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Edward II: The Unconventional King #2020

Edward II The Unconventional King He is one of the most reviled English kings in history He drove his kingdom to the brink of civil war a dozen times in less than twenty years He allowed his male lovers to rule the kingdom He led a gr

  • Title: Edward II: The Unconventional King
  • Author: KathrynWarner
  • ISBN: 9781445641201
  • Page: 145
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Edward II: The Unconventional King By KathrynWarner, He is one of the most reviled English kings in history He drove his kingdom to the brink of civil war a dozen times in less than twenty years He allowed his male lovers to rule the kingdom He led a great army to the most ignominious military defeat in English history His wife took a lover and invaded his kingdom, and he ended his reign wandering around Wales with a hanHe is one of the most reviled English kings in history He drove his kingdom to the brink of civil war a dozen times in less than twenty years He allowed his male lovers to rule the kingdom He led a great army to the most ignominious military defeat in English history His wife took a lover and invaded his kingdom, and he ended his reign wandering around Wales with a handful of followers, pursued by an army He was the first king of England forced to abdicate his throne Popular legend has it that he died screaming impaled on a red hot poker, but in fact the time and place of his death are shrouded in mystery His life reads like an Elizabethan tragedy, full of passionate doomed love, bloody revenge, jealousy, hatred, vindictiveness and obsession He was Edward II, and this book tells his story The focus here is on his relationships with his male favourites and his disaffected wife, on his unorthodox lifestyle and hobbies, and on the mystery surrounding his death Using almost exclusively fourteenth century sources and Edward s own letters and speeches wherever possible, Kathryn Warner strips away the myths which have been created about him over the centuries, and provides a far accurate and vivid picture of him than has previously been seen.

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    1. I really, really enjoyed this book This book takes on a big task the huge personality of Edward II, the countless myths about him and his reign, and even his mysterious afterlife Kathryn Warner s work is carefully researched, and passionately written Here are a few things I am left with after finishing this excellent biography Edward II loved books good man , and forgot to return two books he had borrowed tut tut imagine the fees.It is interesting that Edward II did not like Hugh Despenser very [...]

    2. FROM THE AUTHOR Posted 11 Jul 2014 10 15 AM PDT I m very pleased and proud to announce that my book Edward II The Unconventional King will be published on 28 October It s with Amberley Publishing, is 336 pages long and will include a foreword by Ian Mortimer I m keen to demolish all the myths about Edward so often repeated as fact, but absolutely don t want to whitewash him and gloss over all his many faults and errors It s a chronological narrative of his reign and what happened to him afterwar [...]

    3. Edward II was a deeply flawed king In her book Edward II The Unconventional King, Kathryn Warner doesn t attempt to hide that fact However, she also uses meticulous research to debunk myriad myths about Edward II, including the malarkey that he was killed via a hot poker in the rectum.Edward II had a rough spot in history even without being completely unsuited to medieval kingship He was sandwiched between his father, Edward I Hammer of the Scots, and his son Edward III arguably the most magnifi [...]

    4. I had mentioned in another review that I know very little about Edward II or his reign, except for the obvious, that he was homosexual And that I wanted to learn about this time period, and this king I get the feeling after having read this book, that not a lot of documentation remains that wasn t to do with account books That the scribes monks chroniclers of the time period could look at the same incident and come to completely different conclusions And finally that Ms Warner definitely had he [...]

    5. This book presents an honest portrait of a man, who became king almost by accident, who never wanted to be a king and who never became a king, at least in an conventional sense.Edward II was a man to whom personal loyalty became before the realm, who liked to joke and have some parties, who liked arts and acting, who was at ease with ordinary people, swam in the rivers and did all sorts of non royal things Which naturally was not that cool in medieval England He was than likely a bi sexual, who [...]

    6. A very enjoyable biography Warner s enthusiasm for her subject shines through, turning what could have been a dry as dust academic tome into a page turning appreciation of one of England s most controversial kings Yet this is a work of scholarship, too Warner s research is impeccable, yet her writing carries us along due to her almost fan girlish devotion to her subject.

    7. A book that is rather successful than it s subject balanced and very well evidenced portrait of an inept but not evil king and the strange mystery of whether he died not yep the red hot poker up the bum story is unlikely which is a shame as after the week I ve just had I was quite looking forward to that Joking of course.

    8. What an excellent biography I discovered this book as I was searching for information on Edward s queen Isabella, after reading a rather one sided biography of her It is always maddening when an historian begins writing a biography with an agenda That is to say they use the sources to tell the story they want told, rather than following them to see what emerges Kathryn Warner did not do this Her agenda appears to have been to tell the story of EdwardII s life, warts and all And believe me, there [...]

    9. Source Free pdf from Amberley in exchange for a review.Edward Caernarfon was born on April 25, 1284, at Caernarfon Castle in Wales.He died September 20 or 21, 1327, at Berkeley Castle, Gloucestershire, England.Summary Edward II is hedged between two other kings named Edward who had legacies of power and popularity Edward II s legacy was his tawdry relationships with male favorites Edward II was tall and handsome, but he did not have the ambition to be a king He became a king because he was his f [...]

    10. 9.99When the author, Kathryn Warner, calls Edward II The Unconventional King, she is not joking, and if you think you know his story, think again It is well known that Edward II was not regarded as a successful King, but we are reminded that he was born into this position, and by no means chose it for himself His father, King Edward was lucky that one of his sons survived childhood, although he was often at his wits end as to how to deal with him.By the time Edward becomes King, he is already in [...]

    11. Edward II holds the dubious distinction of being the first English king to be forcibly deposed by his subjects, a situation which became almost too common in the later medieval era with Richard II, Henry VI and Edward V His reign is also subject to than its fair share of distortions and myths, and Kathryn Warner admirably disposes of a number of these in this commendable biography.Edward, she argues, was probably not homosexual, as history has recorded, although that he was prone to emotional d [...]

    12. I love historical fiction, but I have to admit that some people take it too seriously and it can cause myths to develop which distort the understanding of history In no case is this true than that of King Edward II There are perhaps myths and ridiculous myths about this man than any other English ruler.This book spends much of its time popping those silly bubbles If you think you know about Edward, the chances are that reading this work will make you realise that quite a few of your previous [...]

    13. Thoughtful and thorough narrative, rooted in a close study of the sources, but no real attempt to analyse the politics and therefore to understand exactly why Edward s reign was so disastrous and becomes ridiculous in its steadfast insistence that Edward lived on after his murder But a very readable rendition of a fascinating historical narrative.

    14. Knowledge is a compellingly beautiful thing When one is in the company of someone whose awareness of their subject is so deep and so painstakingly researched, it is a privilege to hear them speak, particularly if their words bounce easily with a confident, rather than a phlegmatic, intelligence That is the experience of reading Kathryn Warner s superb biography Edward II The Unconventional King Outside of Queer Theory classrooms, Edward II does not enjoy a kindly reputation He was portrayed as a [...]

    15. What do you make of a king who was engaging and eclectic, yet hated in his own time A king who did his own thing and lost his kingdom because he preferred fishing and building to governing and making war It makes for a fascinating read, and Kathryn Warner s thorough study is a historical joy Her evidence and analysis of Edward II and his reign is meticulous.I am particularly fascinating by Edward II s later life, in Italy his fate unknown or denied until recently When I was at Berkeley Castle a [...]

    16. The author has put an enormous amount of work into this book and should be praised for it But I regret I found it less enthralling than I anticipated Indeed, it took me two weeks to read and I regretted the infinite detail on how Edward distributed five marks here, two shillings there and thousands of pounds elsewhere Yes, it is interesting to learn how he rewarded people but the relentless accounting is exhausting I hoped to learn about his policies and why they failed I also hoped to see det [...]

    17. Excellent overview of one of England s most maligned monarchs Accessible while at the same time intricate, Kathryn Warner regularly quotes from chamber records etc to reveal the social history of Edward s court She banishes many myths about the monarch and reveals a passionate and troubled man not undeserving of a little of our sympathy.

    18. Full disclosure I started following Warner s blog a few years ago and corresponded a few times via e mail regarding some questions I ve had We ve since become Facebook friends and I quite like her as a person.Warner s excitement about Edward II is infectious I found her blog through my general interest in medieval Europe, and soon found my new favourite monarch So I was understandably excited for this book to come out Then, of course, had to wait eons because apparently didn t get enough books t [...]

    19. An excellent biography of Edward II, which takes a generous approach toward Edward than the standard narrative, and a nice complement to some of the recent accounts of Queen Isabella s life, which have been rehabilitating her in the modern imagination This biography may not fully rehabilitate Edward in one sense, as it is difficult to see him as anything but an unsuccessful king, but it makes an attempt to explain Edward s reign as a tragic case of a mismatch between Edward s inherited positio [...]

    20. Despite his appalling kingship I have never managed to dislike Edward II in quite the same way I instinctively and intensively dislike King John, for example In fact, when I first read about Piers Gaveston s death, I felt desperately sorry for Edward To love so strongly and passionately and have your loved one taken from you and brutally killed seems desperately cruel Katherine Warner s book has allowed me to understand Edward that bit and accept that, lousy king though he was, there was still [...]

    21. This is a very informative book, written in a style that is easily accessible to the reader Kathryn is careful to explain with reasons where she takes a different view from those that seem to be the conventionally held ones among historians at the moment There were a few times where I had to take a second look, or take time processing, because of jumps in dates within a paragraph,but this was to assist in giving the overall picture, not just the current incident It allowed for seeing the way in [...]

    22. Comprehensive study of Edward II, written in a very approachable way She looks at facts instead of traditionally accepted conjecture I do feel that Warner s fondness for Edward leads to too much of this book being a defense of his character and decisions rather than an examination of the whos, whats, wheres and whys That said, it was a really enjoyable and educational read And I love her blog edwardthesecond Check it out I m also really looking forward to her next book about Isabella I know she [...]

    23. A brilliant new biography of that most enigmatic of kings Kathryn Warner s work shows us that the complex life of Edward II will always need to be retold both because of the lessons it teaches the present and also because of the great story it is Wonderful new addition to the history of medieval England Kathryn Warner has great cause to be well pleased.

    24. Kathryn Warner s research is second to none She shatters the myths surrounding this much maligned, flawed and complex king Brilliant read and very thought provoking.

    25. I thoroughly enjoyed the intriguing way that Kathryn presented historical facts of Edward II s life Fabulous read and research tool

    26. Overall well written and quite interesting, though occasionally she goes into mind numbing detail My only real issue is the obvious bias in which it was written, hence the lower rating.

    27. Wonderfully written and expertly researched examination of Edward II complicated and tragic life and rule Highly recommended.

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