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Quatrevingt-treize #2020

Quatrevingt treize Dans la production litt raire prodigieuse de Victor Hugo Quatrevingt treize est la derni re uvre de l exil une vaste fresque historique publi e en entre la premi re dition des Ch timents et la

  • Title: Quatrevingt-treize
  • Author: Victor Hugo
  • ISBN: 9782070418237
  • Page: 247
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Quatrevingt-treize By Victor Hugo, Dans la production litt raire prodigieuse de Victor Hugo, Quatrevingt treize est la derni re uvre de l exil, une vaste fresque historique publi e en 1874, entre la premi re dition des Ch timents et la derni re s rie de La L gende des si cles i C est donc une uvre de la maturit , celle d un homme prouv , fort de ses combats, de ses engagements, de sa r putationDans la production litt raire prodigieuse de Victor Hugo, Quatrevingt treize est la derni re uvre de l exil, une vaste fresque historique publi e en 1874, entre la premi re dition des Ch timents et la derni re s rie de La L gende des si cles i C est donc une uvre de la maturit , celle d un homme prouv , fort de ses combats, de ses engagements, de sa r putation, au sommet de sa puissance dramatique.Comme son titre l indique, Quatrevingt treize est l pop e de la R volution fran aise, racont e travers trois personnages symboliques un vieil aristocrate, le marquis de Lantenac, son neveu, Gauvain, un noble rattach aux humbles, et un homme du peuple, Cimourdain, p re adoptif de Gauvain C est donc les liens familiaux qui unissent ses personnages avant de les voir plonger dans la tourmente des v nements, et lutter les uns contre les autres Soit par convictions de rang et de classe, soit par raison, soit encore pour un id al Dans l effervescence des actes sanguinaires, seul le peuple, consciemment ou inconsciemment, semble s imposer en h ros R sonnant comme en cho aux turbulences de la Commune, l uvre d livre les pr occupations sociales et humanistes d Hugo, son id e de la fatalit , dans une imposante lutte entre le bien et le mal C line Darner

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    1. Here s my Hugo s favorite novel It s the one that made me the most beautiful impression, despite the fierce competition that made him Les Mis rables.I am aware of the uniqueness of my preference and I would attempt to make you understand.All this is due to my perception of Hugo For me it is the masterful man of French letters I think he knew, better than anyone, writing by taking a perspective both high and full of generous and touching understanding This feature takes the genius, the miraculous [...]

    2. The French Revolution was not simply capturing the Bastille and living happily ever after As with all revolutions, there were unexpected results One of these became known as the Reign Of Terror, lasting from September 1793 to July 1794 Victor Hugo deals with this painful topic in his final novel, Ninety Three.I m so close to speechless I can only say that every single person on the planet should read this book now.

    3. An incredibly realistic Painting of the French Revolution.Some might say it s not realistic, it s pure fantasy, it s much too lyric an passionate, and much too orientated in favor of the revolutionnaries indeed, it s only a novel, BUT it s realistic because it shows every aspects of this revolution, and that s precisely because it s lyric that you can understand it A revolution cannot be described by facts, but by presenting the storm, the hates, the men, in one word by showing that amazing race [...]

    4. Voici mon roman favori de Hugo C est celui qui m a fait la plus belle impression, malgr la tr s vive concurrence que lui font Les Mis rables et de Notre Dame de Paris Je suis conscient de la singularit de ma pr f rence et j aimerais tenter de vous la faire comprendre.Tout cela tient ma perception de Hugo Pour moi, c est l homme magistral des lettres fran aises mon avis, il a su, mieux que personne, crire en prenant une perspective la fois lev e et pleine d une compr hension g n reuse et touchant [...]

    5. I have read that the English translation is not nearly as good as the original French but the only French I know is French fry , so I had to settle Not that that is a bad thing because in my opinion this was still a great classic from Hugo This was the final work of the author of such masterpieces asLes Miserables andThe Hunchback of Notre Dame, telling of the French revolution of 1793 Admittedly, I had never heard of the book and only know about it because I came across an old copy of it in an [...]

    6. Free download available at Project Gutenberg.Translator Aline DelanoRelease Date July 6, 2015 EBook 49372 Language EnglishProduced by Laura N.R and Marc D Hooghe at freeliterature Images generously madeavailable by the Hathi Trust and by Gallica Biblioth que nationale de France for the illustrations This book has several translations but we found only this one, made by Aline Delano, to be closer to the original French text She also translated from the Russian the following books The Blind Music [...]

    7. Nuevamente V ctor Hugo desborda mi vena rom ntica con su talento inigualable No cabe duda que este glorioso autor franc s siempre estar muy cerca de mi sensibilidad Cada vez que uno entra a sus p ginas de inmediato nos conecta a su mundo poblado de personajes llenos de valores humanos como el honor, la valent a, la verdad, la justicia y la dignidad, valores que se destacan nuevamente en las p ginas de este libro El tel n de fondo de esta novela es la Revoluci n Francesa de 1789, aunque el relato [...]

    8. What an amazing novel Beautifully crafted, I love the narrative, with the characters standing in as avatars for ideas, and interplay with symmetry and contrasts between the various characters and ideas Easy to mess up such a dynamic by rendering it too simplistically, but I think Hugo infuses a great level of nuance and subtlety to the enterprise helping ensure his novel doesn t turn into a 1 dimensional parody Personally I love the stylization of the writing, lyrical and poetic, and so much fan [...]

    9. This completes for me the trio of novels that tell of the conflict between the Royalist resistance in Brittany and the Republican Revolutionaries after the beheading of Louis XVI I think I serendipitously read them in the right order, which happens to be in publication order The Chouans, by Balzac, La Vendee by Trollope, and this by Hugo They each have a somewhat different perspective.The middle part of this was a slog, but it was sandwiched between two parts that were compelling The sloggy part [...]

    10. I cannot believe I originally gave this book three out of five stars What a humbug I have just listened to the audiobook again, and now starting it all over againd I m totally enthralled by it I think I had expected something different from the outset As rambling as Les Mis is in passages, yet there will never be another character such as Jean Valjean, and I think I was expecting it but 93 is different, and rightly so On first reading, certain passages the literally loose cannon the mother and c [...]

    11. La scrittura di Hugo ha un livello impareggiabile pathos su carta, ma non diventa mai pomposa resta raffinata, acuta, lucida Arriva dritta all obiettivo, precisa e ricca allo stesso tempo Certo, ha molto di teatrale, come quella di Dostoevskij, ma non suona mai meramente gestuale Non , tra l altro, solo questo tipo di scrittura ad accomunare Hugo e Dostoevskij in Novantatr si trovano diversi temi ben esplorati anche dallo scrittore russo Se apparentemente il romanzo di Hugo si incentra sulla lot [...]

    12. L anno del Grande Terrore la Repubblica minacciata dai nemici esterni sul Reno viene attaccata dai nemici interni, i federalisti, ma soprattutto la Vandea Grande narratore Victor Hugo, quasi uno storico che ricostruisce gli avvenimenti nell Ovest francese, la Bretagna in particolare, con l insurrezione dei contadini nel bocage e nelle foreste nella primavera estate del 1793 Puntualissime descrizioni di luoghi reali e immaginari il cupo e inquietante maniero de La Tourgue introducono e ambientano [...]

    13. Not easy, reviewing this Parts of this book were stunning, absolutely beautiful and then there were the rants A lot of rants, a lot of lists of names Hugo does this in his other books too, but he seemed to go overboard here And the whole bit with Robespierre Marat Danton, I just couldn t make myself be interested But then, the chapter The Massacre of Saint Bartholomew where Hugo describes a day with the three toddlers on which the whole story hinges Lovely, lovely, lovely And all with the backgr [...]

    14. Au dessus de l absolu r volutionnaire, il y a l absolu humain To me, this statement perfectly summarizes the theme of this book.Victor Hugo reprises the thorny question of what one should choose when faced with a moral decision At the climax of this story, three men encounter situations that will challenge their core beliefs Two of them choose to uphold humanitarian principles over and above any revolutionary concerns even at the cost of their own lives or mission The third, however, cannot over [...]

    15. The psychology in this book makes it worth the read People simply don t write like this any Hugo takes us through the minds of the several characters with depth and a beauty of words that make classic authors so great What keeps this from being perhaps one of his better known novels is that it is very contemporary to its time if you are unfamiliar with the many referenced characters, you will easily become lost or bored If you can focus on the beauty of the characters development, and enjoy the [...]

    16. Fascinating book.This is my first book by Hugo and I can easily see why he is renowned for his powerful and beautiful writing The descriptions of the characters in the book are so poignant The images of the settings are haunting The drama is unforgettable.One will never use the term loose cannon again loosely after reading the chapter describing what that really meant to the sailors on a fighting ship.This book was read superbly by Lisa VanDamme for a new project she has just started at readwith [...]

    17. 5 OVERWHELMING STARS to copy my friend Etnik for my top favorite ARTIST Whatever causes night in our souls may leave stars was full of virtues and truth, but they shine out of a dark background.

    18. Ninety Three was the last of Hugo s novels, published in 1874, when the author was 72, eleven years before his death The topic, the French Revolution s Reign of Terror, was one that Hugo was said, up to that time, to have avoided in his voluminous writings A republican and a man of deep compassion, it is easy to guess why he might have avoided the challenge of writing a novel about the bloody birth of the French republic How to do justice to ideas that gave rise to French democracy but also to a [...]

    19. This book was a little difficult for me to get into because of my intermediate knowledge of the French Revolution I knew Danton, Robespierre, and Marat however, I was not aware of the obscure characters from this time frame I think the plot was well constructed, and Hugo did a good job depicting the revolutionaries and the conservatives in an unbiased manner I wish he would have spent a little time discussing the Paris Commune and the National Convention and possibly skipped a little of the ba [...]

    20. Sobre El noventa y tres 1874 , ltima novela de Victor Hugo aunque no su ltima obra, ni mucho menos pueden escribirse much simas cosas, enfocadas desde muchos ngulos, como ocurre con toda la obra hugoliana Yo no voy a detenerme en pormenorizar la novela ni en resumirla, porque para eso ya est la novela en s misma, y muchas sinopsis aqu y all Sin embargo, voy a dar cuatro datos para resaltar otros cuatro aspectos que me han llamado la atenci n sobre esta obra No leas esta obra si te aburre la Revo [...]

    21. Vous parlez de la libert mais vous l estimez Vous parlez de l galit mais croyez vous Vous parlez de la fraternit mais vous vous tol rez La r volution est une action de l inconnu Appelez la bonne action ou mauvaise action, selon que vous aspirez l avenir ou au pass , mais laissez la celui qui l a faite

    22. Reading Challenge 2016 8 Un libro ambientado en Europa O el terror ser la mentira de la revoluci n Libertad, igualdad y fraternidad son dogmas de paz y armon a por qu darles aspecto espantoso Qu pretendemos Conquistar la voluntd de los pueblos en pro de la rep blica universal Pues no debemos infundirles miedo De qu sirve la intimidaci n Los pueblos, como los p jaros, huyen de los espantajos no se debe obrar mal para hacer el bien.3,5 El noventa y tres de Victor Hugo es una novela hist rica que n [...]

    23. This is a special book.Although the first sentence alone should have served as a warning, I continued to read in the hopes that I could use this translation for a literature in translation class It contains one of the worst translated paragraphs I ve ever read But all human beings had disappeared Where were they Very far off, perhaps perhaps quite near, hidden, blunderbuss in hand The wood seemed deserted Solitude hence distrust They saw no one so much the reason for fearing some one They had t [...]

    24. How do you review Victor Hugo This is something I will never figure out The man was a master Even though I don t like all of his works The Hunchback of Notre Dame left me downright angry , you can t deny that he had a way with words and knew how to pull emotion out of his readers, whether they wanted to feel anything or not.I enjoyed this book, though I don t think it was his best There were times when the lists of names, places, and events that people at the time were probably familiar with but [...]

    25. The conflagration unfurled all its splendours the black hydra and the scarlet dragon appeared amidst the wreathing smoke in awful darkness and gorgeous vermilion Long streaks of flame shot far out and illuminated the shadows, like opposing comets pursuing one another A sense of grandeur as the author works himself into a frenzy may be scorned by realists, but I love it The deformity of human laws is forced to exhibit itself naked amidst the dazzling rays of eternal beauty High flying themes Beyo [...]

    26. Ninety Three by Victor Hugo is a glorious romantic imagining of an episode from the year 1793, during the French Revolution and the year of the Great Terror The setting is Brittany where counter revolutionary forces have risen up to oppose the Revolutionary leaders The leader of this group, the aged Marquise de Lantenac, is a romantic hero in the grandest sense His fate is seems to be determined, however the Revolutionary forces are led by his grand nephew, Gauvain, who at the last provides the [...]

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