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Clan, Honor, and Empire #2020

Clan Honor and Empire Dramok Rajhir has never had to go without He s been blessed with the best schooling a prestigious pedigree a fine home plus all the intimate companionship a young Kalquorian male could ask for But

  • Title: Clan, Honor, and Empire
  • Author: Tracy St. John
  • ISBN: 9781940294094
  • Page: 465
  • Format: ebook
  • Clan, Honor, and Empire By Tracy St. John, Dramok Rajhir has never had to go without He s been blessed with the best schooling, a prestigious pedigree, a fine home, plus all the intimate companionship a young Kalquorian male could ask for But with status comes responsibility His father insists Rajhir assume his place in Kalquorian society as soon as possible Rajhir is determined to have some fun however, and alDramok Rajhir has never had to go without He s been blessed with the best schooling, a prestigious pedigree, a fine home, plus all the intimate companionship a young Kalquorian male could ask for But with status comes responsibility His father insists Rajhir assume his place in Kalquorian society as soon as possible Rajhir is determined to have some fun however, and all the machinations in the world won t convince him to build his clan until he s ready for it He doesn t count on true love walking into his office with a story of political intrigue that could put all of the Kalquorian Empire in jeopardy.Imdiko Flencik is a brilliant young surgeon who stumbles upon a smuggling operation with far reaching implications Desperate to stop men willing to sell Kalquor s future to an ancient enemy, he chances upon Rajhir, whose connections may mean the difference between life and death It s not just the Empire s future that hangs in the balance, however Flencik knows falling in love with this playboy Dramok could shatter his already bruised heart.Nobek Breft is a young man still in training camp He has no prestige and no future, yet his fierce personality yearns for the perfect clanmates to protect When he meets Rajhir and Flencik, all he can think of is to prove himself worthy of their love He will do anything to keep them safe a tall order he may not possess the skills to fulfill Political enemies who have already killed once have set their sights on the men Breft would call clanmates.Honor is the three men s code, the thing they hold most dear Yet when love and duty clash, they must decide if their loyalties lie first with the Kalquorian Empire or each other.

    • BEST E-Book "Ú Clan, Honor, and Empire" || UNLIMITED (E-Book) ✓
      465 Tracy St. John
    • thumbnail Title: BEST E-Book "Ú Clan, Honor, and Empire" || UNLIMITED (E-Book) ✓
      Posted by:Tracy St. John
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    1 thought on “Clan, Honor, and Empire

    1. This is close to 5 stars really well done My only hesitations are that I would have liked with the third clanmate, Breft and I found the depiction of the Imdiko s mother really perfunctory and not at the level of every other character in the book This book is a prequel Having just looked at I couldn t finish the first book in the Kalquor world,Alien Embrace, which deals with the same male characters some years later when they find their earther lady love, I am really impressed by how much St Jo [...]

    2. I ve been waiting impatiently for this story, slavishly following Tracy s blog and fb page, greedily reading any tidbits she let fall about the progress of the writing I have to say it was WORTH EVERY SECOND First of all, you are basically getting 2 books for one very reasonable price, especially compared to some of the other authors out there who, frankly, aren t as good Tracy writes good stuff Period.Tracy is also the reason I read M M at all I liked her other books so well I decided to give o [...]

    3. These Clan Beginnings books are a real treat As a long time Clans of Kalquor fan, I ve already met these characters And it s fun to read the prequel to see how these guys got their start together.St John really makes Rajhir, Flencik, and Breft come alive Their struggles with family, their worries about their future, and their problems with clan are all very real and very genuine In the first section, Rajhir s pursuit of Flencik is extremely hot Who wouldn t fall for Flencik He s such a sweet and [...]

    4. I want of these Love the Clan Beginnings series.Here Breft steals the show seriously Flencik is fine and that part is great but Breft is just outstanding I was so worried when I started the book because it felt like Breft was odd man out but boy did he pack a punch I love his persistence and his personality He knew what he wanted and he went for it Great action, hot hot sex Clan Beginnings please

    5. Alien menage m m m romantic smut with scifi storyA prequel to another series, this m m m menage story has plenty of light to medium core kinky heat that is heightened by alien characters and special physique as well as an interesting science fiction setting The strength of the work is the repeated sizzling scenes, with a decen amount of light to medium D s, bondage, and bruising rough scenes with and extra appendage to spice things up The relationship, scifi world building, and imperial politics [...]

    6. It s all about duty to the Empire, to keep it strong and sustainable All other considerations are secondary This is the mantra that s been drummed into Dramok Rajhir his entire life but at 27 years of age, and just having completed his schooling and internships, he wants to enjoy life before having to clan with a Nobek or Imdiko or begin his own life of service to the Empire But his illustrious high ranking father, and fate, have other plans in store for Rajhir as his father has arranged for him [...]

    7. St John s Clan Beginnings series just keeps getting better and better I actually like the fact that the author is jumping around in the telling of the different clans beginnings and how they came to be before they met their Matara In the case of Clan, Honor, and Empire, we find out how the first Kalquorian clan we ever met was formed Yes, this is the story of Clan Rajhir the men who became the first to take an Earther as their Matara after discovering that they were genetically compatible Let me [...]

    8. Main Characters Dramok Rajhir A born clan leader just starting out on his own with a new careerImdiko Flencik A young and brillian surgeon Nobek Breft A very young protector infatuated with FlencikSynopsis This is a two part novel The first section focuses on the romance and clanning of Rajhir and Flencik Rajhir is just starting out in his career as an aide to a council member and enjoys playing the field with eligible people He certainly isn t expecting to fall for a very tall, gentle and relat [...]

    9. This was another good read from Tracy St John however, it was somewhat similar to the previous book, Clan and Conviction, but not so much as to stop me from reading It was still worth reading and it had a lot of creative thinking going into it, as do all her books The addition of a young Nobeck just out of training camp was perfect for this new clan.

    10. Since I am a big fan of the Clans of Kalquor series, I really enjoy reading the Clan Beginnings books and getting backstory, not only on the clans, but also Kalquor history Clan, Honor, and Empire provides a lot of Kalquor history, Clan Rajhir s beginning as well as some insight in to than one of the other Kalquor clans featured in the series You get a lot of bang for you buck with this one The story seemed to drag for me though Maybe it was too long But mostly because I don t think I liked t [...]

    11. It was a very, very good idea to explore the clans beginnings I didn t get a sense that the clanning process was so formal or fun for the menfolk in the main seriesI m ashamed to say that Alien Embrace didn t hold my attention as much as Clan, Honor, and Empire did The bonds that formed among the main characters provided me with insight into the Kalquor clan dynamics, and I m glad there was a suspenseful sub plot to go along with the sizzling sexkes me want to give the main series another try.

    12. I think this was my favorite of the series I just loved all three of these men Rajhir and his parents were so well drawn out and Flencik had his cute moments but he also had some spirit I liked the plot line and intrigue as well The also enjoyed the fact that we got to see Flencik and Rajhir become a strong stable couple before they added Bereft to the group Bereft also made a nice addition in the second half especially since he was unexpected and I really never saw a character like him entering [...]

    13. I LOVED this Totally hot dude on dude It s about how the clan in the first Kalquor book was put together Rajhir and Flencik are high class guys who get together first Then Flencik starts to fall for low class grunt Breft, and Rajhir gets upset I like how Rajhir got knocked off his pedestal a bit.

    14. Wonderful story And I loved Breft He was just awesome I felt every emotion also he was funny I have liked all the Clan Beginnings books Can t wait for the nextI thought this book answered all questions at the endwonderful plot

    15. I love all of the Kalquor stories and I really enjoyed Clan, Honor and Empire It adds so much to Alien Embrace to see how Rahjir, Flencik, and Breft met and became a Clan Seeing them before they met Amelia adds a greater depth Now I need to re read Alien Embrace.

    16. The best I could not put this book down I feel that it was the best Kalqour novel yet The characters were were so real The emotional depth had me laughing and crying right with them

    17. Highly entertaining Be aware that is a prequel to an m m m f book that has been previously published I did not read that one and for understanding of this story you don t need to.

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