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The Rats, the Bats & the Ugly #2020

The Rats the Bats the Ugly The intrepid team of rats and bats and their human leader have achieved victory over the invading aliens That was the easy part and now they must convince their military bureaucracy that the invading

  • Title: The Rats, the Bats & the Ugly
  • Author: Eric Flint Dave Freer
  • ISBN: 9780743488464
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Rats, the Bats & the Ugly By Eric Flint Dave Freer, The intrepid team of rats and bats, and their human leader have achieved victory over the invading aliens That was the easy part and now they must convince their military bureaucracy that the invading aliens were a feint, under the control of the other aliens that they thought were their allies.

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      497 Eric Flint Dave Freer
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      Posted by:Eric Flint Dave Freer
      Published :2020-02-12T16:16:33+00:00

    1 thought on “The Rats, the Bats & the Ugly

    1. This sequel was just as good as the book before it, which means it was utterly fantastic Really, it s not so much a sequel as a straight continuation from where we left off in the first book Rats, Bats and Vats RBV The Rats, the Bats and the Ugly RBU could be put in the same volume as RBV and you would never know they were two seperate books it is that seamless and that good What I like about RBU is that it adds new characters, fleshes out older ones even than RBV and adds the dimension of poli [...]

    2. This was a fun second romp though the world of harmony and reason the bat and Rat dynamic and witty dialogue keep the story moving.

    3. From Booklist Another zany tale of the planet Harmony Reason, which is somewhat short of both at the moment, thanks to its hierarchical society and the invasion of the alien Korozhet The victorious, vat cloned Corporal Chip Connelly and his love, the Shareholder heiress Virginia Ginny Shaw, return to Bernard Shaw City and a welcome very different from what they expected The authorities want to preserve the hierarchy by executing Chip and kidnapping Ginny Fortunately, the uplifted i.e intelligent [...]

    4. Comedic sci fi at its best Unfortunately I missed the prior novel, Rats, Bats and Vats, but this segment covers that so its fairly self contained and you can pick it up without losing out Though I m remiss that picking up the first book has already been fully spoiled Still, this was very good The writer clearly knows his military workings as the main cast are all military personnel, some unusual than other, and the story presents a well illustrated depiction of how beauracracy and corruption wo [...]

    5. A totally enjoyable sequel that takes place mostly in courtrooms, detention cells, and places of house arrest, but stays fully entertaining throughout The characters are all fully engaging, and the growth of several of them from the first book to the next is natural and interesting The commentary on the potential for ridiculousness in government and military bureaucracy is keen, well thought, and at turns amusing and maddening Great book, a very much recommended two book series, and I do actuall [...]

    6. This is the second book in the story of an incompetent government waging a failing war against insect invaders with an army of clones, and uplifted bats and rodents It s a great story full of action, personal heroics, and great characters Once again, like the previous book in this series, Freer shines but the book gets a little bit dull with Flint s usual contribution of an incompetent corrupt government going a little too far with solutions coming a little too easy when they arrive.

    7. More like the second half of the story started in Rats, Bats, and Vats than a stand alone story, but it wraps up the conflicts very well Most of the battles take place in courtrooms this time, but there is plenty of rat sass, bat demolition, and Crotchet spine kicking Plus Super Glue and a chainsaw

    8. It s not really fair, but English is not my native tongue and, despite having completed graduate studies in a USA university, for my life I cannot understand what four fifths of the characters say in this book Non native english speakers beware

    9. Great series this is 2nd of two books Very well written with the right touch of humor in a solid SF Military story Don t let the title fool you into thinking this is cheesy pulp SciFi if you re familiar with these two authors at all you know they do quality SF

    10. Liked as much as the first, but it didn t really involve the rats and the bats that much in the first half of the book.

    11. Good sequel I didn t like it as much as the first book, but still couldn t put it down Good action SF.

    12. What do you get when you mix Shakespearean rats with Irish revolutionary bats who ve been secretly enslaved to traitorous aliens through their cyber mind chips A whole lot of

    13. Read the Baen Books e book.Not a stand alone book, you must start with Rats, Bats and Vats.Worth reading the first one just for this.

    14. Funny SciFi Drunk and lecherous rats, Keats quoting Irish accented bats on one dumb human Sound about right

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