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Opening Theory Made Easy #2020

Opening Theory Made Easy None

  • Title: Opening Theory Made Easy
  • Author: Otake Hideo
  • ISBN: 9784871870368
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Paperback
  • Opening Theory Made Easy By Otake Hideo, None

    • [E-Book] ✓ Opening Theory Made Easy | By ☆ Otake Hideo
      487 Otake Hideo
    • thumbnail Title: [E-Book] ✓ Opening Theory Made Easy | By ☆ Otake Hideo
      Posted by:Otake Hideo
      Published :2020-01-05T19:39:45+00:00

    1 thought on “Opening Theory Made Easy

    1. Opening, for me, is the most difficult part Different from chess players who start from having everything on board, Go players start from having nothing Though intuition may play quite a big role in this stage of the game, there are certain principles fuseki that can guide our rational thinking and that what Otake Hideo offered in his book Very useful.

    2. A must read for the beginner Go player Otake Hideo presents twenty strategic principles to guide the player through the opening phase of the game Outstanding instruction is provided with both the correct line of play, and examples of the incorrect line of play, so that the student can fully understand the material presented and the concepts behind it Normally when I am done reading a book, I quickly move onto the next as I usually have a stack of books that I want to read , but in this case, I w [...]

    3. Must know concepts Clear and easy to understand All the diagrams are short sequences of moves with perhaps a couple of variations It lives up to it s name.

    4. Extremely clear and succinct guide to the principles used in opening play, with well described examples demonstrating what to do, what not to do, and why.The principles I found most eye opening are avoiding family feuds defending in a way that induces the opponent to attack another group , not attaching against weak stones which induce the opponent to strengthen them , and not clinging to stones that have already achieved the purpose.On the last point Otake gives a couple of examples of stones t [...]

    5. Opening Theory Made Easy is a solid list of principles that, while focused on the early game, are helpful at the very least through the late mid game The principles are laid out clearly and thoughtfully, and most principles build on something offered earlier Many go books often stop one step too early for me in their explanations, and this book falls into this pattern for me once in a while though not as often as other books Yet, either I am getting better at this or the author is better at lead [...]

    6. For those of you interested in improving your game of Go, this is an excellent book that explains with clear detail and good diagrams, different principles and theories of opening moves This book doesn t go into Joseki s or Fuseki s or fighting, it only covers the first twenty moves of a game and explains why these are the most crucial moves that lead to the middle game A must have for any Go player interested in improving their game.

    7. Terrific guide to the opening moves of go Covers a number of important principles, with enlightening examples Each idea discussed gets only 5 to 10 pages of coverage, so the real role of this book is not as a reference, but as an introduction to concepts that the reader needs to explore in their own games That said, Otake s coverage is lucid and accessible.

    8. A truly beautiful book for the game of Go Easy to read, elegant and applicable to a broad range of players, this book is my top suggestion for go books beyond an introduction to the game Opening concepts are laid out in broad, easy to remember principles It is also pleasurable to read.

    9. Clear, sober, to the point Divided in a set of principles that you will remember when you play even if you only remember them after playing the wrong move.

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