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Black Mischief #2020

Black Mischief Black Mischief Waugh s third novel helped to establish his reputation as a master satirist Set on the fictional African island of Azania the novel chronicles the efforts of Emperor Seth assisted b

  • Title: Black Mischief
  • Author: Evelyn Waugh
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Black Mischief By Evelyn Waugh, Black Mischief, Waugh s third novel, helped to establish his reputation as a master satirist Set on the fictional African island of Azania, the novel chronicles the efforts of Emperor Seth, assisted by the Englishman Basil Seal, to modernize his kingdom Profound hilarity ensues from the issuance of homemade currency, the staging of a Birth Control Gala, the rightfulBlack Mischief, Waugh s third novel, helped to establish his reputation as a master satirist Set on the fictional African island of Azania, the novel chronicles the efforts of Emperor Seth, assisted by the Englishman Basil Seal, to modernize his kingdom Profound hilarity ensues from the issuance of homemade currency, the staging of a Birth Control Gala, the rightful ruler s demise at his own rather long and tiring coronation ceremonies, and a good deal mischief.

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    1 thought on “Black Mischief

    1. Although this is not my favourite novel by Waugh, it is undoubtedly an outrageously un politically correct tale, set in an imagined African state Waugh wrote the novel after a winter spent in East and Central Africa, which also resulted in a non fiction work Remote People Penguin Modern Classics The imaginary state of Azania may be remote, but new Emperor, Seth, has been Oxford educated and is desperate to bring modernity to his confused population I am the New Age I am the Future he declares, a [...]

    2. Its a hoot from the very first page Sustained hilarity from the first page to the last A riot An uproar A scream Its going on my laugh out loud list You rarely see this level of comedy displayed in a novel Its like one long, erudite, madcap Monty Python sketch Narrated with utterly taut deadpan restraint Black Mischief is the very last word in making fun of colonialism If you ever thought the English dry or humorless read Waugh This is truly the pillar underlying all the British wit you ve ever [...]

    3. I have previously really enjoyed Scoop , A Handful of Dust , and Decline and Fall , and had heard good things about this book Primarily I had heard that it was very funny Whilst it certainly has a few moments of laugh out loud hilarity overall I thought it was a somewhat incoherent and inconsistent read One of the most striking things for a modern reader is the incessant casual racism that peppers the book That said it s mainly just racist epithets, although there are a few obvious stereotypes t [...]

    4. Azania is the name of the countrya hot diggity satire on the modern world which should, I hope, offend the Politically Correctwhose brains went into the cannibal pot Now, can we pray

    5. Dearest Evelyn, what to make of your uneven and thoroughly racist Black Mischief Your apologists claim that it lampoons everyone, usually adding especially the Europeans , but there s a than a shade of difference between aloof irrelevant Sir Sampson et al and too stupid to civilize Seth et al The quality of your writing is wonderful and there s plenty of laughs to be had in the first two thirds Ultimately, however, the work collapses once you have to find some way to move to a conclusion Basil [...]

    6. BLACK MISCHIEFWaugh s third novel is a departure from his first two classic satires of British society For one thing, Black Mischief is largely set on the fictional East African island nation of Azania, although most of the characters are Brits Second, Waugh actually has a plot that can be neatly summarized namely that Basil Seal is a bit of a wastrel MP who travels to Azania where he hooks up with the Oxford educated Azanian Emperor Seth, who wants to bring Progressive Soviet style government t [...]

    7. What those who object to this book seem to miss is that NO ONE is immune to Waugh s satire Everybody, apart from poor Seth, going mad amidst the chaos, is mercilessly ridiculed It seems such a shame to miss the fun of the menu for the ball with all the vitamin groups covered , and life in the diplomatic compound, for what seems to me to be a knee jerk reaction.

    8. Evelyn Waugh s Black Mischief, published in 1932, recounts the unfortunate attempts of Seth, sovereign of the mythical East African Empire of Azania, to modernise his dominions In this he is aided although perhaps aided is the wrong word by Basil Seal, an unscrupulous an incompetent English adventurer Black Mischief has been accused of racism but in fact the British and French are lampooned every bit as mercilessly as the Africans In other books Waugh gleefully ridiculed Americans as well like t [...]

    9. Re read 08 September to 13 September 2016 Revised rating to 4 stars, down from 5 Still very funny, still a great satire, but not Amazing I read Remote People A Report from Ethiopia British Africa 1930 31, an excellent travel book Waugh wrote before Black Mischief, which was clearly mined for information and inspiration in writing this satire Another recommended read for you Waugh in Abyssinia 1936 Why not go all the way and read Waugh Abroad Collected Travel Writing.

    10. Black Mischief is a ruthlessly witty sendup of modernization, colonization, uncivilized culture, civilized culture, and almost everything else As one of Waugh s earlier novels, it lacks the miraculously beautiful prose of later writing and I don t just mean Brideshead even his mature comedies ascend into poetry at times though there are glimmers of the greatness to come It is, however, polished and wildly funny I have always admired Waugh s knack for absolutely reveling in black humor without mo [...]

    11. From the standard of personal enjoyment, I would give this book a negative one star I disliked and was bored by the satire , the characters, the entire premise The only reason I finished Black Mischief was because I was stuck on a plane and this was the only book I had with me However, gut instinct aside, I recognize this book has its clever moments It was well crafted The writing occasionally caught me up with its wittiness and style A total dud read in some ways, but worth than one star in ot [...]

    12. Hoy nuestra tarea es mucho m s f cil que lo habr a sido hace cincuenta a os Si hubi ramos tenido que modernizar entonces un pa s, habr amos tropezado con la monarqu a constitucional, la legislatura bicameral, la representaci n proporcional, el sufragio femenino, la judicatura independiente, la libertad de Prensa, los refer ndums Qu es todo eso pregunt el emperador Unas cuantas ideas que han dejado de ser modernas.

    13. As much as I liked Waugh s Scoop I just didn t enjoy this He writes well but Basil, Seth and Ballon never grabbed me and I found myself bored in and with Azania.

    14. review of Evelyn Waugh s Black Mischief by tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE February 19 28, 2018 Read the full review here story show Africa s a continent There re bound to be significant differences between the culture of Egypt the culture of South Africa, between the culture of Liberia the culture of Nigeria It s awkward for me to review this bk I ve read so little from or about Africa I haven t read Frantz Fanon s The Wretched of the Earth I have read Melvin B Tolson s Libretto for the Republic of [...]

    15. Evelyn Waugh travelled in several countries in East Africa This novel is set in the fictitious island country of Azania, which is an amalgamation of several African countries and Waugh s imagination He remorselessly satirises colonial officials who have no idea what is going on in the countries they are supposed to be administering, inept Western educated African leaders attempting to modernise their countries, corrupt opportunistic businessmen and even the bright young things back home who don [...]

    16. This is only the second book I have read of Waugh s and I appreciated his wit and satire indiscriminate of class, colour or race However, some parts of the novel made me slightly uncomfortable although I enjoyed his writing style.Please see my full review at bibliobeth.wordpress

    17. Evelyn Waugh admired P G Wodehouse immensely In the sixties and seventies, Penguin rarely published an edition of a Wodehouse title without printing on the back cover Waugh s endorsement of Mr Wodehouse s idyllic world a world for us to live in and delight in In some respects, the two writers were very similar Both observed the same narrow social class of English people with a comic eye, but with one crucial difference where Wodehouse s portraits were primarily painted with a gentle and affectio [...]

    18. Black Mischief by Evelyn WaughInstead of a spoiler alert this could give you little information about Black Mischief and some idea about the thoughts of this reader when encountering the African emperors and characters of this book.There is a tendency in all amateur reviewers to go beyond writing about someone else s book and put in script personal emotions and feelings That could make the difference between a resume and a review There is also graphomania to consider and the tests that prove wri [...]

    19. Simply hilarious I kept wondering how it could be written by the same Evelyn Waugh who wrote Brideshead Revisited Although Brideshead is the loftier and ambitious work, the scathingly good satire of Black Mischief is clearly Waugh s forte.The book tracks the political upheavals of a fictitious independent African nation in the age of European imperialism and the efforts of the nation s Oxford trained emperor to modernize his country To bring his people into the 20th Century, the emperor entrus [...]

    20. If you ve ever read something and taken offence at an unpolitcally correct comment and thus been unable to finish said book please don t read this It is rather unpolitically correct and delights in playing up to countless stereotypes The only thing that can be said is that Waugh is fair and no culture, ethnicity or group is free Everyone is mocked.There are some funny moments, funny comments and utterly non pc names General Connolly s wife for one , and there were a couple of points where I laug [...]

    21. This is English writer Evelyn Waugh s third novel and its hilariously absurd story involving an East African graduate of Oxford who becomes emperor of a primitive island and attempts to modernize his backward people shows Waugh at the absolute peak of his comedic genius Seth is the name of the emperor, or as he refers to himself in the formal and florid letters he dictates Seth, Emperor of Azania, Chief of the Chiefs of Sakuyu, Lord of Wanda and Tyrant of the Seas, Bachelor of the Arts of Oxford [...]

    22. Bit of an odd one, this One of Waugh s relatively early novels, you can see the similarities with the excellent Scoop To the reader today, however, the racism jars And of course one hopes it is ironic and that the writer is mocking it but, actually, he isn t, I am afraid There are many things he is mocking and he does so brilliantly, especially the insouciant complacency of the British upper class But imperial prejudice against other races is not his target, sadly.The story is essentially about [...]

    23. I lost my track somewhere in Azania a couple of weeks ago.Now it s all darkness around me What I can recall is that this novel has one of the most exhilarating and sarcastic beginnings I have ever found Quoting Waugh We, Seth, Emperor of Azania, Chief of the Chiefs of Sakuyu, Lord of Wanda and Tyrant of the Seas, Bachelor of the Arts of Oxford University, being in this the twenty fourth year of our life, summoned by the wisdom of Almighty God and the unanimous voice of our people to the throne o [...]

    24. Brilliant double meaning in the title, and a brilliant story It s hilarious, especially when forlorn young Emperor Seth, straight out of Oxford University, returns to his homeland and with the help of Basil Seal tries to explain the concept of contraception to his countrymen He prepares these wonderful posters of a before and after image, in an attempt to illustrate the hardships suffered by families who have too many kids Total failure to understand local culture, and the fact that posters are [...]

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