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Her Insatiable Scot #2020

Her Insatiable Scot Keri Pearson is currently between jobs so there s nothing to lose when her cousin promises her a glowing recommendation from a top expert in their field in exchange for a small favor All she has to d

  • Title: Her Insatiable Scot
  • Author: Melissa Blue
  • ISBN: 9781311079206
  • Page: 321
  • Format: ebook
  • Her Insatiable Scot By Melissa Blue, Keri Pearson is currently between jobs, so there s nothing to lose when her cousin promises her a glowing recommendation from a top expert in their field in exchange for a small favor All she has to do is lie about who she is and pretend to be married to a charming Scot for three hours Her sexy as hell pretend husband makes it too easy to play the part of newlyweds TheKeri Pearson is currently between jobs, so there s nothing to lose when her cousin promises her a glowing recommendation from a top expert in their field in exchange for a small favor All she has to do is lie about who she is and pretend to be married to a charming Scot for three hours Her sexy as hell pretend husband makes it too easy to play the part of newlyweds The last thing she should do is trust him or the genuineness of his lust or adoration, but his touch ignites an unexpected desire.Tristan Baird turned his back on his past with plenty of regrets, but when his brother blackmails him, Tristan can t say no Given his brother saved his neck, an afternoon doing what he does best doesn t seem like too much to ask And it s for a good cause Doing the job right guarantees his brother and new wife will have the home of their dreams But his stunning accomplice complicates the job She is everything he always wanted and couldn t have The kind of woman who is too smart to ever trust a former conman.The three hour commitment stretches into five sexually charged days as they fight the explosive connection As each day passes, Keri must remind herself what is true and what is false, but the lines are blurring Tristan can only hope his past doesn t come back to ruin their future.

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      321 Melissa Blue
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    1. 3.5 4 StarsThis is the second novella in the Under the Kilt series please note there are no actual kilts, just hottie Scots and this one turns up the heat a little bit from the first story The plot of this one is less believable than the first but there was something about Keri Tristan s romance that I actually enjoyed than Joce Ian s I can t even put my finger on what it was better chemistry Tristan is broken hotter dirty talk but I couldn t stop reading it You don t have to read Under His Ki [...]

    2. I recently received an ARC of Melissa Blue s Her insatiable Scot I have to be honest, this is the first book that I have finished by this author, I am a huge fan of the Den of sin series Shamelessly Taken is free on so I have Forbidden Rendezvous, but I have not read this title yet.My first impressions were quite confused, I hadn t read the first book, Under his Kilt, so I had no idea what any of the characters were talking about The reason for Tristan and Keri being at a hotel and posing as the [...]

    3. Her Insatiable Scot.Don t usually go for contemporary novels much, but these books by Melissa Blue have captured my interest Charming, witty, funny, sexy enchanting If you re into kilts, then I recommend you give these a try.

    4. The second in her Under the Kilt Series, Melissa Blue brings us Keri and Tristan Those who are familiar with Under His Kilt will see the family ties as Keri is Jocelyn s cousin and Tristan is Ian s brother Both Keri and Tristan are at loose ends without any major commitments, so filling in and impersonating a married couple to help out their settled relations will also help them turn a corner into the lives that they want Keri is clever and quick, with a bad habit for choosing men who leave her [...]

    5. I received an ARC of this book and was extremely excited because I enjoyed the first book Under His Kilt so much Due to my love of the first book I worried that this one would not live up to my expectations Boy was I wrong Not only did it live up to them it exceeded them The story was a lot emotional than the first one and I was not prepared for the rollercoaster of emotions it brought on.The h h, Keri and Tristan were well developed and I really got a sense of who they were very early on Ms Bl [...]

    6. It was a good story but a little romance than I expected Will read rest in the three I got and will have to see where it goes from there Very good character development Some unexpected twists.

    7. Keri agrees to help her cousin since she is between jobs and her cousin will give her a good recommendation if she helps out All she has to do is pretend to be her cousin and married to a sexy Scot for three house to help them get their dream house While it should be an easy quick fix it becomes so much when se meets Tristan He gets her blood pumping and when they end p having to spend days together she can t help but want him in every way Tristan has done bad things in the past and now he is t [...]

    8. This is another book in the Under His Kilt series and the Scots just get hotter and hotter In this installment we meet Tristan Ian s brother and Keri Jocelyn s Cousin who are standing in for Ian and Joce at a National Historical Society Homeowner s Association Convention yea side eye from the moment Keri steps out of the car the chemistry between to two is so great Tristan has to sort of teach her how to con something which he did for a long time but is now on straight and narrow sort of but onc [...]

    9. Well written and edited, with just a couple of issues This is a stand alone story with no cliffhanger, although characters from the prior story are prominent plot point.While I enjoyed the first book, for me, this story was a complex, interesting story The male character is a former conman The female character is a scientist who s clinical, logical and has compulsive habits that pop up at inconvenient times Oddly, both of them are simultaneously brutally honest and dishonestly secretive with on [...]

    10. The main characters are Tristan Baird is a reformed con man, and Keri Pearson a man shy women with performance problems.Her cousin and his brother ask them to play act as them at a conference so they can buy the house of their dreams, which needs a committee s approval.It s supposed to be a few hours, but turns into 5 days and importantly 5 nights together.Will this become a disastrous flame out, or a combustive explosion It doesn t look good when she asks weird questions during sex, especially [...]

    11. An Absolute Great Read Melissa Once again I ask, as I did, with Under His Kilt, don t we all love to guard our hearts to keep from being disappointed or heartbroken Just like Joce couldn t help but fall in love with Ian, her cousin was bitten by the love bug when it came to Tristen The difference in this beautiful follow up was that Instead of Keri being scared of falling for Tristan, he was struggling with the possibility that his following in love with her only bring her down Tristan was a MF [...]

    12. Reformed conman Tristan is asked to pull off one con While his brother is away on his honeymoon, Tristan is asked to pretend to be him His fake wife, Kari, is playing the role of his brother s girlfriend While their acting is supposed to secure his brother a place to live, Tristan s feelings for Kari become all too real.This was a great second book in the Under the Kilt series I m really enjoying Melissa Blue and her Scots.I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

    13. Very sexy story of opposites attract What happens when you pair a charismatic former con man from Scotland with an over thinking American who usually prefers to be invisible Well, what if they have to pretend to be other people to help their cousins get the house of their dreams And then what was only supposed to be a few hours turns into several days With so many sparks flaring and the sexual chemistry between Tristan and Keri, you know you ll be in for a bumpy ride and you ll enjoy every minut [...]

    14. A very interesting and erotic read I call it erotic because the steam level is high and pretty graphic The story focuses on their sex and chemistry even when they are not having it The story is a very interesting mix between an ex conman and a brainiac scientist She seems to fake it just to be in a group larger than three because of her anxiety He is an admitted faker yet he only tells her truth I love the blend.

    15. Tristan con man gone rightSometimes having to reform who you once were takes work Tristan having to live with his past knew how much being held captive kept him from his future desires, unconditional love Keri the awkward, smart woman having to deal with her own insecurities, was brought to the understanding that she was worth love It was good to see Tristan and Keri come together as you learn what it means to accept someone wholeheartedly.

    16. Her Insatiable ScotThis book is interesting and different It involves a con man and a scientist who meet and disguises themselves as a married couple to help the brother and cousin obtain a house The brother and cousin are on their honeymoon They play their part very well and get the house They also fall in love.

    17. Sexy lightheartedI personally really liked this book It was a fast read with a lot of steamy parts I enjoyed the somewhat lighthearted plot There were parts of the sex scenes that were pleasantly different than other novels I would love to read another novel with these characters.

    18. 3.5 I wanted to like this , there were some very promising things going on, but the writing just stopped and started for me, I had to keep re reading Arts to understand what the the 2 characters were trying to say.

    19. I am so glad I took a chance on the first 2 books in this series I am a fan of highlander romance and this contemporary does it for me It s the follow up on the first story and a wonderful farce that becomes real Great plotting and imagination I m looking forward to 3.

    20. Another good oneAnother good one done I m about to visit again to get the next installment in the Under his kilt series Really great stories.

    21. Interesting I liked the first book in this series and enjoyed it This one seemed to drag a bit and I was irritated with Tristan and his devaluing of himself.

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