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Celia's Song #2020

Celia s Song Mink is a witness a shape shifter compelled to follow the story that has ensnared Celia and her village on the West coast of Vancouver Island in Nu Chahlnuth territory Celia is a seer who despite b

  • Title: Celia's Song
  • Author: Lee Maracle
  • ISBN: 9781770864160
  • Page: 102
  • Format: Paperback
  • Celia's Song By Lee Maracle, Mink is a witness, a shape shifter, compelled to follow the story that has ensnared Celia and her village, on the West coast of Vancouver Island in Nu Chahlnuth territory Celia is a seer who despite being convinced she s a little off must heal her village with the assistance of her sister, her mother and father, and her nephews While mink is visiting, a double heaMink is a witness, a shape shifter, compelled to follow the story that has ensnared Celia and her village, on the West coast of Vancouver Island in Nu Chahlnuth territory Celia is a seer who despite being convinced she s a little off must heal her village with the assistance of her sister, her mother and father, and her nephews While mink is visiting, a double headed sea serpent falls off the house front during a fierce storm The old snake, ostracized from the village decades earlier, has left his terrible influence on Amos, a residential school survivor The occurrence signals the unfolding of an ordeal that pulls Celia out of her reveries and into the tragedy of her cousin s granddaughter Each one of Celia s family becomes involved in creating a greater solution than merely attending to her cousin s granddaughter Celia s Song relates one Nu Chahlnuth family s harrowing experiences over several generations, after the brutality, interference, and neglect resulting from contact with European

    • [☆ Celia's Song || ↠ PDF Read by ✓ Lee Maracle]
      Lee Maracle

    1 thought on “Celia's Song

    1. This is in some ways a complicated book There is a lovely back and forth flow between an animal spirit whose job is to witness, and the human participants in the story I loved the way the spiritual world is shown to influence real life I loved the emphasis on the power and ability of women I learned so much from reading this There is a truly horrible scene in the middle of the novel that shocked me with its brutality and unexpectedness, as an event of that type should I think it really furthered [...]

    2. Can you care too much for small things p67This is an imaginative, profound tale, that requires imagination and some effort to get into.It may seem like a small book, but it contains worlds.You don t need to know why anything happens You only need know what to do is all p 169We are not lost We are traveling in the wrong direction p213

    3. This was a beautifully crafted book from start to finish and deserving of 4.5 stars The characters are rich and the story is compelling Maracle expertly weaves together multiple her stories across generations and demonstrates the living scars of colonial struggle Worth a read and re read in order to fully glean the richness of Maracle s writing.

    4. Reads like Margaret Atwood I don t much like Margaret Atwood.This feels incoherent Draft like And not in the sense that, say, Daphne Marlatt s Ana Historic which has a similar tone and attention to perspective and locality feels fragmentary and draft like, or like Herman Melville s own nay but a draught of a draught Moby Dick feels fragmentary and draft like, or even some Atwood, this feels unedited And not in a raw or visceral kind of way, not like an early Minor Threat live recording kind of w [...]

    5. What a compelling story I read another review that mentioned how white they felt by the time they read the end and I have to agree This is a whole other culture that I ve ignored for years, even though it s in my own backyard, so to speak I ve only recently started to take any notice of the terrible consequences colonialism and religion has had on this community It often amazes me what they ve survived as a people and I m impressed with their resilience and forgiveness This book relates some of [...]

    6. Celia s Song is dedicated to all those children who were removed from our homes and who did not survive residential school Lee Maracle tells the tale of a two headed sea serpent, Restless and Loyal, who pull against each other, creating devastation because the people have failed to feed them through honouring the dead The balance between the two has been destroyed and the restless, voracious, destructive serpent head runs rampant until the villagers learn to stop feeding it and begin to heal the [...]

    7. We along with Mink are witnesses to pain, love, growth, healing Peoples with few choices move in dangerous directions Connections in ceremony lead to healing ways We are not lost We are travelling in the wrong direction Song moves us towards our humanity and right now we are moving away from it Celia s Song allows me to see possibilities through kindness and reconnection Lee Maracle is masterful.

    8. This is a beautiful book, full of spirit and hope It can be read on its own or after reading Ravensong.

    9. This year, I am reading CBC s 12 Books by Indigenous Women You Should Read This is one of them.Celia s Song was a challenging book for me I had difficulty getting into it There were diverse story lines that I had trouble reconciling at first After I started to understand the connections among the seemingly disparate episodes, I started to enjoy the book immensely There is a horrible account of abuse near the middle of the book It shook me Celia s Song is about Celia and some of her family member [...]

    10. The first hundred pages of this book are amazing The story follows a shape shifting witness who usually takes the form of a mink observing Celia and her family deal with the horrific effects of colonialism and a two headed spirit serpent who tries to feed upon and tear apart the community The beginning of the book of filled with interesting characters, thoughtful meditations, and a unique form of magic realism Towards the end of the story, the framing device of the witness falls away much to the [...]

    11. Unlike another reader, I found the beginning of this book the most difficult to read It was challenging for me to stay interested but I kept reading For me, the latter half of the novel is what makes the book Throughout the novel, we are given a first hand look into a family who has been broken by many tragedies, both old and recent The family must learn to mend the wounds by looking to each other and their own tradition Near the end, we see the stories come to a close and we see the powerful ef [...]

    12. I m still trying to figure out what to make of this book Obviously, I m not the target audience, which factors in, but even then I felt torn.I really liked how matter of factly it dealt with Sto lo culture, including the supernatural elements, which were very real, and very much a part of the plot I suppose the book could fall into magical realism, except it seemed to real for that This was what happened, and giant two headed snakes, ancestor ghosts, visions, and shape shifting mink were part of [...]

    13. ayearofbooksblog 2016 07 Celia s Song is a beautifully written story of a resilient indigenous family recovering the tradition and culture which was lost with assimilation and residential schools The story is mixed with legend and told by a mink, a shapeshifter ,witnessing the lives of this family and knowing that the bones of ancestors in a forgotten long house were anxious with the loss of ceremony The long house which protected the bones had collapsed unleashing a two headed serpent who unlea [...]

    14. it took a long time to read this book because it always so much to reflect on Maracle is a brilliant writer.

    15. Difficult to get into at first, but I thought it was worth it to keep going and finish It s a good story that provides perspective on the indigenous communities and their hardships, with a spotlight on the strength of the women.

    16. First off, the setting is not in Nu chalnuth territory, it is set near Queam lands along the Fraser River, near Chilliwack and Aggasiz This story is still permeating my awareness and understanding it is evident that Maracle is a poet, sometimes the poetic prose was difficult for me to absorb This impacted my ability to feel grounded to the story and see how it was moving forward But, when this story took, it was vivid and it was visceral.It helped that I was familiar with the setting and context [...]

    17. I loved this book I wish I could have taken time with it It took me a couple weeks to get to it after picking it up from my local library.As a white reader I know that their are nuances in this story that are not intended for me, but it was still a very compelling read with strong female character dealing with loss, heartbreak, grief, family and community.I enjoyed the storytelling aspects, but it s easy to lose track of who s perspective you re reading near the end, and some parts are quite da [...]

    18. I am 100% not the target audience, as this is a novel I had to read for school It just didn t hold me the way I would have preferred It was beautiful most of the time, and then confusing at other times But I primarily read Science Fiction and Fantasy, so this was potentially just a bad time for me to be reading it Or it s just simply not for me, and never will be If I ever met Maracle, though, I d love to thank her for sharing some of Sto lo s culture and some stunning poetry Just because it isn [...]

    19. This was a very differently written book for me It was very poetic and written in a beautiful aboriginal style It touched on many of the ills that have been predicated on a wonderful people but it was done so skilfully and sensitively with a native spirituality Very impress and will read of Lee Maracle s work.

    20. Without song wind cannot play in our bodies.Songs are about light.Breath across vocal cords, rendered melodic and rhythmic, can inspire humans to resist the most terrible tyranny Breath across vocal cords, uttered softly, can settle the fears of a childSong s breath across vocal cords can heal the sick, raise the dead, and encourage the living to go on in the face of terror

    21. I really enjoyed this book, the writing style the content until about halfway through when an the is a vicious assault on a child with a hot fire poker I was done I just couldn t read any.

    22. A very thought provoking read Quite disturbing at times and yet full of hope and very emotional A solid 4 out of 5 stars I look forward to reading of Maracle s work.

    23. Wonderfully written, but a little slow at first However ensnares you in the exceptional language and writing

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