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Neapol '44 #2020

Neapol Norman Lewis trafi do W och jako oficer kom rki brytyjskiego wywiadu do czonej do sztabu Ameryka skiej Pi tej Armii M ody Brytyjczyk nie spodziewa si e rok p niej b dzie wyje d a z dziennikiem pe ny

  • Title: Neapol '44
  • Author: Norman Lewis Janusz Ruszkowski
  • ISBN: 9788375365696
  • Page: 191
  • Format: None
  • Neapol '44 By Norman Lewis Janusz Ruszkowski, Norman Lewis trafi do W och jako oficer kom rki brytyjskiego wywiadu do czonej do sztabu Ameryka skiej Pi tej Armii M ody Brytyjczyk nie spodziewa si , e rok p niej b dzie wyje d a z dziennikiem pe nym wspomnie o niezwyk ym mie cie i jego mieszka cach.Kiedy Lewis przyby do Neapolu, sytuacja podobnie jak w reszcie kraju powa nie si komplikowa a Kampania w oskNorman Lewis trafi do W och jako oficer kom rki brytyjskiego wywiadu do czonej do sztabu Ameryka skiej Pi tej Armii M ody Brytyjczyk nie spodziewa si , e rok p niej b dzie wyje d a z dziennikiem pe nym wspomnie o niezwyk ym mie cie i jego mieszka cach.Kiedy Lewis przyby do Neapolu, sytuacja podobnie jak w reszcie kraju powa nie si komplikowa a Kampania w oska trwa a, Mussolini nie zamierza si podda , alianci wsz dzie tropili faszyst w, a cywile musieli zmierzy si z problemami wojennej codzienno ci Brakowa o ywno ci, mafia ros a w si , a czarny rynek by jedynym ratunkiem dla g odnego miasta Jednak neapolita czycy, dla kt rych jedzenie by o wa niejsze nawet od mi o ci, wykazywali niezwyk zdolno radzenia sobie w ka dej sytuacji W dniach poprzedzaj cych wyzwolenie wyjedli wszystkie tropikalne ryby z miejskiego akwarium, a kiedy w nielegalnym obrocie pojawi si makaron, zorganizowali wy cigi w jedzeniu spaghetti.Dziennik z rocznego pobytu m odego Anglika w Italii to galeria nietuzinkowych postaci i zapis niezwyk ych zdarze z miasta, w kt rym ludzie pomimo wojny i okupacji yli pe ni ycia.

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      191 Norman Lewis Janusz Ruszkowski
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    1. Naples 44 by Norman Lewis is his personal account of his experience in the British Intelligence Corps during WWII Lewis was attached to an American unit in Naples after serving in North Africa He and his colleagues were given little supervision and, for the most part, left to do their own tasks He went on to write other books about French Indochina, Indonesia, India, Brazil and other countries Lewis has also written fifteen novels There are at least a thousand books on World War II and plenty on [...]

    2. Harrowing, unsparing, penetrating yet throughout profoundly humane this reminiscence restores the good name of memoir NAPLES 44 details, via diary entries no doubt reworked for the book s mid 1970s publication, Norman Lewis experience as a community liaison between the Allied occupiers and the locals, in the devastated Southern Italian metropolis of Naples following the Nazi withdrawal of September 1943 Every entry offers a bracing corrective to dimwitted American notions of the good war, yet ea [...]

    3. Disclaimer I got a copy via Netgalley Have you ever read the transcripts from the Titanic inquiry It s a rather interesting look at what various British people thought of the rest of the barbarians, except for the Americans In some places, Lewis diary of his wartime experiences in Naples mirror those transcripts, but this time the Americans are part of the barbarians One of the most interesting parts of reading this diary is how slowly, subtlety Lewis views change He eventually falls in love wit [...]

    4. I have a GR virtual bookshelf for WWII and this is the 39th book to be added to it None of the other 38 are anything like this A journal written at the time with the author s immediate impressions, and providing a view of the conflict that I personally hadn t encountered before.The account starts with the landings at Salerno, and from the author s perspective the event was one of confusion, widespread panic, deaths from friendly fire , and all round ineptitude, with results that varied from the [...]

    5. I have lived as an expat in Naples for three and a half years now, and have a small library of English language books on Naples, my adopted city This one is perhaps the best, and certainly one of the most entertaining In summary, the book is the autobiographical account of a British counterintelligence officer in Allied occupied wartime Naples The account takes place after the invasion of Sicily and before the liberation of Rome My maternal grandfather was with Patton s 3ID and at Anzio and was [...]

    6. A classic I m surprised it took me so long to get around to reading it Norman Lewis writes like an angel, and describes the medieval squalor and suffering of Naples in 1944 with a strange, detached irony that belies the horrors and injustices he describes At the same time, he manages to develop a genuine affection and respect for the venal, superstitious, and devious Neapolitans This world, and Lewis s calm curiosity about it, seems very remote from ours We were admiring the splendid husk of the [...]

    7. Gritty I read this book in the two days that I visited Naples and it helped to understand why the city is so rough It is not a beautiful place and a lot of that is easily understood when you read about how much the city went through during the war This was a good read but I m not sure I would recommend it if you are not traveling to Naples Unless you like short books that personify war, in which case I do recommend this one or better yet, Armegeddon in Retrospect by Kurt Vonnegut.

    8. I needed to cleanse my mind of all the mediocre and or downright lousy fiction I d been trying to read, so I settled on some tried and true nonfiction Outstanding This guy was such a great observer, and he had the temperament for keeping a detailed diary when history was being made.

    9. I wanted this to be exactly like the bits in Catch 22 in Rome airmen and their prostitutes walking naked around crumbling baroque apartments.But Norman is a bit dull He d have been happier taking the Met line to a desk as a staff writer on the Daily Mail He s po faced or rolling his eyes Not what I expected at all Quite frequently suspects were not even identified by name, but by such descriptions as of medium height , age between thirty and forty , strikingly ugly , or in one case, known to pos [...]

    10. Great writing and some incredible events are described here, but something is missing here The problem is the format of a diary, which isn t up to the conveying all the incredible experiences Lewis has in his year in Naples For example, boring events are given the same amount of time as great events, and the book becomes a litany of this is what happened with no overriding narrative and way too many characters I guess I m spoiled in many ways having read Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil b [...]

    11. Utterly, utterly wonderful Compared to the usual official descriptions of WWII, this is like taking a toilet roll tube and making of it a massive kaleidoscope containing bits of the La Chappelle stained glass window and furry magical butterflies that you can step inside It s one of the most alive books I ve ever read.

    12. Je li my leli cie, e historie opisane przez Hellera w Paragrafie 22 to efekt bujnej wyobra ni, to dziennik Lewisa poka e wam, e byli cie w b dzie o nierze z y k handlow , donosz cy na siebie konfidenci, dziewczyny lekkich obyczaj w doj ce ka dego frajera, kt ry si nawinie, mafia, a w tym wszystkim autor, kt ry pr buje wykonywa swoj prac i co rusz zderza si ze cian biurokracji oboj tno ci niedasi.

    13. I have previously read and enjoyed Norman Lewis excellent travel memoir about Indochina, A Dragon Apparent, so I knew I was in for a good read with Naples 44 1978 It is a compelling account of a British intelligence officer trying to make the best of dire wartime circumstances in Naples during WWII in 1944 before Italy was liberated all together Some of the things he struggled with were criminal gangs, bandits, vendettas, typhus, black market commerce, the shortage of supply, a lack of justice, [...]

    14. Outstanding Wonderful depiction of a pre mass media, pre digital, pre everything except for collateral damage of modern warfare society still with roots in a rural, pre industrial age Fly on the wall details about everyday life in a vibrant city that shrugged off the war, just as it had shrugged off other wars, revolutions, volcanoes, disease, etc over two and a half millenia I especially liked the way the author never stereotyped or patronized the Italians, simply noting their customs, beliefs, [...]

    15. Bardzo ciekawa i poruszaj ca lektura Wspomnienia Normana Lewisa z czas w s u by w Neapolu i okolicznych wioskach czyta si troch jak po czenie Paragrafu 22 z serialem M.A.S.H Jest i miesznie, i strasznie Typowo angielskie poczucie humoru Lewisa, czyli du o sarkazmu i umiej tno ci znajdowania komizmu w najbardziej beznadziejnych czy paskudnych sytuacjach, z pewno ci pomog o autorowi nie zwariowa W swoich kr tkich notatkach Lewis wietnie pokazuje absurdalno wojny, a tak e zajmuj co opisuje realia y [...]

    16. It took me a month to read this book not because it is long or difficult, but because I just never had any time It is certainly a good book for commuting, but as my subway ride is only 26 minutes round trip I did not cover too many pages a day However, it is also a good book to read surreptitiously at your desk when the manager has the day off That is how I finally finished it.The most poignant message that this book conveyed to me is that civilians continue to suffer during war long after the s [...]

    17. Read this in college At the time, I found the author s dispassionate account of a society crushed under war almost too disturbing to read When I spent time in Cuba in the mid 1990 s there were interesting parallels to WWII Naples, and the experience of having read this book helped me to understand Cuba a bit better Ditto when I spent time in Afghanistan and Iraq Though we tend to focus most attention on the warriors, the horrors of war often land hardest on civilians Naples 44 offers invaluable, [...]

    18. Excellent writing I learnt a lot about Neapolitan culture and the very rough environment of war torn Italy.

    19. I read this book at the same time as Curzio Malaparte s The Skin This review compares the two books and was posted on my blog at interrogating ellie together with pictures and relevant links.Curzio Malaparte s The Skin and Norman Lewis s Naples 44 An Intelligence Officer in the Italian Labyrinth both concern Naples under Allied occupation during World War Two, written by people who were there at the time Malaparte was an Italian liaison officer, hanging out with American forces, an independently [...]

    20. Diario di un maggiore inglese di stanza a Napoli dall 8settembre 1943 fino alla fine del 1944 Un ritratto unico, e terribile, della citt al tempo della fine della guerra Quella che viene fuori dal libro una citt poverissima, in modo a tratti quasi grottesco e aberrante Una povert dovuta al dominio nazista, ma anche ai bombardamenti e poi al governo alleato L autore stesso, in pi punti, mette in risalto come le forze alleate spesso siano state conniventi con la mafia locale, perch avevano interes [...]

    21. An excellent book Very sad but also revealing and funny Norman Lewis was a British military intelligence officer assigned to Naples during, and for a year after, the liberation of the city His diary is so fantastic in parts that I had to keep reminding myself that the events were real Lewis ends up with great empathy towards the local population and something close to contempt for the Allied forces, particularly the Americans How could you feel otherwise when the American general leading the ini [...]

    22. A beautifully written account of the author s experience as a British intelligence officer attached to various American units during the occupation of southern Italy It is a wry portrait of the foolishness and terrible costs of war It is also a captivating portrait of the Italian people living close to the line of starvation but somehow managing to preserve their sense of dignity and identity This is a perfect example of a travel portrait spare but fluid prose, not overdoing the descriptions but [...]

    23. I was in Naples last year and it was the most extraordinary place This book is about the city in 1944 after the Allies had arrived, and does nothing to dispel the strangeness of the city In fact, it adds a new layer of bizarre intrigue Lewis describes how the Neapolitans are barely managing to survive, how everything is debased by the effects of war Terrible stories of starvation and brutality, and the depths to which people are prepared to descend in order to survive.

    24. A real eye opener for me to learn about the occupation of Naples and Southern Italy by the Allied Forces Having suffered so much at the hands of the Germans these poor people had to then put up with soldiers, ordering about, amongst terrible poverty, humiliation and sorrow A very honest autobiography.

    25. This book contains comic and insightful observations of wartime Neapolitan culture However, I wouldn t recommend reading this on a commute as you need to pay full attention to the many, briefly introduced, characters to appropriately appreciate their way of life.

    26. Lewis insightful book describes life in S Italy vividly As a British intelligence officer, with little training, he was assigned to invading American forces The lack of food shocked me and the suffering of civilians was awful to read about Yet there are amusing parts as well Those who read the Ferrante novels should read this short beautifully written book

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