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Batman: The Jiro Kuwata Batmanga, Vol. 2 #2020

Batman The Jiro Kuwata Batmanga Vol Nearly fifty years after it was originally published in Japan the famed Batman manga is now fully translated and available to English speaking readers in its entirety for the first time Dive into the

  • Title: Batman: The Jiro Kuwata Batmanga, Vol. 2
  • Author: Jiro Kuwata Sheldon Drzka
  • ISBN: 9781401255527
  • Page: 215
  • Format: Paperback
  • Batman: The Jiro Kuwata Batmanga, Vol. 2 By Jiro Kuwata Sheldon Drzka, Nearly fifty years after it was originally published in Japan, the famed Batman manga is now fully translated and available to English speaking readers in its entirety for the first time Dive into these beautiful, timeless stories written and illustrated by the legendary manga creator Jiro Kuwata.

    • [ß Batman: The Jiro Kuwata Batmanga, Vol. 2 || ☆ PDF Read by ð Jiro Kuwata Sheldon Drzka]
      215 Jiro Kuwata Sheldon Drzka
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      Posted by:Jiro Kuwata Sheldon Drzka
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    1 thought on “Batman: The Jiro Kuwata Batmanga, Vol. 2

    1. Every bit as fun and ridiculous as the first volume I loved the story about Alfred going bad, and the last story in this volume was pure Batman Kaiju monster awesomeness The hangman story also hit me in the feels It was so sad I love this series because of the cheesy and fun silver age aspect of it all, but I did not expect it to make me want to cry The one thing that volume 2 lacks though is, unfortunately, there are no colored pages like the first volume had There are a few colored covers tha [...]

    2. More of the same If you liked Volume 1 and I did you will like Volume 2 The one thing I am kinda bummed out about is they didn t use any of Batman s Rogues Gallery I would love to see Kuwata s take on the Joker and Two Face My favorite part is always Kuwata s renditions of Batman in action and the Batmobile Great stuff.

    3. Public library copy It s of the same from the prior volume collecting the 50 year old stories This book brings Clay Face and Alfred around in different stories The work isn t as impressive to judge by today s interpretation of Batman or techniques from modern comic books, but considering it was created in 1960s and by a creator from a different culture, it s pretty great.

    4. This second volume is whacked out than the first If this were any other title, I d be laughing out of narrative frustration, but Batmanga is fascinating for its historical significance Also, I d just be laughing outright We ll discuss this title on our upcoming manga episode of the podcast.

    5. This book collects Issues 20 39 of Jiro Kuwata s Batman Manga stories from the 1960s The book features five separate multi part stories The Revenge of Clayface Clayface escapes from prison enters the house of a professor, apparently kills him, and then goes on a criminal rampage Overall, it s a solid Clayface story even if Clayface s MO is a little different than we typically see in American comics The Hangman of Terror A pro Wrestler who is hated by fans becomes a hero in the public s eyes afte [...]

    6. Juste G nial Un manga des ann es 60 inspir de la s rie batman originale, des onomatop es en japonais, la batmobile, les ennemis tout y est Avec les jeunes tudiantes qui frappent avec des gourdins, la touche manga suppl mentaire

    7. An interesting bizarro world look at batman from a manga perspective Certainly not cannon but that s what makes it fun.

    8. Better than vol 1 This one is less formulaic than the previous volume I especially liked the one with Alfred as the villain, that was a nice twist.

    9. To briefly recap When the Batman television series was brought to Japan in the 1960s, it was decided to do a manga tie in using the talents of Jiro Kuwata creator of 8 Man Rather than being based on the TV show directly, Mr Kuwata was given a bunch of recent issues of the American comics which were slightly serious and based his interpretation on those Please see my review of Volume 1.The first story in this second volume is the return of Clayface, a shape shifting villain who gained his abilit [...]

    10. Like the first volume, this doesn t have much to recommend to someone who is not a Batman connoiseur or a manga fan, but to the person who falls in one of those two catagories, this book is pretty awesome.By this point, Kuwata was clearly much comfortable with the character We see of Bruce and Dick, and they start to exhibit a bit of personality We also see, in the stories contained in this volume, traditional Batman figures making appeareances Vicki Vale, Alfred, Clayface and The Outsider sho [...]

    11. During the height of the Batman craze of the 1960s, and inspired by the TV show starring Adam West, artist Jiro Kuwata was given the assignment to commission a series of Batman stories for a Japanese audience Fusing the East with the West, Jiro manages to create a hilariously fun, unique, yet serious dynamic duo that is as addictive as its original Using source material from Detective Comics, each story follows the same story structure and action sequences Though the stories are at times repetit [...]

    12. If the first volume was all about science , then this second volume is all about eff it let s get nuts Lord knows we ve all secretly wanted to see Clayface transform into a tentacle monster Or a spinning top Or a pegasus that proceeds to fly away Fiend of the Masquerade Festival provides us with the oh so classic line Ah An Arab riding a dinosaur is charging at us Who hasn t been there And The Monster of Gore Bay features some Nessie dinosaur looking monsters one real, one robotic , even culmina [...]

    13. Another hilarious, wacky, far out volume of Bat manga Alfred finally shows up in this one only to die and become The Outside, in what is a very strange adaptation choice from artist Kuwata yes, this happened to Alfred in the American comics as well Vicki Vale briefly attends as well, her pictures giving Batman and Robin the proof they need to nail down a crook at a masked ball convention of some sort She is hilariously polite, professional and unobtrusive How Japanese My favorite bits all involv [...]

    14. This second volume of the Jiro Kuwata Batmanga has a decidedly Japanese feel, it felt like it was taking place in Japan, not Gotham City I enjoyed this mash up of the campy 60 s batman TV series, a serious Batman although not Robin , and a sense of Japanese strangeness and science The art is decidedly manga, with only Batman and the Batmobile looking American in their artistic style, but it worked well with the multi part, cliffhanger storytelling style.

    15. More of the same, but even manga bonkers with weird stories like Alfred being killed and come back to life to kill Batman, and a giant Godzilla style monster to deal with I have no idea if their are any volumes to come of this, but I hope there is since this Batman is one of my favourites.

    16. Goofy fun here Two American Batman comic book stories are re done here Batman VS The Hooded Hangman and The Outsider In both cases, some changes are made from the original stories As I said, goofy fun, with cool B W art.

    17. This was a pretty fun book to read Some of the storylines are completely outrageous, and are even funnier because they involve Batman and Robin.

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