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Wes and Kit #2020

Wes and Kit Wes has a soft heart even if it is a gear heart from when he was mechanicalized during the war Now close to homeless and in desperate straits he still finds himself taking on a stray dog and helping

  • Title: Wes and Kit
  • Author: Hollis Shiloh
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Wes and Kit By Hollis Shiloh, Wes has a soft heart even if it is a gear heart from when he was mechanicalized during the war Now close to homeless and in desperate straits, he still finds himself taking on a stray dog and helping out an injured man he stumbles across in an alleyway That s how he meets Kit A harmless, gentle clock repairman with a heart condition of his own, Kit is in danger becauseWes has a soft heart even if it is a gear heart from when he was mechanicalized during the war Now close to homeless and in desperate straits, he still finds himself taking on a stray dog and helping out an injured man he stumbles across in an alleyway That s how he meets Kit A harmless, gentle clock repairman with a heart condition of his own, Kit is in danger because he s working on a certain clock He hires Wes to protect him until the danger is past whatever its cause But they find their feelings for each other are becoming too strong to ignore, despite the danger When a chance to solve the mystery presents itself, Wes finds he might just lose the man he s come to love if he can t find Kit in time Length 37,000 words Steampunk elements, mystery elements, some violence Heat level Low

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      378 Hollis Shiloh
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    1 thought on “Wes and Kit

    1. I ve said it before and I ll say it again, I m very rarely disappointed with a Hollis Shiloh book, I have to read at least one a month A wonderful little steampunk story about two very likable, sweet men, who find each other just at the right time and fall head over heals in love.

    2. Hollis Shiloh, in this series allied with the world presented in the novella Gear Heart, offers us gentle romances with quirky details and interesting people There is a little magic, very little sex, and a quiet context that feels English but sounds American not unlike Jordan Hawks Whyborne and Griffin novels, which are set in a fictional American city but feel very British somehow We re in a historic period sometime after World War I, a time that seems far away but modern, too Steampunk 1920s I [...]

    3. I discovered another series I love from a prolific MM romance author I love This one has a Victorian feel It s about a downtrodden hero cast out by society due to no fault of his own, a stray mutt, and a craftsman with a weak heart.

    4. I liked this book a sweet combination of mystery and romance with a bit of steampunk I could have actually done with of that steampunk atmosphere I d love to know about that world Wes and Kit are engaging characters, and I kept reading because I cared about them and the dog.

    5. Sympathetic characters in an interesting version of reality I rather hope they live happily ever after.

    6. 4 stars for the meat of the book, 1 star for the endingI had a hard time scoring this one.The writing is darn good, the dialogue was realistic, and the characters were likeable The setting, an alternate steampunky earth, was delightful Even two thirds of the way through, I was most pleased with this one any scoring difficulty would be in choosing between four and five stars.But then we got toward the end, and I had two fairly major problems with it.The first is pretty specific to me meaning, man [...]

    7. Wes mechanical heart is as big as they get That s why he adopts the stray mutt following him, and helps the stranger he finds beaten in the street Kit is a gentle soul who stays out of trouble, until the day he s attacked by strangers in the street He s resigned to his fate until a big and brawny man with kind eyes helps him Kit looks for him afterwards, and offers him a job as bodyguard Wes accepts the job without knowing what the real danger of his new position is risking his own heart Another [...]

    8. 3.5 Review written for Love Bytes Reviews.Discharged from the military after having undergone a magical procedure to replace his damaged heart with a mechanical one, Wes is struggling to get by Treated like a second class citizen for the one thing keeping him alive, the former soldier is desperate to find work yet refuses to stoop to thievery, no matter how much easier it would make things When he comes across a man that s been beaten and left for dead, Wes knows he has to stop and help What sta [...]

    9. A wonderful blend of romance, steampunk, friendship, and a little mystery I d be lying if I said it could have had a bit of the technology that steampunk is known for but it s lack of said science fiction factor did not take away from the enjoyment I ve come to expect from Hollis Shiloh.

    10. 51 of 75 for 2015 I keep coming across the term steampunk, especially with reference to the visual arts, but this is the first piece of fiction I ve read that claims the word A well written mystery romance, set it an alternate universe where humans can be kept alive by fitting them out with mechanical parts think of a late 19th or early 20th century bionic man and reminiscent of George Nader s 1979 sci fi novel Chrome, this is the story of two men, one a watchmaker and one partially mechanical, [...]

    11. I truly enjoyed it up until the ending The first part is primarily about their relationship and it s very sweet and made me melt I enjoyed the romance, with the exception of Kit and Wes s somewhat neurotic brooding and uncertainty about each other s health and the health of the relationship There is some mystery in this part about why Kit is being threatened but it seems to stall In the second part of the book, the couple have come together and the mystery becomes the foremost focus of the story [...]

    12. Well, Wes and Kit Steampunk Mystery 1 certainly was an interesting start to this series The world building was a little short of the mark for me I was expecting a bit mechanicals but that truly wasn t a problem I thought both Kit and Wes were adorable, and I liked the fact that there was basically no angst between them just a sweet, loving person helping another sweet, loving person Lolly was a welcome addition to the family and the mystery was slow building and not to drawn out We met a lot of [...]

    13. My first steampunk and I don t think it ll be my last either Also my first Hollis Shiloh book I look forward to reading of her novels Wes and Kit was a really sweet story I loved both Wes and Kit and how they worked around their differences to find happiness I was a little disappointed that the mystery portion of the story wasn t fully solved at the end, but no matter The boys get their HEA and thanks to Kindle Unlimited, I can go read the next installment and see if the mystery comes to a clos [...]

    14. This was a really good read I would have said even a five star but there was just not quite the wow to it that would allow me to say five, so 4.5 stars It was a very sweet story I really liked the characters and how the author worked in the different heart conditions so that the men could relate in a way I thought Lolly was also a lovely addition You see how gentle Wes is even being a mechanical man Kit is just sooo sweet and you can t help but feel like Wesjust want to coddle the man The myster [...]

    15. I loved this story I was totally involved from start to finish, and really didn t want the book to end I look forward to the next installment.Wes and Kit meet one night, Wes is prowling the streets looking for food, when he comes across Kit in an alleyway, discovering he is injured, Wes helps Kit to hospital and so begins an unlikely friendship, which slowly grows into something But Kit s attack is not random and he is still at risk from harm and the two work together to try and find out the my [...]

    16. I was doubtful at first with this book due to the steampunk setting It s not one that I am prone to follow, but I have to admit I was than pleasantly surprised.I found myself immediately engaged with the two lead characters The story is simply wonderful You have a great mystery and a fledgling romance set in a world of clockwork and mystical power.This setting will I hope be explored and maybe we can find out about the balance of mechanics and mystics in time to come.

    17. I love Hollis Shiloh s stories The fantastic worlds she creates are beautiful places to get lost in Add in sensitive, lovable characters and wonderful, beautiful language, that s it I m hooked She s truly a storyteller, and Wes and Kit is another delicious treat I love characters that make you fall in love with them and miss them, and these two, and others in the book as well, certainly achieve that

    18. I really wanted to like this than I did.It really felt like I was reading the first draft, with corrected spelling It had a very unfinished feeling to it that had nothing to do with the plot, per se, or the characters, per se all just felt veryunpolished I would very much like to read a polished, final draft of this story.

    19. A sweet, gentle steampunk romanceA fascinating steampunk world, interesting characters, and a burgeoning romance between the two men in the title Nicely done without overt mechanics of their intimate time On to the next book in the series, since I want to know what happens next

    20. I did like this story and I will read the next one However, it reminded me of early Harlequin Romances where the sex is implied and very low key I feel like the author will continue the mystery in the next installment so I am hoping there is resolution to Wes and Kit because I certainly wanted at the end.

    21. everything for me feels fake and forced the romance, the drama, the mystery if you can call it that , the suspense and the writing style view spoiler oh Wes, come save me no keep me but release the dog please hide spoiler

    22. Cute sweet mysteryI quite enjoyed this book though at times the time period and location of the novelette were difficult to follow The relationship between Wes and Kit was the best part.

    23. it was oktheres no steamy action and imo this skips a lot of unimportant details which make this story seem short its cute I guess I love steampunk stuff so it was a nice read

    24. This is basically a steampunk version of Out of the Rain, only twice as long The second half is all plot nonsense not at all related to the romance so eh P

    25. This story was weirdly bland, emotionally to nice and warm I felt nothing at the end, mostly because it was a weird story And if there isn t even ounce of emotion, than this story isn t worth to be read.

    26. Kit a clock repairer with a heart condition and Wes, a discharged army man whose heart was replaced with a mechanical one Story drags in places and the treasure is never found.

    27. The premise of the story was good, but the writing wasn t The characters were very two dimensional and the writing was flat.

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