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Mirrorfall #2020

Mirrorfall A magical thing happened to Stef Mimosa when she was only two she died and an angel confronted Death to bring her back or at least that s how she remembers it Years later Stef has traded magic for sc

  • Title: Mirrorfall
  • Author: Grace McDermott
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 301
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Mirrorfall By Grace McDermott, A magical thing happened to Stef Mimosa when she was only two she died and an angel confronted Death to bring her back or at least that s how she remembers it Years later, Stef has traded magic for science, working as a freelance hacker When a simple coding job turns out to be than she expected, Stef gets in over her head in ways than one and gets to meet herA magical thing happened to Stef Mimosa when she was only two she died and an angel confronted Death to bring her back or at least that s how she remembers it Years later, Stef has traded magic for science, working as a freelance hacker When a simple coding job turns out to be than she expected, Stef gets in over her head in ways than one and gets to meet her angel again As it turns out, her angel is really Ryan an operative for an organization known only as the Agency Their second meeting recruits Stef into his world, where bleeding edge science is indistinguishable from magic and where she might just be farther out of her element than she already was in normal life Science fiction collides with Urban Fantasy in the first instalment of the Require Cookie novel series, Mirrorfall.

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    1. this is a review for the entire Mirrorfall novel, not just episode one Intended Audience YASexual content SignificantAce Genderqueer characters Yes human Rating R for language, violence, some sexualityWriting style 2 5Likable characters 3 5Plot Concepts 2 5Stef is a hacker, a loner genius who loathes humanity and loves her laptop, Frankie Ryan is the agent who brought her back from the dead Stef wasn t supposed to remember him, but she did, and now she s stumbled into a combination of magic and [...]

    2. Review originally posted to A Keyboard and an Open Mind January 29, 2016 I was recommended this series by a friend years ago when it was still a web serial and not yet available in book form I think perhaps if I had also read it as a web serial, I would have been a little forgiving of it, but as it was, I found it hard to really enjoy It definitely delivers on its promise of being urban fantasy for geeks , but a lot of that went over my head, too, which didn t help.When Stef Mimosa was only two [...]

    3. Are you from the internet Can you think in memes Do you proudly rep your geek cred, hard, and like to think of yourself as a code monkey but really you can only do some light html editing Yes Then this book is for you Really I liked it because of one Terry Pratchett reference Also, I m glad it was free on kindle or I would have never read it This is kind of an escape fantasy for young people who fantasize about having a better father.

    4. A difficult read for me Most of the tech stuff went over my head The characters were likeable and multi layered The descriptive talent of the writer is wonderful So the book was well written But it was so far over my head in the tech department I couldn t enjoy it For those of us who are technically challenged it s a hard read But the writer has a very nice style that flows well.

    5. Stef, or Spyder, is a hacker, computer genius and an all round geek Who has just been given a job that is compelling, fascinating and almost impossible decipher indecipherable code Code that resembles nothing on Earth Code that she can almost comprehend and is driven to solve Code that may not even be from Earth nor her employersAt least until guys with guns show up and everything becomes very confusing very quickly.She s always wanted to see magic and things beyond the norm and now she s plunge [...]

    6. I won a free copy of this Australian geek urban fantasy in exchange for a review It was fun to read, although it verified that I am not that much of a geek I only caught some of the cultural references And I m definitely not a hacker, so some of the terminology was a stretch for me The story follows a young woman hacker who is very introverted and anti social Her internal dialogue is hilarious at times Stef is a hacker, hiding out from the world, when she is hired to work on figuring out some co [...]

    7. Did I like Mirrrorfall Yes for the most part.How would I describe Mirrorfall What genre would I best describe Mirrorfall That is a little tricky There is blend of genres that makes Mirrorfall unique If Urban Fantasy and Science Fiction had a baby then you would Mirrorfall Then add in all the guns, fights, nerdy pop culture references with a flawed and broken protagonist, Stef and you have Mirrorfall That is just the outline of this novel Most of the characters are damaged in their own way The on [...]

    8. I was surprised by Mirrorfall, not that it was good or bad but at the characters They were the most original characters I ve seen in a long time I especially like Stef, she s eccentric, crazy and hilarious Her inability to communicate with others is amusing but also rather sad as her past is explained and actually accounts for her behavior She is a realistic character, being abused and reacting naturally if in an unhealthy way Her interactions with Ryan and Curt are well written They are real ch [...]

    9. Mirrorfall Episode One Require Cookie, 1 by Grace McDermott Stef Mimosa loves magic, she would like to know about anything to do with it, monsters included She does find out that she died when she was two, and an angel confronted death to bring her back to life.Twenty years later her Angel finds her and saves her again Soon she is under his care and in training But she finds that her savior Ryan is not what she thought he was, he is an agent Now she must learn of another world, the arts of magi [...]

    10. 3.5 stars I would have rated it higher except for two major things One, the editing spell check was really bad, to the point of pulling me out of the story sometimes in order to try to figure out what the author was trying to say The second thing is that it ended on a cliff hanger I hate cliffhangers I probably won t buy the next book, but if it comes up free I ll snag it From the author s webpage there appears to be at least three other books in the series Overall, this was a fun fantasy book I [...]

    11. I loved the beginning of the book when Stef is looking for the code but after that, I lost interest and I felt like Stef s personality changed half way through, and that lack of confidence in herself really bothered me so for that, I give it three stars Overall it was still interesting but I won t be reading the next one.

    12. I loved this book I felt really bad for the heroine major self esteem issues there , but I admired that she summoned the courage to keep trying There is a lot of action in this book Also, there are funny parts and weepy ones I love Agent Ryan, as well This book ends with a pretty big cliffhanger I can t wait to read the next one.

    13. Mirrorfall Require Cookie Book 1 by Grace McDermott was incredibly fun to read There were so many side references to other things that some people might not get it was like having an inside joke with the character Even the title Require Cookie you will not get until you read this book It is an action adventure for nerds My favorite by the way was the Avenue Q reference.

    14. The book had a slow start, and there s a lot information to absorb about the world I loved the main character, mainly because I get her jokes and geekness The ending of this book was pretty good and I can t wait to read the next one.

    15. Solid world building, good character development, original story One or two dozen typos mostly a missing word here and there , but not enough to pull me out of the story for long Might write later Got a cold Immediately bought book two upon finishing, though.

    16. Innovative and fun I liked the main character quite a bit It s always good to read about someone who s outside of the box I m intrigued by the setup and looking forward to learning about the world.

    17. I continue to be a fan of the character of Stef She s unconventional and fun I enjoyed seeing of the world and finding out about The Agency I m looking forward to seeing of Curt in future installments.

    18. I kind of what to cuddle Stef, the poor thing The developments with Ryan are also intriguing, and I m pretty attached to Curt already.

    19. Loved this a unique take on urban fantasy with a main character that compelled me to keep reading.

    20. I m enjoying Stef s character development and the evolving relationship between her and Ryan There s a nice dynamic between the two of them.

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