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Stranger Than Science #2020

Stranger Than Science Readers will be baffled by this collection of astounding true stories of strange events weird happenings and unusual discoveries that science cannot explain Reprint

  • Title: Stranger Than Science
  • Author: Frank Edwards
  • ISBN: 9780821625132
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Stranger Than Science By Frank Edwards, Readers will be baffled by this collection of astounding true stories of strange events, weird happenings, and unusual discoveries that science cannot explain Reprint.

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      Frank Edwards

    1 thought on “Stranger Than Science

    1. Have you ever been hit in the head by a rain of fish, or frogs, or flesh and blood Has a car, or plane, or ship ever vanished before your eyes Are you a witness to automatic writing Maybe you re one of the people who s had what came to be known later as a close encounter of the third kind or had coded messages come across your radio from outer space No well maybe some of you said yes This is one of a number of books in a, well genre would probably annoy some, so lets call it a category of books [...]

    2. Frank Edwards was a purveyor of the weird, parlaying supposedly true stories of the strange into columns and radio shows and books This collection of stories about monsters and UFOs and disappearing humans and other unexplained phenomena was written in the 50s, but I came by my paperback copy of it via the little sheet catalogues teachers used to hand out to us in school in the 1970s, whereby we d mark up a sheet with the books wanted from its limited selection and carry with it an envelop conta [...]

    3. Is it possible for a man to be swallowed by a whale and live to tell the story The scientific answer is NO but the correct answer is YES.This book is one of my favorite books, if not my favorite, period, book I have certainly read this book than any other book I must ve lost count somewhere I never read it the whole way through in order I just sortof jumped around from story to story, and as recently as 2006, there were still a few stories I hadn t read This book is captivating dazzling full of [...]

    4. Okay, so this was published in 1959, and a lot of the stories seem rather quaint in their telling That s not necessarily a bad thing honestly, it is part of what I liked about it , but it definitely shows its age Overall a fun little read.

    5. So many things we see can not be explained rationally This book tells the tales of some of them I have read several books in this genre and always find them exciting and a bit spooky.

    6. This was likely my first book of high weirdness, prior to even the flying saucer books I devoured the seventy or so short bits about anomolies and mysteries Hans the mathematical horse, Kasper Hauser, spontaneous human combustion, strange things in the skies and from the skies with avidity, reading the book quickly in bed, buying every subsequent Frank Edwards book at the bookstore on Prospect near the Park Ridge, Illinois Post Office.Frankly, it was only in going through a Google search for thi [...]

    7. A lot of this material is abstracted from Edwards s previous book _Strangest of All_, but there is some useful and interesting information on other strange phenomena here The book suffers from Edwards s usual faulty the lack of documentation for his sources, but even when he s too gullible to be believed the text is an entertaining read The book culminates, once , with two three if you count the Tunguska explosion, which Edwards does chapters on UFOs This still gives me the shivers, in light of [...]

    8. Had to reread this 1959 paperback just for fun It s a nice collection of short articles from his radio show on the unexplained I think they will be good to read to the grandkids when they are old enough Even better one can Google these events to see what the current thinking is on them.

    9. An awesome collection of the weird and anomalous Read it back in the 70s If it s not all real, it should be

    10. A very kitschy book, but still amazing I finished it very quickly, which is a good thing as I now have hours of research looking up everything in it.

    11. As a high schooler in the 60s, I was fascinated by this book I don t think i could take it seriously today.

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