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Canto general #2020

Canto general Canto general es un libro monumental imponente en el que Pablo Neruda despleg una lenta y fecunda elaboraci n As surgi en su obra la m s grande epopeya l rica donde el poeta denuncia acremente a lo

  • Title: Canto general
  • Author: Pablo Neruda
  • ISBN: 9507314504
  • Page: 115
  • Format: Paperback
  • Canto general By Pablo Neruda, Canto general es un libro monumental, imponente, en el que Pablo Neruda despleg una lenta y fecunda elaboraci n, As surgi en su obra la m s grande epopeya l rica donde el poeta denuncia acremente a los traidores de Am rica, epoca la esperanza liberadora y postula una poes a al servicio del pueblo Obra majestuosa atravesada por cuatro est ticas la pol tica, la pica, lCanto general es un libro monumental, imponente, en el que Pablo Neruda despleg una lenta y fecunda elaboraci n, As surgi en su obra la m s grande epopeya l rica donde el poeta denuncia acremente a los traidores de Am rica, epoca la esperanza liberadora y postula una poes a al servicio del pueblo Obra majestuosa atravesada por cuatro est ticas la pol tica, la pica, la sat rica y la dram tica del compromiso personal al amor hacia la naturaleza y la mujer de la hip rbole enfurecida hacia los adversarios pol ticos hasta la m s sublime atenci n del lenguaje en Alturas de Machu Picchu o La arena traicionada.A todos, a vosotros, los silenciosos seres de la noche que tomaron mi mano en las tinieblas A todo, a todos, a cu ntos no conozco a los que viven a lo largo de nuestros largos r os, al pie de los volcanes, a la sombra surf rica del cobre, a pescadores y labriegos, a ti, al que sin saberlo me ha esperado, yo pertenezco y reconozco y canto.

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      115 Pablo Neruda
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    1 thought on “Canto general

    1. If you read this book as the many books it actually is, you ll enjoy seeing American history America as in the continents and some world history through Neruda s splendid poetry I can see why Borges made fun of the idea of Canto General in one of his short stories, and had the writer been anyone other than Neruda, Borges s criticism would apply in totality I find myself enriched in history after this book, learning about the many chapters of Las Americas that are hidden to most of us.

    2. In my mind Pablo Neruda absolutely belongs in the pantheon of some of the greatest poets to ever live and write upon the earth I have yet to come across a Neruda poem that does not contain at least one line that I didn t instantly vow to memorize His is the beautiful originality that makes humanity seem so alive and free.I now vow to finish reading this book because 1 I hope it helps me to understand my Chilean wife a little better, 2 I have a little girl who is half Chilean, 3 we are leaving fo [...]

    3. Un texto dif cil, hermoso, paciente.Me toc ense arlo para un curso soy profesora y, confieso, a primera vista no me hab a dado cuenta de lo complejo que era Describe, ambiciosamente, los or genes del hombre, desde el principio, o lo que l interpreta como el principio Entre ello, aparece la creaci n, con sus licencias personales, por supuesto, pero as es como ocurre con la gente nadie estuvo de espectador en el big bang si es lo que sucedi para poder despu s contarlo , y en especial, con los poet [...]

    4. Regrettably, I cannot read a word of Spanish and yet still, even reading only translations of varying quality and fidelity, still Pablo Neruda touches my soul.What need be said What could be said He was unquestionably the master of his era.May this miserable Earth, though the eras pass by, never suffer the misfortune of losing Pablo Neruda s words to history.

    5. Aunque est totalmente politizado, s lo le da m s fuerza a la visi n de Neruda Aunque me haya parecido tedioso en ciertos pasajes, no se puede negar lo que de hecho dice y grita, y expresa a toda Sudam rica.

    6. I m not sure if it is common knowledge among literature and poetry lovers that Pablo Neruda was a communist And rightly so, Neruda is better known for his love poems notably from such works as Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair, The Captain s Verses, and One Hundred Love Sonnets, etc In fact, although I was aware of Neruda s being a radical, I have not really read many of Neruda s militant or outrightly communist verses until I encountered Canto General, a sprawling epic poem about the sub [...]

    7. The history of a people, of a land, told in verse Beautiful and aching, this is a master work by a master artist.

    8. The imagery Neruda uses is spectacular You can really feel the depth of love and respect he has for his country and all of the people he meets I was blown away I m also very impressed with this translation, as it preserves a lot of wordplay.

    9. I remember that when Hugo Ch ves died in 2013, Juan Carlos Monedero read out the first verse of the poem Yo no sufr I didn t suffer by Pablo Neruda in the TV show La Tuerka That poem belongs to Canto General , specifically to the XIII chapter called Coral del a o nuevo para la patria en tinieblas Since that day I have been looking for that book, one day I found It, I read It and I can t explain with words what made me feel this book LUCHAR, CREAR PODER POPULAR

    10. Stalin erects, cleans, builds, fortifies,preserves, ponders, protects, nourishes,but he punishes too.And that s what I wanted to tell you comrades punishment is needed Pablo Neruda Poets can also be a source of horror Slavoj ZizekNeruda s brilliance dazzles when he writes about the poor, the dispossessed, the coalmines, the gutters, the fish, the ocean, the martyred, capitalist savagery, breasts, limbs, eyes, loves, struggles, betrayals, and hopes But when he writes about Stalin, he becomes wors [...]

    11. Okay, so maybe not communists, even though Neruda definitely looked to the left This poetry collection is a history tracing the development of life itself and then up through events in America ALL of America in many respects up through Neruda s time.For example, he eulogizes many pan American heros, and a section of the work is called Let the Woodcutter Awaken, which gets really powerful in this section Let none of this referring to conflict and bloodshed come to pass.Let the Woodcutter Awaken.L [...]

    12. Pablo Neruda is n van de grootste schrijvers van Latijns Amerika en n van de grootste dichters van de 20ste eeuw Zijn Canto General ademt de geschiedenis van zijn geliefde thuisland Chili en is nauw verbonden met zijn eigen leven Hier is zoveel achtergrond over terug te vinden bij verschillende bronnen, die ik hier niet beter kan verwoorden De epiloog in de eerste Nederlandse vertaling uit 1984 die ik las door Mark Braem, Willy Spillebeen en Erik Vonck vertaald, in B uitgegeven door Masereelfond [...]

    13. This book of 408 pages is worth reading for its excellent world class poetry It is worth studying for the quality of the imagery and the drama of its narratives However, it is written with a definite slant of South American resentment of not only the Spaniards who took over the countries early on, but also of the American companies that went into their lands and established factories and mines that helped the companies but undermined the people who worked for them Evidently, there was some viole [...]

    14. In mijn lokale bibliotheek vond ik enkel deze versie zevende zang dus van Canto general de Chile Vijftien delen, waarvan dit dus het zevende zal zijn zeker Enige informatie hieromtrent ontbreekt, en deze kadering van de tektst, de afwezigheid hiervan, vind ik storend In plaats van de volledige 600 pagina s kunnen we er hier maar een luttele 82 van lezen, die je dan nog eens door hun helft moet delen, want de ene helft is Spaans en de andere Nederlandstalig Een goeie 35 gedichten dus Ook dat stoo [...]

    15. Neruda y su alma completa en Canto General Yo no voy a morirme Salgo ahoraen este d a lleno de volcaneshacia la multitud, hacia la vida.Aqu dejo arregladas estas cosashoy que los pistoleros se paseancon la cultura occidental en brazos,con las manos que matan en Espa ay las horcas que oscilan en Atenasy la deshonra que gobierna a Chiley paro de contar.Aqu me quedocon palabras y pueblos y caminosque me esperan de nuevo, y que golpeancon manos consteladas en mi puerta Voy a vivir 1949

    16. The guy knows how to write, that s clearly not the problem The problem is that while he tries to be the best of Whitman, he kind of ends up being the worst of Ezra Pound, and half of the time I don t know who the hell are the people he writes about The other half of the time, Neruda likes like a mother.

    17. Neruda s hymn to Latin America, voluptuos, rich, fertile,full of history and deeply moving An epic meant to be shared with an audience, not an intimate poem to muse upon Read it aloud, preferably in Spanish, and you will feel all of it I am very large, I contain multitudes , Walt Whitman would say.

    18. I struggled with how to rate this It s powerful and passionate, but I tired of the dated political stridency.Much of Canto General is achingly beautiful I read some of it years ago while working and traveling in Chile, and I found myself nostalgically remembering the land and people I met during those special months of my life.

    19. I am lucky that I have the memorial edition of the year 1950, the giant book with 2 paintings of Rivera and Siquieros, and signed by the three.The book is a monumental poetical epic that relates the roots of South America s history and people, in the genuine vision and beautiful poetry of the great Pablo Neruda.

    20. Creo que la poes a no es para m y todo el tinte pol tico y social creo que lo hicieron m s dif cil de leer En fin, al menos no me qued con las ganas de leer poes a, pero mejor regresemos a las novelas

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