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Behind Closed Doors #2020

Behind Closed Doors EVERY MOVE YOU MAKE Surveillance expert Seth Mackey knows everything about the women that his millionaire boss toys with and tosses aside Raine Cameron is something different Night after night Seth

  • Title: Behind Closed Doors
  • Author: Shannon McKenna
  • ISBN: 9780758203199
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Behind Closed Doors By Shannon McKenna, EVERY MOVE YOU MAKE .Surveillance expert Seth Mackey knows everything about the women that his millionaire boss toys with and tosses aside Raine Cameron is something different Night after night, Seth watches her on a dozen different video screens Her vulnerable beauty haunts him and her fresh innocence stirs a white hot passion that he can barely control Raine is pEVERY MOVE YOU MAKE .Surveillance expert Seth Mackey knows everything about the women that his millionaire boss toys with and tosses aside Raine Cameron is something different Night after night, Seth watches her on a dozen different video screens Her vulnerable beauty haunts him and her fresh innocence stirs a white hot passion that he can barely control Raine is pure temptation, but Seth has something important to take care of first He s convinced that his boss, Victor Lazar, is responsible for his half brother s murder He cannot put his secret investigation at risk, but he can t stop wanting her craving her and soon he knows he can t let Victor have her For Raine may be Victor s next victim EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE .Raine knows she s being watched but no one can see the secrets in her heart She has reasons of her own to seek revenge on Victor Lazar, and she will, despite her fear and the distracting presence of Seth Mackey Though Raine has little experience with men, Seth s fiercely masculine good looks and animal sensuality stir her most erotic fantasies when she s alone and lead her to a bold plan Offering her body to him, surrendering totally to his ruthless desire might well push her beyond all emotional limits and beyond fear itself.

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      165 Shannon McKenna
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    1 thought on “Behind Closed Doors

    1. This would be 5 from me if it had 1 Less sex it was hot but sometimes just too long 2 A main woman who didn t cry all the time and I mean in every convo with the main guy, every convo with the bad guy, when she is alone and thinking, even during sex, and I mean every sex scene in the book, and when I say every sex scene I mean half the book cause that s how much sex there is So just imagine all that crying But even with this, I did enjoy the book cause the suspense was great and it has one of th [...]

    2. This book had a lot of potential good suspense plot, nicely written and two characters that could have helped me like the book It started right off, showed the characters flaws, so I rolled with it Hoped they d develop together and redeem themselves For 90% of the book, they got on my nerves Raine Lorraine, Katya, Katie cried too much about nothing She often burst into giggling fits after or before crying Her character needed backbone and for someone who traveled as extensively as she did, lear [...]

    3. My sister has talked about how much she loves this book for years I can see why she likes it It was thoroughly entertaining My Thoughts Ms McKenna is a very good writer She uses words very elegantly and beautifully This book surprised me with its imagery I liked the motifs of Seth as the cold, dark knight who wanted badly to win the sweet, beautiful princess locked in her tower He wanted to save her from the darkness around her, and even herself I think that this fairy tale theme illuminated wha [...]

    4. I got this book on loan on my kindle as I sometimes just want to TRY a new author before committing myself to buying the book Once I had finished I downloaded the second in the series straight away I wish the one star reviewers this refers to reviews would have an idea about the genre of the book before they read it and review it READ OTHER REVIEWS yes, there is sex lots of it Great but Porn, come on bit of an exaggeration I for one highly recommend this book and the second in the series is just [...]

    5. I struggled with the hero in Behind Closed Doors, however, I really liked the book overall We meet Seth, who is trying to avenge his brother s death by killing capturing his murderer This involves spying on the murderer s new mistress, Raine He becomes obsessed with her, watching her constantly What he doesn t know is Raine is actually on her own undercover mission The murderer he is watching also killed her father too, when she was young girl She wants to try to find answers as to what happene [...]

    6. I LOVED this book May not be everyone s cup of tea, but I loved the hero in this book It s why I read, so I can fantasize about guys like this without having to put up with them in real life because I never would So why do I enjoy reading about edgy, dark, Alpha men who walk a very fine line Honestly I don t know I guess there s something forbidden about it to me because I wouldn t allow a man like this in my real life Shrug Who knows But if you like that type of hero in your books, even occasio [...]

    7. I have so many issues with this book So many I have no idea where to start.The only thing that made me finish this book is Victor Seriously, I loved that guy And I hoped for his book, but knew view spoiler he will get killed hide spoiler and it made me dislike this book even Victor is the only reason I am giving this book 2 starts When it comes to the story I did like it in the beginning I thought of Seth s behavior as creepy and sleazy, worse than stalkerish, that he needs to be hospitalized i [...]

    8. Putting this one on hold for awhile I was underwhelmed with it initially and there are just too many other fabulous books to force myself to keep reading something I don t like I will try to come back later and finish.

    9. Behind Closed Doors, by Shannon McKenna paperback 2002 Raine and SethI m not a huge contemporary suspense romance reader At least that s what I keep telling myself despite my bookshelf results This is the second five star review for my second Shannon McKenna read I think she captivates a particular reader that needs a couple with a real love life, and, since she has control of the story the PERFECT amount of play off of each other The result is a pure balance of story and love scenes for the re [...]

    10. I loved reading this book Loved it It was funny, incredibly sexy and the hero was absolutely adorable It starts with our hero, Seth Mackey spying on Lorraine Cameron, who he thinks is Victor Lazar s who for some reason sounds like a villain from a soap opera newest mistress He s been watching her a few weeks now and has her routine down pat When I mean spying, I mean he s got cameras and motion sensors all over her house, in her car, and at her work I ll admit, there was a moment when I was, wel [...]

    11. I couldn t sludge than chap 22 I never met a useless, cringe worthy excuse of a human being TSTL is way too gentle a description for this woman, as jerk asshole of the year is for him The set up is beyond stupid, she dreams of her dead father, therefore someone must have murdered him Armed of this knowledge she decide to get revenge with no plan, no skills, no ideas actually Naive is difficult enough, naive, totally stupid and a martyr is beyond acceptable I facepalmed so many times I must hav [...]

    12. 3.5 starsI read this right after having read Extreme Danger, Book 5 in the series, and I definitely think that one needs to space out books by this author, because there are a lot of similarities.You ve got the some of these are kind of spoilers, but they re general and if you ve read any other McKenna books, these will come as no surprise crazy, psycho villain very weird and dangerous situation that compels the two main characters to be together heroine who is sweet and vulnerable, yet strong, [...]

    13. 3 stars Entertaining romance suspenseThe author did a great job building suspense as well as she had quite a few steamy love scenes so than what I ve read in a lot of other romantic suspense Where I knock back some stars is because some parts of the story I just couldn t buy The hero was a real jerk to the heroine over and over again, but yet she seems to still want to be with him The heroine thinks her uncle is the murderer who killed her dad, so with no investigative or fighting skills she de [...]

    14. Great read.Shannon McKenna is one of my favorite authors She writes romantic thrillers which keep me on the edge of my seat Some reviewers claim Seth was abusive to Raine That never even occurred to me as I read the book I didn t see Raine being hurt either emotionally or physically Sure people fight and get angry, but I didn t take it as abuse I m intrigued with how readers react so differently To me you need a strong alpha good guy to fight a vicious bad guy Seth was great for that I like plot [...]

    15. I kind of liked this book with all the alphaness of the Hero that went bonkers on the heroine Literally, his obsession was so OTTIt made me uncomfortable at times when he was watching her through his cameras, whilst she was completely unaware To his defences, he thought her working for the bad guy who was responsible for the death of his brother, so his surveillance was a justified party, still, it was not something I was enjoying reading.On the positive side, I must say the way Seth was besotte [...]

    16. Okay, so I m thinking that maybe half this book is filled with nothing but sex wild, tender, drawn out, quick, no nonsense sex And yes, I d admit that I grew a little tired of it after a while Without a doubt it teteers perilously towards erotica In the risk of being stoned by feminists, I confess that I found Seth Mackey s near obsession with Raine thrilling I mean, reallywhat woman in her right mind would say no to that kind of man It didn t hurt that he s also intelligent, drily outrageous, a [...]

    17. 2.5 I guess it was ok starsI cant really pinpoint the reason for my rating but one things for sure , the lossnof the stars definitely had domthing to do with tht crazy stalkerJESSE who happrns to be the hero and RAINE who cd quite possibly be bella swans naive dumb long lost sister P Honestly I just gound these two yo be personally annoyingd a vety distracting aspect of such a goid thrillar plotI swears like everytime they get together , there just basically trying to mk a prono flivk or somthin [...]

    18. To catch the murderer of his brother, Seth Mackey sets up surveillance on billionaire Victor Lazar s love nest where his new lover is safely ensconced To his annoyance, Seth becomes helplessly obsessed with the beautiful blond, watching her far beyond the realm of decency.Raine Cameron doesn t know her every move is being observed, but she knows something about her new employer s apt makes her uneasy Still, she s determined to stay put as she has an ulterior motive of her own to catch the man wh [...]

    19. I struggled with this book from time to time I m sorry to repeat myself but Seth Mackey is no match for Sean McCloud Edge of Midnight I think that Sean will hold a special place in my heart for a very long time Seth was way too crude, too harsh And he was really lacking in social skills Sometimes, I actually got this feeling that the sex wasn t even consensual He was like a freight train what he wanted he got and no matter what And Raine couldn t stop him to take what he wanted This book didn t [...]

    20. Not too keen on this one Which is a shame because it looked interesting, and was recommended by an author that I do like Carolyn Crane However, she was recommending it as a reader, not an author I can t see my comments that I made while reading this one they aren t showing up which is odd But egads No Just no.1 It could have easily been at least 100 pages shorter Honestly, when I realized I still had 100 pages left to read, I groaned out loud and debated just stopping it.2 Lots of just pointless [...]

    21. Book 1 in the McCloud and Friends series, I enjoyed this for what it was I fun read, I had a hard time with the book, I didn t find the characters believable Seth, was a bully, a stalker and little social skills Raine was clueless, didn t know how to tell the truth So when I stopped dissecting them, I had fun with this story The suspense part of this story was enjoyable, and the sex was hot Seth was an Uber Alpha hot man and Raine gradually grew up a little and started thinking for herself If yo [...]

    22. This book got a lot of good things going for it very good plot, interesting and complex villains and a heroine who grew and learned It only gets 3 stars from me because I couldn t click with the hero Don t get me wrong, by the end I was convinced he was the right person for the heroine and I enjoyed his road to self discovery I sort of understood him but I could just not like him that much.

    23. I thought the book was creepy, to be honest The hero Seth was like an aggressive stalker than someone I d want to be with Raine, to me, couldn t make up her mind if she wanted to be with him or not and I thought gave him way too much leeway with his actions Very disappointing read.I may try McKenna again at a later time but in all honestly I didn t find this book enjoyable at all.

    24. Book 1Start with SethI feel the need to write a review here for all those of you who have not yet discovered the magnificent Shannon McKennaI love her books I love her men and I love all of her womenThat is a one of kind for me The women are all different and Raine is a great introduction to the type or non type the McKenna has in her books The women are complex, sweet, and loving but have backbone And in this first book we meet my girl crushTamar Man do I love her and her book with Niko.m, simp [...]

    25. Hoped I would like this, based on the rAve reviews.It was disappointing I spent too much time in Raine s head, or in Seth s head, or watching voyeuristic surveillance tapes Raine indulged in too much crying, offset by weird giggling Too much sex and not enough story This book did not engage my mind Delete most of the rumination and half the sex and we could have a tight yet erotic story, IMO But even if it were tighter, I wasn t crazy about the characters Not much to love about Seth He was a sym [...]

    26. I really struggled to finish this book I could not, for the life of me, connect with either the hero or the heroine Neither appealed to me He was a callous ass She was a selfish b There was no mystery and the book was as slow as molasses at times I will not be reading any of this series or books by this author.

    27. Great story, good characters I do like to get my teeth into a good series I know this is going to be fab

    28. 3.5 I enjoyed this book on one level but oh boy, was there ever a lot of sex in it Take away the sex and no kidding, there d be maybe 60 pages of actual story It was well written sex, if a bit samey and tame, but I started to skip after a while I can suspend disbelief only so long and Seth s never flagging erection and Raine s multiple orgasms took some swallowing sorry I d just watched This Means War funnily enough, a truly dire rom com with two CIA agents bugging the love interest s house and [...]

    29. The only thing stopping this from being a 5 star read was the relationship between the main protagonists.I enjoy the romantic suspense genre because, to state the bleeding obvious, I like action and suspense but the romance is the key ingredient Otherwise, I would be reading mainstream thrillers and, for the most part, these don t do much for me.The story, action and suspense was great fast paced and well written The romance, however, was almost non existent.I enjoy reading about the relationshi [...]

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