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Fantasy Forfeit #2020

Fantasy Forfeit What if a scam artist put everything you have at risk and selling yourself to a stranger for four days solves all of your problems The island is discreet luxurious and anonymous Invitations to the i

  • Title: Fantasy Forfeit
  • Author: Gem Larkspur
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Fantasy Forfeit By Gem Larkspur, What if a scam artist put everything you have at risk and selling yourself to a stranger for four days solves all of your problems The island is discreet, luxurious, and anonymous Invitations to the island s exclusive Hunt carry a six figure price tag The quarry is a well trained submissive, the prize is four days of unfettered play where only aliases are exchanged and What if a scam artist put everything you have at risk and selling yourself to a stranger for four days solves all of your problems The island is discreet, luxurious, and anonymous Invitations to the island s exclusive Hunt carry a six figure price tag The quarry is a well trained submissive, the prize is four days of unfettered play where only aliases are exchanged and satisfaction is guaranteed It s the perfect getaway for a Dom who likes to play hard and walk away with no entanglements.Threatened with bankruptcy Sapphire clutches at the possibility of solving her problems with one long weekend Armed with a friend s reference and knowledge gained through novels and internet research, Sapphire is accepted as a Hunt submissive She expects a weekend Dom, someone older, with money than virility She hopes for someone who will give her a taste of fantasy without pushing her limits Beast is a master of the Hunt and the island is his playground A demanding Dom, he wants nothing than a four day retreat where he can indulge his desires with a professional submissive When an old rivalry turns dangerous, everyone s limits are challenged Publishers note This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations some readers may find objectionable Anal play intercourse, BDSM theme and content including not limited to bondage,restraint, spanking,paddling tethering exhibitionism, voyeurism

    • [KINDLE] ☆ Fantasy Forfeit | By ↠ Gem Larkspur
      132 Gem Larkspur
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    1. 5 Twit is pleased, Lord Beast STARS I couldn t get enough of this book Damn where to start So we have Phim Sapphire, the educated businesswoman in a financial bind Then there s Lord Beast, the mysterious alpha in all ways, sexy as hell Dominant I loved the dynamic in this story Sapphire s the smart, capable female able to adapt to her surroundings on an island where she s hunted by a barrage of unknown men and then submits to being captive while being pushed to a whole new level sexually Beast i [...]

    2. Wow Don t let the simple cover deceive you, this was brilliant 5 Scorching hot stars This is one of the best kinky romances I ve read so far this year Boy was this hot, hot, hot This book focuses on a private resort where the rich and kinky gather for a few days of debauchery This story was such good fun and the BDSM was very well written, and did I mention HOT Definitely spank bank material Beast was a God Seriously, I d offer myself up to him any day I hope there s another book in this series, [...]

    3. I was fortunate to be asked to beta read this story, and for my first beta read I feel I was honoured.This is a really, interesting, different book A young girl who is desperate for money to get her out of debt is given what she believes is an easy opportunity of earning a lot of money, easily and quickly It s an idea situation to get herself out of debt and enable her to improve her life.She directed by a friend to the perfect solution to all her problems.lls out an on line application and lies [...]

    4. Holy wow I was not expecting something so good with such an unassuming cover and seemingly derivative blurb What a marvelous page turner I found Phin Sapphire both incredibly interesting and thoroughly believable Her past is shrouded in mystery, she has a shrewd mind protecting a soft core, and she has an adventurous spirit that, while admirable, leaves her vulnerable to others and in over her head throughout this book Beast is alpha, dark, and clearly an iceberg As in, we ve only seen the tip, [...]

    5. I was totally unprepared for this book, but I absolutely loved it Sapphire is a very strong woman who may know herself, but has no clue about BDSM other than what she has read in her erotic books But she learned quickly and Beast was delighted to teach her There is one scene that I had heart palpitations over I actually had to go back and read it again It is very short, and not very descriptive, but that made it pack a punch all the anal This is all told from Sapphire s perspective not POV , so [...]

    6. This story is Beauty the Beast re imagined, set on Fantasy Island where BDSM rules apply This beauty has no idea what those rules really entail so has to learn to trust Beast, her master, in order to last the 4 days Treachery greed abounds Be aware you will WANT to read book 2 This story was a prize won in the Kiss Tell Groups Convention 2017

    7. Phim is having money troubles and her friend Jon tells her about a job where she can earn a lot of money in just a few days When he recommended this job he didn t fully understand what it would entail, and neither did she until she was there It s on an island, a hunt, where dominant men pay a hefty price for 4 days with a submissive True identities are not known, these men want anonymity and no strings attached fun The overall story is excellent When I realised the majority of the book focused o [...]

    8. Wow I don t know what to say I am left with my mouth hanging open This book blew me away Literally I had to stand up and take a break to figure out what I just read Fantasy Forfeit is a cross between Fifty Shades of Grey and The Hunger Games only so much better then that sounds I had never heard of this author before and her voice is different then most I ve read The main female in this story Sapphire is unique and her thoughts are fun to see This book kept me on the edge of my seat and I read i [...]

    9. I received it in exchange of an honest review And forever thankful i will be MUST READ ALERT Very well written with an extremelly creative story, a female lead who is as sweet as she is strong, and without bating her lashes makes a handful of very strong man fall to her feet Did i mention how creative the story is It is one of the most creative story i found in romance erotica books till now When i read it, I honestly thought Hunger Games meets 50 shades in a Romance Erotica setting I am so exci [...]

    10. I have only read a few books in this genre, but Gem you can write as many like this as you can, and I will keep reading them I enjoyed the plot and was shocked by the way it ended I found myself reading it and wanting to know what happened next but also not wanting it to end I want to know about Beast Im hoping the second book will clue me in I was impressed with the way it flowed and even though at one point I almost couldnt finish reading because lines were crossed Im glad I continued Im off [...]

    11. Fun read, but things got a bit convoluted plot wise I did enjoy the relationship between Sapphire and Beast very sexy

    12. I received an email on 5 25 from the group Kiss Tell about a book they were going to read I didn t read the email all the way as I just clicked on the book I have to admit, I never heard of Gem Larkspur before, but I m glad I know now I read the blurb found it interesting, so I purchased Fantasy Forfeit The Sera Diaries Book 1 with the idea I would read it in the future Well, I guess the future was an hour after I one clicked I finished it the same night It was great I couldn t swipe my finger o [...]

    13. I received this book to an honest reviewG I need a beast no I WANT A BEAST.I loved this book I love Phim, she is educated but her gallery is suffering due to a scam at her gallery Easy way to earn a lot f money is to be a bdsm slave for a weekend How hard can it be Having profiles mixed up leads to Phim getting into a spot of bother but once the its all sorted you can see the relationship between her and beast developing Beast brings out Phims dark sexual side, which she realises she likes Unfor [...]

    14. Received this for an honest review and I have to say Wow Not only was it hot and it is steamy Well there s men hunting women for their fun for the week so they can live out their fetishes The only thing is that Prim aka Sapphire lies about her experience of BDSM so that she can earn enough money to pay her debts but Beast catches her and he realizes that she lied but he continues with what he came there for and they both have an experience neither will forget There is nothing that I can say bes [...]

    15. This story was such a pleasant surprise for me I don t know what I was expecting but my expectations weren t super high mannnnn was I wrong This was excellent, probably one of the most believable intro bdsm experiences for a female character Once I started, I couldnt put it down I loved Beast from the second he stepped into the story ughhh I couldn t get enough of him And Sapphire dear sweet Sapphire, I wanted to smack her and then hug her so many times lol Definitely a book hangover in the maki [...]

    16. Sapphire and Beast, those two are hot.I enjoyed the relationship that developed between these two especially after the very unfortunate event which occurred during their first meeting There were moments when it seemed that Beast had a psychic bond with Sapphire and could interpret her thoughts Fantasy Forfeit was a great read and the Epilogue leaves you with OMG What the heck is going to happen Damn him Well now off to ready Fantasy Reclaimed, I need to know what happens

    17. 3.5 stars rounded down because giving a name to any body part the h s clit in this instance is just a big NO That and her inability to use some words just made her sound silly which was at odds with her educated character description It also made me laugh during the hottest scenes which sorts of negates most of the hot factor Nice BDSM read though I will be reading the second book hoping we get some of Beast s POV because that was really missing for me in book 1.

    18. I received the ARC in exchange for an honest reviewI was very surprise I really enjoyed the book The writing was very engaging but I found myself wanting I need to find the other books so I can find out what happens next I have read other books with a BDSM theme The book could gone into adetail about the scenes that can happen The only other thing I can says is that I could not put thee book down.

    19. I bought this book because EG rated it highly, and she was right This is a strong 4.Set in the classic island of debauchery, this BDSM tale adds an intriguing plot twist what if the Doms didn t like each other What if they used their subs as pawns to compete, but not in a friendly way And what if this was told from the perspective of the pawn Our young Sapphire is a newbie to BDSM, but she s faking like she has a clue And this lands her in a world of hurt After a while, those pains become tingle [...]

    20. What a delightful surprise I saw this book being promoted in a group I belong to, and I decided to take a closer look I m so happy I did Fantasy Forfeit was a terrific read, and I can t wait to start Fantasy Reclaimed to find out what happens next.Phim aka Sera or Sapphire is a gallery owner who finds herself in an extraordinary cash crunch because of a client s fraud Her best friend, Jon, offers a possible solution that will pay her 20K for 4 days work act as a professional submissive at an eve [...]

    21. This was an interesting read Phim I m not sure what her real name actually is is in dire straights financially and at risk of losing her art gallery Her friend Jon tells her about a fantasy island that holds a BDSM hunt weekend that pays 20k The slaves are released and then captured by one of the Lords, and then she belongs to him for 4 days Her name for the hunt is Sapphire, and she sends up being captured by Lord Beast Beast thought he was capturing an experienced sub with no limits, but he en [...]

    22. The Story of O meets Fantasy Island meets Pretty Woman This book is a fantastic, hilarious, kinky ROMP I loved it The writing and characterization are top notch, the pacing is perfect, the dialogue is crisp, and the sex Is hotter than the hinges on the gates of hell Sapphire is downright lovable, and Beast is delicious If Kitty Thomas and Pepper Winters are the mistresses of dark erotica, Gem Larkspur is the mistress of light and delivers thrilling, arousing, and masterfully executed erotica A r [...]

    23. Interesting read, loved the characters, interaction once I figured out the h s way of speaking itch, twit Just really really dislike cliffhangers Looking forward to the next book Soon please

    24. I won this book by winning one of the BDSM Group Games during their 7th Anniversary Celebration 2016

    25. The fact that the heroine kept referring to her twit Seriously Not sexy at all It was distracting and I found it childish.

    26. Saw the cover thought it would either be dire or well written so I downloaded the sample little expecting to read both books Though it was a weekend of torrential rain, so a good time to bunker in read.Definitely smut kink articulate well written, I d read this authors other works in other genres assuming she has them I knew her name.

    27. I really liked this book What I don t like is the fact that when I purchase a book it comes with some editing issues The story was good and I liked the main characters The Sexy Beast and Sapphire The hunter and the prey.

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