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Mailman Albert Lippincott is a thirty year veteran of the Nestor New York post office a letter carrier extraordinaire aggressively cheerful obsessively efficient But Albert has a few things to hide His un

  • Title: Mailman
  • Author: J. Robert Lennon
  • ISBN: 9781862076730
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mailman By J. Robert Lennon, Albert Lippincott is a thirty year veteran of the Nestor, New York, post office a letter carrier extraordinaire, aggressively cheerful, obsessively efficient But Albert has a few things to hide His unfortunate habit, for instance, of reading other people s mail His abortive university career, complete with a crackpot theory, a nervous breakdown, and thwarted attempt tAlbert Lippincott is a thirty year veteran of the Nestor, New York, post office a letter carrier extraordinaire, aggressively cheerful, obsessively efficient But Albert has a few things to hide His unfortunate habit, for instance, of reading other people s mail His abortive university career, complete with a crackpot theory, a nervous breakdown, and thwarted attempt to bite out his professor s eye A disastrous marriage, grotesquely self absorbed parents, and a sexually ambiguous entanglement with his melodramatic sister And then there s his attempt to reform the postal system of Kazakhstan, and his complicated relationship with his cats.But he has no problem keeping his life in perspective until one of his customers turns up dead, and Albert is left holding a letter that might have saved his life Over ten frenzied days, Albert s precarious existence begins to crumble, and his demons are in hot pursuit the postal inspectors who want to ask him a few questions his memories of the women he loved, but didn t love enough his sexual hang ups his intellectual failures and an increasingly painful lump under his left arm.

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    1 thought on “Mailman

    1. You ve read this before An American novel, 500 odd pages, small print, front loaded with glowing reviews from respected publications, wry in tone, mildly depressed, literary but readable, describing the life of a disgruntled usually white, usually male individual or group of individuals in an attempt to say something about the culture at large American Pastoral The Corrections The Art of Fielding And what better figure through which to filter the American experience than a mailman Raymond Carver [...]

    2. Mailman is many things Primarily it is the story of the disassembling of one man s life In a small college town there is a prying, lonely mailman who passes his time reading other people s mail When we come to the mailman, who has a name but is often identified as simply Mailman, he has failed to return a letter to its rightful owner before the owner s suicide This accelerates Mailman s downward spiral and the reader accompanies him on many a stream of consciousness look backward a failed marri [...]

    3. Premi re partie extraordinaire Dr le originale et touchante.Deuxi me moiti tr s diff rente un peu ennuyeuse, coeurante.

    4. Albert Lippincott, the book s titular mailman, is not a particularly likable guy He reads people s mail, he twice twice abandons his cat, he has a barely hidden disdain for the people of his town, he hates himself and he wants to fuck his own sister Yet despite all of this, author J Robert Lennon manages to get the reader to cheer for Albert if not relate to him The best part of this book for me was Mailman s description of Nestor, NY, a transparently fictionalized Ithaca Having just moved to It [...]

    5. I resolved to read the complete or complete ish works of J Robert Lennon after finishing his insanely good book of short stories, Pieces for the Left Hand Regrettably, Mailman felt to me like the opposite of everything that made Pieces what it is Where those stories are marked by brevity, grace, subtle humor and irony, a touch of the ominous and even a profound undercurrent of sadness, Mailman is a loud, brackish, manic, often ham fisted stream of consciousness lament of a fairly unlikeable man [...]

    6. I loved this book I loved the writing style, the mix of hilarious moments and meaningful ones but never getting sentimental Mailman is pathetic, but he grew on me These are some of my favourite quotes p 344 Instead he is busy enduring a wave of remorse and loneliness he won t be around for the next local controversy Or the next Friday radio scramble, either Ah, hell But then again, you can t drive through life looking at the rearview mirror, can you, otherwise you ll smack into a phone pole, or [...]

    7. Mailman leapt out of bed, pulled on his jeans and ran barefoot out into the cold empty streets, all the way to the mailbox on Sage He stood before it, panting he peeked inside.But there was nothing to see, even if the box s contents could be made out in the darkness there was nothing he could do The letter to David Fleener was long gone, collected by the venerable Lincoln Purdy, Mailman s mailman For a thrilling moment he imagined driving to work and finding it, sifting through the bins until it [...]

    8. I like J Robert Lennon I really do His writing strikes the right balance of direct and descriptive, with insightful truths sprinkled liberally But this book what is this book It s a long slog through the life of a pathetic man who was a pathetic child and will die leaving a pathetic corpse He s someone you wouldn t want to spend any time with if he really existed, and he s only marginally tolerable on the page At least from a literary distance you can afford to extend some pity to the loser But [...]

    9. Mailman is a weird and bizarre concept of following the life is a USPS mailman who is located in Nestor, NY He is nervous and worries about everything around him He is divorce and there is a part of him that seems indecisive and maybe even a bit bitter about his life We follow as he looks at his downfalls in life and all the failures that he goes through He seems to go into denial about situations easily and he has slight anger issues As we move back and forth from his past to his present, it se [...]

    10. The Mailman is a modern Mercury however, he is a failed and human sort of anti god As a mailman he is a messenger but one who intercepts and reads the mail and sometimes mangles the letters As a god of commerce he is sent to Kazakhstan as a Peace Corps volunteer only to find out that the English class he thought he was teaching was really a class for budding entrepreneurs.Albert Lippincott is really a loser though, not a Roman god And it is fun to read about this sad sack neurotically ruminate o [...]

    11. Mailman is a lonely obsessive compulsive rage prone 57 year old letter carrier in Nestor NY a thinly fictionalized Ithaca in 2000 who reads his customers mail and has long reveries about the failures of his life, notably his failures with women The action of the book unfolds over about a week, but much of the narration consists of Mailman s detailed and often hilarious memories of his life, from his psychotic episode as an undergrad to his misadventures as a 50 year old Peace Corps volunteer in [...]

    12. I read this book about 5 years ago It has stuck with me for some reason This is one of those books where you live for awhile inside the head of the main character And, even though he is a pathetic person, he holds your interest In a certain mood I have the need to read a book about an unremarkable personeven a person who does not inspire me The character who could be real because he or she displays all the character flaws, grating personality traits and foibles of people you have actually met ca [...]

    13. The gorgeously written, frenetic, wild, funny and absorbing story of Mailman, who has blundered through his life mostly mis understood and sometimes through his own skewed thinking.The pace is so fast it makes for exhausting reading but at the same time it s and exhilarating and rewarding read.J Robert Lennox writes with compulsive energy, immediately drawing the reader into Mailman s ordinary but secretive life The minutia of Mailman s thoughts, actions and deeds are compelling and I particular [...]

    14. Lennon is an amazing writer from the very beginning this book barrels you along at an fast exhaustive, frenzied pace It was hard to put down I was up late many nights reading it It s not so much the story that is gripping, it s his main character, Mailman, who is disturbed to the point of mental illness, yet hard not to love and care about Lennon s writing is funny, at times brilliant, and always worthy I m still at the stage of wondering if this novel is a cohesive whole Do all these sub storie [...]

    15. Believable mmh, maybe except that part in Kazakhstan tragic story about Mailman Albert, who likes his job of delivering and reading the mail of his customers.The main storyline takes place over a week, but through a lot of flashbacks we get to know Albert very well.The ending was a bit strange and I m not quite sure how to understand it Maybe everyone can interpret it the way s he wants to What I didn t like the very small print in this copy and that almost every line of each page was filled fro [...]

    16. This was a real pleasant surprise and inspiration Picked it up cheap because I liked the cover and was engrossed in it immediately Touches on some of the spirit of Confederacy of Dunces but goes much deeper and darker Falls short of being a minor classic by going on perhaps a hundred pages too long I checked the credits and saw that the author workshopped a lot of it and to me that s what the ending felt like, a too conscious juried wrap up to what was mainly an electric breathing experience of [...]

    17. I liked it There is a nice combination of humor and commentary on American life in it If I were to try to write a book, it might look a lot like this one Ah, this poor mailman Couldn t help but look through people s mail That took me back to my summer as being a garbageman way back in the day Similar to the mailman, I looked through all of the stuff that people put out in the junk Similar to the mail a person gets, the stuff in their garbage says quite a bit about them.I can imagine this book ab [...]

    18. Read this while working as a letter carrier in Copenhagen, as part of a series of mail related novels The Crying of Lot 49 and Post Office as well , and liked it The protagonist, Albert Lipcott, is pathetic and bitter, but very believable despite his many bizarre character quirks and I found myself identifying with him, even though I m slightly well adjusted and less bitter The story does drag on a bit at the end, and despite this has an ending that didn t really satisfy me But I do have issues [...]

    19. I really enjoyed this book It goes from tragically sad to totally hilarious within chapters and often back again It s really a story about relationships Not just sexual ones, but that is what the author uses to get to the point There is a lot going on at any one time and I was often left guessing as to what would happen next The ending wasn t quite what I thought it would be, but it still drove the point home Definitely suggested.

    20. I think I had too high hopes for this book A story of a Mailman who reads other people s mail, starts to lose it and goes on the run to Florida, Mailman starts great and ends great It s the middle that gets muddled I found myself just trying hard not to put it down and give up 200 pages from the end Maybe I don t get it, but it wasn t my favorite.

    21. Like with many of J Robert Lennon s short stories, this novel is both funny and moving Mailman, the protagonist, is a fascinating and unique character, and when the book ended I was sorry that I wouldn t be reading any about him.

    22. One of the best books I ve read in years Deals with a lonely, isolated and somewhat pathological character, who is rendered with much depth and insight into human behavior I will definitely look into of Lennon s work after reading this.

    23. If you like neurotics, this is the book for you.I will say, it goes a whole lot of places and then it goes nowhere and then it just kind of ends There isn t exactly so much of a plot There is a very definite character.Whenever I think about the Peace Corps section I get totally bummed out.

    24. I just thought of this book for the first time in years because of an article in the paper about the real story behind Happyland This is much much much much much much much better than Happyland.

    25. What better way to illustrate middle aged crazy than through the weary eyes of a lonely, desperate mailman who thinks he has seen it all

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