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Nearly Gone #2020

Nearly Gone Nearly Boswell knows how to keep secrets Living in a DC trailer park she knows better than to share anything that would make her a target with her classmates Like her mother s job as an exotic dancer

  • Title: Nearly Gone
  • Author: Elle Cosimano
  • ISBN: 9780142424513
  • Page: 392
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nearly Gone By Elle Cosimano, Nearly Boswell knows how to keep secrets Living in a DC trailer park, she knows better than to share anything that would make her a target with her classmates Like her mother s job as an exotic dancer, her obsession with the personal ads, and especially the emotions she can taste when she brushes against someone s skin But when a serial killer goes on a killing spree anNearly Boswell knows how to keep secrets Living in a DC trailer park, she knows better than to share anything that would make her a target with her classmates Like her mother s job as an exotic dancer, her obsession with the personal ads, and especially the emotions she can taste when she brushes against someone s skin But when a serial killer goes on a killing spree and starts attacking students, leaving cryptic ads in the newspaper that only Nearly can decipher, she confides in the one person she shouldn t trust the new guy at school a reformed bad boy working undercover for the police, doing surveillance on her.Nearly might be the one person who can put all the clues together, and if she doesn t figure it all out soon she ll be next.

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      392 Elle Cosimano
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    1 thought on “Nearly Gone

    1. If I d spent time studying instead of chasing after a boy, we wouldn t be here.Well, then This book makes me angry I m getting pretty damn sick of these books that tells girls that it s ok to love and trust a potential killer sociopath if he secretly very, very secretly has a heart of gold It tells the reader that it s fine to forgive every fucking thing stalker lover boy does if, you know, he s just doing it for your own fucking good What the fucking kind of victim blaming apologetic bullshitt [...]

    2. 3.5 5 starsThis was at a 3 stars until the very end, but the ending was prETTY FANTASTIC.I enjoyed the plot for the most part, but it took me a while to warm to the romance It felt pretty forced to start and everything happened so fast that it didn t feel natural Reece also partially falls into the bad boy with a heart of gold trope which is one of my least favorite tropes OF ALL TIME so that might be why it took me a while to get into this book.I enjoyed Nearly as a protagonist for the most par [...]

    3. UPDATE 5 5 15I was excited about this book before 2014 So of course I read it after a full year of it s release.Idiot hits self As for my rating it s not that good a book.I had issues with characterization, and some of the actions of the MC, and a bit of the writing.But fuck that shit I cannot think objectively when someone wrote the book my 5th grade self would ve writtenContext My 5th grade self was AWESOME and really into murder mysteries.Seriously though, the murder chase in this one makes m [...]

    4. Every time I was starting to think I would love this book, something came along and robbed me of much of my enthusiasm This is an interesting read, very engaging and well crafted in the way it keeps you guessing all the way to the end But there was a lot of potential wasted The entire paranormal aspect had no relevance to the story and its development, and it probably would ve been better if it hadn t been there at all Nearly wasn t exactly a likable protagonist and the overall character develop [...]

    5. VIDEO REVIEW Coming Soon The best and most accurately way to describe this novel is Veronica Mars meets Scream meet Pretty Little Liars If any of those trip your trigger then you need to continue on and read this review because I think I found your next great mystery read I ve heard really great things about Nearly Gone, so I was very excited to add it to my Halloween TBR this month This was the first Halloween book I picked up for the month and I am so glad I did I should also mention this is t [...]

    6. Review also posted at Young Adult Hollywood.I never planned on picking this book up, but I bought a bulk of Young Adult books and it was right there I was bored then things happened Like me, falling in love with almost every aspect of this book.From someone who binged watched nine seasons of Criminal Minds on one month, I know the premise of Nearly Gone sound so banal for YA, but it is not entirely Cosimano perfectly stringed the suspense element of the book with a believable world building.Near [...]

    7. Rating 4.5Nearly has a rough life Her mother is a stripper, they barely have enough money to eat, and her father is gone She spends her days studying hard to have a chance at a scholarship which will allow her to improve her future Once a week she buys a paper to read the personals section, hoping for a message from her dad Her life is about to get rougher Someone starts knocking off the kids that Nearly tutors and leaving cryptic messages for her in the personals Nearly becomes the main suspect [...]

    8. I find the comparison of Nearly Gone to the television shows Bones and Fringe an unfair one It sets the reader up for disappointment and lets the book down as well, because while there might be elements that you could make that comparison to, it would be a loose one I kind of felt like this was a grittier homage to Nancy Drew, with blood and fewer sweater sets and penny loafers I could NOT put Nearly Gone down, I devoured it in a matter of hours Nearly was nerdy, intelligent and relatable minus [...]

    9. Want a chance to win a brand new hardback of this Open internationally Winners selected at random Earn extra entries by liking following tweeting.You can enter here leafmarks lm giveaways

    10. I asked for amazing YA thriller recs 2 weeks ago and someone told me to read this I don t remember who rec d it on because I can t find the old post, but it was amazing thank you Started slow and I wasn t sure I d enjoy, but around 25% it picked up and I binge read in one night Good romance, strong mystery, creepy, and totally kept me guessing

    11. I received this book from Penguin Publishers in exchange for an honest review I award this book 3.5 stars.Nearly Gone by Elle Cosimano stars Nearly, who lives in a trailer park Her mom is a stripper, and her dad left them with almost nothing She s one of the top students in her class and is up for a prestigious scholarship, which is her ticket out of this town At the same time, she s always pouring through the personal ads for clues because once she was convinced her dad left her a message there [...]

    12. Originally, I was going to give it 2.5 stars, but I m feeling generous and the ending was good.So 3 stars.Now, I know what some of you are thinking If you ve been keeping up with my updates with this book, you would know how much I didn t like Nearly and her stupid decisions And I didn t, believe me I ve never met a stupid character in my life But I ll get to that in a bit For now, let me talk about Nearly Gone.Mind you, this book will not be for everyone so if you decide to check it out, go wi [...]

    13. I was highly disappointed by this book.Finished it thinking hey, the main love interest seemed extremely icky, but maybe it was just me Turns out that I am not the only reviewer to feel this way, and I FULLY AGREE with these other reviewers especially KHANH check out her excellent review for info on the main love interest s highly problematic nature.But even if it weren t for the way the author handled the main love interest, I felt that many other aspects of this book were also very poorly don [...]

    14. Nearly Boswell not only has a unique first name but also a unique ability, when she touches somebody she feels that person s emotions.She also has a strange fixation with personal adds that a serial killer uses to attract her attention I googled baby names for a while soooo unlike me to see if that name was even possible, I guess nowadays you can call a baby almost anything The most original website that I found was nameberry After reading the book a bit I learnt that she had got her name nearl [...]

    15. I feel like this is the year of the suspense book for me over the last few months I ve read a handful, and would put Nearly Gone right at the top with the best of them.Nearly Boswell hasn t had the easiest of lives Her mom s profession, her life in the trailer park and her obsession with personal ads make her an easy target She has to focus to keep her eyes on the goal that being a scholarship that will get her out of this place But a strange ad in the personals catches her attention and suddenl [...]

    16. WOW Such an amazing book I read it in a day Between work and two kids, that s hard for me to do but I had to know how the book ended I d say this is a Young Adult Thriller I believe it has a little paranormal to it as the main character can feel emotions when she touches other people I ve been looking forward to reading this book for a long time and when I found in on bookoutlet an AMAZING site to order bargain books I had to get it Just ordered book number two, can t wait to get my hands on it [...]

    17. I love when an author can remind me why I fell in love with a certain genre to begin with and why I love a good mystery.It s rare in YA that a good thought out, keep you guessing until the end mystery can not only be delivered but signed and sealed as well Let s face it, most mysteries in this genre fall flat, aren t well set up and you see them coming from a mile away or they just don t deliver in the end and you are left feeling let down and bereft that things wrapped up too quickly or too con [...]

    18. An excellent who done it with lots of suspects Never saw this one coming Love the relationship between Nearly and the boy assigned to spy on her If you love murder mysteries and YA, pick up this book

    19. 3.5 5 starsspoiler freeThis book was a quick, easy read of mystery I enjoyed the characters and the plot was generally consistent Contemporary mysteries are not my usual genre of book I tend to lean toward the action based novels, so it did not earn full stars for me At times, I found myself resisting the urge to scream at the characters for various reasons First of all, who names their kid Nearly I found it a bit strange Sometimes Nearly clearly didn t use her head, and that got to me Some thin [...]

    20. This book was really engrossing, and I was hooked from beginning to end I m a huge sucker for mystery books, but it has to be well written in order to really keep me committed and this book definitely did that Character wise, Nearly was interesting, although she was a bit annoying in the beginning of the book but she opened up later on and became likeable I also loved seeing how she solved the mystery, and I felt the author was super creative with dropping clues I m not a fan of chemistry, but [...]

    21. Huge thank you to the publisher for letting me read an advanced copy of this I m writing this honest review to say thank you 2.5 StarsUghhhhhh, I wanted to love this SO MUCH MORE than I did I was DYING for this book and so excited when I got an ARC It sounded so dark and edgy and fast paced and weird and it just fell so flat Basically, the romance killed it for me Nearly Boswell is a brilliant girl living in a trailer park, her mother is a stripper, and her best friend is in love with her but he [...]

    22. I was really excited to read Nearly Gone Let me tell you I am not disappointed I love this book The characters, the setting s , the writing All of it I even love the cover I even love the title The title is so sneaky Nearly Gone is really good I was so swept up in the story that I actually ended up finishing the book in one sitting And that ending The ending was something that I hadn t expected at all Talk about plot twist, hello.The writing is excellent The story has a great plot There are awes [...]

    23. Oh My Gosh It was so good I loved the writing and it kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time I didn t want to put it down for a second Nearly strange name, but I loved her character was unassuming and very bright She s set her sights on the junior scholarship so that she has money to pay for college and get out of Sunny View She s also looking in the personals for a message from her dad who left her and her mom 5 years ago But she comes across these stange ads that seem to be speaking to [...]

    24. Nearly Gone is a story that acts as a beautiful reminder of everything we love about reading, sucking us in with a well executed murder mystery and just a touch of romance the combination of the two allowing for a couple of late nights as we race against the clock to find out the who and why of it all The mystery itself is just complicated enough to ensure our minds are working overtime to solve the myriad of literal puzzles the murderer leaves behind for Nearly, but not so convoluted as to crea [...]

    25. This book was SO SO SO GOOD I definitely LOVED it Now THIS is what I call a Mystery Thriller book Nearly Gone was just a roller coaster ride for me It really creeped me out, and it was so addicting as well Through out the whole book, I just never expected who the killer was At the end, I was just so shocked The main character, Nearly Boswell is a genius When she receives some messages that hint about the murders that have been happening, she thinks it s her responsibility to solve the puzzle, an [...]

    26. I am so glad I decided to buy this after reading its blurb once This turned out to be exactly what I was looking for With just the right balance of mystery, intrigue, romance, and interesting charactersI loved Nearly Gone My only reservation is that ending I wish it didn t feel so rushed or rather un complete But, overall, an enjoyable read DFull Review to Come

    27. I m gonna take a break from upcoming YA books for now The recent batch is quite mediocre.

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