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Poems in the Attic #2020

Poems in the Attic During a visit to her grandma s house a young girl discovers a box of poems in the attic poems written by her mother when she was growing up Her mother s family often moved around the United States

  • Title: Poems in the Attic
  • Author: Nikki Grimes Elizabeth Zunon
  • ISBN: 9781620140277
  • Page: 336
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Poems in the Attic By Nikki Grimes Elizabeth Zunon, During a visit to her grandma s house, a young girl discovers a box of poems in the attic, poems written by her mother when she was growing up Her mother s family often moved around the United States and the world because her father was in the Air Force Over the years, her mother used poetry to record her experiences in the many places the family lived Reading the poemsDuring a visit to her grandma s house, a young girl discovers a box of poems in the attic, poems written by her mother when she was growing up Her mother s family often moved around the United States and the world because her father was in the Air Force Over the years, her mother used poetry to record her experiences in the many places the family lived Reading the poems and sharing those experiences through her mother s eyes, the young girl feels closer to her mother than ever before To let her mother know this, she creates a gift a book with her own poems and copies of her mother s And when she returns her mother s poems to the box in the attic, she leaves her own poems too, for someone else to find, someday Using free verse for the young girl s poems and tanka for her mother s, master poet Nikki Grimes creates a tender intergenerational story that speaks to every child s need to hold onto special memories of home, no matter where that place might be.

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    1. This is the story of a young girl who discovers a box of poems in her grandma s attic The poems act as a journal of sorts, written by her mother when she was growing up Reading the poems introduces the girl to the many interesting places her mother lived because of her father s military career It also helps her feel close to her mother because she s seeing the world through her eyes Inspired by her mother s poetic impressions, the young girl decides to write her own reflective poetry in response [...]

    2. A seven year old girl finds a box of poems her mom started writing when she was seven The poems follow her mom s travels as a military child Inspired, the girl decides to continue the tradition, and contribute poems of her own.The end of the book offers information about poetry poetry writing and tells about the military bases which inspired the author during her travels as a military child.

    3. A tale of two girls told in verse One girl speaks in free verse about her reactions to discovering her mother s long lost poems scribbled when she was her age, the other girl writes Tankas about her military brat life bounding from base to base As a fellow military brat, I loved it and can see many applications in the classroom Highly recommended

    4. Title Poems in the AtticAuthor Nikki GrimesIllustrator Elizabeth ZunonGenre Picturebook of PoemsTheme Moving, poetry, travelOpening Line Sentence Grandma s attic is stacked with secrets Brief Book Summary A young girl finds her mother s old poems in her grandmother s attic and reads about her mom s experiences moving around the world, since her father was in the military The little girl writes her own poems alongside her mother s and binds them together Professional Recommendation Review 1 clcd. [...]

    5. Grimes, N 2015 Poems in the attic Ill E Zunon New York City, NY Lee Low Books In this book a girl finds old poems that her mother wrote a kid in her attic She choses to write her own poems and books them together in a book and leaves them behind in the attic for someone other person to find in the future The media used in this book was acrylic paint, oil, and collage This book is about the impact poetry played in her life I think poetry is very underrated and therefore this book can show student [...]

    6. Saw this book on display for poetry month back in April Awesome This book focus is on the families that are always moving Children from the Air Force, Navy and Army.

    7. A little girl who discovers her grandmothers poems in the attic and reads them to give her the journey of the time her grandma was her age This can be introduce to the students by finding their own history of their own family and write a brief story or poem about it.

    8. Good book to read especially if you like poetry I would actually attempt to do something like this with my students next semester.

    9. Awards No awardsRecommended grades 2nd and thirdSummary This book contains a collection of various poems by a young girl Each poem is set in a different place in the world and about different topics The poems describe her life and where she goes.Review This book is a wonderful read for students who are in a new unit of poetry study The poems are short, easy to read, and entertaining The illustrations are colorful and detailed The story behind the poems is very meaningful and this book is definit [...]

    10. A great story told through poetry I loved the explanation and information on poetry in the back of the book.

    11. Review originally posted on Children s AtheneumThe most embarrasing thing I have ever said to an author was to Nikki Grimes I love your books, I had gushed and then added, I don t usually like or read poetry but yours are great I m sure I am not the only one who has said something similar, but the look on Ms Grimes face was withering and I immediately knew how stupid that had sounded It was also untrue I read poetry a lot I have numerous poems memorized which I can and have pulled out at parties [...]

    12. This should resonate with upper elementary and up It reminded me of my own life as a military child Counselors add this to your collection as well as teachers.

    13. Title Poems in The AtticAuthor Nikki GrimesGenre poetryPlot Summary In this collection of poems, a girl describes her life journeys She also reads her mom s poems she had written about being a daughter or a Air Force Soldier She doesn t understand how her mom dealt with all the moving, being in that family.Literary Merit Setting is an important factor to consider in this story Since so many people in the military have families nowadays it might indicate that this story is closer to present day t [...]

    14. Poems in the Attic is one of the selections for this month s Chapter and Verse book club.In this collection, a young girl, while visiting her grandmother, discovers a cache of poetry written by her mother at a young age The poems give the young girl the sense of what it may have been like for her mother growing up the child of military father, which required the family to move frequently On the left of each spread is a present day free verse poem written by the narrator in response to her mother [...]

    15. Such a beautiful, touching story I loved this book Poems in the Attic follows a seven year old girl as she discovers a collection of her mother s poems stored away in her grandmother s attic The girl is able to see life through her Mama s eyes when she was the same age, moving around the world with her Air Force captain father As the little girl reads her Mama s poems inspired by the dancing rainbows of the Alaskan sky and the cherry blossoms that fell like springtime snowflakes in Japan, she no [...]

    16. On a visit to her maternal grandmother s house, a young girl discovers a treasure trove poems written by her mother during her youth The story is told through 35 poems, free verse lines written by the daughter and tanka poems written by her mother As she learns about her mother and her many adventures traveling around the world because of her father s postings to various Air Force bases, she gains insight into what her life might have been like As with everything, there are positives and negati [...]

    17. Summary Poems in the Attic by Nikki Grimes is a book that tells the story of the connection a daughter creates with her mother through poetry One night, a young girl discovers poems that were written by her mother when she was young Through these poems, the young girl is able to connect to her mother and understand the hardships that her mother went through as she moved a lot because her father was in the Air Force Although it was hard for her mother to move so much, she held on to her memories [...]

    18. First sentence Grandma s attic is stacked with secrets Premise plot Poems in the Attic is a picture book about a seven year old girl who discovers a box of her mother s poems in her grandmother s attic Her mother started writing poems when she was just seven Our heroine, the little girl, decides to start writing poems of her own Readers see these poems mother and daughter side by side The mother s poems are about growing up a military brat moving from place to place every year or so The daughter [...]

    19. This illustrated book of children s poems uses alternating poems to bridge generations and geography the basic plot is that a young girl has found a box of old poems written by her mother when her mother was her age The poems center around her childhood of moving from place to place as a military brat , a child who grows up on military bases The daughter writes poems in response to her mothers and eventually binds them together in a book for her mother as a gift.This book is heartwarming and pow [...]

    20. Poems in the Attic was must read for me as this book is a Texas Bluebonnet Award nominee As most of the nominees tend to be, Poems in the Attic was exceptionally well done A great look at free verse poetry and Tanka, the book is a great addition for elementary school teachers to use in poetry units The story itself is great, as it is told from the perspective of a little girl in a military family, who has a mother that was also in a military family It showed how the mother dealt with the life tr [...]

    21. A young girl finds her mother s poetry in the attic Her mother moved a lot during her childhood and used poetry to record her memories The entire story is told in poetry from the perspectives of the girl and her mother taking place in both the present and the past I liked the author s choice of focusing on the lives of military families Using poetry to tell the story is a fitting device and assigning each character their own style of poetry free verse and tanka so as to distinguish between the t [...]

    22. Awards Arnold Adoff Poetry Award HonorBank Street College Best Children s Books of the Year 2016CCBC Choices 2016Los Angeles Times Summer Reading ListNCTE Notable Poetry List 2016 New York City Dept of Education National Poetry Month recommendation Texas Bluebonnet Award nomineeGrade 4th 6thSummary With the discovery of a little girls mother s poems in the attic of her grandmas house, the main character is inspired to create poems of her own Grimes uses the poetic style of free verse to suggest [...]

    23. I appreciate what Poems in the Attic accomplishes it s just not my thing Poems in the Attic is a story told in poetry from alternating viewpoints from two different generations mother and daughter Beautiful sentiment, but I just didn t love it the way I know others did.My copy of the book included an audio CD I was excited to hear the poetry read aloud by a professional, but I was actually kind of disappointed with the outcome The narrator did a nice job, but I thought it could have been done be [...]

    24. I wish this had of an introduction to make the premise of the book a little clearer I found it to be a bit confusing in the way it jumped between the poems of the mother s isolated experiences, and the poems that described the girl s actions The poems themselves don t really have a narrative flow, but neither do they really stand alone I think it would have flowed much better and made sense if the girl s narration had been in prose, and the mother s poems were the only parts in verse That bein [...]

    25. A girl visits her grandma s house and finds poems her mother wrote in the attic She learns about her mother s life growing up and decides to write poems of her own for someone to find one day There are cultural references throughout the story and you really get insight into not only the mothers life, but also the daughters The tone was consistent throughout the book and added to how the daughter felt about her mother This book also had many themes present, such as childhood, motherhood, home, fr [...]

    26. I only saw a fragmented PDF advanced copy from Edelweiss so I don t feel like I can give a real review yet But these are fictional poems based on her childhood as an Army brat living in different locations around the U.S It feels like an illustration picture book companion to How I Discovered Poetry by Marilyn Nelson It includes some nice explanations of poetic forms in the end pages.Now that I ve seen the finished book I ll say it s gorgeous The illustrations really capture the different region [...]

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