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New X-Men: Omnibus #2020

New X Men Omnibus Sixteen million mutants deadd that was just the beginning In one bold stroke writer Grant Morrison The Invisibles JLA Fantastic Four propelled the X Men into the st century masterminding a c

  • Title: New X-Men: Omnibus
  • Author: Grant Morrison Marc Silvestri Chris Bachalo John Paul Leon Frank Quitely Leinil Francis Yu Igor Kordey Ethan Van Sciver
  • ISBN: 9780785123262
  • Page: 147
  • Format: Hardcover
  • New X-Men: Omnibus By Grant Morrison Marc Silvestri Chris Bachalo John Paul Leon Frank Quitely Leinil Francis Yu Igor Kordey Ethan Van Sciver, Sixteen million mutants deadd that was just the beginning In one bold stroke, writer Grant Morrison The Invisibles, JLA, Fantastic Four 1234 propelled the X Men into the 21st century masterminding a challenging new direction for Marvel s mutant heroes that began with the destruction of Genosha and never let up Regarded as the most innovative thinker of the currSixteen million mutants deadd that was just the beginning In one bold stroke, writer Grant Morrison The Invisibles, JLA, Fantastic Four 1234 propelled the X Men into the 21st century masterminding a challenging new direction for Marvel s mutant heroes that began with the destruction of Genosha and never let up Regarded as the most innovative thinker of the current comic book renaissance, Morrison proceeded to turn the mutant hero genre on its ear Gone were the gaudy spandex costumes replaced by slick, black leather and an attitude to match Now, his entire Eisner Award nominated run on New X Men is collected in one Omnibus.Collecting New X Men 114 154, Annual 2001

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      Grant Morrison Marc Silvestri Chris Bachalo John Paul Leon Frank Quitely Leinil Francis Yu Igor Kordey Ethan Van Sciver

    1 thought on “New X-Men: Omnibus

    1. This is a great way to read all of Grant Morrison s New X Men work in one sitting Granted, it is a bit heavy, but that is to be expected out of a over sized hardcover collecting 33 issues with heavy stock paper As with his other work, Morrison manages to secure the best artist collaborators available He works here with Frank Quitely, Ethan Van Sciver, Chris Bachalo and Marc Silvestri With the trim being oversized, their art looks doubly good as well.

    2. As usual with Morrison s work, New X Men was remarkably uneven The Omnibus version contains Morrison s entire run on the series with several notable story lines including a shocking start as the inhabitants of the mutant nation of Genosha are slaughtered to the tune of sixteen million The event sets up all the twists and turns that follow, and while some aspects of the run seem very well thought out the Phoenix and U Man aspects , other parts seem like inventions of the moment with huge and gapi [...]

    3. This is a collection of a 42 issue run, centering around humanity realizing they will soon be extinct thanks to mutant population growth New forms of life are created by surgically implanting mutant genes into regular humans, and the X Men are in the middle of it, trying to get everyone to play nice Does the average homo sapien stand a chance in the future Is a post human world an inevitable one Even in our real world, considering advances in mapping the human genome, cloning, and other scientif [...]

    4. This is in my view the single best X men Omnibus There are others good X men stories out there but the Grant Morrison run has just something special and to get all of it collected in a single book is just wonderful More things happen in any 4 issues contained in that Omnibus than in any 10 comic issue published today On top of this there is no crossover, this book is wholly self contained which is something in the world of Marvel X Men crossover that is almost impossible to follow.It starts with [...]

    5. A stellar run and one of the best works by Grant Morrison, which, nonetheless, I still feel like it didn t live up to its full potential Mostly due to a bit haphazard storytelling and sort of a botched ending, if you count the last four issues Still, a great and highly recommended book.

    6. For the most part, this was one of the best comics I ve read in ages One of my first real forays into reading the X Men and I really, really enjoyed every minute of it Lots of drama Well written characters Bags of twists and turns and some real stomach turning moments Hard to believe this is the same Grant Morrison who wrote The Worst Comic I Ever Read Then Here Comes Tomorrow happened right at the end A complete hot mess that made no sense whatsoever Talk about snatching defeat from the jaws of [...]

    7. The X Men were in a weird place when Morrison and artist Frank Quitely were given the reigns To the general public, the X Men were popular than ever, due to the success of But in comics The X Men had become a victim of their own success Claremont s 17 year run cast a shadow so large that even the writer himself couldn t crawl out from under it during a brief return Editorial interference, endless crossovers and increasingly insular stories drove away fans and kept new fans turned on to the fran [...]

    8. This was really fun There were some arcs that I didn t particularly like, or enjoyed as much as others, but nothing was bad really I think Doom Patrol was better in that even though it s a 1000 times weird and out of the box than this was, it was easy to follow I know that doesn t make sense, but the art in this book was really hard to follow, and that s a majority of the story So if that s hard to follow it can make the story hard to follow Some characters seemed a bit stereotypical Angel , b [...]

    9. Grant Morrison s well regarded 42 issue run of X Men in the early 00 s is collected in its entirety in this massive tome I d been out of comics at the time and have only now gotten a chance to read it While the Morrison run had a few good pointsEmma Frost and her Cuckoos, Jean Grey s fate, and the introduction of Quentin Quire who Jason Aaron now handles far better than he was handled in this book ultimately I found that the writing seemed to be trying too hard to be different, and dare I sayedg [...]

    10. Mixed feelings I think Morrison elevated the storytelling, but the gritty style didn t really fit the X Men as well as sayBatman Examples of good and bad The additions of ugly mutants was a good idea The leather uniformsh Emma Frost is very complex, likable one minute and despicable the next, but can we have a complex story without sacrificing Cyclops s integrity, which to me is so integral to that character In the end, I fell asleep reading these late into the night, so I certainly enjoyed them [...]

    11. So the book started out with Cassandra Nova s attack on x men causing a mutant massacre and continues with various issues of the Xavier institution, Grant Morrison did an amazing job on telling the story of Xorn and bringing Emma Frost back as an X man from a villain, the best thing about this book was probably the intermediate twists, especially when Nova confesses to Beast about being in Xavier s body and breaks him in half using Beak.Overall it was an amazing read and the artwork was even am [...]

    12. I am a fairly new comic book reader and have been catching up on Marvel events lately I was about to read House of M but then read that it undoes most of the Grant Morrison run So, before reading about everything being undone, I thought I would get caught up and see what I am heading into by checking out this omnibus first Overall, this omnibus was very enjoyable You get many but not all of your favorite characters Beast, Wolverine, Jean, Cyclops, Professor X, and Emma Frost with a host of new s [...]

    13. As a young child growing up in the early 1990s, there was nothing cooler than the X Men Under the stewardship of Jim Lee, the X Men were cool, dynamic and sexy But then, as the decade wore on and the Jim Lee era faded into memory, the X Men lost their way No longer on the cutting edge of comics, and loosing young fans like myself who were growing up, the focus of the creative teams became one of a distinct conservativism It seemed that the priority for Marvel was to keep their top franchise in c [...]

    14. Bold, imaginative, and bursting with imagination, Grant Morrison s run of the X Men in this volume may not have been perfect but gosh darn was it heaps of fun This single volume is physically hefty and there is something delicious in being to read it all in one volume, seeing the threads of previous issues develop and come to fruition in later stories There is some handwaving and suspension of disbelief even for a superhero graphic novel but the audacious stories being told than made up for it, [...]

    15. Morrison is such a great asset to the X men publishing team All the archs in his run of the New X men are very innovative and gripping Some are worse than others, but that s the nature of it I didn t really care for the Fantomex parts, but the U men and creating a mutant drug was extremely interesting and the twist towards the end was hidden well One thing I will say though is that I have absolutely no idea how some of these artists ever made it onto such a well known title They are absolutely h [...]

    16. If ever a modern comic book run could be considered seminal, it would be this X men run here by Grant Morrison He and his eclectic team of terrifying artists created a run of strange, hard hitting story arcs, ranging from terrors like Cassandra Nova and the horrifying U men, all the way to drug addled mutant riots and cosmic level beats involving the Shi ar Empire and a certain, fiery cosmic force There s even clarification into Wolverine s Weapon X back story, for good measure And Xorn, of cou [...]

    17. excelente obra del calvo, aunque supongo que me tocar , nuevamente, buscarla y darle una segunda lectura ya que el material que le se limit a tres entregas

    18. Remember when Uncanny X Men was a cutting edge comic When I started reading the X Men titles in 1990, they had this mystique surrounding them X Men was the dangerous superhero team that the cool comic geeks followed Looking back it seems a bit ridiculous A lot of that mystique came from a single character Wolverine , dynamic artwork by Jim Lee, Marc Silvestri, etc and continuity so baffling that only the truly obsessive could keep track Unfortunately the X Men titles began to slide into mediocri [...]

    19. Grant Morrison has the uncanny ability to hone in on the beating heart of any property he takes on With laser precision he pinpoints the appeal of the character, or team in this case, and why this idea, these characters, have managed to stand the test of time while so many others have fizzled out Then he finds the ultimate challenge to that character and the idea they represent He sees the fundamental, underlying conflict that has lain dormant, waiting to be made explicit When he looks at Batman [...]

    20. So I think this wasn t the book that I thought I was getting when I requested however I found it interesting anyway so I don t really mind Most of the story arc s flowed easily one into the next and I found a lot of the characters very interesting and different then other incarnations The U Men and Cassandra Nova were particularly terrifying incarnations of villains and I really liked the idea that spolier being Xorn had begun to affect Magneto end spoiler I liked the students that we met, howev [...]

    21. A breath of fresh air and, as the title suggests, is indeed new xmen Morrison has done a great job of building on classic characters and new characters alike, developing each with unique personalities and dialogue so that each character legitimately has its own place within the story This run is actually one LONG story with many twists and turns, in and outs, major and minor details that play into the story as a whole With Morrison, anything can happen, and anything does happen in this story eac [...]

    22. A lot of elements introduced back in Morrison s day have been cropping up again in recent X titles, so, knowing my reading of these was pretty hit or miss back then, I decided to ask for this collection as a gift.Hrm.Morrison is a believer in writing bigger than life high concept plotlines that both amaze and irritate the former for their audacity and gods among us treatment of super heroes, the latter for his ad hoc metaplots, his casual dismissal of continuity when it suits him, and the frequ [...]

    23. Foi um choque grande quando vimos Grant Morrison cair fora da DC e se tornar roteirista da Marvel, no in cio dos anos 2000 Parecia que algo estava fundamentalmente errado no bagulho Mas, mudar de ares nunca demais, e o careca entregou um bom trabalho com New X Men, que gerou discuss es e teve gente que odiou violentamente Normal no trampo dele.Reli tudo esse ano simplesmente porque deu vontade e n o lembrava muito bem da hist ria Como n o lia X Men na poca em que Morrison chegou ao t tulo, n o c [...]

    24. Grant Morrison s tenure on the X Men books was the only extended run of comics I ve ever actively read featuring the characters From what I understand, Morrison s time on the books is not fondly remembered by longtime X Men fans As someone who is not much of a fan of the X Men, I can say I dug the heck out of these comics when they came out and they hold up pretty well today With its back to basics approach very much in the mold of the popular X Men films paired with some of Morrison s wilder se [...]

    25. Technically, I didn t read this in the Ominbus edition, which honestly looks like an unwieldy bookbinding nightmare, but I figured I d comment on this version since it really is best considered as one work Ahem This might be Grant Morrison s secret masterpiece so far Most of his great themes are here evolution, youth rebellion, rockroll, grand scale interconnectedness, meta narrative, the limits or lack thereof of human potential, etc, etc, etc It s everything cool about the X Men concept ratche [...]

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