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Without Regret #2020

Without Regret This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B RFG JK Chris Williams is used to making sacrifices For years he s done his duty by his family and his calling as he awaited the one person that was mean

  • Title: Without Regret
  • Author: R.L. Mathewson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Without Regret By R.L. Mathewson, This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B005RFG3JK.Chris Williams is used to making sacrifices For years he s done his duty by his family and his calling as he awaited the one person that was meant for him When she finally came into his life she was nothing like the woman he d expected Instead of being the warrior ready to help him protect his family and the humansThis is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B005RFG3JK.Chris Williams is used to making sacrifices For years he s done his duty by his family and his calling as he awaited the one person that was meant for him When she finally came into his life she was nothing like the woman he d expected Instead of being the warrior ready to help him protect his family and the humans under his care he gotA computer geek named Isabella, who somehow managed to get her name on every Master s hit list One minute she admits that she d made a foolish mistake and the next she s kidnapped, held hostage by a crazy cult who steals her chocolate and she s sure is after her program, a program she has no plans on giving up anytime soon As she tries to keep her wits about her the sexiest man she s ever seen claims her, only he doesn t seem to happy about it It s clear that he doesn t want her, but the stubborn man just won t let her go even when it s clear that he may not have a choice.

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      173 R.L. Mathewson
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    1 thought on “Without Regret

    1. Ok so I normally really enjoy this author I loved the neighbors from Hell series and actually really enjoyed Tall, Dark and Lonely As much as I hate to give any book 2 stars I was so disappointed in this book.SPOILERSChris is an absolute jerk in this book And I don t mean, overbearing alpha kind of jerk, I mean cruel, selfish, and downright nasty He spends the first part of the book saying that his mate is too weak for him Apparently her only purpose for him is to be a fighter, when after the fi [...]

    2. I demand a re write Spoilers CAUTION Ranting aheadChris was an absolute douche and an absolute dissapointment I actually liked him in the first book, but in this one he was just a pr ck He tells his MATE that she is a weak dissapointment throughout the WHOLE book Or at least 98% of the book He tells his MATE to abort his child And then, he tries to incarcirate his MATE to a prison on a forgotten island for the rest of her life, which since she is a sentinel and is long lived will be at least ano [...]

    3. CHRIS WAS HORRIBLE URGH I HATE HIM SO MUCH I thought oh, he has issues he ll sort himself out, apologise and stop being horrible Did this happen NO He was just a selfish, mean horrible guy who couldn t bear the thought of having extra responsibilities Seriously That is all he saw her as Someone to burden him and that he d have to take care of her SHE DIDN T FRICKIN ASK TO BE TAKEN CARE OF SHE CAN TAKE CARE OF HERSELF Seriously I really, really hated him The thing with Isabella is that I liked he [...]

    4. SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT I feel like I need to qualify my 1 star rating It is solely based on my dislike for the two main characters, not the author s writing ability There were a few editing errors, but not any that were very bad So if you can put up with a jerk understatement hero and a doormat heroine, you may enjoy this book Or you may see them completely different than I did I do have some GR friends that rated this book 5 stars.1 1 2 With A LOT [...]

    5. Unfortunately, it was with regret that I found myself not enjoying this book as much as the first one in the series The book started out good enough, and then just didn t propel forward The 2 main characters Chris and Isabella, never connected, sexually yes, but that had to do with a mating attraction than any real chemistry The Chris I loved from first book, was no longer that charming, witty boy that I adored, but rather a hard, vindictive jerk I understand that his circumstances in the last [...]

    6. Wow Chris pretty much ruined this book for me Which is sad cause I loved his character in the first book but god this whole book I just wanted to punch him in the face He was a douche for like 90% of this book and there was not enough redeeming scenes for it to work for me And when I say 90% I mean it, there is like one chapter at the end of the book where he finally realizes what a douche he is and apologizes and then it s the epilogue Only one chapter That was just not enough for me, it should [...]

    7. 2 2.5 stars Fair warning.is review is likely to be spoilerish so don t read this if you don t want to know Isabella is a computer geek that is a genius at writing code She writes all kinds of code and sometimes the programs she invents aren t exactly on the legal side which has put her in trouble with the authorities in the past Isabella grew up with parents that didn t give a damn about her and her life hasn t been great Isabella is very short and petite so when confronted with danger, she tend [...]

    8. I have really liked all the other books by R.L Mathewson, unfortunately this one was a let down There are two main reasons I didn t like this book ver much 1 Chris Williams, the main character, who I LOVED in Tall, Dark Lonely suddenlt morphed into a complete twat I mean a SERIOUS dick He was horrible, even downright cruel to Izzy who was awesome and didn t seem to have any compassion for her, the woman he has been waiting 10 years for, what so ever What happened to the really sweet over protect [...]

    9. Chris has become an absolute p k in this book I don t like him and I really don t like the female character either My implying an obscenity here is intentional, because that is how strongly I feel about male characters such as this Men can be tough, they can have problems from their childhoods, but they don t have to turn out like this and be accepted Chris was a sound character in the first book and I looked forward to reading about his development I was very disappointedIzzie accepts an abusiv [...]

    10. Better than Tall, Dark, and Lonely, a million times better than A Humble Heart, but nowhere close to Playing for Keeps Mathewson desperately needs an editor or a meticulous beta reader as there were some ridiculously misused words Lounged instead of lunged Contraption instead of contraction The smartass attitude that Chris had in Tall disappeared until the very, very end of Without In addition, he was a colossal dick for the majority of the book Mathewson did provide some emotional context for C [...]

    11. Warning FULL RANT AHEAD1,5 I m Soooo Pissed Off Right Now Stars Ugh Without Regret, sadly, is Tte worst Mathewson book I d ever read Chris is a BIG PRICK, DOUCHE, ASSHOLES, JERK and the most one dimensional hero I ve ever known Add it with her mate, Izzy that too MEEK, DOORMAT, DAMSEL IN DISTRESSAAAAAAH I have so many regret after reading Without Regret har har Such a letdown after book 1 that I loved and adore Chris is like a stranger here His treatment to Izzy boiled my blood, make my eyes see [...]

    12. This one left me conflicted cause it was disappointing but also good read,the story started out good but in between i was very disappointed with Izzy s character,she was a weak woman her constant denials and not accepting about Sentinel irritated me ,Chris i completely understand his disappointments and his love loyalty towards his family which made him to make Izzy go away cause she might cause danger to his family but later the way he treated and rejected his child angered me, also there was n [...]

    13. Part of what scared me off of this series was the review for this book But after reading and loving Tall, Dark Lonely, I jumped right into this one Initially, I had concerns for this book because of Chris s reaction to Isabella He was such a jerk view spoiler and so adamant that she be sent away and that she was useless and disappointing hide spoiler that I immediately understood why people had problems with this book But after I thought about it, I was okay with it Chris was acting completely i [...]

    14. I picked this book because it has a structure I usually enjoy hero is kind of an alpha male jerk to heroine until the end, when he falls on his knees and promises her the world and realizes he has been a fool because she is everything Unfortunately, in this book, the hero really never stopped being a jerk and I mean a serious, no holds barred, bashing my head against a wall a hole The heroine took everything he dished out, never got really pissed, never walked out on him, nothing And she wasn t [...]

    15. I really enjoyed the first book from this series, Tall, Dark Lonely Pyte 1 and was excited to see what happened to Chris character Unfortunately, Chris went from a smart mouthed hilarious teenager in 1 to a 28 year old jackass.He was your tortured hero that treated the heroine Isabella like crap I ve read plenty of these types of romances and as long as the Hero comes to his senses and grovels sufficiently I m okay Oh and as long as the heroine has a spine I m okay too Chris redeemed himself way [...]

    16. Chris Williams basically raised himself, his mother was trash and he fought every day to survive He never expected to be adopted at sixteen by a Pyte and his best friend Madison He also never realized he was a Sentinel whose job it was to protect humans Every ten years 10 Sentinels are born, 5 male and 5 female, they are destined to be mates After he is injured he thinks he is going to meet his mate soon, but she is nowhere to be found Years later Isabella comes into his life, but she has no clu [...]

    17. 3.75 Stars I love the world that RL has created, but for me this book suffered a bit and needed some additional words to make it work I loved Chris in the Ephrain s book, but didn t love him here until the very end of the book almost Chris was hard on Izzie and he never got her history or how she was raised He called her a coward and told her in every way that he was ashamed of her Although in the end he apologized it was too little to late I just wish that she would have got to tell Chris where [...]

    18. Points about this book If i could give it 0 5 i wouldThe hero and heroine really piss me offim not gonna finish the book nobody like chris deserves a happy ending isabella was weak emotionally , she didnt do it for me as a heroine IF someone calls you a whore, you slap him , you do not sleep with him moments laterYOU DO NOT FORGIVE HIM I never understood d whole Kale Logan story I think the novel has too much flashbacks from the characters The most annoying is that most of the flashbacks where f [...]

    19. wowwie I really did not like this book its not that the story line was shit because it wasn t, it was because chris continually treated her like dirt something he can throw away and discard and she sat there and took it fuck that shit im mean really a guy treats u like dirt and you continue fucking seeing him I mean really she was thrown away from her parents they abandoned her just like chris and he treats her like shit he should have known how it felt to have no one like her the one person tha [...]

    20. This would have been a 4 stars for me if not for the hero, Chris I loved Chris in the previous book because he was so rational, intelligent and fun Instead here he s obnoxious, always angry, irrational, etc etc all the worst things one can find in a man I know that I m irrational too to give 3 starts becuase I didn t like the hero, but while reading the book I was really angry almost all the time, so the reading stopped being an enjoyment and started being a bother The story strated suffering to [...]

    21. LOVED THAT MUNCHKIN , Ok, Ok, Ok Chris was a total ass for most of this book but isn t that what we love ladies the bad boy being bad and then the girly turning him around and bringing him to his knees I know I do I just knew Chris would be hard to get Actually he wasn t hard to get, he was hard to keep I started this book on Saturday morning and finished on Sunday around dinner time I would have been done sooner, but I had to do some other stuff you know like take care of my family, feed them, [...]

    22. R.L Mathewson ROCKS I loved Without Regret which should be read after Tall,Dark Lonely I had to pull an all nighter on this one because I became completely lost in the story AND because I needed Chris, who I loved in TDL, to redeem himself cause I WAS NOT loving his offensive and insulting behavior to poor Izzy Though it s got to be said that blush I still kind of loved him despite all that It was fab that all the family from TDL were back and this book, like all of R.L Mathewson s books, had me [...]

    23. 2nd bk after Tall, Dark and Lonely This bk was an ok read, found myself speed reading most of it, didn t hold my attention like TDL which was entertaining and fun Glad Ephraim and Madison had a part in this one with the story advancing the previous players by about 10 years Brother Joshua is now 21 and a med student doctor for the Sentinels Pytes,and its time for older brother Chris to get his HEA Loved Chris in TDL, with his snarky wit and funny dialogue Unfortunately Chris and Izzy spent way t [...]

    24. 5 Crossing Stars They are annoying at first but I feel in love with them Chris and Izzy are so perfect together I love it I wonder if Kale and Logan get a HEA I hope so Then I guess I ll just have to keep showing you, because I never want you to doubt for even a second that you are my world, Munchkin.

    25. 2.5 starsI am disappointed Devastated I was looking forward to reading Chris s story, I really was I fell in love with this family especially Ephraim,Madison and Chris in the previous book and I was so excited for this one My mistake Now I m just pissed.How could you do this R.L.Mathewson You made a brilliant character like Chris into a complete and utter asshole A prick of epic porpotions I wanted to throttle him In the space of 10 years from one book to the next, he was ruined He wasn t even t [...]

    26. WOW, I ve learned my lesson.r judge a book by it s cover I loved this book than TDL Every paranormal story is different and I think the author does a great job with the background stories explanations without it being overdone or boring I really feel a connection with all the characters, even the new found allies in the end This story takes place 10 years later so I was glad to see Joshua Jill all grown up, and even happier to read about Madison Ephraim There were plenty of times where I wanted [...]

    27. I read this again for the second time because it has been a while since I read the series and I have the last two books and needed a refresher on the storyline again I liked the story, don t get me wrong, but I didn t give this 5 stars because I feel the ending was wrapped up a little too nicely I thought that Chris acted like a real jerk to her the entire book and then she forgave him so easily in the end I hate when authors do this as I don t feel as satisfied with the story I think that we, a [...]

    28. 3.75 HEARTS Great story of Chris and Isabella There were a lot of typos and wrong names being used which got confusing at times Overall this was a good read but I really wanted of them loving each other rather than pushing each other away Mainly Chris

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