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Sweet Seduction Stripped #2020

Sweet Seduction Stripped There are those who become obsessed with what they cannot obtain Then there are those who already own it given freely and completely Guess which one you are Bad guys come in all sorts of guises some

  • Title: Sweet Seduction Stripped
  • Author: Nicola Claire
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 479
  • Format: ebook
  • Sweet Seduction Stripped By Nicola Claire, There are those who become obsessed with what they cannot obtain Then there are those who already own it, given freely and completely Guess which one you are Bad guys come in all sorts of guises, sometimes they can be loving and devoted, and take on the appearance of a businessman Just ask Amber Lane, she should know She s been sleeping with the enemy for twenty mont There are those who become obsessed with what they cannot obtain Then there are those who already own it, given freely and completely Guess which one you are Bad guys come in all sorts of guises, sometimes they can be loving and devoted, and take on the appearance of a businessman Just ask Amber Lane, she should know She s been sleeping with the enemy for twenty months and only just now found out who exactly Jaxon Harding is.Thinking her world is crumbling around her, she starts to see danger in every friendly face Even in those she has called friend for three years If you can count an on line acquaintance a good friend When she decides to hack her chat room partner to find out if he could be a member of Jaxon s team, she opens up a part of her heart she never knew she had already lost And it hadn t been lost to her boyfriend.Eric Shaw knows how easily possession can become obsession, at least his good friend Ben Tamati isn t above pointing it all out to him But when his on line fantasy becomes a thrilling reality he realises he d sell his soul to have Amber Lane But believing the beautiful, intelligent dancer come hacker has given him her heart freely is harder to accept.Bomb threats and sinister dealings, manipulative and powerful men, chases through shadowed nightclubs, building collapses and international cyber stalking Amber s world is nothing like she thought it Can she survive the obsession of one very bad man Or will she rejoice in being the possession of one very wicked one Stripping for a living has nothing on baring your heart and soul.Love at first sight has never been so dangerous and so very delicious at the same time.

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      Nicola Claire

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    1. Omg I can t WAIT for this one Soooooooo yeah Of all the ASI men, Eric Shaw and Adam Savill are the two I have been most impatiently waiting for I can now cross Eric off my list OMG I LOVED IT fangirling Ok sorry Had a little freak out there for a sec I had no idea there was gonna be so much to Eric I mean, I knew he was gonna be awesome, but the fact that he had such depth and history Awesomesauce Amber was absolutely the perfect girl for him The two of them together WOW I m surprised my kindle [...]

    2. What do you want I repeated, and there was no huskiness there now All demand A suspended moment, then he suddenly leaned forward again, practically over the entire table and into my lap, sucking me into all that green I want to get you away from that bastard, he announced on a growl Out of his life Out of his bed Pause And into mine This book started out very strong in a guilty pleasure type of way but unfortunately didn t stay that way even though it had a lot of things I love a crazy ex, a dam [...]

    3. Fucking hell This book was phenomenal I cannot stress how amazing this book was Full of hot sexy IT guru Eric

    4. 5 Happy Happy Happy StarsI m full of silly grins cause this is what I expect when I read Nicola Claire and a sweet seduction book Action, intrigue, suspense, serious steam, romance and a great story I was pulled into Amber Eric s story right of the bat I loved that the ASI team was very present in this book These guys are funny and I love reading them.Eric was so dreamy I loved him He was a great, protective, possessive, and wonderfully perverted alpha hero.Amber was a great very likable heroine [...]

    5. Ookay this is really weird but I kinda wanted her with Jaxon Obviously the Jaxon before she finds everything out But everything he does afterwards seemed so out of character and he could ve been written as the good guy Also why was she with him for so long, and fake a relationship when he was so in love with her Amber and Ric I think they thought they were in love with each other Maybe they were But I don t see how when they only chatted a bit online for three years Maybe they did form a close r [...]

    6. This is another book from the Sweet Seduction series This one has the IT guru, Eric being the main hero He and Amber light up the pages in this book This book has suspense, friendship, drama, action, and love There is no cliffhanger Dual point of views I did have a hard time following all of the computer lingo, but that is because I am not that computer knowledgable That being said, I could tell that the author really did her homework This book will keep you guessing until the end You will fall [...]

    7. Read this last weekend and I could not stop reading it until the end It was awesome to have both the hero and heroine s point of view I never thought Eric to be a badass and just when I was picturing a computer geek Some of the scenes in the book had my jaw open so wide like whoa Haha I can not wait for the next book.I hope Koki and Brooke get their own story or put two in one, they re sort of funny.Totally recommend to read and flare of heat that is action packed.

    8. Eric I have loved each and every one of these books in the Sweet Seduction series and this book is no different Great characters, great story line, hot chemistry I hope there will be in the series

    9. Really liked this story Ric Amber had a beautiful relationship The story line was consistent with the rest of the series I look forward to 8

    10. I like that series and love that we still hear about Gen, Dom and the crew I would have loved to see how Dominic managed not just throughout Gen s pregnancy but during labour A bit wordy for me but I do my work around for that.

    11. Reviewed by Whitney Shooting Stars ReviewsSweet Seduction Stripped begins when Amber learns something really about the boyfriend she s been living with for the past twenty months She finds out he is not at all who she thought he was, and she s not really sure if she is even in love with him And the only way to get out is to run to the man who she has only known for the last three years online never in person, until she seeks his help Now come to find out Ric or Eric has most people know him is p [...]

    12. MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS Great story, a little too instant love for my tastes but definitely nothing wrong with the story I just got confused about the plot that was probably my own fault Amber is a sexy stripper who Jaxon sent back to school for her hacking skills photographic memory Amber has been playing around in the hacker world with Eric from ASI now that she sees Jaxon s true colors she is incredibly afraid, so scared she reaches out to Eric for help Eric has been fantasizing about Amber for [...]

    13. The seventh book in the Sweet Seduction series by Nicola Claire Amber Lane is a computer geek When she hacks her boyfriend s computer she discovers some disturbing files Now she is scared and unsure of where to turn She ends up contacting a internet friend and discovers that RiC3.1415 is a lot closer than she thought Eric Shaw has been communicating with Amber aka Danc3r for years Now it s time for him to step it up to hero protector Amber is a computer genius and could very well be as smart if [...]

    14. 4.5 stars I love this series, and this book was fantastic I have liked Eric from the beginning and am so glad he got his happily ever after He and Amber just fit and I loved them right away They each shared a little bit of computer hacker nerdy ness that I found endearing The plot was great as always the perfect amount of suspense, with great twists and turns up until the end Now, I did have one complaint I understand that they chatted online for 3 yearsbut they only knew each other in person fo [...]

    15. 4 1 2 stars This series is a hit or miss for me I really enjoyed this one Like other books from this author, I thought it had a very good writing style I really liked the H and h they were both strong willed, and had great chemistry The secondary characters were also very entertaining there are a lot of them from the previous books, but I thought their interaction was not overdone Suspense was good, and sexy scenes were spicy My only cons for this one was I thought there was ALOT on internal dia [...]

    16. Another brilliant read I loved hearing Eric s story I ve read all the books so far and has been really engrossed in them There is a little bit of everything in there I didn t see that coming get at the end with Jaxson loads of twist and turns Keep me wanting to turn every page as fast as I could Can t wait to hear Adam s story next I ve already fallen in love with everyone else Please hurry and release it

    17. 5 STARS Loves this book This book pulled me right in from the first page and couldn t put it down I loved Dominick and Gen s book I think that is my favorite of the series still no matter how much I loved them all but Eric and Ambers book is right up there with the top Loved the characters and the story A lot of suspense right up to the end.

    18. Hacker thriller romance Pretty good romance thriller with hacking thrown in this time Enjoyable light weight read This novel felt like a novella with less character exploration although a bit story line Worthwhile the kindle price.

    19. I think was my least favorite of this series, I don t know what it was but it was like they were thrown into a relationship and suddenly they were in love It was good but I liked some of the others .

    20. Not my favorite It was a good mystery in the end but the whole middle section was boring I almost gave up on it The ending was good but the middle dragged I didn t love the romance between Ric and Amber.

    21. This was good I thought I guessed what was going on, and then it flipped, and then it flipped again I am really enjoying these stories.

    22. fear, danger, intrigue, murder, bent cop, obsession, stalking, battering, explosions, kidnapping and the heroine outwits the evil bad guy next up, I hope, is Adams storyor Finn s

    23. Think this is my favorite so far in the series Loved Eric all the way through these books and was made up to have his story told Glad he got his HEA in the end.

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