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The Secret His Mistress Carried #2020

The Secret His Mistress Carried Hiding from the Greek The ink is barely dry on Giorgios Letsos s divorce papers but there s only one thing on this unstoppable Greek s mind finding Billie Smith his mistress before his marriage But

  • Title: The Secret His Mistress Carried
  • Author: Lynne Graham
  • ISBN: 9780373133048
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The Secret His Mistress Carried By Lynne Graham, Hiding from the Greek The ink is barely dry on Giorgios Letsos s divorce papers, but there s only one thing on this unstoppable Greek s mind finding Billie Smith, his mistress before his marriage But the sweet, pliable woman he once knew slams the door in his face Billie fought hard to heal her broken heart after Gio chose to marry someone else When he storms back intHiding from the Greek The ink is barely dry on Giorgios Letsos s divorce papers, but there s only one thing on this unstoppable Greek s mind finding Billie Smith, his mistress before his marriage But the sweet, pliable woman he once knew slams the door in his face Billie fought hard to heal her broken heart after Gio chose to marry someone else When he storms back into her life, she s determined not to fall for his seduction again Especially now that she has a secret to protect their son But she hadn t counted on just how badly he wants her back in his bed

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      194 Lynne Graham
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    1 thought on “The Secret His Mistress Carried

    1. I gave this one 4 stars only because I adored Billie, the heroine She may have been a doormat when she was the hero s mistress for two years but she certainly grew some backbone when she left him, after he informed her that he was going to marry the right kind of woman.So, two years on, hero has divorced the so called perfect wife, who is actually the most odious and bitchy woman everd goes knocking on Billie s door, where she has built a life for herself and the hero s secret sons, he wants her [...]

    2. This is one of the best LG s I have read in years The style, story and characters are highly reminiscent of LG s The Spanish Groom and Tempestuous Reunion halcyon days Gio is a great H and his actions are bad really, really bad but it was beautifully explained and he was so cute in his OTT obsession of keeping Billie at any cost that he earns his redemption in classic LG style Billie is one of the best LG h s ever She isn t a doormat and she makes some really tough decisions and deals with some [...]

    3. 4 star story and heroine, 1 star hero Story missing some detail on hero s marriagefelt incomplete there But otherwise gripping But very upsetting to me view spoiler Gio makes virginal Billie his mistress he tries to take her out once with his fancy friends but she doesn t know the name of a Venetian artist Canaletto are you kidding , he stops taking her out in public since she s not good enough, much like Tempestuous Reunion Classist pig After two years, he decides he has to marry a classy, fanc [...]

    4. This has got to be one of the best romances that LG has written in years.Loved everything about it.Heroine,Billie,was a strong character,and Gio,the hero,I believed loved Billie all along from their days when she was his mistress.

    5. For anyone else I d have given a 2 rating but for someone of Lynne Graham s calibre I expect a little I usually like Lynne Graham books, wallbangers, crazy H s and all I was soooo disappointed in this one Firstly the writing style Not the prose I d expect I struggle to explain as I couldn t pin it down but if I hadn t read it on the cover I would never have thought it a Lynne Graham book Something gauche about it view spoiler And then there was the mixed up plot The h veered between standing up [...]

    6. I d given up on Graham, but this one is like her oldies It reminded me quite a bit of one of my old skool Graham favs Tempestuous Reunion Although this one was definitely different enough to stand on its own.One of my favorite HP tropes is the mistress taken for granted And boy did Gio deliver on that score He was even worse than the H in Tempestuous Reunion in that he was so out of touch with his feelings that he STILL didn t realize what the h meant to him even after she left him He searched [...]

    7. I enjoyed this, but felt there could have been angst considering the storyline Gio broke Billie s heart yet I didn t feel her anguish Billie primarily concerned herself in the present with protecting her secret and resisting Gio s bedroom charms Valid concerns, but the author s choice to brush Billie s feelings under the rug reduced the emotional impact of Gio s betrayal and seemed to give him a pass It didn t help that Gio, after reentering her life, initially failed to express any remorse or [...]

    8. Gio and Billie have an affair but when he decides to marry a woman of his social background and keep Billie as his mistress she dissapears from his life Alone and pregnant she builds a career and a new life for herself and her son Two years later Gio is a divorced man When he finds Billie again he is determined to make her his again and when he finds out he has a son he demands marriage as well Good read It was sexy but it was not very angsty I liked the hero even if he was an oblivious moron an [...]

    9. I really enjoyed this book I really liked Billie s character and how she fought to make a better life for her and her son Gio was okay Typical alpha Greek billionaire who at first only thinks of himself and his own desires I know it had a lot to do with how he was raised however, he still annoyed me with wanting to get married to a proper wife but keep Billie as a mistress Of course Billie says No and disappears for 2 years where she builds a life for herself and her son until Gio finally finds [...]

    10. Classic Lynne Graham A wonderful second chance at love romance with the right touch of angst The Secret His Mistress Carried is why I read Harlequin Presents The heroine is modern but not an unlikable bitch She has her flaws but they don t ruin the book The hero is devious, over the top and clueless about love alpha His grovel is well done as is the heroine s I totally enjoyed this modern day fairytale

    11. Finally a book by LG that I could read without skimming Loved the hero, loved the way he was obsessed with the heroine and relentless in his pursuit of her He was a bit set in his ways and totally unaware of how his actions hurt the heroine Loved the way he slowly changed into a better man I especially enjoyed the scene with the prenup agreement and the reasons for wording it the way he did When it comes to the heroine I found her endearing and resourceful She had the brains and guts to improve [...]

    12. These books are essentially all the same Wealthy arrogant H Most often a weak h that is either their mistress or secretary assistant The H decides he needs to marry someone suitable to satisfy family needs and drops h Of course, h finds out she is pregnant but can t tell H because she is poor and destitute and she is afraid he will take the child The H decides he can t live without h and comes back and is pissed when he finds out he is a father and didn t know Then he blackmails h to do what he [...]

    13. Lynne Graham junkie that I am, I thought this was a nice little story It was amusing how blind the hero was He had married another woman two years earlier while expecting Billie, the heroine to continue as his mistress After his marriage fails he finally finds her again and can t understand why she left him She keeps going but you married another woman and he just can t see what difference that should have made They have this conversation in different ways throughout the book She doesn t just ro [...]

    14. I liked it Lynne Graham s books make me happy most of times The heroine was smart and strong, I love she was curvy The hero was Greek, an alfa male as usually

    15. 4.5 stars Great LG book It only missed five stars because I was still a bit unclear about his reasons for marrying his first wife It s nice to see a favorite author deliver a great HP read.

    16. 3.5 starsI finally finished this book its me not you situation lol and i really enjoyed it At first you kinda think its thumbs up for this angsty but its actually fluffy Gio was an ass but i couldnt help but like him all was explained and he is hella cute Billie is soo gentle and loving They both did stupid things but they have grown up Thumbs up for this book.

    17. Georgios Letsos wanted his cake and eat it too He had a mistress, Billie, that he couldn t live with, but who was not his social or intellectual equal So he found a woman with he right background that he could marry while attempting to keep his mistress Billie was madly in love with Georgios, however, learning that he chose someone else to be his wife tore her heart apart She walked out with no plans t ever see him again.Two years later, a now divorced Georgios decides that he needs Billie in hi [...]

    18. Certainly not the best of Lynne Graham Hero way to pushy and not even a little sorry for going off to marry another woman Doesn t even realise he did anything wrong How dense can you be.

    19. Gio, Gio, Gio You are one self involved, self centered, egotistical, alpha romero hero I should hate you and your arrogant self, but like Billie I just can t Gio and Billie are the kind of hero and heroine that L Graham does best Billie is a loving, sweet scatterbrain lower case h while Gio is an uber alpha, arrogant asshat capital H The plot has been hashed and rehashed so I will concentrate on the relationship Billie actually has a spine unlike many, okay most, Harlequin heroines, and leaves G [...]

    20. No es de los mejores de Lynne Graham, pero as y todo sigue siendo entretenido Ella es demasiado complaciente a mi manera de ver, hay situaciones demasiado espinosas para haberlas aceptado de la manera en que ella lo hac a Me enferm el doble rasero de Gio y estaba para patearlo en los huev s Fuerte Mucho.

    21. This was an OK Read The story line was similar to another book by this author Tempestuous Reunion It did not carry the same punch for me though.I also did not feel the Love of the H in this.

    22. 3.5 stars for first half 4 stars for second half Essentially what my feelings for this book was the first half vs the second half of the story or accurately first half Gio vs second half Gio The first half, he was just awful Downright awful and I couldn t believe what was coming out of his month half the time and just his whole attitude in general Now I ve read about lots of pompous, entitled, bratty jerky, alpha males before but Gio just took that cake I really couldn t believe him or his nerv [...]

    23. A passionate read.Billie and Gio had a hot passionate relationship that ended with Gio needing to marry the perfect wife to get an heir Gio thought the relationship could continue even if he got married since his wife to be would not mind and he didn t want to give up Billie But Billie deemed their relationship over because cheating didn t work and she would not be the other woman Billie never said no to Gio before because she adored and loved him and he made her so happy But his getting married [...]

    24. when I picked this up I thought a nice easy romance book and it was it was nice I just think it s was missing that spark.I liked Billie I just didn t love her, I felt she made some really silly decisions regarding Theo and it felt like she caved to quickly and lost some of the spunk she had at first when she wasn t going to let gio just walk back into her life.I wasn t a big fan of Gio at all, I found him very arrogant and not in a attractive way at all he was to selfish and all about money I fo [...]

    25. Una novela muy regular Todo se resuelve de golpe al final, no hay momentos o muy pocos de felicidad entre los protagonistas, ella es muy tonta y l muy terco e incomprensible la boda con otra mujer no tiene sentido y resulta poco cre ble seg n sus razones , las escenas de cama son cortas, incompletas y sin pasi n, no se siente el amor Me han gustado muchas novelas de Lynne Graham, pero en esta historia se siente que anda dando tumbos en un pasillo oscuro.

    26. This was an excellent book Billie, the heroine, was loving, honest and direct with Gio, the hero Gio was a jerk but needed Billie to make his life worth living This book is a keeper.

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