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Honor's Pledge #2020

Honor s Pledge Abigail Martin and Montgomery Farrel find their worlds colliding when a debt of honor must be paid in this novel about frontier life in the Colorado Rockies

  • Title: Honor's Pledge
  • Author: Kristen Heitzmann
  • ISBN: 9780764220319
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Paperback
  • Honor's Pledge By Kristen Heitzmann, Abigail Martin and Montgomery Farrel find their worlds colliding when a debt of honor must be paid in this novel about frontier life in the Colorado Rockies.

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      Kristen Heitzmann

    1 thought on “Honor's Pledge

    1. I orginally listened to this from Books In Motion, and really liked it The reader did a great job, and it s a great story It s a great light romance read set in the Old West in Colorado The characters are wonderful and complex, and so is the plot not all formulaic though there are some elements like that as in any book It is the 1st in a 5 book series that chronicles the romance between Abbie Martin, a fiery young lady of Colorado, and Monte Farrell, Southern Gentleman recently relocated after t [...]

    2. I quickly liked this book because I related to some of the Southern charm and themes as the book takes place right after the Civil War Abbie is an unrefined young woman in the Colorado territory and Montgomery is a polished and refined guy who follows the Southern gentleman code of conduct.even when he is in the wilds of the Rockies Soon, Abbie seems to have the affection of two men The rich and smooth Montgomery as well as her neighbor and childhood friend, Blake She is determined to wait for t [...]

    3. I liked this book because it held your attention from the very beginning Even tho Abbie was pretty much unrefined in Colorado she had spent some years in New York with an Aunt who was mean, but I imagine made sure she had some refinement When she goes back to Colorado she meets a southern man who has come west, bought land and is preparing to settle down He is quite refined however, so there is many differences between them When she comes back she also gets reacquainted with a boy she knew in he [...]

    4. So wow It s fairly obvious from the beginning that Abbie and Monte are heroine and hero respectively of the story, but HOLY FREAKING COW Every single time I thought I had the story figured out, something CRAZY would happen that totally threw all my ideas off It was like the author stopped periodically and asked herself, All right What are my readers going to expect here, because I surely don t want to give them that I mean, WOW, talk about plot twists And GEE WHIZ, the plot was like a Christian [...]

    5. Update Unlike Heitzmann s other historical fiction series, Rocky Mountain Legacy does not hold up to scrutiny the second time around I am reading the remainder of the series because they are not absolutely terrible and I also want to make sure that I bank enough before my next trip This book and series did not survive round two of the purge of my personal collection This book is the first in a series that I remember absolutely loving As with most of those type books from my collection that I m r [...]

    6. I think she could have made the beginning interesting, but overall a very good book Very intriguing and has many interesting twists and turns

    7. I just finished this wonderful novel by Heitzmann and it left me thrilled Drama, faith, love, honor and so much play out in this well written novel, that leaves me eager for Book 2 Seriously, this book has so much to recommended it Our heroine, Abbie, is sure to capture your heart She is a free spirit, honest, loving and she just shines There is a wonderful ensemble of characters in this book and plenty of drama going about to keep you eagerly devouring the pages Honor and love, which do you es [...]

    8. First in a series A Christian romance from Bethany House Abigail is a tomboyish young lady in the West She is determined to marry for love and has turned down her childhood friend on the basis that they do not share the right kind of love Montgomery is a refined gentleman from the South who falls in love with her Monte also believes in honor above all else Monte returns to the South to deal with some family business and is called upon to honor an agreement made years ago to marry his father s be [...]

    9. This series was really good It had it s tragedies and its comedies It was the best Western Romance I ve ever read I think that just mixing those two genres made it a good series Kristen Heitzmann writes really good Christian books Usually Christian books tend to be cheesy and focused on salvation than on the plot In this series she focuses entirely on her story The drama pulled me in and made me eager to read what was on the next page Her characters are so real, and the way she describes the se [...]

    10. I read that this was Kristen Heitzmann s first novel, so I wondered how it would be I thought she did a very nice job The story was captivating although when I told my husband about it, it sounded kind of strange and or predictable I would have liked the ending to go a little further I had about two pages left, and I wondered if it was going to have a sequel It is the first in a series, but I m not sure that the next one has to do with the first at all.Anyway, quick and easy read Some things we [...]

    11. So, this series of was one of my favorites from like 7th grade, I was wandering through the library the other day, and saw then, so I grabbed the first one I began reading it, and was like Oh, dear What have I gotten myself into The book was a sappy teenage love story, and I thought I knew exactly what was going to happenBut then there was a twistAnd then anotherI found my self enthralled, and had to see how everything worked out because I could not remember Needless to say, the series is still [...]

    12. This was my first book with this author I thought it was a fairly good story, with some really interesting twists and turns and even one very brilliant surprise, but the dialog seemed rather empty and contrived While making difficult choices to live by honor is a worthy theme, the premise of this challenge seemed unrealistic to me This is not a book nor an author that I would enthusiastically recommend, but I plan to try one book and see what happens.

    13. Despite the cheesy cover, I decided to give this audio book a try it was written by Kristen Heitzmann and narrated by Kate Forbes after all I liked the first few chapters, but thought I had the plot figured out It turned out to contain some twists in the story that I didn t expect It was an enjoyable read.

    14. This is actually the book that got me into historical fiction I was wondering around the library and picked it up Because it was the first book in this genre I had ever read, I was definitely not the book snob I am now That being said, I reread the series, and it still enchants I just love the story, and how you watch her develop and change and deal with life s challenges Love this series

    15. Abbie is headstrong, talented, and beautiful What else do you want in a protagonist Placed in the scenic backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, this series is a good read I don t own the series, but I always check them out from the library if they re there and I m in the mood.

    16. I just finished the whole series Book 1 was really good Books 2 and 3 were ok I wouldn t really recommend them but unfortunately they are in the middle of a series I did enjoy book 4 and 5 Book 5 was Honor s Reward and was the second best in the series.

    17. This book really pulled me in I didn t want to put it down I don t like cliffhangers and this book has one I prefer a neater ending, thus a for star rating instead of 5.

    18. Even Heitzmann s first novel offers readers oodles of conflict and resolution It s the perfect summer read.

    19. This is an amazing book and series I re read this series every year or nearly every year It is a wonderful story of young love, devotion, and God s Will.

    20. I read this a couple years ago and loved it If you like historical fiction frontier days type books this series rocks

    21. This inspirational romance is available on audiobook, and was written by an author with strong Colorado ties, much like Tamara Alexander.

    22. A fun light read Really cheesy and predictable, but enjoyable A good PG romance story I listened to the audio of this one, and did not like the narrator s reading at all.

    23. This was an excellent book for being Heitzmann s first book The characters were believable and the plot had a very good pace I highly recommend it.

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