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The Midnight Assassin: Panic, Scandal, and the Hunt for America's First Serial Killer #2020

The Midnight Assassin Panic Scandal and the Hunt for America s First Serial Killer A sweeping narrative history of a terrifying serial killer America s first who stalked Austin Texas in In the late s the city of Austin Texas was on the cusp of emerging from an isolated we

  • Title: The Midnight Assassin: Panic, Scandal, and the Hunt for America's First Serial Killer
  • Author: Skip Hollandsworth
  • ISBN: 9781427261779
  • Page: 157
  • Format: Audio CD
  • The Midnight Assassin: Panic, Scandal, and the Hunt for America's First Serial Killer By Skip Hollandsworth, A sweeping narrative history of a terrifying serial killer America s first who stalked Austin, Texas in 1885In the late 1800s, the city of Austin, Texas was on the cusp of emerging from an isolated western outpost into a truly cosmopolitan metropolis But beginning in December 1884, Austin was terrorized by someone equally as vicious and, in some ways, far diabolicaA sweeping narrative history of a terrifying serial killer America s first who stalked Austin, Texas in 1885In the late 1800s, the city of Austin, Texas was on the cusp of emerging from an isolated western outpost into a truly cosmopolitan metropolis But beginning in December 1884, Austin was terrorized by someone equally as vicious and, in some ways, far diabolical than London s infamous Jack the Ripper For almost exactly one year, the Midnight Assassin crisscrossed the entire city, striking on moonlit nights, using axes, knives, and long steel rods to rip apart women from every race and class At the time the concept of a serial killer was unthinkable, but the murders continued, the killer became brazen, and the citizens panic reached a fever pitch.Before it was all over, at least a dozen men would be arrested in connection with the murders, and the crimes would expose what a newspaper described as the most extensive and profound scandal ever known in Austin And yes, when Jack the Ripper began his attacks in 1888, London police investigators did wonder if the killer from Austin had crossed the ocean to terrorize their own city.With vivid historical detail and novelistic flair, Texas Monthly journalist Skip Hollandsworth brings this terrifying saga to life.

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    1 thought on “The Midnight Assassin: Panic, Scandal, and the Hunt for America's First Serial Killer

    1. This is an interesting true crime book about a brutal serial killer in Austin, Texas, in the late 1800s There is speculation that Austin s so called Midnight Assassin may have later traveled to London and become Jack the Ripper, due to some similarities in the murders Why is it that certain sensational events in history are remembered and others, just as dramatic, are completely forgotten Jack the Ripper has haunted the imagination of the public like no other killer in Western civilization He is [...]

    2. Three years before Jack the Ripper s infamous reign of terror in London, an unknown assailant introduced America to the notion of serial murder The Midnight Assassin killed as many as ten people, most of them women, all of them brutally, over a period of years Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of the story Skip Hollandsworth tells is the fact that it had never been told until now Austin, Texas, was plunged into chaos for months by a series of horrific killings, as was reported thoroughly and se [...]

    3. Well written and researched, this true crime mystery is right up there with the best of Erik Larson This lesser known crime spree is well deserving of attention and Skip Hollandsworth does it a great justice The pacing was spot on and the world was expanded enough so the reader feels that nothing is left out yet didn t feel lost in a sea of characters and side road theories Also, I must say, I love how this ebook is formatted I ve never commented on the formatting of an ebook before, but the ti [...]

    4. Author Skip Hollandsworth first read about the events in this book when he picked up a pamphlet about Jack the Ripper, which speculated that the Ripper was the same man who committed a series of similar murders in, a small city in Texas In December, 1884, a series of attacks and murders began in Austin, Texas At first, these attacks were mainly on servant girls, usually housed in shacks, outside the affluent houses where they worked As the vicious attacks continued, the perpetrator was given the [...]

    5. I ll admit a few things here to start 1 Yes, I read Devil in the White City and I liked it Was it perfect No The White City part of the story fascinated me The Devil part of the story I thought was much weaker 2 I am from and live in Texas 3 My wife was born and raised in Austin So, what do these admissions tell you The tell you the power of marketing I got this book on day one You can probably piece together why yourself So, why didn t this work where Devil mostly did I have some theories The a [...]

    6. Update I gave the hardcover copy to my Dad for his birthday The bound copy is full of goodies, like maps and photos, and contains a reference index My dad, a native Austinite, is a history buff who particularly loves the late 1800s, and was so delighted with this book that he also sent a copy to his brother Original Review It seems amazing that I ve never heard of this string of attacks and murders in Austin, although I seem to recall hearing of the legend of the mysterious woman in white appare [...]

    7. I received a copy of The Midnight Assassin from NetGalley for an honest review My thanks to Henry Holt and Company for fulfilling my wish list Thanks to Skip Hollandsworth for the opportunity A killer who gives to history a new story of crime Perhaps you are unfamiliar with the events of a serial killer on the loose in the early years of the city of Austin, Texas The term serial killer wasn t in anyone s vocabulary at the time More shockingly, what took place in Austin was three years before any [...]

    8. I had never heard of the Midnight Assassin , and had no idea that a serial killer terrorized Texas before Jack the Ripper terrorized London I m intrigued by historical crime, so I was immediately drawn to this book It s a fascinating read that kept me fully engaged.Clearly, the author put an immense amount of time and effort into research While we are immersed in detail, I never felt overwhelmed by it all And, most importantly, the detail never outweighed the story This is an easy book to read W [...]

    9. Skip Hollandsworth provides a thorough and fascinating account of the unsolved murders of women of different ages, races, and economic social positions that took place in 1884 1885 in the burgeoning city of Austin, Texas The horrific crimes shocked not only the region but also the world The Midnight Assassin reveals how these killings affected not only the physical face of Austin but also the political realities of the state, making and breaking careers and reputations Further, the author consid [...]

    10. Tragic yet Captivating Extending my thanks to Netgalley and Henry Holt Co for providing this e galley for my honest review I m not going to debate what sparks our fascination with serial killers I just know it is so The Midnight Assassin is a must for true crime lovers It s helpful that it delves into an old case, removing it from our immediate consciousness In December 1884, a person or persons killed several black women, one just a child and possibly three white women, in Austin, Texas These b [...]

    11. THE MIDNIGHT ASSASSIN 2015 Skip HollandsworthTry as I might, I could not get through this book I kept nodding off after every two to three pages It was about the first serial killer in the U.S who managed to keep Austin, TX in fear for several years during the 1880s They never caught the killer who preyed on mostly young black women who worked as domestic help The author tries to maintain some sort of tension by spacing out the brutal killings, but it s not enough to have kept me going Back in t [...]

    12. Hollandsworth is an experienced journalist who should know better This is what journalists call emptying the notebook He spent years researching this book and wants to make sure that every single, solitary thing he learned, you will learn too He has literally emptied his notebook onto the page Chapters two and three are such long historical digressions that you keep wondering if he ll ever get back to the murders The problem is, there is very little known about the murders or the murderer but a [...]

    13. Interesting book about a series of killings in Austin in the late 1800 s I was hoping for something similar to The Devil in the White City Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair that Changed America but it never rose to that level The killer or killers were never caught so there is a mystery left unanswered but the attempt to tie these killings in to the subsequent Ripper murders in England seemed fairly far fetched 6 10

    14. This was a very well researched book considering that the records the author had to use were very old The book tells the story of a serial killer, possibly Americas first, that terrorized Austin Texas between 1884 and 1885 The main victims were servant girls who were gruesomely struck down with an ax I recently helped my daughter study for her American history test so I had just reviewed the events surrounding the history of Texas It was interesting to read about how far Austin had come in a mer [...]

    15. Loved this book I read it entirely in the space of 24 hours, couldn t put it down The extent of Hollandworth s research is impressive What I found just as fascinating as the details of the crimes were the period details that brought to life the mind set of the people of Austin, how they thought and felt and acted as they tried to go about their daily lives amidst the terror of the murders I also learned a lot about the history of Texas Do I think that the Servant Girl Murderer was Jack the Rippe [...]

    16. The cover design is no fluke this book is counting on you to want Larsen style history like Devil in the White City In this case, Hollandsworth reconstructs a year of terror 1885 in Austin, TX, riding high on the cotton boom and Jim Crow, when a never caught serial killer killed women at the full moon Very much like the later Jack the Ripper killings, this was ignored early because of the status of the first victims black servant women , pinned on transients and the usual criminal element befor [...]

    17. This book taught me some new words Hello Girl a female telephone operatormoll buzzer a pickpocket who specializes in robbing womencalaboose a prison from the Spanish calabozo, meaning dungeon onion sociable a party in which several young ladies go into a bedroom, one of them takes a bite out of an onion, and then they all go into a parlor and get kissed by a young man who tries to guess who has onion breathboob gun a small firearm that a woman can conceal within a corset or attach to a garteruxo [...]

    18. Historical true crime books that are about crimes 100 or years old often suffer from a central difficulty the witnesses, the suspects, and investigators have passed on In some cases, files and reports have gone with them This is clear with perhaps the most famous unsolved historic crime of all Jack the Ripper There are so many theories and suspects in the killing that it has spawned a virtual industry churning out book after book, some claiming to have positively identified the identity of Engl [...]

    19. I really expected to enjoy this book than I did, being that The Devil in the White City is one of my favorite books I thought this book would have a similar tone It is definitely an interesting story about a little known event, and I also liked learning about the birth and development of Austin, Texas Unfortunately, for me, the style of writing was just so matter of fact and dry that I felt I was reading a documentary outline So this one was just good, not great, in my opinion 2016 reading chal [...]

    20. Skip Hollandsworth often has amazing articles in Texas Monthly Sadly, this book was not as good There was a ton of filler, facts he d found while researching the murders But they just didn t have much to do with the actual crimes And there s no resolution to any of them No one has a clue So it just felt meaningless.

    21. library This book is excellent.I d seen mentions of the ax murders in Austin in 1884 85 in books about Jack the Ripper, due to the understandable but implausible theory that the dude from Austin had made his way to Whitechapel, so I was delighted when I realized that this book is about those ax murders I listened to it for that reason, but it gave me a great deal than that.This is a loving reconstruction of the life of Austin, Texas, in the 1880s, brimming over with the tiny details that make h [...]

    22. Just finished this with a week to spare before the author comes to speak at our area library event for One Book, One Community I was completely captivated by so many pieces that made up this book First was this foreign view of Austin in 1885 a dusty, anecdotal town in the heart of Texas where women were just starting to show their knees at Barton Springs and City Hall was nothing but a building filled with about a dozen or so chairs Then came these wildly gritty and inexplicable murders, moving [...]

    23. This is a real rip snorter from start to finish After reading this I thought, no wonder so many Texans are packing, and we re not talking about their luggage I m not sure being first out of the chute with the world s first serial killer is a prize worth winning, but this no holds barred story is In this deeply researched book, the author bares not only the known facts of the crimes, but also the personalities of the people populating Austin, Texas in the late 1880 s At a time years before the lu [...]

    24. Having been raised in Austin, I ve always known about the serial killer that led the city to install moon towers, but never knew much detail It is great to have this book as a resource to learn about the story Unfortunately, I think the author missed the opportunity to turn this into a really compelling read it felt like he just compiled all the notes from his research and didn t try to create a strong narrative I know he didn t have many facts to work with, but I was really looking forward to [...]

    25. Historical true crime story set in my longtime hometown of Austin, TX I ve always enjoyed Hollandsworth s writing in Texas Monthly, and did so again here This book is well researched, well written and flows easily I was also glad that Hollandsworth didn t attempt to put forth his own solution to the crime in this book I found other authors attempts to play investigator in that way off putting in the past But perhaps because I ve already dabbled into this crime before including reading Steven Say [...]

    26. 4.5 stars Excellently researched, gruesome, and chilling account of possibly the first US serial killer, who happened to be in Austin Couldn t put it down It also gives such an interesting look into the lives of residents in the small town of Austin who believed it could one day be a grand city I learned so much about the city and why some things are the way they are here moonlight towers, Violet Crown, segregation of blacks on the Eastside, who Brackenridge Hospital is named after Great book.

    27. This book reminds me of Eric Larson at his best If you dig Larson, you ll dig this book In fact, if you re here I bet you ve read a Larson book A fascinating nonfiction that skillfully describe Austin s coming of age as a great city and parallel with this a spree of unsolved very violent murders.

    28. This book was so good I was totally caught up in learning about the U.S s first serial killer and admittedly got kind of scared reading this look, he murdered ladies, okay Well researched but easy to read.

    29. Available for download as a nine hour unabridged audiobook.Audiobook reader Clint Jordan sounds like he is doing a long sustained impression of the flinty cowboy tones of actor Sam Elliott of The Big Lebowski fame It was a little distracting at first, but I got used to it Elliott has a fine voice, and you could do a lot worse than try to imitate it.Cowboy accents seem appropriate because 1885 Austin was a frontier city of about 15,000 souls which bore about as much relationship to today s Austin [...]

    30. I realized halfway through this book that it was not discussing the crime story I thought it would be when I bought it whoops However, I had never heard about Austin s Midnight Assassin which then made up for my mistake Apparently most people don t know about the Midnight Assassin, which adds to the appeal of the book How has the story of America s first serial killer stayed so far under the radar for so long I not only learned about this crime story that I had no prior knowledge of, but the au [...]

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