hafez was fixated on men and or boys The other poems don t exactly transport one either I have asked if the translation is bad and can report back if I get an answer.

    16. To be honest, although I m a big fan of Hafez, the translation from Farsi to English really killed all the pleasantness and meaningfulness of the poems I still enjoy reading Hafez s poems in Farsi but I really wonder how people can find the translated poems interesting.

    17. Petikan daripada buku Faces of Love ini meskipun sangat pendek tetapi tidak kalah memukau tumpuan pembacaan saya Buku ini saya baca sepanjang perjalanan pulang KL Sentral ke stesen berhampiran kediaman pada malam tadi dan disudahkan dalam perjalanan pada pagi ini ke KL Sentral pula, malah sempat membaca kali kedua.Pengungkapan cinta hakiki, perjalanan menuju kepada kekasih dan kemabukan serta kebingungan maha dahsyat yang dicicipi oleh pencinta menjadikan saya larut dalam buku kecil ini Kita yan [...]

    18. Yes, dear readers, as part of my vow to broaden my literary horizons this year, I have even delved into some poetry Hafez, also spelled as Hafiz, is responsible for some of the most profound, most reassuring, most lovely, most Pinterest graphic worthy quotations that we have today.This particular volume didn t win me over me as much as I hoped, but it was still an interesting compilation he writes a lot about wine and roses in this edition a poet after my own heart He also tackles religion, disc [...]

    19. A beautiful collection of poems by Hafez there s beauty, but the kind you find in simple things, in the smallest of gestures No rider comes to strike it whereis everyone who should be there Silence, Hafez, since no one knowsThe secret ways that heaven goes Who is it that you re asking howThe heavens are revolving now However, he was quite repetitive, referring to himself in the third person and speaking of wine A lot of wine And that was something I didn t quite enjoy But overall a good read.

    20. Penguin 80s, like Penguin 60s which came out when I was a teen and influenced me deeply, are really good at making you discover authors and leave you wanting to read In this case, I knew Hafez already but this delightful collection of poems have left me wanting to know him better Hafez, like Rumi, interweaves mysticism with human love in such a way you can t tell one from the other there are also sensual echoes that remind me of my beloved Khayyam Beautiful poetry.

    21. A great way of sampling some medieval Persian poetry if, like me, you find the prospect of several hundred pages a little bit daunting Some poems are better than others, but the blend of melancholy and hedonism is evocative and frequently excellent.

    22. 4.5 SterneBisher mein liebstes Buch aus der Little Black Classics Reihe Ich kann kaum erwarten, mich mehr mit Hafis Werk zu befassen, da mich die enthaltenen Gedichte alle sehr ber hren konnten.

    23. Such a wonderful collection of poems I enjoyed every single one It s hard to believe how old they are, but that s probably because the world might change, but not our emotions.

    24. I haven t read much of Hafez s poetry before, but this collection of verse is quite good There is not only a power in the love lyric, but also a sense of humor and at times self mocking tone.

    25. Was hoping to discover Persian poetry beyond Rumi,Alas, Hafez s rumination sound a little sillyAnd lack depth and spiritualityThe only passages in which I took delightAre the ones where he shares insightsOn wine Initial impressions The poet seems a bit self indulgent he even goes so far as to praise his own prowess in poetry.Overall enjoyment I am 100% sure that Hafez penned down his prose while drunk What I find most fascinating, however, are two glaring facets that remain at odds his public eu [...]

    26. Buku ini merupakan himpunan beberapa puisi Hafez dari buku Faces of Love Hafez and The Poets of Shiraz yang merupakan terjemahan daripada terjemahan, dan pemilihan daripada pemilihan Kemungkinan ada perubahan sedikit pada maksud asal puisi yang cuba disampaikan oleh Hafez dalam penulisannya Himpunan puisi puisi ini tidak mempunyai satu tema yang spesifik rasanya kecuali bab minuman keras mengkali, kalau ditafsirkan secara literal lah Selain itu, kita, yang tidak tahu atau tidak mengenali Hafez a [...]

    27. Cool but there is a repetitiveness about Hafez s writing that slowly becomes annoying I liked the emphasis at first, but not the level he gives to wine Halfway through, I just decided to read over the particular phrases that he keeps repeating in the poems so that I could finish the tiny book I like his other quotes from other works though Regardless, the poems are beautiful and as I read I wondered how they would have been like in Persian would they have been lyrical still Would the meanings be [...]

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