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We Go Again #2020

We Go Again Not long after surviving the horrors of D Day Corporal James Bowden finds himself as part of a small group of soldiers marching through Nazi occupied France Supplied with orders that are vague and un

  • Title: We Go Again
  • Author: Michael Cargill
  • ISBN: 9781507651209
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Paperback
  • We Go Again By Michael Cargill, Not long after surviving the horrors of D Day, Corporal James Bowden finds himself as part of a small group of soldiers marching through Nazi occupied France.Supplied with orders that are vague and unspecific and surrounded by men he doesn t know, will James survive society s desire for justice and revenge

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    1. This is a descriptive account of the movements of British soldiers during the end of the WWII, whilst posted in France.If it was based on a real account, had been written in a diary format, or from a first person s point of view it might have been powerful In the way it was written it worked well as a historical reflection on what could have happened and how the men and women involved felt There is not much of conclusion to the story, other than to describe the horrific events that occurred A l [...]

    2. I m a bit of a WWII enthusiast and I stumbled upon this book, so I thought I d give it a shot It s a relatively short story set during the war and revolves around the lives of several British servicemen A lot of research has gone into this book I particularly enjoyed the references to real people at the time and thought it was a clever spin of the author s I also really liked the captain he was an absolute obnoxious git but I felt he brought humour to the story and I enjoyed the scenes where he [...]

    3. The author mailed me the ebook version in exchange for an honest review3.5 starsI quite enjoyed this book It was very interesting to read about the war from the perspective of the soldiers and ordinary people who were forced to participate in it, unlike the history books, where the war is described only with boring facts on how many weapons there were, how many people died, etc Also it was the first time I read about these events from the POV of American soldiers, I usually only read about Russi [...]

    4. I was not into this type of novels and this is the first of its kind that I thought of giving a try and I must say that the book was worth every second of reading it.The novel is an attempt to bring into limelight the problems faced by the brave soldiers and their loved ones during the Historic WW2 Battle First of all, the writing was truly amazing.The intensity is high and so is the depiction of morale I could really feel like I was physically present in the story.The characters have been caref [...]

    5. In Michael Cargill s We Call Again which I won through First Reads, Corporal James Bowden after facing punishing German gunfire and bloodshed on D Day begins marching across Nazi occupied France with a British unit of eight men Under vague orders, they take up residence on the outskirts of a small French town devastated by the brutality of the German occupation, hoping that with the approach of these British soldiers their freedom is near.Michael Cargill sets the stage in 1944 when Allied troops [...]

    6. This novel is set in an era, the nineteen forties, that I love to read about So why didn t it quite hit the mark for me I have mixed feelings about this book and I m not sure why It s obvious the author has done his research and the history of the Second World War is woven well throughout the plot The story has a promising start the characters are instantly developed in the first pages and the dialogue, on the whole, is believable And there are some good flat characters those who add to the back [...]

    7. I received a copy of We Go Again from the author in exchange for a review.I did like We Go Again It was a nice insight into the lives of those caught up in WWII It follows what I would presume would be a normal week without the fighting of a soldier of the time It is also quite apparent that Cargill undertook a lot of research to ensure that what he wrote was accurate.I also quite liked the characters Especially James and David The way in which they are portrayed made them seem real and their st [...]

    8. I recieved a copy of We Go Again through First Reads.I feel a little guilty giving this three stars, because I can tell from reading it that a lot of work and time went into creating this book Cargill s book has great historical accuracy, good characters and a strong visual narrative But there is no story.The book is 188 pages long, and at least in the first 160 nothing happens There is some action and enjoyable scenes told in flashbacks which I ll mention later , but the actual story seems to b [...]

    9. Thanks to Michael Cargill for providing this book in exchange for an honest review.This was a short, beautiful look at the lives of soldiers and other people involved in WWII It was not a dramatic novel, had no major plot line, but things still happened within it that kept me interested The writing was incredibly descriptive and well crafted, which I think was the main attention keeper in some of the slower paced parts This is probably the most important thing to have in a short ish story, becau [...]

    10. We Go Again is a WW2 book set a few weeks after D Day when the British soldiers were still pushing towards Berlin We are introduced to a group of eight soldiers sent with unspecific orders as they travel through France Captain Jones brags about his part in the war in Africa as a Desert Rat, whilst putting down some of the other men who were at Dunkirk.Several of the other soldiers get annoyed with the Captain and his tale including James Bowden who has his own memories of the horrific crossing o [...]

    11. Originally posted on my blog wp p4Dssh uzI really enjoyed reading this book I m not sure that is the correct word for a book with this subject matter hence the quotation marks I did find the story extremely gripping, though I thought this story was really well written and gave insight into what life was really like for the soldiers As I ve said before, I cannot fault Cargill for his historical knowledge and the respectful way that he handles historic events this book is no exception I particular [...]

    12. Corporal James Bowden is British soldier during World War II traveling through France James doesn t agree with Captain Jones on a great many of things especially that he isn t a veteran James drifts through the past and present memories to give a clear picture of what he s facing on a daily basis War has an ugly way of making you face reality when you want nothing than to be home safe in your bed.We Go Again showcases the human spirit in it s many forms We Go Again is also about what you will d [...]

    13. I loved this book, the characters were interesting, very human and I loved James and his memories of the love of his life Mary Very well written, and I couldn t help but think of my Grandfather who served in WWII as I was reading this story I truly enjoyed reading this original story of war, friendship, fear and love It was a privilege to read this book before publication, and now to read again It was very well done and I am sure other readers will also feel closer to their lost soldiers, you al [...]

    14. This book by Michael Cargill explores a squad of British Soldiers who have just freed a small town in France The book could be about any war time experience where a squad has time to settle for a few days and recharge from patrol and actions of combat We follow James, David and Piper as they share themselves a few moments from the action of combat only to regroup again for an attack from the front line.Well written, this read could be about any combat t heather today Cargill does an excellent ta [...]

    15. I received We Go Again from As well as a delightful email from the Author Michael Cargill what a surprise that was I totally enjoyed the book about WW2 I thought it was very well written as well in parts amusing Now, typing that I think that is strange for a war story Michael made the soldiers come alive and their conversations made their situations real There was the pain, the horror of war, the horrid living conditions, but there was warmth of the kindness of humans as well.I just wish I knew [...]

    16. I was sent WE GO AGAIN by Michael Cargill to read and review WE GO AGAIN is a History World war II Book, which mainly follows the protagonist james and a handful of his co workers, As they find themselves in france during the war, after the horrors of D DAY.Firstly this is the first book I ve ever read of this genre, and I found it fantastic The simplistic ness is what makes this story something special It s short, but cram full, of true facts and experiences many people would have gone through [...]

    17. I received this WWII historical fiction novel free from I am very glad I did.Its not a book I would Have chosen but I really enjoyed it.The story could have been any unit ,any soldiers , and that was part of its charm ,following a group across France documenting their daily lives.My only complaint was that it was not long enough and I finished it in 24 hrsI would recommend this to anyone who like a quick and absorbing read

    18. World War Two is a time in history where brave men and women did what they had to in order to survive In this gritty novel, we get to go inside the minds of Corporal James Bowden and his small group of British soldiers They ve just freed a small town in France but there s no parade for anyone.I really enjoyed this book and I wasn t sure what to expect after interacting with author Michael Cargill Packed with historical detail, I found myself transported back in time Beautifully written and with [...]

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