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After a While You Just Get Used to It: A Tale of Family Clutter #2020

After a While You Just Get Used to It A Tale of Family Clutter A vibrant new voice ups the self deprecating memoir ante with tragicomic tales of her dysfunctional life in swampland Florida and America s Big Easy A dive bar palm reader who calls herself the Disco

  • Title: After a While You Just Get Used to It: A Tale of Family Clutter
  • Author: Gwendolyn Knapp
  • ISBN: 9781592409136
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Hardcover
  • After a While You Just Get Used to It: A Tale of Family Clutter By Gwendolyn Knapp, A vibrant new voice ups the self deprecating memoir ante with tragicomic tales of her dysfunctional life in swampland Florida and America s Big Easy A dive bar palm reader who calls herself the Disco Queen Taiwan a slumlord with a penis of the day LISTSERV and Betty, the middle aged Tales of the Cocktail volunteer who soils her pants on a party bus and is dealt with in tA vibrant new voice ups the self deprecating memoir ante with tragicomic tales of her dysfunctional life in swampland Florida and America s Big Easy A dive bar palm reader who calls herself the Disco Queen Taiwan a slumlord with a penis of the day LISTSERV and Betty, the middle aged Tales of the Cocktail volunteer who soils her pants on a party bus and is dealt with in the worst possible way These are just a few of the unforgettable characters who populate Gwendolyn Knapp s hilarious and heartbreaking yet ultimately uplifting memoir debut, After a While You Just Get Used to It Growing up in a dying breed of eccentric Florida crackers, Knapp thought she had it rough what with her pack rat mother, Margie her aunt Susie, who has fewer teeth than prison stays and Margie s bipolar boyfriend, John But not long after Knapp moves to New Orleans, Margie packs up her House of Hoarders and follows along As if Knapp weren t struggling enough to keep herself afloat, working odd jobs and trying to find love while suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, the thirty year old realizes that she s never going to escape her family s unendingly dysfunctional drama Knapp honed her writing chops and distinctive Southern Gothic humor style writing short pieces and participating in the renowned reading series Literary Death Match Now, like bestselling authors Jenny Lawson, Laurie Notaro, and Julie Klausner before her, Knapp bares her sad and twisted life for readers everywhere to enjoy.

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      Gwendolyn Knapp

    1 thought on “After a While You Just Get Used to It: A Tale of Family Clutter

    1. Sometimes poignant, other times appalling memoir by Gwendolyn Wendy Knapp that describes her dysfunctional family, drama filled relationships, and quest to find a job as a struggling writer in New Orleans The poverty level and drug addicted aunt described in After a While You Just Get Used to It really reminded me of Hillbilly Elegy A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis except that instead of in Appalachia, Gwendolyn describes a childhood in Florida I suppose that some struggles are univers [...]

    2. Disclosure I received this for free through a First Reads giveaway.Hilarious Love the accounts of the author s extremely dysfunctional family, as well as her own struggles being single in relationships The author, Gwendolyn Knapp, comes across as likable and is able to poke fun at herself and her upbringing, without being annoying There is a certain type of memoir writer that recalls his or her dysfunctional upbringing in such a way that makes me want to punch them through the pages and scream a [...]

    3. In the currently tres chic unimaginable childhood in white trash redneck, southern cracker genre Ms Knapp writes frankly about her hoarder mother and stepfather, her irritable bowel syndrome i, personally don t find poop stories particularly funny, but hey not far from the tree and all that her dating disasters, and lots of family vignettes Playing substantial roles in all of these precious moments are serious substance abuse, epidemic edentulousness, and gratuitous violence and cruelty She writ [...]

    4. Not what I thought Not as funny as I hoped A lot of it was kind of sad, actually I was hoping by the end, we d see the author becoming a writer or finding some form of of herself other than as he narrator of her family s mishaps while not much happens to her She was in bands, but we didn t see it, she was in relationships but we only see the destruction parts, she sells cheese and teaches but she only mentions those in passing I never got to know her The book blurb mentioned all these quirky cha [...]

    5. Okay I laughed a few times I was drawn in with the clutter issue hoping to see it overcome and the eclectic family members hoping for some redemption But the liberties taken in describing that family does not seem at all loving, I guess after awhile, they just get used to it.As an aside, the mother and her boyfriend or did they eventually marry seemed very intelligent I m curious what holds people like this back and keeps them from reaching their potential

    6. Do you secretly watch reality television shows about hoarders or people with bizarre eating habits so that you can feel better about your own living space or eating habits Have you ever attended a support group and thought to yourself, Well, I may have this problem, but at least I m not as bad as THAT person If so, Gwendolyn Knapp s memoir, After a While You Just Get Used To It is the book for you Less Cousin Eddy from the Vacation series of films and the feeling of TMI too much information , I [...]

    7. This is than a tale of family clutter so honest, it is often embarrassing But how better to deal with awkward situations than with humor A story of a messed up family yet somehow love comes through.Favorite quote from book on Page 67 Like Mom, her sister enjoyed the meditative quality of resentment as it pressure cooked you from the inside out.Those who read Let s Pretend this Never Happened by Jenny Lawson and Hillbilly Elegy by J.D Vance might like to read this memoir.

    8. Knapp had what you might call something of a southern white trash upbringing Raised by a hoarder of a mother in a tiny Florida town with lots of relatives all on the same block, where feuds and huge family parties were often one in the same, it was quite the 80s childhood Her sister, older by several years, goes Goth, gets a job at the local burger joint to save money and get outta town Knapp, like all of the teenagers in that town, longs to do the same Somehow, inexplicably, most seem to return [...]

    9. Humor combines with unvarnished personal and familial stories delivered with non mawkish affection to produce these original, memoir esque tales Disparate topics such as IBS, cyber cheating, and hoarding are delivered via Knapp s unique voice It s not easy to speak about members of your family so deeply, honestly, and critically without losing any or all of a reader s sympathy There s underlying heart in not explaining away why people are they way they are It s very genuine and refreshing I d wa [...]

    10. Hilarious, but brutally honest Loved it Most parents would probably want their children to get a job in high school and experience a taste of the real world, but not Mom A lifelong graduate student, she d always been adamantly against working.

    11. I loved this She describes her family and friends, and her life in a very entertaining way I hope she keeps updating her life as she lives it.

    12. Thanks to NetGalley for the ARC.After A While You Just Get Used To It is a memoir The narrative focuses on the author s years growing up in Florida and, later, on her great escape to The Big Easy But she doesn t escape for long Her pack rat mom, with all her baggage physical and mental soon follows What can I say about this book It s funny It s raw It s heartbreaking It s real It s honest It s GROSS At times it makes you squirm And I can relate Like Gwendolyn Wendy Knapp, I spent a good part of [...]

    13. WritingThere s a certain brand of memoir that I feel like I ve read too much of lately It s a woman approximately my age who can t seem to grow up and get settled she spends the entire book drinking, sleeping with everyone, and has little to no self esteem like Lena Dunham or Alida Nugent And it s supposed to be super funny I am so happy to say that this is NOT one of those memoirs Knapp struggles and dates the wrong guy and messes up, but she s also working hard on her life and on being an adul [...]

    14. I was grabbed by the title of this memoir Yes, the mom is a hoarder of sorts, but it seems like family clutter refers to the clutter of people than things Reading this book was like watching an accident in slow motion you know what s going to happen, that it s not going to be good, but you can t stop watching And if the first part of the title, you just get used it is true, then I really feel sorry for the author In truth, she does have a clutter of problems, and I don t believe she ever gets u [...]

    15. Gwendolyn aka, Molly, daughter, narrator, 30 IBS movie to New Orleans LA, to escape her somewhat humorous dysfunctional family.Trouble is Margie mom, hoarder John Margie s B F follow right behind her The best city I have ever lived in.I did not receive any type of compensation for reading reviewing this book While I receive free books from publishers authors, I am under no obligation to write a positive review Only an honest one A very awesome book cover, great font writing style A very well wri [...]

    16. I actually really liked this story about Gwendolyn Knapp s life story It s witty, snarky, hilarious and relatable Granted she has the extreme version of it than most people have My mom collects and keeps things but it s mainly out of laziness to throw out unneeded things I feel like I understand the author at times and other times I feel for her in situations trying to deal with her mother s idiosyncrasies while trying not to go crazy The weirdest thing I got from reading this story was afterwar [...]

    17. I received an advance copy of this book through Librarything, and I thank the author for the opportunity to give an honest review There were some good things about this book and some things I did not like at all The writer is obviously talented, and writes with a crisp flowing style A few parts were mildly funny, but most of it seemed like someone trying too hard to make every sentence laugh out loud, and it really was not There was little dialogue so all the disfunctional characters seemed one [...]

    18. Except for a few details, I could have been the main character in this memoir I felt so connected to Gwendolyn Knapp, partly because we grew up on the same pop culture but also because we have shared some of the same life altering experiences She covers some seriously emotional ground with wit and humor The book was well paced, well written, and overall just really entertaining Sometimes the whole memoir genre can be a little tiring but this book is a bright spot It read like a novel and I felt [...]

    19. It s amazing at how many families are totally dysfunctional and have a budding writer in their midst If you enjoy the style of David Sedaris, Augustus Burroughs, etc you will enjoy Knapp s memoir Her family represents Florida rednecks who then move to New Orleans to be near her and her sister Mom is a hoarder John a stepfather of sorts cannot hold down a job Molly is Knapp s chain smoking sister And, Gwendolyn has to deal with a series of low paying jobs from cheese monger, food writing and cock [...]

    20. Initial thoughts Knapp is a hilarious writer and her incredibly funny style is the saving grace of After A While This book is a bit of a downer, Qwendolyn s familial dysfunction and unhappiness permeates throughout Her mother is unbelievably selfish, immature and enraging I feel like Knapp has given me a general glimpse into poverty, Florida, the South and the strangle hold affection obligation that can exist in families who don t like each other This book is authentic, upsetting, funny, sad and [...]

    21. Gwendolyn Knapp is a good writer with flow and wit but nothing moved this book forward I felt like I was sitting in clutter throughout the entire book I hoped for some clarity, cleaning out, wisdom to come within this story of living with a hoarder, but instead the reader was pulled right into the madness The story arc, the story really, turned into a telling of the same problems over and over I wanted to like it I wanted to learn something so I did read until the end but never felt rescued.

    22. This is a book that didn t need to be written I really didn t care about the author s irritable bowel syndrome and a number of other maladies and gross habits that her friends and family exhibit in these pages It is like a celebration of the redneck Honey Boo Boo lifestyle put to memoir form Sometimes when I read a memoir there is a voyeuristic attraction but so here I just wanted to leave them to their drinking, clutter and dysfunctional behavior and go back to my family s unremarkable life.

    23. I received this book from a giveaway in exchange for an honest review.There were parts of the book that came across as good humor but the I read, the depressing the book became and face it, TMI is just thatToo much information about people and things that shouldn t be laughed at I think that Ms Knapp has a knack for quirkiness but not to the point of being gross There needed to be balance between honest to goodness humor and just plain over the top I think Ms.Knapp has it in her to be a great [...]

    24. It was with relief I read this book finally a family out there with as many interesting characters as my own Mostly I loved the book there were so many laugh out loud moments and in my head I picture Wendy s mum as a kind of Peggy Bundy lookalike sorry Wendy s mum which kind of added to the story Wendy hasn t just let the skeletons out of her family closet as they have come out bickering of their own accord.

    25. Books That Are Straightforward About Mental IllnessKnapp s Southern gothic memoir is a tale of family clutter, but it deals with physical clutter as well, describing a slightly dysfunctional relationship with her mother a hoarder , her mother s bipolar boyfriend, and an aunt who is in and out of jail.

    26. Humour is admittedly subjective, but I didn t find this memoir of a dysfunctional family particularly funny A sad tale of a difficult upbringing, but not particularly humourous or well told I felt that the author was often trying too hard to be clever, and although I wanted to like it, in the end, I found it a tedious read.

    27. I just couldn t get into this one The author leans so heavily on absurd similies that after the first chapter that s all I could focus on They lost their cleverness and became a predictable annoyance I also couldn t shake the feeling that there was nothing remarkable about the author s experiences or about her retelling of them This one just didn t strike a chord with me, unfortunately.

    28. I had a hard time with this rating The author is very witty and there are definitely some laugh out loud moments On the other hand, I found sometimes there was a bit TMI, especially about the health issues Totally didn t move the story along or contribute A zany cast of characters in this author s life, for sure.

    29. This little collection of vignettes from Gwendolyn Knapp was the perfect Thanksgiving read If you are feeling as though you are just one apple fallen from the crazy tree that is family, this book will make you feel as if you have found a kindred spirit I enjoyed the stories of Knapp s youth than the stories from her adulthood, and I hope are forthcoming.

    30. Knapp s honest, hilarious, and self deprecating style reminds us we are all human and being human is often funny and hard Her story of life just before and after college is a engaging mash up of her family life and trying to find your own way Thanks for this give away in exchange for an honest review.

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