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Zero Is the Key #2020

Zero Is the Key The twins were devouring candy they had collected the night after Halloween Declan stared greedily at his sister s candy and asked You going to eat those Pop Rocks How many times do I have to tell yo

  • Title: Zero Is the Key
  • Author: Robert J. Guerrera
  • ISBN: 9781310625343
  • Page: 396
  • Format: Paperback
  • Zero Is the Key By Robert J. Guerrera, The twins were devouring candy they had collected the night after Halloween.Declan stared greedily at his sister s candy and asked, You going to eat those Pop Rocks How many times do I have to tell you to keep your thoughts, eyes, and hands off of my food Dalya retorted.As the sun set, they noticed it.On a crisp, California autumn night, the teens discover a sinkholeThe twins were devouring candy they had collected the night after Halloween.Declan stared greedily at his sister s candy and asked, You going to eat those Pop Rocks How many times do I have to tell you to keep your thoughts, eyes, and hands off of my food Dalya retorted.As the sun set, they noticed it.On a crisp, California autumn night, the teens discover a sinkhole which leaves them with strange powers they cannot possibly explain But when they realize their lives are in grave danger, the eighth graders embark upon an epic quest to investigate the source and purpose of their powers.Guided by cryptic riddles and clues from a mysterious group of people, the twins travel to mesmerizing sites throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas to find answers During their journeys, ancient secrets about the origin and plight of the human race unfold before them, secrets that will forever change their lives.Meanwhile, another sinister group is hunting the twins to obtain their powers at all cost.

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    1. Twin siblings Declan and Dalya Salk have just finished their second round of trick or treating when they stumble upon a mysterious sinkhole out in the woods that gives them the power to go invisible What they don t know is that a mysterious scientist military organization known as SOUP wants to use their power for their own and take over the world Can the twins keep a step ahead from them and stay safe Read this for yourself and find out This was a pretty good YA thriller I got this for free on [...]

    2. Twin middle schoolers find a sinkhole that gives them the power of invisibility A quest to understand how and why this happened takes them to different ancient sites guided by a group of scientists trying to keep the twins safe from a malevolent group trying to kidnap them for nefarious purposes There s no character development and little plot beyond traveling to each archeological site Facts and fiction blend in a globe trotting journey where the twins learn history, math concepts and speculati [...]

    3. I want to thank Robert Guerrera for this copy of Zero is the Key, and for having the opportunity through the First Reads program.What a wonderful book Still a kid at heart, I love to shed the adult world and touch base with that inner youth on occasion Zero is the Key is a fun and fast paced ride around the globe, as Mr Guerrera weaves his tale around a huge amount of learning potential for the reader, and all those caring parents who get involved in their children s development.I don t check of [...]

    4. I received the book from the author for an honest review The book is marked for the age group 12 and up and make for some great reading that will stir the curiosity in young and old This is the first book from the pen of Guerrera and not the last since he has a nifty way of telling a story which you can follow with ease while enjoying the ride The author takes you on a journey around the globe where you discover and look at the ancient relics anew It is filled with adventure and a good flow that [...]

    5. This story will take the reader on a mystery suspense adventure It allows the reader to follow the riddles and clues along the way as they travel through time What a fun way to learn about history and mathematics along with the journey Disclosure I was gifted a paperback copy of this book in exchange for an honest review All thoughts, opinions, and ratings are my ownTE I shared this book with my 13 years old granddaughter for her to enjoy.

    6. Just too silly and ridiculous I made it to 83% and just didn t even want to know how silly the end would be Also it is like reading a Dick and Jane first reader the way it is written, and sprang his ankle instead of sprained

    7. I really enjoyed this book for a YA read It reminded me a lot of the different treasure hunter movies such as the Librarian and the Mummy and all But much geared towards a story and followed two teens versus adults The author really was able to provide a lot of details on the locations, and I could imagine and visualize all that was happening.The story line follows two twins boy girl along their journey to obtain the reason they have a new found power won t give away the spoiler I love how this [...]

    8. This story begins at the end of my favorite month of the year, with a funny trick or treat overture I mean, how awesome is that D The book does contain a few pretty standard tropes, but they re used in moderation, and where used, they are applied mortar on bricks, so you have this well built structure that it doesn t crumble on the derivative or the cliche, because its written in such a way that you don t pay attention to it, and it only gets better since the rest of the story is filled with com [...]

    9. I received a copy of Robert J Guerrera s Zero is the Key from the author from.Robert J Guerrera s middle school novel, Zero is the Key, is an exciting adventure for young readers Eighth grade twins, Dalya and Declan, discover that they have assumed a super power to become invisible Circumstances force them to undertake a mission of tremendous scope.With all the intensity of a treasure hunt, all the action of expeditions to exotic locales, and a powerful adversary trying to stop the protagonists, [...]

    10. If you blend science fiction, mystery, espionage, archaeology, science, math and adventure, you have a book fascinating for ages 8 through adult So many historical facts, innovations and locations are mentioned making this an excellent read a chapter and then do an Internet search on the person, place or things mentioned to enrich your knowledge Do you know about Peru s Gate of Amaru Muru This adult reader didn t as it was discovered in 1996 which I learned about from extra research with young m [...]

    11. If I m honest I didn t think this would be my sort of thing Happily I was pleasantly surprised I really enjoyed it Even though the story follows a pair of teenage twins one reason I didn t think I would enjoy it , anyone of any age will enjoy reading it there is pretty much something for everyone I particularly liked the historical facts, which were cleverly integrated as part of the story, learning without even realising it It is a fast paced story with plenty of action adventure, in some parts [...]

    12. Zero is the KeyWritten by Robert GuerreraRemember, this is a Fiction tale Words of Warning Don t investigate a sinkhole yourself Call the authorities to investigate the site Call the police if you notice someone spying into your window Call the proper authorities to investigate suspicious matters.Now, bearing in mind this is a Fiction tale, I found this an enjoyable story which held my interest The plot ran smoothly It was informative readingof various sites in different countries.The adventures [...]

    13. Dear Reader,I wrote this book for those who like a good ol fashion adventure story that is clean, free of gore, free of sexual situations and references, free of foul mouthed characters, and free of subtle social agendas This book is fun, raises questions about our past, where we come from, what we all have in common, and about questions we have for our future and the future of our planet If you are naturally curious about the state of things, the world, the universe and everything in it, then y [...]

    14. I was unsure what to think about this book as it is a little but out of the zone of books that I normally read But, I must say, once I got into it, I really enjoyed it Mr Guerrera used his fast knowledge to write a wonderful family adventure Teen twins find a medallion with special powers that make them invisible when they wish and also draws into an adventure to find out about it Along the way, their parents get drawn into this as well, while they are being pursued by a group that wants the re [...]

    15. Great family readMr Guerrera use his skills and knowledge in teaching and history to write this great family adventure Twin children find a medallion with special powers that make the twins invisible Then the medallion draws them on a quest to find out its secret and purpose Mom and Dad get drawn into the chase, which is a good thing since the twins are being pursued by a powerful group that wants the medallion for their own purpose The ending is left open for what could be a successful series M [...]

    16. This was a unique and interesting book full of adventure mixed with science and history The heroes, twins named Dalya and Declan, are intelligent and capable A very strange experience happened to them right in their backyard, and then they have to travel the world searching for clues as to what this was and why, while at the same time running from pursuers who are trying to kidnap them.I had fun following along with the twins as they learned each new piece of their puzzle, and the end was satisf [...]

    17. Zero Is The Key is a book by Good Reads author, Robert J Guerrera It is appropriate for kids in junior high and older It tells the tale of 8th grade twins Declan and Dalya One day they discover a sinkhole that gives them the ability to become invisible What ensues is an adventure that takes the twins to historical sites around the world to look for clues to the purpose of their powers It includes historical and mathematical facts This book would work well as a classroom read aloud.

    18. A great story Easy to read and does a fantastic job at capturing your attention The story s about intelligent teenage twins who acquire the powers of invisibility and an ancient relic Their lives change forever in a quest that s packed full of adventure while being pursued by a mysterious secret organization This book is entertaining and very well written, i enjoyed it from beginning to end The story concludes with an open ending which suggests there may be a second book, which i would love to r [...]

    19. A wonderful tale of adventure with an eclectic mix of math, science, history, and languages sure to inspire any middle grade to do great things

    20. I loved the way the author tied so many locations to the story and how the family adventures were part of the theme.

    21. Review of Zero Is The Key by Robert GuerreraThis is the sort of mystery and adventure book I burned out many a torch battery under the bedclothes in my early teens I will recommend it to my eldest granddaughter who consumes books like this as fast as the publishing industry can put them into shops There is no lack of excitement and suspense in this work It s set in our time and is easy for young people to transport themselves into the position of the two main characters A combination of super po [...]

    22. What a grand adventure Beginning when twins Declan and Dalya find a sink hole see it is caused by a meteorite and then find the exposure to it has made them invisible, this tale twists and turns The twins are an the hunt for the secret to their invisibility and the author has taken them all over the world and to quite a few secret locations that are mentioned in history, conspiracy and ancient myths The twins have a couple of people helping them but they also have the Scientists of Undercover Pr [...]

    23. The twins find themselves in a whole new world after they found the medallion with special powers that make them invisible Then the medallion draws them on a quest to find out its secret and purpose But not all things are good They world is filled with good and evil and they have define which is which in this new world, but will they find out before the group that is following kill them Mr Guerrera uses his ability and skills as a writer to give young adults some clean and exciting stories He br [...]

    24. Zero is the Key is fun reading and the reader is learning in the process The story centers around twins Dalya and Declan and travels to different countries involving the characters in solving riddles mostly math related to discover the next destination All the while they are being chased by the bad guys in the SOUP organization I believe most middle readers will not only enjoy reading the book and sharing the adventure, but learn something as well I received this book free from First Reads.

    25. This was a giveaway Many thanks to both and the author My son and I read this book together He is 11 and I am not Twin brother and sister, Declan and Dalya and their parents , travel the world to find meaning to past civilizations Uproariously funny and clever at times This was a fun book to read with many interesting characters and a meaningful plot, remaining one step ahead of the nefarious SOUP group SOUP is silly and dangerous at the same time Perfect for middle schoolers as an adventure, pa [...]

    26. Robert Guerrera spins a delightful tale that will capture the imaginations of young readers With fascinating lessons in the sciences, arts and languages any middle schooler will gain marvelous tidbits about the history of important people and places The maturity of the main characters will captivate the imaginations of children, leading them to believe that adventures are for those willing to dream, and set out to makes those dreams happen I will be handing Zero is the Key to my eight year old d [...]

    27. Declan and Dalya are full of surprises in this non stop action packed story While out roaming about, the twins come upon a sinkhole Out of curiosity they lay on their bellies and peer into the hole All of a sudden a bright light flashes and then Darkness The next day they awake to find their lives have drastically changed EXHILERATING and EXCITING A WONDERFUL READ I thoroughly enjoyed reading every page THANK YOU FOR THIS FREE BOOK

    28. I received a copy of this book for free through First Reads.This story is well thought out, and entertaining I can imagine kids really enjoying it For me, there were a few niggles I can t really talk about them without spoiling the story but I can t imagine kids caring much most probably won t even notice since the story moves so fast.If Mr Guerrera could be persuaded to write a version of this story for adults, I d definitely be in line to read it

    29. I win this book and gave it to my 14 year old niece because I thought she would really like it She said it was ok, but not the best book she had ever read She didn t find the characters that relateable and said the story line had good ideas but was a bit too young for her Maybe it would suit a younger reader.

    30. I receive this book free through first reads I felt that there were some gaps in the story, however they are intentionally there to leave room to grade your own theories A great selection for middle grade kids that like adventures I wish my daughter would ve been willing to read it with me.

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