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Martha Stewart's Cookies: The Very Best Treats to Bake and to Share #2020

Martha Stewart s Cookies The Very Best Treats to Bake and to Share A perfect Mother s Day gift Cookies are the treat that never disappoints Whether you re baking for a party or a picnic a formal dinner or a family supper or if you simply want something on hand for s

  • Title: Martha Stewart's Cookies: The Very Best Treats to Bake and to Share
  • Author: Martha Stewart Victor Schrager
  • ISBN: 9780307394545
  • Page: 284
  • Format: Paperback
  • Martha Stewart's Cookies: The Very Best Treats to Bake and to Share By Martha Stewart Victor Schrager, A perfect Mother s Day gift Cookies are the treat that never disappoints Whether you re baking for a party or a picnic, a formal dinner or a family supper or if you simply want something on hand for snacking there is a cookie that s just right In Martha Stewart s Cookies, the editors of Martha Stewart Living give you 175 recipes and variations that showcase all kinds ofA perfect Mother s Day gift Cookies are the treat that never disappoints Whether you re baking for a party or a picnic, a formal dinner or a family supper or if you simply want something on hand for snacking there is a cookie that s just right In Martha Stewart s Cookies, the editors of Martha Stewart Living give you 175 recipes and variations that showcase all kinds of flavors and fancies Besides perennial pleasers like traditional chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin, there are other sweet surprises, including Rum Raisin Shortbread, Peppermint Meringue Sandwiches with Chocolate Filling, and Lime Meltaways Cleverly organized by texture, the recipes in Martha Stewart s Cookies inspire you to think of a classic, nostalgic treat with nuance Chapters include all types of treasures Light and Delicate Cherry Tuiles, Hazelnut Cookies, Chocolate Meringues Rich and Dense Key Lime Bars, Chocolate Mint Sandwiches, Peanut Butter Swirl Brownies Chunky and Nutty Magic Blondies, Turtle Brownies, White Chocolate Chunk Cookies Soft and Chewy Snickerdoodles, Fig Bars, Chewy Chocolate Gingerbread Cookies Crisp and Crunchy ANZAC Biscuits, Chocolate Pistachio Biscotti, Almond Spice Wafers Crumbly and Sandy Cappuccino Chocolate Bites, Maple Pecan Shortbread, Lemon Apricot Sandwiches and Cakey and Tender Lemon Madeleines, Carrot Cake Cookies, Pumpkin Cookies with Brown Butter Icing Each tantalizing recipe is accompanied by a lush, full color photograph, so you never have to wonder how the cookie will look Beautifully designed and a joy to read, Martha Stewart s Cookies is rich with helpful tips and techniques for baking, decorating, and storing, as well as lovely gift packaging ideas in standout Martha Stewart style.

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      284 Martha Stewart Victor Schrager
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    1 thought on “Martha Stewart's Cookies: The Very Best Treats to Bake and to Share

    1. the librarian made me promise to bring cookies when i return the book okay, this book is amazingank you, library, for making my decision to easy.i NEED to own this book it s really so so so good i have 2 recipes to try this week before we go out of town at Dustin s request the cookies, are his request, not my leaving town I have tried several Martha cookies in the past, and they all have been amazing, so i have no doubts about this book.LOVE all the packaging ideas in the back of the book to pre [...]

    2. My favorite character on Sesame Street has always been cookie monster I m a serious addict A friend reviewed this cookie cookbook and said the chapter of contents alone did it for her I have to admit, the chapter of contents is genius I checked this out from the library before I bought it because I haven t had the best luck with Martha s ultra precise and exotic ingredient ed recipes but after trying four different cookies I was in love I swear each cookie was absolutely perfect and delicious Th [...]

    3. Made a batch of snickerdoodles from the recipe in this book, and they owned Many of the recipes featured are rather simple, which is great for those of us who don t want to hunt out some obscure ingredient or shell out oodles for a particular thing you ll only wind up using once The photos in the book are pure cookie porn, and although I currently have this book checked out from the library, I think I need to get my own copy.

    4. I like the following 1 Baking2 CookiesAnd this is a book entirely about baking cookies, so score I remember when I first found this at Borders I was hesitant to check it out because it was Martha I have no problem with her personally, per se I mean, it isn t like she ever came over and kicked my dog or anything but I feel like a lot of times I m expected to pay out the nose for something just because she slapped her name on it Like the dog beds What makes her dog bed worth 50 and this other dog [...]

    5. Yes, yes, I was one of those twentysomethings who subscribed to Martha Stewart Living magazine straight out of college, tearing out recipes and scrapbooking them like precious family photos It s no great surprise, then, that I m delighted to be rid of those greasy pages in favor of this professional, tape free collection of cookie recipes And unlike some greatest hits compilations, this one actually includes all of my favorites.Of the seven major cookie categories listed, I prefer uh, many, mult [...]

    6. For those that don t know, any weight I put on is directly related to this book Her recipes were fabulous I tried a few during my pregnancy and they could have very easily become cravings that continued way beyond what cravings should last I don t own this book, but i MUST If you enjoy baking, are looking for some oldies but goodies, want to be tempted by great photographyis is the book for you

    7. Every recipe I ve made from this book thus far has been brilliant I ve only been making vegan versions, though I can t imagine how far out scrumptious the dairy filled treats are.

    8. The quick and dirty reciew for those that don t want the long version This book is an essential for any cookie monster The contents isuniquely laid out and ultra functional as are the sections of the book There are pictures for every recipe The recipes are varied in flavour, texture, difficulty, and cost This book is almost flawless Recipes to try They re all chocolate Wonder what I like in my cookies D chocolate crackles, chocolate chip maracroons, chewy chocolate gingerbread cookies, chocolate [...]

    9. As with any truly great cookbook, there is a picture of every recipe I especially like the feature in the front where you can see a small picture of every cookie in the chapter Then there are pictures within the chapter of the cookies on display or cleverly packaged for gift giving.I haven t made any of the cookies yet that s this weekend s project , but I plan on copying out all the ones that look good before taking it back to the library Most of the recipes don t interest me, which is why I kn [...]

    10. This cookbook is beautiful There are pictures of every single recipe YES every single one Thank goodness It also describes specific procedures in detail with additional photos where needed, which is much detailed than Martha s website yes, we re on a first name basis Speaking of her website, this is the reason it didn t get 5 stars from me These recipes are on her website and in her magazinesI recognized quite a few So it really isn t new, original information, just grouped into a book Again, t [...]

    11. For me, the book was a pleasure to look at 175 recipes, broken down by texture The table of contents was unique in that it shows a small full color image of the finished cookie to aid the browsing Each recipe also includes a large beautifully photographed image of the finished cookie, so you know what you re aiming for when you start While several of the recipes appear to be old favorites meringues, snickerdoodles, macaroons, cocoa crackles, chocolate chip, classic shortbread, thumbprints, rugel [...]

    12. Ok, I m a little put out by this book to begin with I used to have most of these recipes in an app that Martha Stewart released some years ago It was a damn good app, too Nice navigation, loaded fast, same photos as in the book And then they stopped updating it Not as in they stopped adding recipes, but as in it no longer worked with recent iOS and MSO pulled the app rather than update it Grrr That aside, it s a pretty good cookie cookbook What I ve made has turned out well, although some of th [...]

    13. Great collection of cookie recipesThis cookbook has so many delicious cookie recipes for every occasion The photos are also amazing I highly recommend for either a beginner or experienced baker.

    14. The setting couldn t have been appropriate for our What s Cooking cookie exchange a library discussion room during a snowstorm We had a large selection of confections to discuss as well as some hot apple cider to cleanse our palates in between bitesEarl Grey Tea Cookies evenly split between those who really liked this cookie and those who thought it was just okay Baker felt that the instructions concerning the use of a paper towel tube to roll the dough could have included a note referring her [...]

    15. I m SO not a baker, but even I m mesmerized by this cookbook Gorgeous photographs and mouth watering ideas.A bunch that caught my eye on a flip through Gingersnap palmiers Cream cheese pinwheels Cornmeal thyme cookies Cashew caramel cookies Whole wheat date bars Oatmeal applesauce cookies Chewy molasses crinkles Apricot windows Pistachio lemon drops Iced hermits Hazelnut orange shortbread Maple pecan shortbread Lime meltaways Bourbon currant cookies Rocky Ledge bars with butterscotch chips, mini [...]

    16. This book is wonderful in it s visuals but the cookies themselves were not my favorite There are photos to go with every cookie so you ll know how it should look when it comes out of the oven It s very diverse in the options of traditional cookies and bars which is nice Nothing too off the wall in here and everyone I think I ve tried in one shape or another Three problems for me in these recipes that kept it from being a favorite of mine 1 The recipes are really sugary Each one was sweet than I [...]

    17. Featured at An Abundance of BooksI don t make a habit of reviewing cookbooks, but this one must be shared There are 175 mouthwatering cookie pictures that make you want to bake every single one of them The photographic table of contents is fantastic It s divided into types of cookies Light and Delicate, Soft and Chewy, Crumbly and Sandy, etc with photographs of each cookie Stewart has included savory cookies also The recipes themselves range from easy to ridiculously involved However, Martha Ste [...]

    18. I generally rate and review cookbooks after working through several recipes just to have a fair perspective I made a lot of cookies from this book over the holidays, and everything was delicious I also like that there are recipes here that are unexpected and slightly exotic For example, I went through a tea cookie phase because there s a recipe for earl grey tea cookies in here I used all kinds of different flavored teas for a variety of flavor profiles.If I wasn t sure about my 5 star rating be [...]

    19. Wow, this is as close to perfection as I can imagine a baking book I got this from the library and then bought it, and then sent my other cookie books to a thrift store.You can tell that these cookies have been tested very thoroughly I have made about eight of the recipes, some of them multiple times, and they always turn out as described Even so, there are very sophisticated cookies in this book, the kind that will have people asking you to bake months later Some cookies are garden variety bak [...]

    20. I LOVE Martha Stewart Her awkward personality and need to be perfect intrigue me Ever since I was a child and I would watch Martha s holiday specials with my mother I had a fascination with the Do It All Queen I came across the Martha Cookie cookbook about a year ago when I took it out from my library Within the week I baked four of the cookie recipes Being the cheap o that I am I wrote down my favorite recipes, bringing them out for every get together at my parents My mom and dad LOVE the Molas [...]

    21. I love the layout of this book Usually, a big book of cookie recipes can be impossible to navigate, but not this book.It has the cookie recipes divided up by the following categories Light DelicateChunky NuttyCrisp CrunchySoft ChewyCakey TenderRich DenseCrumbly SandyNot only that, but the table of contents is a full page photo spread of each of the cookies in their categories so you can totally avoid the Crumbly Sandy section like me and go right for Soft Chewy or Rich Dense.And because it is a [...]

    22. This is my favorite cookie book I own, and I own a lot being a pastry arts graduate The most unique and great feature of this book that others don t have is that the front contents is sorted out into types of cookies such as soft and chewy making it immensely easy to narrow down what you are looking for and then each cookie recipes pg number is listed beneath a picture of the cookie To top this book off is that I have not encountered a single cookie recipe from this book that turns out bad I hav [...]

    23. This collection of cookies is both classy and creative Each recipe has very clear instructions I especially like the extensive chapter on shortbread cookies The cookies in this book aren t like your average every day chocolate chip drop cookie The flavors and styles vary widely, and these cookies can be served at a simple get together or a fancier party I m excited about making and serving the Chocolate Charms at my Christmas party this year The only frustration I have with this book, and it is [...]

    24. When I saw this book at the library, I knew I had to check it out and I thought I wanted to buy it I took it home and I loved looking at the pictures It is beautifully laid out I contemplated asking for it for Christmas, but thought I d better try some recipes first.I m glad I did I tried several recipes They all either turned out 1 looking great and tasting bad or 2 looking bad and tasting great None turned out as I d hoped Now, it is possible that this is because I didn t use parchment paper a [...]

    25. LOVE this book Most of the recipes use ingredients that I already keep as basics in my baking arsenal I ve made her chocolate chip cookies and the chocolate sandwich cookies basically homemade Oreos already and wow were delicious The book s table of contents is neat in the fact that the cookies are organized by texture and there s a picture of each type of cookie in the table of contents The book gets a little OCD for me with the chapter about packaging and presenting the cookiesbut would we exp [...]

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