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House of Gold #2020

House of Gold House of Gold

  • Title: House of Gold
  • Author: Bud Macfarlane Jr.
  • ISBN: 9780964631632
  • Page: 318
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • House of Gold By Bud Macfarlane Jr., House of Gold

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      318 Bud Macfarlane Jr.
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      Posted by:Bud Macfarlane Jr.
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    1 thought on “House of Gold

    1. Mark me off for another book from my reading learning lists House of Goldby Bud Macfarlane Jr Published Saint Jude Media June 1st 1999 ISBN 10 0964631636ISBN 13 9780964631632Rating 4 5 Stars Really Liked It Pros Great detail, absolutely wonderful characters, very relevant topics so long as you heed the author s advice and look passed the actual catastrophic event to the real point theme behind the preparations , and oh my goodness heart wrenching at times I didn t cry duh but man oh man there we [...]

    2. This is an interesting tale of survival and death in a post apocalyptic world, once the author gets around to it Once again, the author has let words run away with his story Strangely, it is the computer guru who anticipates loss of all electronics due to programming that did not provide for dates after the millennium Any such successful geek in 1998 would have known how easily the corrective measures would be accomplished The epilogue extends so far inTo the future that no sequel can follow.

    3. These were quick page turners A bit extreme and a little unrealistic at times, but I enjoyed them while I read them The frustration is that Bud Macfarlane has had less then an ideal faith journey since the publication of these books It has unfortunately been a bit of a damper for me thinking about them .

    4. LOVED the verse your descendants will be as numerous as the stars has taken on special meaning for me since this book

    5. same characters as Conceived without Sin but we follow them as they go through an apocalyptic scenario with the power grid shutting down and most of the population dying The last half of this book is such an amazing treatment of faith in action Another very memorable and thought provoking book Dates read 2013 3rd time reading2007 2nd time reading2001 1st time reading

    6. I don t know why I torture myself so, but after suffering through Bud MacFarlane s first two novels, Pierced by a Sword and Conceived without Sin , I went ahead and read this, his third novel Perhaps I hoped that MacFarlane learned from the experience of writing two previous novels, and perhaps the man would learn from his experience I was wrong on both counts.In his foreword to this novel, MacFarlane s buddy John D O Brien writes, You won t read a timeless novel than the one that you are holdi [...]

    7. This is the last of the 3 books I have in this series Anyone heard if there s comming from Bud McFarlain After a lapse of a few year in between this and book 2, I enjoyed remeeting the characters and looked forward to a good, clean Catholic read It didn t disappoint me.

    8. I think it was than a little unrealistic, but it got me thinking about my faith, and there was some pretty profound things in the book

    9. This book was absolutely wonderful, spiritually and literally It makes you kind of thankful really nothing came out of Y2K

    10. House of Gold was published in 1999 right before the whole Y2K scare The world experiences a shut down due to the computer glitch so the book follows several families who attempt to find a safe place to survive These are very smart people and some possess a vast amount of resources It s almost as if the author is fantasizing about what he personally would do in the event of a shut down of the electric grid and all that would result from that It is interesting to think about this and what would h [...]

    11. Emotional RollercoasterBud McFarlane is genius in keeping everything Catholic His characters are believable in the real world I see myself in them I do wish he had books like the three I just read

    12. Truly a house of gold Another riveting book by this author Inspired,reaching into the depths of the human spirit, pulling out joy, sorrow, tears, and laughter.

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