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Quota #2020

Quota What do you want me to say Your Honour Could you have cocked this thing up any worse Bloody helpless kid and you know she s back out on the street now You know it don t you You re known throughout t

  • Title: Quota
  • Author: Jock Serong
  • ISBN: 9781922147936
  • Page: 317
  • Format: Paperback
  • Quota By Jock Serong, What do you want me to say, Your Honour Could you have cocked this thing up any worse Bloody helpless kid and you know she s back out on the street now You know it, don t you You re known throughout the state as a heartless old prick and a drunk, and seeing I ve gone this far, your daughter in law s appointment to the court is widely viewed as a grubby political payof What do you want me to say, Your Honour Could you have cocked this thing up any worse Bloody helpless kid and you know she s back out on the street now You know it, don t you You re known throughout the state as a heartless old prick and a drunk, and seeing I ve gone this far, your daughter in law s appointment to the court is widely viewed as a grubby political payoff She s got about as much ability as you have CHARLIE JARDIM has just trashed his legal career in a spectacular courtroom meltdown, and his fiancee has finally left him When an old friend slings him a prosecution brief that will take him to the remote coastal town of Dauphin, Charlie reluctantly agrees that the sea air might be good for him.The case is a murder The victim was involved in the illegal abalone trade and the even illegal drug trade and the witnesses aren t talking.And as Dauphin closes ranks around him, Charlie is about to find his interest in the law powerfully reignited.

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      317 Jock Serong
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    1 thought on “Quota

    1. I m never indecisive about my star ratings, but this one is 3.5 stars.In one breath I want to say what a cracking debut from this Aussie author Jock Serong, and in the other I m not giving it 4 or 5 stars So I was disappointed in some respects.Charlie Jardim is a junior prosecutor that has hit a cross roads in his professional and personal life, he s just unleashed a tirade in court, abusing the presiding judge, and labelling this judges daughter s appointment a political payoff his temperament [...]

    2. Quota is the first novel by Australian lawyer, editor and features writer, Jock Serong After a courtroom episode avidly described in legal circles as Jardim s brain snap that earns him two nights in the police cells, threatens his career as a barrister and contributes to the end of his engagement to dedicated junior lawyer, Anna Murdoch, Charlie Jardim is feeling tired, apathetic and indifferent to the whole business But he finds that his old friend, senior barrister Harlan Weir is determined to [...]

    3. Charlie Jardim is a barrister who thinks he has gutted his career by bagging a judge But a prosecutor throws Charlie a lifeline and get him to visit a small town to check a witness statement Once in the small town of Dauphin, Charlie is unwelcome virtually everywhere Clearly, the town doesn t want the status quo upset The court case that follows is virtually open and shut And then the unthinkable happens to Charlie s mentor Charlie is shattered and seemingly finished as a barrister But as always [...]

    4. Enjoyable crime novel set in southwestern Victoria Fleshing out the main character a bit would have made it a 4 star read

    5. I had The Broken Shore and The Grand Hotel randomhouse books g rolling round in my head while I was reading this The main action of the novel takes place in Dauphin, a fictional town that would probably be somewhere close in reality to run down version of Port Fairy or a smaller version of Warrnambool That this writer is good at is re creating the feel of a town that is malnourished, inbred and just a bit dangerous and paranoid A stranger comes to town, his name is Charlie and he s a barrister [...]

    6. In great timing, Reviewing the Evidence have just published my review of the winner of the 2015 Ned Kelly for Best First Crime Fiction.It s not unknown for crime fiction followers to point out that the genre frequently explores the rights and wrongs of society and human behaviour reviewingtheevidence r

    7. Love reading fiction about the west coast of Victoria So many intrigues in that part of the world

    8. Read this after enjoying Serong s latest novel, On The Java Ridge It s enjoyable but lacks the page turning intrigue of his later work I like the connection to Australian waters in both books.

    9. This is a classy bit of writing At its heart it s a sort of a crime courtroom thriller which follows some of the classic conventions But really its a whole lot Two worlds the legal world of Melbourne, and small town coastal Australia are observed, each with their own rules and each very separate from the other Charlie Jardim is a young lawyer, unsettled in himself, angry at many aspects of the legal establishment Patrick Langhan is a witness to a murder in a struggling fishing town on Victoria [...]

    10. Jock Serong has worked as a criminal lawyer I think that might be why his character s dialogue is well written and authentic Perhaps he has read spent hours and hours reading witness statements and this has transferred across and enriched his crafting of fiction The novel s setting ranges from the Supreme Court in Melbourne to the small Victorian coastal town of Dauphin, which on the face of it is dependant on commercial fishing In fact the town barely survives on the proceeds of corruption Most [...]

    11. Jock Serong s first novel won the Ned Kelly Award, Australia s top crime fiction award, so he is clearly one for crime fans to watch.Dissolute lawyer Charlie Jardim is thrown a lifeline by a prosecutor and sent down to a small fishing town to interview a witness to a murder the witness s story does not appear credible While trying to get to the facts, Charlie encounters a hostile and uncooperative local community whose leading lights are the parents of the accused This is quite a good novel It i [...]

    12. This is an impressive debut from local author Serong He has a talent for characterization and setting Quota is set in a small seaside town on the Victorian coast, where the main occupations are abalone fishing and the jobs provided by the dominant Murchison family Tragedy strikes when the eldest son of an orphaned family is found one night shot and partially burned on his boat Charlie Jardim is sent from Melbourne to work on the prosecution case, reluctantly, as he s just had a major meltdown in [...]

    13. Quota is the first of two books written by Jock Serong It is a good read constructed quite contrastingly it from the second book that I happened to read first in that the style and structure is quite different At times some of the content and description about Dauphin is a little tedious but overall the account is quite engaging I especially enjoyed the trial section and different characters attitudes to justice and how it should be secured This section begins about half way to two thirds in, th [...]

    14. I was thrilled to read this book It answers a lot of the best things I want from crime fiction something than the basics of the genre.In this novel we get the sense of a whole community where the crime takes place and where our outsider investigator goes to find out what s gone down He gets himself into a few scrapes and meets some pretty interesting characters.The town is by the sea and this gives Jock Serong the opportunity to write about the seaside landscape, the ocean and its surrounds in [...]

    15. Not bad I saw this book in a bookshop and thought what does quota relate to Months later I attended a literary session with an interview with the author He was animated, enthusiastic and genuinely seemed like a nice guy This encouraged me to read his book Quota refers to the amount set on abalone divers legally allowed to harvest, of course in the novel the divers don t stick to the quota Mix in drugs, small town mentality and politics and murder and that is the plot The novel has been sold as a [...]

    16. Always nice to be able to visualise where characters are in a book set where one lives A little spooky reading about Anna on the 109 tram heading up Collins Street and I m sitting on the 109 admittedly up the daggy end towards Box Hill.I enjoyed this I like my share of cosy crime thrillers, but I also enjoy those that like Quota make me uncomfortable that poor kangaroo Charlie s a bit of an antihero a bit slobbish, hanging onto his career just I can see Dauphin in a number of coastal towns that [...]

    17. I heard the author talk at a bookshop on the coast and was intrigued, I don t normally read crime but this is literary crime fiction, so I found it an enjoyable read There may have been a character or two too many and I had trouble building a raptor with Charlie, the main character but Les, from the pub is a gem The setting In a small coastal town was a big plus for me too as we visit one with touches of this one setting frequently I wonder what the author will write next.

    18. I enjoyed this debut novel and hope it is the start of a Charlie Jardim series he is a somewhat troubled character who finds his interest in the law re kindled The minor characters in this story add interest and depth it was make a great TV series The Aussie setting is always appealing, especially these little insulated Aussie towns with their battlers Great ending

    19. Winner of the Ned Kelly Award for best new novel, Quota reminded me of Peter Temple s books gritty small town Australia with unpleasant characters and a damaged visitor from the big city who tries to resolve issues he is only half aware of The author tells a believable story although I felt let down by the concluding scenes which seemed to be a half hearted attempt to tidy up the loose ends.

    20. Great first novel, unlike another reviewer I really liked Charlie, and Patrick Loved the local content of Victoria , Melbourne, the abalone industry etc highly recommended.

    21. Great new crime from an Australian author How just a few moments can spiral your life into something completely different Still trying to get the Kangaroo moment out of my head Vivid

    22. I found the text rather difficult to follow something a little discordant, not so free flowing as I like

    23. Bound this a compelling book not so much because of a mysterious crime but the very real setting and characters created.

    24. An enjoyable, well written literary crime debut If you re keen on Peter Temple and I m not, in the sense that I can see his merits but it s just not for me you ll probably also enjoy this.

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