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The Stolen Moon #2020

The Stolen Moon The action packed sequel to The Lost Planet This is what the boy is told His younger sister has an otherworldly and sometimes annoying ability The starship he now lives on has been infiltrated His fri

  • Title: The Stolen Moon
  • Author: Rachel Searles
  • ISBN: 9781250038807
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Stolen Moon By Rachel Searles, The action packed sequel to The Lost Planet.This is what the boy is told His younger sister has an otherworldly and sometimes annoying ability The starship he now lives on has been infiltrated His friend Parker is working on the network hack of a lifetime.This is what Chase and Parker fear They won t be able to save the world in time.

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      113 Rachel Searles
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    1. In this sequel to THE LOST PLANET, Chase, Parker and his sister Lilli have taken refuge on a Fleet ship captained by family friend Captain Lennard This isn t a very secure spot because the Fleet is after them Both Lilli and Chase have unusual powers that Fleet would like to experiment on and exploit Parker has found some friends and is deep in trying to hack the computer chip that will tell him the location of his mysterious guardian Asa Kaplan Lilli is hiding and sending duplicates all over the [...]

    2. I m so glad I started the new year off right by reading The Stolen Moon I ve been eagerly anticipating this sequel ever since I devoured its predecessor, The Lost Planet, in one sitting last January Well, I loved this installment even There are scenes of breathtaking action, as well as heart aching tenderness, against the backdrop of an ever expanding and politically complex universe More please and thank you Seriously excellent middle grade fiction and just some of the most fun on a sci fi adv [...]

    3. this book was very good because it has a lot of action and thrill to go with it It has humans who face conflicts but as friends they are able to overcome these obstacles P.S the humans in this book have super powers that help them beat the villian His younger sister has an otherworldly and sometimes annoying ability The starship he now lives on has been infiltrated His friend Parker is working on the network hack of a lifetime.

    4. I liked this one even than the first Lots of action, great introduction to adventurous science fiction for middle grade readers.

    5. Searles, Rachel The Stolen Moon Book 2 360 pgs Fiewel and Friends Macmillan , 2015 15.99 Content Language G 0 swears Mature Content G Violence PGChase and his younger sister Lilli have special abilities, but they don t know why It might have something to do with their parents, who they have heard might be alive but have always been told they were killed They are safe for now, and so is their secret, aboard the spaceship of Captain Lennard Then the ship becomes involved in an inter planetary moon [...]

    6. I mostly skimmed the firstird It got better once Chase stopped being angry at someone or the other all the time Even better once Analora was gone a case of really unnecessary character if you ask me

    7. I should probably have re read The Lost Planet before reading this book As it has been eleven months But I felt like I remembered some things, not everything, but that s okay, as I understood everything in this sequel And I will be re reading both books before I read third book if there will be one 3I m just so glad that I read this book right now Because I adored it And it was just what I needed A few small things bothered me a little, but so much made me happy I m giving this book a four star, [...]

    8. Review originally posted on Children s AtheneumIn the sequel to The Lost Planet, Chase is still in hiding, protected by a family friend on a space ship To everyone else, he is just an orphan recruit, but Chase and his sister are so much than that Following a series of clues, the children, along with their friends Parker and Marcus, set out to find the truth even if it means disobeying a direct command How could they know they were walking into the middle of a war How could they know that they e [...]

    9. Wow.Starting this off, it s been waaaaaaaay to long since I read The Lost Planet I pretty much saw this book on the shelves next to it, remembered I d read the first, and decided to give the sequel a try Man Good choice, Thomas.The Stolen Moon is fast paced, and is out of this world It is as good as I remember the first book to be This book stresses the importance of trust, friendship as cheesy as it sounds , and determination Chase and Lilli s abilities added an extra flavor to the story Lilli [...]

    10. This was a good book Like the first book in the series, the cover is pretty and colorful, and I found myself flipping back to it often to figure out who the new characters were The Stolen Moon suffered not at all from sequel syndrome, and I thought it was as action packed and thrilling as the first book One of the best parts of this novel was how the author noted both sides of most moral dilemmas in the book, and characters that were at first portrayed as the standard bully actually had redeemin [...]

    11. The second book in the series about space traveler Chase Garrety The first book was an action packed space opera with little character development and non stop adventure In the second book Chase is reunited with his sister but is dealing with amnesia and a surprising talent Although there is plenty of action and intrigue, the story takes a slower pace as readers get to know Chase and his friends This definitely reads like the second book in a trilogy and will leave the reader waiting for the nex [...]

    12. wow so many adventures, battles, and sacrifices and still so many loose ends I want to keep reading and know what will happen with Chace, Parker, Lilli and Marcous I wonder what Asa Kaplan will do next will he help them again after they refused to go with him I think this series will be a great hit among my students.

    13. This is the sequel to Lost Planet Very good science fiction space opera adventures, with lots of spaceships, traveling to different planets, moons, etc and lots of extra terrestrial beings, both good and bad Also, lots of territorial conflicts and political conflicts but without a lot of boring bits.

    14. So good I definitely saw the Star Trek inspiration in this one, so than the first Why can t there be sci fi young reader series like this Now I have to wait for the next book in the series That ll be annoying But I have faith in Rachel Searles to bring brilliance to young sci fi fans again Absolutely love her writing style and the action suspense.

    15. The book is a fun action packed sequel to the Lost Planet The story picks up right where the first one left off There is not a dull moment in the book as Chase, Parker, and Lillian try to figure out what they are and what is happening Students who loved the Lost Planet will love this book as well I want to read the 3rd book in the series now to see what happens next.

    16. Just as amazing as the first book, but even so all sorts of questions answered, and new ones presentedis high action adventure will keep you at the edge of your seat, i can t wait for the third one I can t even describe how great i thought this book was, i only wish i had read them both sooner.

    17. I take it back Impulsive, reckless teenagers just saved their lives From that moment in the book where they were impulsive, it went from a four star book to a five star one It was nail biting until the end, and I still feel breathless The third book can t come out fast enough for me.

    18. I really liked it And the cover for this one is GORGEOUS But why oh why did it have to end that way

    19. This book was a delight to read It really kept my interest and I really enjoyed the characters I can t wait for the next book I won this book on.

    20. I really like this book a lot It s quite long, but also really awesome and really leaves you hanging I highly recommend this book for 6 9th graders.

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