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Dear Alex #2020

Dear Alex Alex Palmer writes the Dear Alex Agony Uncle column for Meant for Men a magazine aimed at gay men s life and issues What started as a genuine and ground breaking feature has become a snark fest due t

  • Title: Dear Alex
  • Author: Clare London
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 166
  • Format: ebook
  • Dear Alex By Clare London, Alex Palmer writes the Dear Alex Agony Uncle column for Meant for Men a magazine aimed at gay men s life and issues What started as a genuine and ground breaking feature has become a snark fest, due to Alex s boredom and personal cynicism His respect for the correspondents has dwindled away in direct relation to his own self respect as a journalist He no longer beliAlex Palmer writes the Dear Alex Agony Uncle column for Meant for Men a magazine aimed at gay men s life and issues What started as a genuine and ground breaking feature has become a snark fest, due to Alex s boredom and personal cynicism His respect for the correspondents has dwindled away in direct relation to his own self respect as a journalist He no longer believes in his readers search for a soulmate, or in his own column s headline Is He Really the One In the early days, Robbie Cooke was Alex s co presenter on the magazine They d been lovers, too But unlike Alex, Robbie still sees the anguish and need behind the letters they receive He wants to help the writers, rather than turn their situations into journalistic entertainment He and Alex may still have to work together, but their fundamental disagreement on how to run the column tore them apart as romantic partners.Excess drinking and a succession of casual lovers is wearing Alex out, yet he s in denial He s convinced he doesn t need Dear Alex to set him straight about what s wrong with his life But when he s alerted to the fact that Robbie may be in danger, he realises that what he s really missing is his ex lover s care, compassion and love The problem is, by the time Alex is desperate to make amends, Robbie may have already moved on.This was originally published in the Dreamspinner Press anthology Make Me a Match.

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      166 Clare London
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    1 thought on “Dear Alex

    1. Ohhh, I do so love a bitter bad boy who gets a second chance and grabs it with both hands.Alex and Robbie have worked together at Meant for Men for years and co wrote the Dear Alex column with advice for the lovelorn It started with the best of intentions, but as time went on Alex became jaded and the tone of the column went from being a sympathetic ear to mocking ridicule, all in the name of entertainment Robbie was less than thrilled with the evolution and their relationship suffered along wi [...]

    2. I am always in awe of the author who can write a short story and nail it Give me all the emotions, all the development and all the intimacy I need with only a few pages This being my first read from the author, I am impressed and in love with the way she writes I am hooked.This story was an easy read From the first page and first letter we get of a confused man writing to Dear Alex for advice, we get to see the boys interact Alex has become cynical and arrogant in his replies to his readers It s [...]

    3. Alex and Robbie have run Dear Alex the Meant for Men advice column together since its inception, as both colleagues and lovers Over time Alex s outlook on life has changed, the column has changed and their relationship has changed and is all but broken It isn t until Robbie disappears one night, that the threat of Robbie leaving the magazine, and Alex s life makes Alex realize he could use some advice himself.There are only three main characters in the story and they are each vivid and well draw [...]

    4. A short sweet novella about second chances and the two co authors of an advice column Is He Really the One

    5. This is a second chance romance which I seem to have a real thing for these days Alex has become very cynical over the years and when he broke up with Robbie initially it was because he didn t want to tied down to one guy But things just haven t gone right for Alex since then and he begins to realize his mistake, especially since Robbie remains his colleague they write an advice column together and best friend This short story is about Alex finally understanding that he is ready for the kind of [...]

    6. Dear Alex,I m writing to you as I have now read your story and very happy that you have found The One for you It was a stony path getting there but once you woke up and realised what was in front of your nose I guess it wasn t so difficult after all, was it Why did you have to turn into such a git I mean you had a great boyfriend who loved you very much, but oh no, you decided to go and ruin it all, because of what Your insecurities Afraid of missing something Grass could be greener on the other [...]

    7. Alex is the Dear Alex of the title, a columnist who helps people figure out, Is he the one He s worked on the column for years and has built it up, now a successful item at the magazine, Meant for Men He s worked hard, sometimes in the beginning making up letters just to have copy, and he s had the support of Robbie, taking all the administrative work and who s also been a good friend and bed partner Alex and Robbie fit well together, but Alex doesn t do monogamy When Robbie wanted than an open [...]

    8. OK I am a big loser who purchased this book not checking to see if I already had the anthology that it was originally published in which I did But it s the lovely Clare London, so that s OK This is a very well written short story that packs a punch We immediately can decipher that there is a change afoot between Alex and Robbie long time coworkers, past lovers, barely friends now We can see that Alex is the one who has changed and that Robbie is not happy about those changes and has distanced hi [...]

    9. 3.5 starsThis short story still packs quite a punch in my little heart Especially because it deals with second chance theme, as Alex realized that his cynicism pushed the only one who meant everything to him away The scene at Robbie s place was definitely the gem I really liked that part.

    10. Two completely opposite MCs Alex was an arrogant prick Robbie was sweet, vulnerable but rather naive Couldn t really understand the attraction The make up scene at end of chapter 4 bothered me Alex had been with a man earlier that evening Ok, not appropriate to tell Robbie that However, it clearly stated that the man had cum in Alex s mouth The man left and Alex went to sleepwas awakened by Leilawent to Robbie s and then was kissing him deeply Uggg Did Alex brush his teeth or rinse out his mouth [...]

    11. 3 starsThis is a second chance story about Alex and the guy he didn t know he wanted until he thought he was losing him Interesting storyline, great writing I wasn t a big fan of the main character though.

    12. Second Chances Are Needed HereWhat happens when the advice columnist needs some advice Will he listen Can he go back and make amends Yesif he s lucky.

    13. 3.3 StarsI think I understand what this story was trying to convey, but it felt forced andoff Maybe if it had been longer IDK.

    14. Fast paced and enjoyable I liked that Alex figured out that he wasn t as wonderful as he assumed everyone thought he was It was nice to see him finally stop and look at what it was that he was trying so hard to run from a real relationship with Robbie Robbie impressed me in that he was patient but not a doormat He wanted and was willing to walk away He kept hoping though and that made me like him a whole lot.Adult read

    15. You re looking for love, in all the wrong places Where your walk it s always shadow, conversation always shallow When they talk they never look you in the eye They look over your shoulder To faces even colder and you feel a little older Every time Marc Almond Looking for Love Is He Really the One may be the title of his Dear Alex column, but in real life, Alex Palmer of Dear Alex by Clare London, wouldn t know the one if he smacked him in the face Alex thinks that exclusivity isn t in his vocabu [...]

    16. 3.5 star review by AmberThis was neither a hit nor a miss with me, middle of the road One thing that was abundantly apparent is the fact that the writing in this story is exceptional You cannot fault Clare London in any way shape or form for her writing skills This author knows how to write The problem for me, however, was the fact that this was such a short story I wasn t given enough character development to really fall in love with either Robbie or Alex.It would be remiss of me if I didn t re [...]

    17. Agony Aunt columns are the English variation on the US Dear Abby , where people write in asking for advice on love, life and sundry personal problems For gay men, there is the Agony Uncle column Dear Alex.I have to admit I didn t like Alex very much at the start As I read the letters sent in to the column and his smart alecky responses and his interactions with his column writing partners, he was pretty much acting like a jerk.Alex is a mess, except he doesn t realize it yet As the voice of the [...]

    18. Possibly spoilerish.Enjoyable but not long enough I wasn t convinced Robbie should give Alex a second chance I needed convincing that Alex was a nice person and deserved someone like Robbie.

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