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Love by Design #2020

Love by Design Rules are meant to be broken only he chooses which ones to break Renowned self taught baker Tristan James has everything going for him Great friends Women Business success His ultimate goal is to ho

  • Title: Love by Design
  • Author: Evie Knight
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 341
  • Format: ebook
  • Love by Design By Evie Knight, Rules are meant to be broken only, he chooses which ones to break.Renowned, self taught baker Tristan James has everything going for him Great friends Women Business success His ultimate goal is to host his own TV show All is perfect until Mandy walks into his life Tristan fears she ll make him unearth the secrets he keeps.She plays by the rules.Amanda Roberts dreaRules are meant to be broken only, he chooses which ones to break.Renowned, self taught baker Tristan James has everything going for him Great friends Women Business success His ultimate goal is to host his own TV show All is perfect until Mandy walks into his life Tristan fears she ll make him unearth the secrets he keeps.She plays by the rules.Amanda Roberts dreams of becoming a famous shoe designer, but her insecurities stand between her and her dream She s ready to give up when Tristan dares her to pursue her goal Falling prey to his charms isn t something she counts on, yet it s unavoidable.As their dreams finally become a reality, they must choose between love or the opportunity of a lifetime.

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      341 Evie Knight
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    1. 3 Cupcake Stars Sometimes a cover or premise of a book will draw you in and then next thing you know, you are clicking and reading.This had fashion incredible red pumps on the cover and the promise of fabulous cupcakes what s not to like The main gal works as a personal assistant to a wealthy woman who is demanding and important in her own mind, that is She has the girl running around on ridiculous errands bitching and moaning over every little thing The saving grace for our gal is her talent an [...]

    2. ARC provided via NetGalley for an honest review I picked up this book not sure what to expect and I think overall the book was okay It didn t blow me away in any way but it was somewhat enjoyable for me to read this book.First of, the story was rather short and there wasn t enough drama in it, in my opinion It lacked the wow factor for me The grammar and the writing was pretty good and it flowed smoothly However, it didn t manage to save the mediocre plot.Further, if anyone has read some of my p [...]

    3. Ok, I was disappointed and not disappointed with this at the same time When I first saw this on Netgalley, the red pumps caught my eye I m a shoe gal, after all , then I read shoe designer and baker, I was sold As I started reading, my hopes were starting to raise, thinking to myself that I may have found another writer to like I was seeing the potential in the story characters and appreciating the nice pace so in my mind, I was starting to see 4 5 read Then I reached the 48% mark and I was like [...]

    4. NetGalley book review This book grabbed my attention because what girl doesn t want to read about love in a romance book Sadly, this book fell short It just didn t have the oomph that would hold my attention Plus the male character came off cocky towards the female Not really what you would expect in a romance.

    5. 3.5 stars.ly because it took me a little past half way to get into thisThis was my first approved book from netgalley so it is only fair that I read and reviewed this one first.I had a slow time getting into this in the first half of the book The romance seemed to be moving to fast for my taste and wasn t really connecting with the characters too well.Half way the story picked up and I was able to get to where I didn t want to put it down Was getting very frustrated with Tristan at times and fel [...]

    6. This is Evie s best book yet This book made me laugh, cry and laugh again The characters are irresistible with their admirable career goals and unexpected love Though their circumstances are not ideal, these characters prove that true love never fails I highly recommend this book It was one of my favorite reads of the year ARC provided in return for an honest review.

    7. Review copy courtesy of the author.Okay, what the heck do I know about writing a book Exactly nothing All I know is what I like and I like this new one from Evie Knight I ve read pretty much all of her books so far and I think she gets better and better with each subsequent novel This one is my favorite of hers so far Mandy, the heroine, wants to design her own shoes Well, she DOES design her own shoes but she wants people to actually purchase them LOL She spends her free time in this awesome co [...]

    8. Love by Design was a sweet, feel good romance It was the perfect read for a lazy afternoon Mandy is that kind of heroine you just love to root for She s shy, lacks self confidence, but she s extremely talented She dreams of being a fashion shoe designer but for now spends her days as a Personal Assistant to a wealthy with and her weekends sketching beautiful shoes while hanging out at a cupcake shopwhere she never indulges in the sweets.Tristan is a self made success He rose out of a terrible ch [...]

    9. ARC courtesy of Net Galley and ILwR PublishingBell, Book Candle Love by Design ReviewThis was a cute little love story By little I mean it was actually too short in my opinion and I don t mean the rapper It is somewhat of a good thing since this story didn t need to be any drawn out than necessary Overall, the book had a lot of potential that was a bit wasted if you ask me.It seemed to be a story of never ending drama Every two seconds, Tristan and Mandy seemed to be getting into a squabble ove [...]

    10. Love by Design by Evie Knight is another welcome addition to her book library This is the story about up and coming shoe designer Mandy Roberts By day, she is the personal assistant to Eloise, an uptight rich bitch When she is not working, Mandy can be found sketching new shoe designs and looking for potential fashion opportunities Her best friend Jude, has some guys that turn her sketches and material choices into pieces of wearable shoe art Too bad Jude turns out to be a conniving weasel.Trist [...]

    11. It was my first time reading this Evie Knight s novel When I got this book, I expected the same old typical love story with too much drama and love scenes and no plot But honestly, this book took me by surprise and was totally worth my time With a sweet and easy flowing story, the plot was continuous and without any confusions and breaks Evie lets the readers enter the world of love, break ups, struggles, fashion and betrayal Love by Design is a romantic novel with two main characters, Amanda an [...]

    12. ARC kindly received by the author, Evie Knight, in exchange of an honest review I was surprised to get to read a book from her, I just took my chance to read this one since the last two were great This story was different from the 2 previous books I read from her The style, characters and plot I found this story refreshing for how easy and simple the characters were Simple but yet with personalities and added with a plot They were normal characters with struggles, doubts, a little past, career d [...]

    13. This was a fun, quick, sexy read The heroine, Mandy is stuck working as a personal assistant for Eloise, a rich, bitch, pain in the ass Mandy dreams of one day designing shoes She spends her weekends at I ve Got You, Cupcakes sketching out shoe designs On than one occasion she has noticed Tristan, the owner of the cupcake coffee shop What Mandy doesn t realize is that Tristan HAS noticed her Finally one day Tristan brings her favorite chai tea along with a red velvet cupcake over to her table A [...]

    14. Love by Design by Evie Knight was a fresh, fun, sexy contemporary romance story that I could not get enough of Who would have thought that a shoe designer and a cupcake baker would find love The author created a wonderful love story between Mandy and Tristan, two characters who were very likable yet flawed and their relationship was written realistically with all the ups and downs a couple goes through I enjoy when the hero unexpectedly falls in love and poor Tristan fights being in any kind of [...]

    15. Book SummaryPublished by ILwRRelease Date 24th July 2014My Rating 4 StarsReviewThis book was such a refreshing read It was funny, angsty, sweet and sexy with just the right amount of drama thrown in to keep it interesting without going overboard The characters were loveable, thoroughly engaging and their story and plights all believeable and real I think one of the things that had me hooked on this book was that I love to bake and I m obsessed with shoes, so this kind of read really was written [...]

    16. Great love story by Evie Knight This is my first read by this author I enjoyed a lot The story of Tristan Mandy is heart warming heart wrenching at the same time Tristan is a self taught baker who has his own caf that features his own cupcakes He s also a damaged man, that has a painful past of neglectful abusive parents life in foster care Mandy is a young woman working for a bitchy wealthy woman an aspiring shoe designer, who had the painful teenage years as a slightly overweight often ridicul [...]

    17. Good Romance book if you are looking for something set in a modern age It had a bit of a reversal role feel to it Boy is baker, Woman is designer Sex scenes were decent, not overly graphic too exotic The book is set in modern day Santa Monica stars with the reader following Mandy a struggling Assistant who wants to be a shoe designer She makes an alliance with her friend Jude, whose friendship may need to be re evaluated at some point they enter into a contest during Fashion Week in New York wit [...]

    18. Evie Knight whips up another great tale Throwing two completely different and yet perfectly matched people has never been so delicious TJ and Mandy are polar opposites who can t fight the heat and humor between them makes the best cupcakes in town He s built the life of his dreams from a past that gave him nothing but terror and grief Everything s under control until the petite woman who takes up a table in the corner of his shop, becomes an obsession.Mandy is busy running from the torturous voi [...]

    19. This ARC was provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review This was a lovely sweet read Having never read a book by this author I was pleasantly surprised with just how well this book was written I also loved the dual view point This really went a long way in making this book interesting and such a great read This book follows a hard hearted Tristan who as much as he tries not to he falls in love with Amanda Roberts and aspiring shoe designer The chemistry is instant but the love is sm [...]

    20. You can find reviews Mademoisellesnow BlogThis is my first book by Evie Knight and I m impressed This was a fantastic book to read and relax to with my cup of Vanilla Latte chilling at my favourite caf.This was a refreshing read It was fast, there was a good plot, the characters were loveable, there was food, design, a little love in the mix, sexiness, funny, angsty, sweet and with just the right amount of drama thrown in the mix to keep things interesting I enjoyed the romance side where it de [...]

    21. I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads This sweet romantic read is a fun, light read It is a nice idea for a story, and executed in an easy writing style I would have liked a bit depth to the main characters, and detail about their friends It could easily be the first in a series, as there are plenty of interlinking people, but they would need to be introduced in a vivid manner.

    22. Sweet and sexySweet and sexyIt was a cute and fun read You have a hot guy that makes cupcakes for a living, what s not appreciate or indulge in a little Mandy designs sexy shoes and wants to make it in the fashion industry Tristan is a hot man that makes sweet and decadent cupcakes I definitely wouldn t be turning a guy like him down if he wanted to feed me his cupcakes Mandy wants a relationship and Tristan doesn t do relationships They overcome obstacles to try to make something work between t [...]

    23. A little bit of everything sweet and sexy sassy and fun this book was an all around great read The story is very engaging and the author knows exactly what to do in order to keep you turning the page and wanting This is the first book I ve read by Evie and I was thoroughly impressed and plan to check out a couple Oh and how could I forget to mention Tristan and all of his hotness make this book totally worth reading picturing him in my own kitchen was quite fabulous as well

    24. Evie Knight delivers a contemporary romance with punch Her characters grab you from the start and her hero never lets go of your heart Hitting your heart strings and sweet tooth, I haven t been sucked into a contemporary romance like this in a long time Evie weaves in fashion, food and fun in this wonderfully written, organic love story A little sweet, a little sassy and a whole lot of sexy, this book will satiate your craving for a delicious romance Please tell me somewhere there s real cupcake [...]

    25. Copy courtesy of Netgalley Cute fast read Mandy and Tristan are a cute young couple with big career dreams Mandy is a talented shoe designer waiting for her big break She lacks confidence I herself Tristan is a self taught baker He has a good start on his career He owns a bakery but wants his own TV show Tristan is also afraid of commitment He had a rough childhood and did not think he was worthy He made some mistakes along the way with Mandy They get there HEA Nice epilogue at the end.

    26. THAT WAS Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuun LOLMy first by Evie Knight and it NOT be my last.The characters grab you from page one and do not let go They are real This may be a fictional novel, but Evie Knight made sure that real ups and down that come with a relationship appeared in this story I loved every minute of this read This was a Read Now copy offered by the author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK

    27. Its a really cool book to read.ere is a sense of normality to it they do not get it right the first question they love each other but love is just the root of it building a working relationship took timeeffort abit of give and take are loveable characters and you know they are going to be together its just great to see them get there a well thought outloped story.ey are true to themselves and they learn to be true to each other

    28. I was given this book in exchange for an honest review.This was a fun book Characters were likeable and struggled with relationship status issues Though they were pulled to each other obstacles kept rising The storyline was well developed and flowed well Can t wait to read from this author.

    29. Well that was certainly a page turner Romance isn t one of my strongest pulls towards a book I m glad I gave this one as try A nice easy read that wasn t taxing on the brain.

    30. Sometimes you just need a quick read without much thought, this was it Cute romance between a sexy baker and a shoe designer While the romance was sweet it wasn t deep, I wanted from his past and hers There needed to be to the story and I just didn t get it I received a copy from Netgalley ages ago and have just now gotten to it It s a fun story, lighthearted and sexy.

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