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Hırsız #2020

H rs z Kendime NotA k sab rl d r a k naziktir A k v nmez ya da b y k konu maz A kta kibir yoktur Asla kaba yavan ya da uygunsuz bencil de ildir Kolay kolay sinirlenmez A k yanl lar n etelesini tutmaz A k g

  • Title: Hırsız
  • Author: Tarryn Fisher Meltem Türkmen
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hırsız By Tarryn Fisher Meltem Türkmen, Kendime NotA k sab rl d r a k naziktir.A k v nmez ya da b y k konu maz.A kta kibir yoktur Asla kaba, yavan ya da uygunsuz, bencil de ildir.Kolay kolay sinirlenmez.A k yanl lar n etelesini tutmaz.A k g venir, umut eder ve ne olursa olsun katlan r.A k asla eskimez.Onun i in sava aca m.Caleb Drake, ilk a k n asla unutmad Evlendi i zaman da O evlendi inde de Hayat biKendime NotA k sab rl d r a k naziktir.A k v nmez ya da b y k konu maz.A kta kibir yoktur Asla kaba, yavan ya da uygunsuz, bencil de ildir.Kolay kolay sinirlenmez.A k yanl lar n etelesini tutmaz.A k g venir, umut eder ve ne olursa olsun katlan r.A k asla eskimez.Onun i in sava aca m.Caleb Drake, ilk a k n asla unutmad Evlendi i zaman da O evlendi inde de Hayat birdenbire d n p dola p ayn noktaya gelince Caleb n, so uk ve ekici Olivia Kaspen geri kazanmak i in ne kadar ileri gidebilece ine karar vermesi gerekir Ama hayatta her hareketin bir sonucu vard r ve ok yak nda Caleb, bazen a k n katlan lmaz bir bedelle geldi ini renecektir Tan t m B lteninden

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      315 Tarryn Fisher Meltem Türkmen
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    1. At 89% loc 3059 , Olivia talks of that fateful day when she decided to go back to the music store to talk to Caleb as opposed to leaving with Dobson I ve never told anyone but,that moment that one, every changing moment has made a profound impact on me.This runs parallel to my life and most likely to hundreds if not thousands of us I was busy in real life and was content in my reading cave for one I became unglued after TO Scoured the web for any piece of scrap that can help me deal with the hur [...]

    2. FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED Woah I m still reeling here Caleb and Olivia have one of the most heart breakingly dysfunctional and yet achingly beautiful love stories I ve ever read They had an irreplaceable love proved unbreakable even by a lifetime of mistakes They were destructive, made the wrong choices and paid the painful price for their mistakes but you couldn t help but root for them every step of the way Their journey was an intense, heartbreaking, non stop roller coaster filled to the brim wi [...]

    3. 5 Perfectly Imperfect Stars I loved this book I hated this book I loved this book I hated this book I loved this bookOkay, you get it Tarryn Fisher can mess with your mind like no other Her writing is incredible Her characters are unforgettable No surprise, this was a 5 star read for me I would give it than 5 stars if I could SO many feelings SO many emotions I ve struggled to write this review, collecting your thoughts on a book like this isn t easy, but here ya go Thief is written mostly all [...]

    4. This review contains SPOILERSIS BOOK.I don t really know what to sayThis book was everything I wanted, everything I hated, something that I loved and well as you can see I am a wreck on the emotional scale.The CharactersLeah was allAnd Olivia was likeLeah could not accept this she was allMeanwhile Caleb was allll about winning Olivia backAnd Noah My thoughtsThief takes us on the tumultuous journey of Caleb and Olivia s everlasting trail of love, jealousy and lies We get a young Caleb and his tho [...]

    5. Warning While there are no intentional spoilers, there may be some things that may give something away I try to be ambiguous but still Stop reading reviews and trust mejust read the book We finally get Caleb s POV and for those of us waitingxiously, you just don t know how good that is There have been sooo many questions and sooo many theories on why Caleb did certain things and how he felt was just a big sigh of relief to get those answers This is the third and final book of the Love Me With Li [...]

    6. 5 STARS Thief was easily my most anticipated book of 2013 All year I ve been waiting for this third and final part of the Love Me With Lies series, and I can honestly say it was 100% worth the wait While The Opportunist was told from Olivia s POV, and Dirty Red was told from Leah s side, we now finally get Caleb s side of the story We finally find out what went through his head during all of the important events of the two previous books and we find out how he reacts after the bomb Leah dropped [...]

    7. Before reading Dear Tarryn Fisher,I will clean your house,buy your groceries,brush your hair,dress you,feed youjust GIVE ME THIS BOOK We have a title THIEF This better be about him stealing Olivia from Noah So,here are a couple of theories I have about the last book view spoiler What did Caleb gave Olivia for her birthday I think it could be that pressed penny or the key to the house he bought for her.What is Leah going to do next Well,this theory is pretty crazy,but I think Olivia will get that [...]

    8. Maybe this is finally our time Maybe After reading Dirty Red, I religiously stalked Tarryn Fischer s Face Book status regarding her process in writing the Thief When Tarryn hit the publish button I actually froze Weirdly, my fear had me terrified to start if you can you believe it I was so damn invested in Olivia and Caleb and what awaited me in these 234 pages that the conclusion both excited and terrified me I kid you not Tarryn s writing is PURE BRILLIANCE Caleb s pov was ABSOLUTE PERFECTION [...]

    9. In this third book in the series, we finally get to hear Caleb s side of the story I have been continually amazed by this author s ability to retell the same story over and over, albeit from a different vantage point, and keep it feeling fresh and new Just like in the previous books, Thief is divided into past and present timeframes, with the present portions revealing new events as they transpire After reading Dirty Red , I was especially interested to see how Caleb could ve loved a woman like [...]

    10. Reviews for this particular author are always the hardest to write some reason Here goesTug of war That s exactly what Tarryn Fisher does with my heart Each and every time, too I love it yet I hate it It s a sick relationship I have with books that few can deliver And Tarryn can There hasn t been many books this year that has rocked me to the core, but Thief did And you all know I don t lie about my readsThief does not disappoint Tarryn has a deep fond for her readers, so than I think people re [...]

    11. Check out this AMAZING trailer made by The Book Avenue here youtube watch feature Life does not accommodate you, it shatters you Love is mean, but it s good It keeps us alive I have agonized and stressed over how in the world I was going to review this book this wonderful beautiful book Thief is the final book of the Love Me With Lies series, an achingly poignant series that touched me so deeply These characters have embedded their way into my heart Caleb and Olivia are in me so deep that I ther [...]

    12. 6 EPIC STARS How many times can a heart be broken before it is beyond mend The day I met her under a tree, it was as if I breathed a spore of her into my lungs We kept coming back to each other The distance between our bodies grew wider over the years as we tried to live separately but the spore took root and grew Olivia is something that grows inside of me Caleb Drake Broken people give broken love And we are all a little broken This book shakes head this book is the perfect verse over tight be [...]

    13. She will be your destruction She s not healthy I gently removed her hand from my arm Then let her destroy me 5 STARS CALEB DRAKE There is a reason he sits in my top five favorite book boyfriends of all time, and this book was the perfect example why Prepare to swoon ladies Prepare to swoon CALEBNow, I love imperfect characters and imperfect stories Books that surprise, feel unexpected and original and Tarryn Fisher has delivered exactly that with the LOVE ME WITH LIES SERIES It s something that [...]

    14. Slight Edit One Very Disappointed And Not At All convinced Star CONTAINS LOTS OF SPOILERS SPOILERS EVERYWHERE Contains spoilers and should not be read until you have read all three books, if that is what you are planning to do or read this review first, and maybe I can save the wasted time of reading the books to begin with You have been warned about the spoilers, that is I know most of my friends who have read this book have loved it, but I really hated it Or so, I hated the characters Caleb a [...]

    15. To give this book a 5 rating was one of the easiest decidions I ever made This trilogy was one of several firsts for me Opportunist made me pull my first all nighter and made me cry over a book as an audlt for the first time.Dirty Red was the first book I loved where I loathed the main character.Thief was the first book that made me realize that doing the right thing isn t always the best thing and being a little selfish isn t always such a bad thing.This was such an emotional journey for me and [...]

    16. Book s out Book s Out BOOK S OUT let s do the happy dance Blrub is out Note to SelfLove is patient love is kind.Love doesn t boast or brag.There s no arrogance in love it s never rude, crude, or indecent it s not self absorbed.Love isn t easily upset.Love doesn t tally wrongs.Love trusts, hopes, and endures no matter what.Love will never become obsolete.I ll fight for her.ThiefCaleb Drake never got over his first love Not when he got married Not when she got married When life suddenly comes full [...]

    17. Love Me With Lies, book 3 of 3 The conclusion of Caleb s Olivia s epic very dysfunctional love She has the kind of love that can stain your soul, make you beg not to have one, just to escape the spell she s put you under I ve tried to break myself of her over and over, but it s pointless I ve got of her in my veins than blood The Love Me With Lies series is Caleb Drake s and Olivia Kaspen s whirlwind saga spanning over a decade filled with love, joy, angst, anger, frustration, but mostly a prof [...]

    18. Okay, maybe I am a nutcase along with Olivia, Leah and Caleb because I am so addictedFinally we get into Caleb s head and after Leah s book I welcomed that with open arms How many times can a heart be broken before it is beyond mend I DON T KNOW TARRYN FISHER HOW MANY TIMES ARE YOU WILLING TO BREAK IT My heart felt broken in a few different ways, but by the ending it felt like it started to mend.Caleb is fighting to win Olivia back Thief takes us back through the journey of their story of lies, [...]

    19. Wow, this book felt like the end of a journey And in a certain way it was a completely awesome and f ed up journey And I loved every single second of it Life isn t always pretty Sometimes it s amazing and other times it screws with us and laughs in our face.Sometimes it takes us on journeys that we never asked or even imagined And sometimes life puts someone in our paths, that nothing will ever be able to remove them from there Sometimes we find someone who becomes our fate.Caleb and Olivia was [...]

    20. I highlighted SO much of this book, but I don t want to post my favorite quotes on here I want to wrap them up and keep them to myself so that I can open them on a dark gloomy day and read them over and cry I do this thing when I read, and I wish I wouldn t, but I do, where I analyze the crap out of sentences, words, phrases and the way they re used It s a strange little habit I ve developed over the years Sometimes when I read, I find myself doing that than enjoying the actual story, and that [...]

    21. Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum Good news is, I finished the series Bad news is, I could totally give this 1 Star and not feel bad about it However, since Ms Fisher slipped me a literary roofie that made me feel compelled to read all three of these damn books she gets a bonus star You know, what Screw it 1 Star This was a waste I really didn t enjoy any of these books except for The Opportunist Rehashing the same story from a different character s point of view gets tiring, and reading [...]

    22. Thief Love Me With Lies, 3 OMG this book was soooooo GOOD Olivia I ve lost her three times The first was to impatience The second was to a lie so dense we couldn t work our way through it, and the third time this time I ve lost her to Noah Caleb and Olivia met under a tree 10 years ago and they have been obsessed with each other ever since that day This is the third and final book in this messy love affair and it was a GOOD one to end this series on This isn t a pretty little love story wrapped [...]

    23. So many conflicting FEEEELINGS sigh Everyone knows by now what a crazy cluster fuck of awesome this series is The characters are imperfect and flawed They lie, cheat, steal, manipulate, and are extremely intense It s what I ve loved about the Love Me With Lies series, it s bold, it s different, it s smart Btw, you probably shouldn t read this review if you haven t read The Opportunist and Dirty Red The day I met her under that tree, it was as if I breathed a spore of her into my lungs We kept co [...]

    24. Caleb Drake Stealing Reader s Hearts One Chapter at a Time 3 I absolutely adore the Love Me With Lies series I went into this book knowing that Caleb s point of view was going to be epic and all I can say is that Tarryn Fisher completely surpassed my already high expectations for the final book in Olivia and Caleb s story.Since I don t want to give too much of this story away and spoil it for anyone, I will say that Thief continues where Dirty Red left off Caleb made the decision to fight for a [...]

    25. All teasers so far release included at the bottom I collect them so you don t have too pAfter reading Dirty Red I can t freaking wait for Caleb s novel after Dirty Red s explosive ending Plus, I d really like to know what the present was.After the title release Thief THIEF Caleb is going to be a thief dies with the hugest grin ever After the cover release HOT DAMN Is that seriously Caleb I want Please I heard a rumorThiefis expected to have a late 2013 release date Please tell me it isn t so I n [...]

    26. 5 EMOTIONAL STARS Eventually She sighs That word is so us, isn t it Eventually, you ll tell me you re faking your amnesia Eventually, I ll tell you that I m pretending not to know you Eventually, we ll come back together, fall apart, come back together That quote sums up this whole series.Wow This book was amazing I m really going to miss the characters and this series I feel like I m saying goodbye to a close friend who I will never see again I just want to cry This series will forever have a p [...]

    27. Dear Tarryn,Now I know that you like to evoke emotion in your booksd you have, you have I know that a lot of your readers have felt giddy, frustrated, have wanted to reach into books and slap people, have felt disappointed, angry, hopeful.If it is not to much to askwe need the HEA, we crave the HEA, please do not shatter meease bring them together preferably without hurting the Hot Ghandi to badly and feel free to CrUsH Leah.Thanks,Audrie

    28. 7 22 13Oh my HEART I can t believe it s OVER I m emotionally battered from the highs and lows, but OMG, I loved it Brilliant Thoughts immediately after reading Dirty Red back in January If Caleb and Olivia do not end up together I will HAVE TO HURT SOMEONE I m dying for this book, literally 8 1 13 And now for the real review Thief was a perfectly imperfect ending to a series I will never forget I felt like my heart and head went through the spin cycle from all the highs and lows I experienced, b [...]

    29. As a fan of the Love Me With Lies series, I had been anticipating the release of Thief with much excitement I had high expectations for this book and it didn t disappoint If you are familiar with Tarryn Fisher s writing, you know she has raised the bar for all indie contemporary writers Thief ties up all the loose ends for this series, and Caleb s point of view is enlightening and intense Definitely a hard book to put down you will devour this book in one sitting.Plot After a messy divorce, Cale [...]

    30. 5 STARS Olivia I ve lost her three times The first was to impatience The second was to a lie so dense we couldn t work our way through it And the third time this time I ve lost her to Noah Where do I start with this book Well, I had been anticipating reading Caleb Drake s POV since the series began I wanted to know what his thoughts were of everything that happened I can say that this book was really heartbreaking for me I was in so much pain for all the years that passed them by, for all the co [...]

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