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Dual Desires #2020

Dual Desires The red white and blue rally used to be a high point for Ardy Larkin The festival brought in enough money for the town to scrape by and added a bit of excitement to the air This year everything s

  • Title: Dual Desires
  • Author: Shyla Colt
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Dual Desires By Shyla Colt, The red, white , and blue rally used to be a high point for Ardy Larkin The festival brought in enough money for the town to scrape by, and added a bit of excitement to the air This year everything s different Her father made a deal he couldn t back, and now her life is forfeit Demanded as payment for their debt she finds herself attached to the biggest, baddest, membeThe red, white , and blue rally used to be a high point for Ardy Larkin The festival brought in enough money for the town to scrape by, and added a bit of excitement to the air This year everything s different Her father made a deal he couldn t back, and now her life is forfeit Demanded as payment for their debt she finds herself attached to the biggest, baddest, member of the Dueling Devils M.C their president, Demon In need of someone to watch his children while he was away, Ardy Larkin seemed like the perfect solution to all Demon s problems, until he caught a case of feelings for an innocent girl who didn t belong in his world When a dangerous situation forces his feeling to the forefront, he shows her what it means to be claimed by a member of the Dueling Devils Break out the fireworks and get ready to kick off your summer with this HOT new collection of stories Dual Desires is part of the Red Hot and BOOM multi author series stands alone for reading enjoyment.

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    1 thought on “Dual Desires

    1. I like the idea Ms Colt had with this book The angel and the demon balancing each other out, however the execution is just abysmal We never truly get how the relationship developed between Ardy and Demon, it s just one minute she s terrified of him and the next they re in a physical relationship There was no development of their relationship, but what s worse is that Ardy is sooo one dimensional and there were some things off about her character She has a brogue accent fancy for Irish although s [...]

    2. This is Ardy and Demon s story Romance develops between these two whilst Ardy is paying off her family s debt to Demon He is the leader of MC Club and he has 2 young children who need someone to love and care for them.Enjoyable read I loved the couple It is a short story

    3. I voluntarily received an ARC of this book This is a short insta love book Now I normally like insta love books, but this one seemed to me like the execution of it fell short We literally went from her being terrified of Demon, to her getting physical with him There wasn t much build up for their relationship Although I will admit I enjoyed reading this book, I kinda hope we will get to see , maybe see how the club handles their threatThis book could be considered a complete one with a HEA, but [...]

    4. This was short to the point MC romance that was not suppose to happen There was a bit of drama, action, sexy of course, and a connection between the two Ardy wanted to get away for her small town where everything was the same That day came when she least expected it She became the nanny to the Dueling Devils MC president She didn t expect but that door opened and could not close Demon had not intention of touching his live in nanny Ardy s sweet nature and all around goodness appealed to him.

    5. What an unexpected treat A great story I really liked both main characters Demon is the prime example of the Anti Hero while Ardy was sweetly feminine This book was a well rounded steamy steamy Harley ride I feel a fascination with motorcycle dudes coming on tout de suite Dual Desires combines unique characters with an intriguing story line that kept this reader turning pages until it was done I only wish it had been longer.

    6. for an insta love quickie shyla colt delivers with dual desires there is a lot of suspension of disbelief on this one but i wasn t mad and just went along for the ride of ardi and demon s hate to love and it was just enough to make me want to read the others in the dueling devils series.

    7. Meh It felt a bit choppy and rushed Also, I would have liked to have gotten to know about Ardy s dreams and aspirations Maybe see her do something for herself, that only made her happy.

    8. This was a fun and not to mention, a quick read for a lazy post holiday afternoon.Giving this one 3 solid stars

    9. This is a new to me author but not my first IR MC themed story It s part 1 of Holt s Dueling Devils series and tells of Ardy Larking and Demon s no idea of his real name relationship Because of the ending which was abrupt, not really HFN or HEA like someone just stopped writing or chopped a longer story in two, I clicked on a few links and found out that Ardy and Demon story continue in book 2 Payback Ardy s and her siblings are from a caucasian Catholic father and an African American Baptist mo [...]

    10. Main points the h Ardy her dad is Irish her mother is African American oldest with two younger sisters, hard working for her family but never truly looking out for herself or her needs the H Demon President of MC real name is Jonah but only lets Ardy call him that once their relationship starts, has two cute babies 4yrs old son Rocket and 3yrs old daughter Harley Baby mama Natasha druggie trouble maker Drama with a smaller group gang

    11. This is one of my first ever Shyla Colt books and I have to say I was super excited to read this book whilst it may be short it packs a punch.The red, white , and blue rally used to be a high point for Ardy Larkin The festival had always brought in enough money for the town to get by, and it also added that extra bit of excitement to the air But this year is not the same everything is different See Ardy,s father had made this deal which he just couldn t back out of, and now Ardy life could well [...]

    12. I gave this Book a rating of 4.5 sTitle Dual Desires A Red Hot and BOOM Story Series Dueling Devils Book 1Genre Romance, Holiday Fiction, Multicultural Interracial Romance,90 Minute Romance Short Reads,EroticaAuthor Shyla Colt and Red Hot and Boom Format E bookPublished on May 28, 2014I voluntarily reviewed a Courtesy Advanced Reader Copy of this book Main Character s Descriptions Ardy Larkin is traded in exchange of her father s debtDemon is the president of the Dueling Devils M.C Summary Andy [...]

    13. Duel Desires Dueling Devils, 1 by Shayla Colt is a cute novella about a young girl who in a nowhere town where not much happens and everyone knows everyone The highlight of her life at her father s bar is the red, white and blue rally but this year her father has made a deal with the devil and he has come to collect Demon the president of the Dueling Devils MC has come to collect payment when he finds himself getting something other than money Ardy s father doesn t have the money to pay back the [...]

    14. I am so glad I have been introduced to this author and entertaining story Very impressive 5 star novella It does a really nice job of introduction into storyline and characters I was immediately drawn into story It is very interesting and unique Lots of originality with this one Writing style is smooth and allows for a quick read I didn t feel like the story was rushed Just enough descriptive words and explanations were included Characters were likeable They were very well written and easy to fo [...]

    15. Mrs Colt brought her A game with this short story This story is about a hard nose, kiss butt, no nonsense Dueling Devil motocycle leader by the name of Demon who comes to collect on a debt that needs to be paid by the Larkin family Ardy is the oldest daughter of the Larkin clan and she is the answer to the debt that her father owes Demon is looking at this sweet naive Ardy as a answer to his prayers, not a bed buddy but a good woman who will loook out for his 2 small children and keep his home a [...]

    16. Demon he you know takes awhile to thaw out, good, I hate it when a woman takes forever The kids are going to be driving with Danielle So, you re coming with me I liked his sweet side that Ardy brought out, but you have to be sure Because once I start, I won t stop until I m satisfied and you ve sampled everything I have to offer It could take awhile Not a lot of notes or highlights as it s only 48 pages, even though it was short it had a beginning, middle, and sort of an end I wish that there ha [...]

    17. Quick, but entertaining read I enjoyed the fact that this was an IR romance, since I rarely read and biker IR romances Ardy and Demon were a cute couple He is her first taste of freedom Her father kept her under lock and key for so long, she jumped at the chance to become Demon s Nanny, even though she was way out of her comfort zone in the MC I would have liked to see relationship building between Ardy and Demon and Ardy and Demon s kids I would have also liked to see Ardy s relationship with [...]

    18. I received a digital copy in exchange for an honest review I am impressed with how much I enjoyed Dual Desires because lately all the MC themed romances have been getting so played out that every book reads the same as the rest However Shyla has done a great job creating something unique that doesn t read like the rest and its got something that I wish the author had really built on because she did it so well The characters were the type of people you really felt for Its sexy, its sweet and the [...]

    19. Ardy agrees to leave home and be a nanny to two young children for a time in exchange for a debt her father owed to Demon and his MC The story flows swiftly, has the excitement of rival clubs and the threats of a drug addicted mother A lot of action and enjoyment in a short, short read This story has all the endearing qualities of a full length novel I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book Five stars.

    20. For a book this short, with so many characters, it was surprisingly good My only 2 gripes is the name Demon I just can t get down with a hero by that name Second, is Ardy black or white There no physical description of her At one point she s described as Irish I thought this was an IR romance I did find Ardy a bit irritating Where s your back bone girl The man has snatched you from your family This is the first book I ve ready by this author and I will be reading her other work

    21. This was my first book by Shyla and I must say she did not disappoint I loved that this was a true biker story with a strong African American woman Ardy and Demon were great together I truly saw the steps thst got them together The kids were adorable and you could understand how she could fall in love with them Demon was funny and a no sense type of guy loved it will be reading from her.

    22. Hot and hotterI am not usually a fan of the MC books The criminal element leaves me divided and usually ruins the romance That doesn t happen in this book Demon is a hard man, a biker, and a father of two ardy is payment for her father s debt, not as a sex slave but a nanny It is an excellent view of good people doing bad things, and the world they are in, often not by choice Very impressed

    23. Devil DemonOnce again in such a wonderful read Shyla has got me wishing for For this to be a short story it was filled with action and romance and just all around goodness I don t know how the author does it but when she starts to weave a tale you get hooked from beginning to end So looking forward to the next book to find out what s going to happen next for the Dueling Devils.

    24. A really cute insta love story It had a few spelling errors and was a bit too brief for me but I enjoyed it I just wish these authors would compose one beefier book versus all these mini books or chapters to stretch it out I want the whole story in one read and if it is good I will support the author throughout their career.

    25. This is the first book I ve read by this writer and it is obvious that she is very talented but teasing readers should be a SIN I love it when I come across a story full of potentialIt appears to be a great start to the series I would have liked to see relationship building between Ardy and Demon as well as the kids.

    26. Good read but too short I enjoyed the story but as soon as I got into the story it was over so I was disappointed about that I was a great storyline, it would ve been nice to see Ardy blossom into a mother the unofficial wife of a biker boy This book left little time for the characters to develop in the story.

    27. Sudden understanding dawned as her is negotiating her services to the roughest biker group around Unable to protect his bar, her father has no choice, but instead of a bed warmer, she becomes a nanny to his children They eventually fall into bed, but will he see her as than a bed warmer and want to claim her as his old lady for keeps

    28. ReviewMotorcycle clubs love them I have found reading the stories to be very entertaining and interesting I am very much interested in the next chapter in this series I recommend this book And any stories that continue the story line.

    29. Quick scary, sweet, and spicy read Demon and Ardy are polar opposites, but Ardy becomes payment for her father s debt and is taken by Demon Good for a short read, and that s how I m rating it, as a short read that is better than many of the short MC reads out there.Thanks for reading

    30. DualHot but short I guess that was the point I did enjoy this book but I wanted so much I began to like Demon and his crew Well, some of them anyway This ended to soon for me No wonder it was 99cent I would have given this book five stars

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