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When a Rake Falls #2020

When a Rake Falls To win a race to Paris dashing Lord Boyce Parker hires a balloon He expects to be crowned the victor and become famous for his courage and intelligence Only then can he regain his father s respect fr

  • Title: When a Rake Falls
  • Author: Sally Orr
  • ISBN: 9781492602149
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Paperback
  • When a Rake Falls By Sally Orr, To win a race to Paris, dashing Lord Boyce Parker hires a balloon He expects to be crowned the victor and become famous for his courage and intelligence Only then can he regain his father s respect from the scandal of publishing the naughty book The Rake s Handbook Including Field Guide.Bluestocking Miss Eve Mountfloy makes a bargain with the handsome Pink of the Ton STo win a race to Paris, dashing Lord Boyce Parker hires a balloon He expects to be crowned the victor and become famous for his courage and intelligence Only then can he regain his father s respect from the scandal of publishing the naughty book The Rake s Handbook Including Field Guide.Bluestocking Miss Eve Mountfloy makes a bargain with the handsome Pink of the Ton She ll fly the balloon during the dangerous crossing to France, if he lets her finish her scientific experiments to predict violent storms and thereby save lives Eve proceeds with her studies, but the results are not what she expected Chafing to keep warm creates unusual sensations everywhere Then when Lord Parker asks if she is curious about the heat generated by a kiss, well, she is curious It seems Lord Parker is performing experiments of his own that will forever change Eve s perception of the word results.

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      243 Sally Orr
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    1 thought on “When a Rake Falls

    1. This review can also be found at Carole s Random Life.1 StarI found this book to be incredibly disappointing I really wanted to love it I was initially drawn to this book because of the cover I know that my mother has always told me not to judge a book by the cover but let s be real here I am not one that listens to helpful advice all that often This book has such a lovely cover Do you see her beautiful yellow dress The way her dress is blowing romantically in the wind Did you notice how the hot [...]

    2. Even though I ve given this a D at AAR, I can t bring myself to up my rating to two stars The book really IS that bad It also contains what is possibly the worst and most unsexy sex scene I ve ever read, and that s saying something.When I write a negative review, I try to find something positive to say, even though I didn t enjoy the book as a whole I have to admit, I struggled to do that with When a Rake Falls, and the best I can come up with is to say that it made a change to read about a hero [...]

    3. Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with an ARC for review My goodness, Boyce is a funny man I m used to reading books with heroes who are dark and brooding, so it s refreshing to find a character who is lighthearted and funny Boyce is sweet, charming, and he loves to sing at the oddest moments I found myself laughing constantly because of his funny quirks and inner monologues He is also very tenderhearted He shows a lot of concern for animals and even insects and isn t afraid [...]

    4. 2.5 starsI received this book for free in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.After being involved in the writing of a scandalous book, Lord Boyce Parker has been determined to win back his father s respect When a contest involving a race to France, with trophies for good deeds awarded, and the opportunity to win the hand of a fair Lady is announced, Boyce looks upon this on his chance to redeem himself He charts a hot air balloon [...]

    5. Lord Boyce Parker makes a bargain with a Miss Eve Mountfloy She will help fly the balloon over dangerous parts if he lets her conduct her scientific experiments He agrees to her request and as they set off, Lord Boyce Parker starts to fall for Miss Eve Mountfloy He begins making his own experiments like asking her about the heat of a kiss Miss Eve becomes curious and this soon leads to new discoveries but not relating to the world at all Will both come to the same conclusion about their feelings [...]

    6. Charming, wonderful, delightful, and sunny Boyce and Eve are adorable, this said in the best way possible they are not perfect, but perfectly charming WHEN A RAKE FALLS is exquisitely written, it has irresistible characters it s utterly delightful from beginning to end If you need a book to lift your spirits, WHEN A RAKE FALLS is the one Ms Orr proves to be quite the magician with words, and the first word that comes to mind is enchanting Sally Orr possesses dazzling writing skills, her historic [...]

    7. When a Rake Falls is ridiculous And I mean it in a bad way I was laughing throughout this book and it s not in a Hahahaha, this is so funny kind of funny, but a What the fuck is this funny.The dialogues are so awkward and scripted, and the writing, as a whole, is awkward None of it felt natural.Whenever the hero joked and the heroine laughed, I wanted to facepalm myself because there s nothing humorous about their conversations There s nothing witty or amusing about this book at all.The only lin [...]

    8. I received a ARC copy in exchange for an honest review, thanks to Netgalley and Sourcebook CasablancaI had high expectations of When A Rake Falls, but this is the first book I have had the opportunity to read from this author I had seen some high ratings and reviews, so I was pretty excited to start this one But I had the most difficult time getting into it I don t know if it was just me or I was in the mood for something engaging I would say that this is a story that had some quirky moments an [...]

    9. 3.5 stars rounded The first I have read in this series or by this author, I was captivated by the cover and the idea of a balloon race A fan of the film, Around the World in 80 Days, I loved the idea of ballooning, especially with a female pilot Sally Orr has crafted a story that is very much a mood read , you have to be willing to go with the often ridiculous antics of Boyce, and have some patience with the less charming Eve Successfully adding some funny moments, the story is not angst ridden [...]

    10. When a Rake Falls is the second book in The Rake s Handbook series by Sally Orr, and is scheduled for publication on April 7 2015 To win a race to Paris, and hopefully his father s respect, Lord Boyce Parker hires a balloon He expects to be crowned the victor and become famous for his courage and intelligence Miss Eve Mountfloy makes a bargain she will fly the balloon during the dangerous crossing to France, if he helps her finish her scientific experiments to predict violent storms and thereby [...]

    11. This is book 2 in the Rake s Handbook series.Lord Boyce Parker will do just about anything to gain the respect of his father So when he has the opportunity to to become famous for his courage and intelligence and gain a wife in the process, he doesn t let it pass him by Thinking to put himself in the lead, he pays to ride in a hot air balloon and hopes to talk his way into getting them to take him to France What he didn t count on was Miss Eve Mountfloy.Eve doesn t want this Pink of the Ton with [...]

    12. 2 in the popular The Rake s Handbook , but can be read as a stand alone Fast paced passionate tale of the Rake Lord Boyce Parker, a balloon race, the Bluestocking Miss Eve Mountfloy and of course, love.Boyce and Eve are a pair to be sure Written with wit, a bit of humor, two unlikely characters, a blossoming romance, searching for respect and tension between characters The H H are definitely flawed, have struggles and challenges, just like the rest of the universal The issue can they overcome th [...]

    13. Let me start by saying, I thought this book was much better than the first book The story was interesting, well written and stayed on point for the most part I thought the author did a great job of keeping this reader s focus on Boyce Eve.I thought Boyce was charming I liked that he was happy and liked to sing Eve was also delightful She is smart without being a know it all Both Boyce Eve have an intense desire to feel worthy they both desperately want the approval of their fathers and they both [...]

    14. Eve Mountfloy is a great heroine She is incredibly smart, and loves to learn about a variety of things Her expertise is aeronautics and balloon flight experiments You could practically see her light up every time she got a chance to talk about it.Lord Boyce Parker was a bit whiny He was so obsessed with trying to win a contest to prove to his father that he was something and it he wouldn t stop talking about it I m all for sensitive guys and I love one that isn t afraid to talk about his emotio [...]

    15. This was a good read It is set in England 1825 Lord Parker is about to join in a challenge to marry an Earl s daughter He has a strong character and yet a protective personality Sally has come up with an impressive story line Parker finds a hot air balloon and pays to be flown to France Here he meets Eve and they do experiments on flying When they try to land Crash Spoilers They are taken in to recuperate and Parker finds a friend, female, who is the cause of a great many spoilers Parker is the [...]

    16. I received an ARC from Sourcebooks Casablanca via Netgalley When a Rake Falls introduces to the readers Lord Bryce Parker as he stands in a crowd listening to the rules and mechanics of some game a lord and his daughter came up with.The book hints or probably babbles a lot on Bryce s rakish and rougish ways, his women, and what he does with his women He s a likable character funny and has strange ideas.Then there is Lady Eve, our heroine Her character pales when compared to Bryce, and she just f [...]

    17. A very fast paced read The concept was great, very different and unexpected and refreshing I do have to say that compared to other historical romances it was light ish on the romance, but it was still a romance with a lot of adventure At first I wasn t 100% I d like the characters a lot because we were just thrown right in to their balloon adventure, and there wasn t really backstory or anything Yet quickly Eve and Parker s interaction became the backstory, their actions artfully drew out the im [...]

    18. An enjoyable read Written with flawed characters and an interesting storyline The first in this series was better, was still a satisfying read I will continue to read this series For full review visit My Book Addiction and More dot com Received for an honest review from the publisher via Net Galley Will cross post on My Book Addiction and More Rating 4Heat rating MildReviewed by AprilR, Courtesy of My Book Addiction and More

    19. Boyce is a rather unique character, whom I can only describe as Hufflepuff Happy about everything, intensely loyal like a big fancy puppy he is , sensitive, and quick with a song especially when you really really don t need a song Eve was the perfect foil with her head on straight for the most part These two take forever to get to their HEA, but it s a fun journey there.

    20. Actual rating 2.75ish, but I m rounding it up because I m nice.Very fun in the beginning, but after they landed the story lost itself The characters were sadly a little one dimensional, though the romance was cute.Not sorry I read it, but it needed some major rethinking, re structuring, and additional depth.

    21. Review copy received from NetGalley and Sourcebooks.From the get go the characters made an unfavorable impression on me and since then it was hard to read the story It was will written and amusing, the plot was riveting But I didn t like the characters, in fact I even forgot their names I called them the tulip and the dandy So that s my review.

    22. A fun historical romance, which brings together a serious science focused heroine with a hero who wants to make a name for himself There is plenty of humor and adventure in this high flying tale Really fun.

    23. When a Rake Falls is the first book by Sally Orr I have read I must say that I wasn t all that impressed I liked Boyce and Eve but this story was lacking continuity There were times where it was really hard to follow what was happening and it got confusing There is a lot of scientific talk in the middle of the story that in my opinion takes away from the story I m all for science and talking about science but it didn t help this book out I love that Eve is a female scientist and that Boyce helpe [...]

    24. 3.5 stars This is a light and lovely romp of a historical novel As a hero Boyce is sweet natured, likes to sing, knows how to make people smile and has impeccable manners The trouble is that none of these mean anything to his father So Boyce views the race as a chance to win back his father s approval, than to win a lady s hand He just wants to make his father proud of him Which is how he ends up in a balloon sailing over Southern England in a bid to reach France.Eve is a much serious young la [...]

    25. Originally posted HERE.Oh, I enjoyed this one much than the first in the series When I received a review copy of When a Rake Falls there was no blurb or anything, just a cover I took a guess that it was going to be a light hearted book I was correct , which is something I can enjoy with the right author I d forgotten I hadn t particularly enjoyed the first book in the series, but as soon as I remembered I got worried.In the end I thought the lively dialogue and genuinely nice characters how won [...]

    26. I found this book because of a giveaway for the first book in the series The Rake s Handbook Including Field Guide I didn t win the giveaway, but both books were available from my local library and I was looking for something fun in my TBR pile Fun Free Yay Right Meh I really wanted to like this book The concept of a Rake s Handbook is exciting The idea of a lady aeronaut who makes important contributions to science is forward thinking There are great strides for feminism in this book But, overa [...]

    27. This is the second book in the Rake s Handbook series and I have to say that it leaves me conflicted I m not really sure why that is The story was great and it was fast moving The only thing that had me a bit on the sidelines were the main characters.Lord Boyce Parker s motives and reasons behind his quest to be famous by proving himself intelligent and courageous, therefore earning the respect of his father, was a noble thing to do, yet I wondered if there might have been other ways he could ha [...]

    28. I really wanted to like this book because I am generally a fan of Regency romances that feature women interested in scientific pursuits The plot of the book was original, Boyce a rake and younger son has entered a contest to marry a daughter of an early He decides to hire a hot air balloon to take him to France and as result he meets Eve They crash when their balloon is blown off course and crashes in northern England They recuperate and fall in love I found it very difficult to connect with the [...]

    29. Well, my heart didn t sing while reading this book But the hero, Boyce Parker, did quite enough of that throughout the story I really tried to see Parker as a new kind of sensitive beta hero, but I just couldn t He was just plain boring even with the singing and the talking to animals and with having nicknames like Tulip and Piglet I guess I like my heroes with a bit of a spine and a possessive streak I wish Parker would have had some great moment where he stood up to Eve s father or to his own [...]

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