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The General in His Labyrinth #2020

The General in His Labyrinth Gabriel Garcia Marquez s most political novel is the tragic story of General Simon Bolivar the man who tried to unite a continent Bolivar known in six Latin American countries as the Liberator is o

  • Title: The General in His Labyrinth
  • Author: Gabriel García Márquez Edith Grossman
  • ISBN: 9780141032528
  • Page: 261
  • Format: Paperback
  • The General in His Labyrinth By Gabriel García Márquez Edith Grossman, Gabriel Garcia Marquez s most political novel is the tragic story of General Simon Bolivar, the man who tried to unite a continent Bolivar, known in six Latin American countries as the Liberator, is one of the most revered heroes of the western hemisphere in Garcia Marquez s reimagining he is magnificently flawed as well The novel follows Bolivar as he takes his final Gabriel Garcia Marquez s most political novel is the tragic story of General Simon Bolivar, the man who tried to unite a continent Bolivar, known in six Latin American countries as the Liberator, is one of the most revered heroes of the western hemisphere in Garcia Marquez s reimagining he is magnificently flawed as well The novel follows Bolivar as he takes his final journey in 1830 down the Magdalena River toward the sea, revisiting the scenes of his former glory and lamenting his lost dream of an alliance of American nations Forced from power, dogged by assassins, and prematurely aged and wasted by a fatal illness, the General is still a remarkably vital and mercurial man He seems to remain alive by the sheer force of will that led him to so many victories in the battlefields and love affairs of his past As he wanders in the labyrinth of his failing powers and still powerful memories he defies his impending death until the last.

    • [KINDLE] ✓ The General in His Labyrinth | BY ☆ Gabriel García Márquez Edith Grossman
      Gabriel García Márquez Edith Grossman

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    1. This is wonderful Dense with historical incident, deft characterization, and the telling detail that is Garc a M rquez s hallmark It s the story of Sim n Bol var he who liberated South America from Spanish colonial tyranny and his retreat from public life just prior to his death The great trick of the novel is to make condensed passages of historical summary ring with life through the recollections of the dying General Predictably perhaps he obsessively catalogs his enemies perfidies which on so [...]

    2. Idleness was painful after so many years of wars, bitter governments, and trivial loves.The profundity of Sim n Bol var s vision became the bane of his life He was destined to be the man who led the Latin American people to freedom from the imperial rule of Spain Having broken the shackles of slavery he took over the uncontested leadership of the vast continent as the President with the singular aim of unifying the freed countries of the Americas into the greatest republic the world has ever kno [...]

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    4. When I heard that Gabriel Garcia Marquez had died, I walked over to my shelf of South American literature and picked up The General in His Labyrinth The story is about the last days of Simon Bolivar, the Liberator, as he took a 14 day cruise down the Rio Magdalena to the Caribbean, from whence he would ship out for Europe But this was not to be Not only was the Liberator dying, but he had the misfortune of seeing the proud republics he had founded falling prey to disunity and squabbling In answe [...]

    5. I always feel a twinge of pity when someone tells me, I don t read for pleasure any or I only read non fiction Most of the pity is sympathy for the fact that, in today s busy world, we just don t have the time Whenever someone expresses awe at the number of books I read in a year and asks me how I do it, I say, truthfully, that I make the time to read, just as I make the time to write these reviews So I realize that the act of reading is itself a commitment, an investment of time and energy, an [...]

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    7. Boy, I trudged my way through this fictionalized account of Sim n Bol var s final voyage along the Magdalena River The prose is sharp and beautiful when it needs to be this is, after all, Garc a Marquez , but the story held no interest In fact, I m tempted to ask in response what story People and places from the General s life are constantly evoked, but on this point I have two major critiques first, the flashbacks are far too paltry a page or two at most to really generate any parallel much les [...]

    8. Everyone knows of the big historical events that took place in the 1800 during the liberation of Latin America from the Spanish colonization that are of course associated with Simon Bolivar aka the Liberator Apart from his vision for a united Latin America that would form the biggest country that would be half of the world, his wars for integration, and his glories, no one cares to know about his end.Gabo had to do extensive reasearch for two years, contacting people from so many different walks [...]

    9. I just loved the universe and the writing of this novel by Gabriel Garcia Marquez The writer manages to be born in us full of images and takes us with her beautiful descriptions.

    10. Follows the last few weeks and days of the life of Simon Bolivar as he surrenders political power and travels down the Magdalena River to the coast on his last journey While he travels there are reflections on his past, his role in the wars of independence against Spain and his political ambitions This is an interesting historical novel in shades of Wolf Hall here that the author was trying to remodel the popular image of the man Bolivar has been seen as a founding father for many of the former [...]

    11. Se trata de una novela hist rica que recrea los ltimos d as de Sim n Bol var, uno de los principales l deres de los procesos de independencia pol tica desarrollados en Am rica del Sur en el primer cuarto del siglo XIX.Es el libro que menos me gusta de Gabriel Garc a M rquez porque es un libro hist rico.

    12. El libro m s denso que le de Gabriel Garc a M rquez hasta el momento, pero sin embargo tiene un contenido profundo son los ltimos d as de Sim n Bol var, claramente escrito, se puede apreciar los sue os frustrados del Libertador, sus angustias, pasiones y alegr as, todo esto vivido bajo la enfermedad que poco a poco debilitar su entereza, pero a n as se mantiene firme en sus convicciones con el apoyo de los pocos amigos que le quedan Esta novela es triste y refleja las penosas vivencias que puede [...]

    13. Why do I dig this book when so many others don t I ll say again, GGM is similar to Murakami in that each book is another installation in his theme and variation riffs that he keeps releasing I mean to say, nearly all the books are the same story with minor changes something that can be strong in the right hands And his biggest bone of all is old age and death and dying Therefore, with this book keenly focused on that theme than all of them, then you can expect good things And I think he succeed [...]

    14. Se leer est pido que siendo un libro tan famoso solo haya despertado mi inter s en leerlo porque Green lo mencionara en una de sus obras Anteriormente hab a le do al Gabo y hab a quedado prendada de su escritura Al principio no lo hice por placer sino obligaciones de la carrera Estudiar comunicaci n social me ha abierto puertas y me ha guiado a conocer escritores espectaculares que tambi n comparten la misma profesi n y el mismo amor bonito que yo le tengo al periodismo Este libro es una obra he [...]

    15. Una novela muy atractiva, especialmente recomendada para los lectores interesados en la reflexi n hist rica El personaje de Sim n Bol var es complejo, lleno de contradicciones, sujeto al horror del deterioro f sico y mental y a las desilusiones de la incertidumbre Es una lectura gil y divertida que, si bien por momentos mueve a risa por la exaltaci n de los pormenores de la enfermedad y de la vida cotidiana, tambi n mueve a la identificaci n emp tica con aquel ser que ve c mo las limitaciones de [...]

    16. Es una obra maestra, pero una que se debe leer bajo el clima mental apropiado.Es la triste y tr gica historia de un hombre que luch toda su vida por un proyecto, dio todo lo que ten a por l y m s, se gan la antipat a de medio mundo y m s en el proceso, literalmente gast su propia vida elabor ndolo y vi ndolo crecer, incluso gan ndose fama de controlador y obsesivo por ello, y cuando al fin lo deja para que pueda seguir desarroll ndose por su cuenta, no tarda mucho en desmoronarse en pedazos, tan [...]

    17. Garcia Marquez is one of my all time favorite authors heck, our daughter is named after him One Hundred Years of Solitude is at 2 on my All Time Top 5 Books and I like magical realism Unfortunately, that is where The General parts ways with me This book is told in basically a journalistic style That s not surprising, given that Garcia Marquez worked as a reporter in his early days, but this book could have been so much if it followed in the wake of his other works, in short, it could have been [...]

    18. The reader gradually succumbs to the hypnagogic world fashioned by Gabriel Garcia Marquez a world seen through the eyes of the now old and dying General Simon Bolivar, liberator of South America and revolutionist, but in the eyes of Marquez, a cynical and embittered man whose soul and body have been crushed an insurmountable weight of disillusion In some ways Marquez is upending typical fictional accounts of great men, which usually concentrate on their greatness and skip their humanity, whilst [...]

    19. Everybody loves a hero Everybody loves it even when a hero falls from grace There are few things that humans enjoy than taking a powerful person down a peg or two In fact, we get a sick thrill from it Whether it s the rising up of a virginal starlet take your pick, they re a dime a dozen so that we may delight in tearing her to pieces when she is unable to live up to the exceptionally demanding standards of behavior we set for others to abide by, or the fall from grace of an especially sanctim [...]

    20. I wavered between a three and four star on this classic but finally settled on three stars Perhaps it lost something in the translation from Spanish to English but I had a tough time following the narrative The novel depicts the final voyage of the great Latin American liberator, General Simon Bolivar, down the Magdalena River in 1830 The general has fallen from power and his dreams of a united South American nation state have deteriorated following the wars of liberation The book is sort of a s [...]

    21. Garcia Marquez, one of the world s literary masters, not just of this era but of all time, tells the story of Simon Bolivar s last months in this thoughtful, moving, elegiac novel Bolivar is the Great Liberator, freeing the South American holdings of Spain from imperial rule, intending to create a single federalist republic of the former colonial states, a United States of South America, but having won independence, there are squabbles and rebellions among the armies of liberation Military and p [...]

    22. Filling in empty Review Boxes today Very much enjoyed this one Perhaps it s to be scored slightly lower than G s two big ones maybe third or fourth I couldn t quite say But it does rank highly in that little micro genre known as the dictator novel below I, the Supreme and way above The Feast of the Goat I ve got a few of these dictator novels I want to kick out in the coming periods of time Generally speaking, GGM is really very good, deserving of his accolades but I just can t quite rest til I [...]

    23. Triumphantly Rock Star Great, especially when it comes to use of swear words.Favorite quotes 1 Well, you have chosen the wrong destiny, he said The only wars here will be civil wars and those are like killing your own mother 2 We have always been poor and we haven t needed anything, he told him The truth is just the opposite, said the General We have always been rich and we haven t anything left.

    24. The General In His Labyrinth is Marquez s fictional reconstruction of Simon Bolivar s, the liberator of South America from the Spanish, last days Being an Indian I am not 100% sure of the historical accuracy in the novel, but people expecting a hardcore historical novel may be disappointed as Marquez weaves his own brand of magic interspersing events and actions that you would not expect in a novel of this genre while maintaining the relevance of the genre also After all, this is a person who cr [...]

    25. Marquez has written quite a few acclaimed masterpieces, and I like to think that The General in His Labyrinth is one of them.I bought the book when I was on the airport of Budapest Although I wasn t really intent on buying a book, I stumbled across the penguin version of this book at the airport s bookstore I had already read Hunderd Years of Solitude and Love in Times of Cholera and found them truly magical , but I had heard that Marquez had also written some books that had a political setting [...]

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