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Contractual #2020

Contractual They told me I d be an escort they made it sound so easy Really I m just a high priced call girl Desperation brought me to this and it led me to him my one and only client Hating him is easy he remi

  • Title: Contractual
  • Author: Alice Montalvo-Tribue
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Paperback
  • Contractual By Alice Montalvo-Tribue, They told me I d be an escort they made it sound so easy.Really I m just a high priced call girl.Desperation brought me to this and it led me to him, my one and only client.Hating him is easy, he reminds me of my shame.Wanting him is wrong it fills me with guilt.Loving him is a losing battle yet it s become everything.A gift and a curse, he consumes my every thought and IThey told me I d be an escort they made it sound so easy.Really I m just a high priced call girl.Desperation brought me to this and it led me to him, my one and only client.Hating him is easy, he reminds me of my shame.Wanting him is wrong it fills me with guilt.Loving him is a losing battle yet it s become everything.A gift and a curse, he consumes my every thought and I d rather play my part in his bed than to spend one day without him.

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      254 Alice Montalvo-Tribue
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    1. The best way I could possibly describe this book would be to say it was lukewarm It started off well enough, had all the right ingredients but for some reason the story started losing momentum as it progressed Now if you know me well you ll know I love alpha males, but Jackson s character felt a little too desperate and Sage just seemed a little too meek and a little to sorry for herself Making the story seem contrived I need a little background info on a character in order to connect Jackson a [...]

    2. I love AMT s books, she does alphaholes that have to work for their redemption so well And Jackson played the part perfectly, though I loved his sweetness that went hand in hand with the arsehole D

    3. ARC received in exchange for honest review May contain mild spoilers Well, she did it again I managed to have ANOTHER sleepless night because I was up reading WAYYY too late.Ok, so Jackson is an hole No beating around the bush on that one He s filthy rich and good looking He knows women only want him because of his money, so he avoids relationships He also had a rotten mother, so that doesn t help his issues when it comes to relationships.Then there s Sage She comes from a lousy family that trea [...]

    4. With walls closing in on her and running out of money, desperation makes Sage answer an advert for a job as a massage therapist Sage soon realizes that the expectations of the job went beyond using her hands, she was expected to provide a happy ending The job description was to be an Escort providing a certain brand of happiness to elite clientele.Enter Jackson Stone smart, successful and handsome but a complete asshole Sex for him is purely a business transaction All he is looking for is someon [...]

    5. This is the first book I ve read by this author but it certainly won t be the last as I loved it This is a one sitting story well it was for me Alone and desperate Sage ends up working as an escort, something she certainly didn t want to do This is when she meets Jackson Stone They don t realise that both their lives are about to change forever As I kept reading I went from disliking Jackson to really liking him Loved the storyline kinda reminded me of Pretty Woman Both characters have a story t [...]

    6. Contractual was fast paced, addictive, and scorching hot I LOVED IT This is a standalone romance about two people from opposite worlds brought together by chance and kept together by love Jackson Stone is at the top of his game, achieving all his business aspirations and firmly planted in bachelorhood Romantic love is not a concept that I m familiar with or interested in familiarizing myself with Love is for the weak, everyday people looking for soul mates, a partner to witness their life There [...]

    7. Jackson Stone doesn t believe in romantic love He thinks it s useless, makes people weak, and there is no way in hell that he ll ever fall victim to its prey But a man like him has needs and lately, satisfying those needs has come with unwanted complications Jackson decides he needs a professional.Enter Sage Turner a woman who moved to New York, but is struggling to make ends meet She has no other choice but to work as an escort with only the one client He is a man she hates, wants, and can t be [...]

    8. I usually stay away from books where the heroine is the escort in the story However, this one was The heroine is not a whore Sage followed her boyfriend and his daughter to New York City from Indiana Shortly after arriving to NYC, Sage finds her boyfriend having sex on their bed with a neighbor Sage has no job, no money and is being threatened with an eviction She sees an ad in the paper for a masseuse She thinks she can do it since she took some classes years before However, when she goes to t [...]

    9. I am going to admit that I seriously considered putting this book down after reading the first encounter between Jackson and Sage It was rough and unpleasant to say the least However, I am very glad that I didn t give into my initial knee jerk reaction and walk away from the story Jackson could really run for the title of King of All Jerks and give almost anyone a run for their money Cold, indifferent, and completely self centered are all fair assessments of the initial Jackson that we meet Ther [...]

    10. Abby s review 5 stars They re all looking to be the one the one who makes me want to take a chance on a real relationship To that, I say fuck no JacksonAlice Tribue s talent shines in waves in this book Waves people When I read the synopsis for this book, no way did I ever think that this would be an emotional read, but it was Why is that It s because Alice Tribue dives so easily into her characters hearts and lets you feel everything they are feeling.Sage is desperate You feel her desperation a [...]

    11. I did have my reservations about this book I m not entirely sure why, but honestly I was worried for nothing Jackson that boy iswell a tad bit rough around the edges, alright he s all a hole when we first meet him, I want you to suck my c for lunch, I think Sage works some voodoo on that man because slowly, piece by piece he starts to unthaw, and it s like the damn tinman getting a heart from the Wizard of Oz I didn t think you actually wanted to have lunch with me I m not that big of an a hole [...]

    12. This book was kinda like Pretty Women the only difference is, Richard Gere is not a douchebag he treats Julia Roberts like a princess where as Jackson is a big a time arrogant, asshole, dickhead, fuckhead all the cuss word you can think of that s exactly what JACKSON is God this dude has no respect for women especially the way he treats Sage the first time they met I mean you would think that if you re a REAL men see a girl who is shy, naive innocent mainly scared especially in a situation where [...]

    13. 4.5 Fantastic Stars Review by Natasha GentileThey told me I d be an escort they made it sound so easy.Really I m just a high priced call girl.With those two sentences you are sucked in, and don t lie and shake your head no, you know that you are intrigued Meet Jackson, 35 year old big time CEO, hard nosed professional, commanding, condescending, hot and sometimes the biggest ass that you might ever meet You see this man doesn t have time to date, he also doesn t want any commitments or feelings, [...]

    14. I loved this book so much It was a great story line that had a fairytale feel to it, but also reminded me of the film Pretty Women, which in it self is very fairytale like Sage is the poor women that moved to live with her boyfriend and daughter to get away from her nasty family, abusive father and disgusting brother Only after moving she finds her boyfriend in bed with the neighbour, leaving poor Sage with not enough money to cover the rent and live She gets fired from her job, is about to lose [...]

    15. The rules of the contract are as followed Every encounter is to be CasualUncomplicatedUnemotionalThe liaisons are for one purpose only they are seen as a means to an endEverything is contractualThis is the business transaction that Jackson Stone and Sage Turner enter into together as their individual interests thrust them into this unconventional situation.Jackson Stone is a shrewd businessman one who doesn t have time for complications or entanglements besides the ones that occur in the bedroom [...]

    16. Sleepless night Loved it Love is for the weak, everyday people looking for soul mates, a partner to witness their life There s nothing in my life that I wish for someone else to witness It has been awhile since there was a character I disliked as much as Jackson Stone He is an ass, when you look the word up in the dictionary his face should be there Devastatingly beautiful, wealthy with a black hole where his heart should have been He doesn t do love, his life is too busy for complications but h [...]

    17. 4.5 Stars GreatI was really looking forward to this book and of course, it didn t disappoint This is my second book by the very talented Author Alice Montalvo Tribue and I absolutely love her writing style and naturally, her stories Some slight spoiler s ahead Read with CautionThe half star deduct, well, I wanted to see just a tad bit on them and their relationship, the latter part of the story just went by too fast and without details For me there were a few loose ends that I wanted clarified [...]

    18. I really enjoyed reading Contractual by Alice Tribue This was my first book that I have read by her It is a sexy little read and I almost read it straight through You know my pesky night job got in the way I even talked with my coworkers about this book Which I don t talk much about what I read but, I was definitely excited with this book It is a little Pretty Woman ish but, not exactly I know that is kind of vague but, if you read the book you might feel the same Contractual is about Sage, a yo [...]

    19. I have to give this full marks because I thought it was very well written, I enjoyed the story and I really liked the characters.Sage, strange name but a very strong character I liked how she was a bit sassy and protected herself from Jackson She hated doing what she was doing, but she felt there was no alternative for her The fact that she was still applying for jobs, gave me hope that she wouldn t be doing this forever Silly really because the ending outcome was always going to be a HEA Jackso [...]

    20. ARC provided in exchange for an honest review Sanne Scandalous Book Blog This is exactly my kind of book Pretty straightforward with an a Hole alpha who is to die for I do not have many words to describe this one really I just really liked the writing style and flow of the story, it s just one of those that you cannot but love.Oh and do not start this one when you don t have time to finish because you WILL want to finish it in one sitting, I now I did Before I knew it it was 3AM in the morning L [...]

    21. This started off soo good I m a sucker for a hero that starts off as an ass % And the hero Jackson was definitely that view spoiler He meets Sage, who is going through a very rough patch in her life and she has run out of options She answers an ad for a masseuse Guess what The job is not for a masseuse And so begins an arrangement relationship hide spoiler I really enjoyed this book until near the endI can t really put my finger on it, but it seemed to fall a little flat for me Having said that, [...]

    22. Well, this little gem I really liked.At first I had my doubts But as I read I found I couldn t put it down I felt at times Sage could be seen as too forgiving or questions doormat, but she also gave as good as she got She was simply a smart woman who knew when and what battles to pick Jackson s personality included a hothead trait that could be hurtful, but he would apologise He could have been a hero that made no apologies All in all, some how this book worked for me.

    23. Liked this book Read it in one morning Kind of Pretty Womanish with a girl driven to become an escort because of circumstances and a egotistical rich businessman who doesn t want a relationship but has to have his needs met A good match most of the time, she speaks her mind and he always eventually realizes when he s being an ass and he is a royal ass at times This book flowed really well, a pleasure to read.

    24. Overall rating 3.5 starsGenre Contemporary RomancePlot 7 10Ending 10 10Writing 7 10Hero 6 10Heroine 7 10Steaminess 7 10Feels 7 10Humour 5 10HEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler Recommend YesRe read NoRead from author Yes

    25. This was a good book Well worth the.99 I think it could have been better had it gone into the childhood trauma that she experienced.

    26. I really like Alice Tribue s storytelling I think her writing just gets better with each new novel This book no exception It was a great read with a Pretty Woman feel to it Highly recommend it.

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