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To Sin with the Tycoon #2020

To Sin with the Tycoon With the quirk of an eyebrow Gabriel Cabrera can get anything he wants That is until he meets PA Alice Morgan and he realizes three things He s jealous a first He s in pursuit also a first She

  • Title: To Sin with the Tycoon
  • Author: Cathy Williams
  • ISBN: 9780373133062
  • Page: 147
  • Format: Paperback
  • To Sin with the Tycoon By Cathy Williams, With the quirk of an eyebrow, Gabriel Cabrera can get anything he wants That is, until he meets PA Alice Morgan and he realizes three things 1 He s jealous a first 2 He s in pursuit also a first 3 She s immune to his charms definitely a first So he ll draw her to him his every word an innuendo promising pleasure, his every touch sinfully seductive And sweet, virgiWith the quirk of an eyebrow, Gabriel Cabrera can get anything he wants That is, until he meets PA Alice Morgan and he realizes three things 1 He s jealous a first 2 He s in pursuit also a first 3 She s immune to his charms definitely a first So he ll draw her to him his every word an innuendo promising pleasure, his every touch sinfully seductive And sweet, virginal Alice will come to him willingly so Gabriel can claim his prize Seven Sexy Sins The true taste of temptation

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    1. I ve read dozens of books by this author some I liked and some not kind of a hit and miss for me.but I always look forward to reading her latest just in case it turns out to be a hit for me Surprise her newest book, To Sin with the Tycoon was a definite hit for me The 1st in the Seven Sexy Sins Series which does a take on sloth and what a good word to describe the hero, Gabriel Cabrera love his name .if anyone is suffering from emotional apathy it s this guy Of course he stresses that he s alway [...]

    2. Both are scarred with painful pasts, and become who they are, until they crash into each other.Gabriel Cabrera is an emotionally, lazy playboy who doesn t have to fight for any woman that he s interested in pursuing Business is all that matters to him, the only thing that he truly fights for in the end However, he soon finds that his capable secretary is inspiring unfamiliar feelings in him, and he s not quite sure how to handle them Alice Morgan had Gabriel pegged from day one She didn t want a [...]

    3. To Sin with the Tycoon by Cathy Williams is a well written office romance I liked how sloth was integrated in the story and the wonderful setting of the story Gabriel is a hero who has literally has everything and therefore he does not have any need to work for anything else To say it in one word he is very lazy He was a womanizer and quite charming at times after the initial few chapters Alice is a hard working heroine who has lived her life with caution to avoid getting her past repeated again [...]

    4. From the blurb I expected a much exciting book It was ok wasn t awfulbut it wasn t as wonderful as the blurb made it out to be Darn good marketing, Harlequin Mills and Boon Alice is a temp who has just landed a enviable job with Gabriel Cabrera She see him for what he is, a self centered playboy and shores up her defenses against him.until Paris A business trip to Paris, a quick, but needed makeover, and Alice is no longer Gabriel s dowdy secretarye s the object of his lust and he has to have h [...]

    5. Gabriel Cabrera can get anything he wants Until he meets Alice Morgan and realises three things 1 He s jealous a first 2 He s in pursuit also a first 3 She s immune to his charms definitely a first This is a simple novel about two people who come from a challenging past, and how they overcome their differences.It was a decent novel, 2 and a half stars I liked the hero in the first half of the book, then both of them became a tad unbearable.

    6. Estoy haaarta, no, lo siguiente, del concepto raro y totalmente est pido que tienen algunas autoras con virginal e inocencia inexperiencia Joder, no es tan dif cil y complicado saber la diferencia A la sra Williams y compa a les recomiendo algo que les ser de mucha utilidad DICCIONARIO.Si para vender se recurre desde el segundo 0 a la mentira, apaga y v monos No obstante, ni siquiera la historia merece la pena, despu s de todo.

    7. This book is as its heroine boring, ridiculous and totally dull If this book weren t part of a series, I wouldn t read it I m done with this author, is terrible I give it 1 star just because didn t gave another option.

    8. A perfectly crafted traditional series romance featuring a believably complex hero and heroine relationship, swoon worthy passion and glamorous settings Loved Alice Morgan

    9. This book was quite enjoyable, I just didn t engage with the hero and heroine Alice and Gabriel There was no chemistry and I found their eventual romance implausible.

    10. I m a little undecided about this book On the one hand it s a typical MB Modern with a rich, arrogant hero and his drab, dull secretary who he eventually falls for It s a well known trope and this one is just as good as many I ve read before On the other hand there s Gabriel I really didn t like him He s gorgeous and rich and arrogant, but he s also a contemptuous, lazy jerk who doesn t change at all Normally these heroes see the error of their ways, get over the trauma of their childhood or at [...]

    11. The scene is set in the lavish surroundings of the Shard in London The alpha, Mr Big , a salute maybe to the girls of Sex and the City Gabriel Cabrera, Played by his own rules came and went as he pleased did as he wantedwas unpredictable and a law unto himself A womanizer, too lazy to play the prince in the game of love And I found him instantly shallow and indigestible However, Cathy Williams the author cleverly and refreshingly outlined Gabriel as an inconsiderate toad, to be hated and loathed [...]

    12. I really liked this book The heroine is smart, efficient, and has erected emotional barriers because of the emotional abuse her father inflicted upon her fragile mother She can respect her boss as a brilliant CEO but his womanizing is too much like her philandering father was I like how she stands up for herself to the hero and doesn t let him get away with pushing her around.The hero has had to claw his way out of a difficult and lonely childhood to be the success he is, and he only trusts mone [...]

    13. I really enjoyed this book The plot was fun, making it a light read, with very little drama, and offering a HOT, and steamy affair.Gabriel has never had to chase women They flock to him like bee s flock to honey He is rich, and powerful, and oh so sexy He can t keep a personal assistant Everyone he has ever had work for him, starts to want than just a boss, employee relationship Gabriel has a no dating policy in the office Alice starts working for Gabriel as his personal assistant She has heard [...]

    14. Alice found a job which requires her to work with Gabriel Found him extremely arrogant and though she wanted to walk out, the overpaid job with clothing allowance seems to be the attraction that she is not willing to let go But this doesn t mean that Alice let Gabriel to dictate her in every way She wasted no time to put him in his place She kept her personal life separate from her work life which makes Gabriel intrigue and working during weekend is a big no to her As the progress, she found her [...]

    15. I found myself quiet enjoying this I absolutely loved Alice and the way she stuck up for her weekends I did like Gabriel yes he hasn t treated women nicely but he s always been honest from the start so I give him that.I enjoyed the banter between Alice and Gabriel, you could tell they were a perfect matchr me this was a nice little read with a HEA so I was happy could have been a bit occasions where Alice got to be cinderella and be the belle of the ball.I think when they said virginal Alice It [...]

    16. Alice Morgan is sent for an interview with Gabriel Cabrera by the agency he uses Gabriel was handsome, tall six foot, but arrogant towards Alice during her interview She wanted to walk out but she really needed this well over paid job with a clothing allowance Alice dosen t waste any time she puts her new boss right in his place she wasn t talking about her privat life to him and she wasn t working at weekends when he snapped his fingers To Sin The Tycoon is by Cathy Williams and is a very short [...]

    17. A free copy of this book was provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.To Sin with the Tycoon is the story of Alice, a temp who becomes secretary for boss Gabriel, a man who is becoming increasingly lazy in his relationships with a series indistinguishable blondes.I have to say, although I loved that Alice was a bit strong willed than the normal heroine in these books, this one just didn t grab me all the way Gabriel was a bit rubbish as a hero and I didn t find him especially capt [...]

    18. I find myself at a loss for words on this one I want to say nice things about the story, but Okay, I ll just say that the characters were interesting Seven Sexy Sins sounds like an intriguing series, and yet this first book was not necessarily the greatest start Surely, book two will pick up the pace.Rating 2 5Recommend HEA YesA copy of this title was made available for review in exchange for an honest critique I was not required to give a positive review The words I have shared are my own.

    19. Williams office romance is a Cinderella esque tale between her very un Prince Charming type hero and her cautiously reserved heroine who ve both overcome horrendous childhoods Her authentic English settings inspire, and the relationship building is truly well done RT Book Reviews, 4 stars.Miniseries Seven Sexy SinsI enjoyed this book greatly The theme is one of my favorites and Ms Williams wrote a compelling couple They were perfect for each other but no one would have seen it coming Kim

    20. I wonder if only my copy had grammatical errors and run on sentences that covered the span of a paragraph For me, there was no plot in the book All I saw was boy meets girl There really was nothing to create intrigue it was quite refreshing to read a tycoon that was not nearly as tycoon ish as the other HQN heros.

    21. I enjoyed this book, but was a bit peeved because apparently there are other books in the 7 sexy sins series There is no info within this book about the others, apart from the names of the authors And it was only when I came onto today to rate this one that I discovered it was the 1st in series.

    22. I wanted to give it 3 stars but I liked Gabriel so additional star for that It was good and I liked it I loved their push and pull kind of relationship and how they cannot seem to get enough of each othe.

    23. Jolie petite histoire toute simple J ai bien aim que ce soit le h ros qui insiste chaque fois, et que l h ro ne ne tombe pas dans ses bras imm diatement Il est un peu antipathique sur les bords mais on croit ses sentiments pour l h ro ne C est l essentiel.

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