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Naptime Is the New Happy Hour: And Other Ways Toddlers Turn Your Life Upside Down #2020

Naptime Is the New Happy Hour And Other Ways Toddlers Turn Your Life Upside Down Motherhood it s not for wimps Once the zigzagging hormones and endless bleary eyed exhaustion of the first year have worn off you re left with the startling realization that your tiny immobile bund

  • Title: Naptime Is the New Happy Hour: And Other Ways Toddlers Turn Your Life Upside Down
  • Author: Stefanie Wilder-Taylor
  • ISBN: 9781416954132
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Paperback
  • Naptime Is the New Happy Hour: And Other Ways Toddlers Turn Your Life Upside Down By Stefanie Wilder-Taylor, Motherhood it s not for wimps Once the zigzagging hormones and endless, bleary eyed exhaustion of the first year have worn off, you re left with the startling realization that your tiny, immobile bundle has become a rampaging toddler, complete with his or her very own, very forceful personality Just as Sippy Cups Are Not for Chardonnay helped debunk decades of par Motherhood it s not for wimps Once the zigzagging hormones and endless, bleary eyed exhaustion of the first year have worn off, you re left with the startling realization that your tiny, immobile bundle has become a rampaging toddler, complete with his or her very own, very forceful personality Just as Sippy Cups Are Not for Chardonnay helped debunk decades of parenting myths to offer honest advice for the first year, Naptime Is the New Happy Hour is a voice of reason for every woman facing questions such as Will refined sugar make my toddler s head explode Is it wrong to have a cocktail at two in the afternoon And what exactly is a Backyardigan With biting wit and boatloads of common sense, Stefanie Wilder Taylor addresses all these concerns and Whether it s planning easy outings that are fun for both of you fact your child will find the local Target just as scintillating as the Guggenheim , dishing the dirt on preschool TV those mothers who swear their kids don t watch television Liars or psychos, every one , or perfecting the art of the play date, readers will find advice, anecdotes, and a reassuring sense of camaraderie to help them survive and even thrive during each hilarious, frustrating, and amazing moment.

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      257 Stefanie Wilder-Taylor
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    1 thought on “Naptime Is the New Happy Hour: And Other Ways Toddlers Turn Your Life Upside Down

    1. Funny made me laugh out loud several times and also made me feel better about my failures as a parentarantly, there are other mothers who aren t perfect either I did not like her use of profanity or how much she dwelled on alcohol It would have been a better book and still funny with less of both of the above.

    2. Naptime is the New Happy Hour puts in words some of the feelings to which parents of toddlers can relate Being a stay at home Mom, I am well aware of the quirkiness of toddlerhood Toddler television programming is utterly annoying, yet we cannot resist plunking our children s impressionable young minds in front of the set We all know the lack of sleep, frustration at the various tendencies of toddler behavior, and the various Moms we encounter along the way who make us feel guilty for giving our [...]

    3. I thought this was much better than a lot of people made it out to be I don t think the language is too much, I mean, we are adults reading it.hopefully I don t think she s stuck on girl babies versus boy babies at all and there were instances where I laughed out loud.From what I hear, Sippy Cups is better than this so I m going to have to get my hands on that and take a look Overall, if you re a new mom or an old mom and want a few light laughs while being able to nod your head and sympathize w [...]

    4. I liked the book It was funny, but it seemed like the author was trying to hard Her style of writing and humor got boring after the first couple of chapters, however, a lot of it is true I didn t like how in the 2nd chapter she talks about not taking your toddler to the mall play places because they have too many germs, then page 102 says no matter what you try to do your child will get sick Why not have them live a little and wipe their hands when they are done playing It is a great book to ent [...]

    5. I really enjoyed the author s humor over the first few chapters but then quickly became bored The humor is a little redundant.If you are doubting yourself as a mom, feeling guilty about the things you are NOT doing as a mom, or feeling bad about not being the Superhero Mom which you thought you d be which should include every mom en this book is a nice mood booster The author talks about the reality of being a mom loving your child but not loving every single mom duty at every waking moment of t [...]

    6. I reviewed this book here.I really want to reiterate the language warning As I said on my review, I have no problems with variations of darn and poop But the author took it too far when she used a word that begins with P Perhaps others are comfortable with that word I am not I don t enjoy reading it, hearing it or saying it I don t think it s funny and I don t think it added to the book The language is actually why this book gets three stars instead of four I think it really took away from the h [...]

    7. More snarky new mom humor from the same writer of Sippy Cups are Not for Chardonnay pretty funny takes on toddlerhood, even laugh out loud Yes, she swears, and yes, she talks about alcohol a lot what did you think you were getting into with her, anyway The reviewers who tsk tsk her for that are exactly the people she snarks in the book Choose your side, readers If you consider yourself a good girl, don t bother with this one, cause you likely just won t get it.

    8. I AM NOT ALONE I loved this book Seriously The only things that were slightly annoying were the drinking comments, but besides that I m pretty sure that this came from my brain.After finishing this book this morning it made me hug my little one and think about how, yes parenting sure can suck but, I am so lucky to be able to do it.3

    9. I liked this book Snarky and a bit irreverent, it is basically telling Moms it s very hard but relax and give yourself a break from the Mommy police Remember that our Moms locked us outside while drinking a Tab and we turned out fine.

    10. I think it is actually possible to be too snarky And, the author has a girl and some of the experiences are too girl baby centric.

    11. I did laugh in parts so I m giving it a 3, but most of it is overtop My biggest problem is how she got a book deal with no experience except she gave birth, yeah lots of us have done that

    12. Hilarious musings on life motherhood with a toddler Definitely will check out the author s other books once I finish this.

    13. This was a great summer pool read for a new mom who could use a few laughs and a reminder not to take life to seriously.

    14. I was at first thinking this was a 2 star book but I could almost give it a 4 now I think I actually liked Ketchup is a Vegetable by Robin O Bryant just slightly overall but this one was definitely stronger in the last few chapters, felt like she got down to business a bit The author has a certain sense of humour that is sometimes funny and sometimes a bit of a turnoff She definitely talks about alcohol a lot but that doesn t bother me and I didn t notice that the language was all that bad and [...]

    15. You know that thing that Ellen Degeneres does Let me see, here s an example I don t need a baby growing inside me for nine months For one thing, there s morning sickness If I m going to feel nauseous and achy when I wake up, I want to achieve that state the old fashioned way getting good and drunk the night before That thing Is there a name for that schtick Anyway, Wilder Taylor does a lot of that It s a device I find funny some of the time but not all of the time And that s the difference betwe [...]

    16. I thoroughly enjoyed this book once I finally committed to finishing reading it e author who also wrote Sippy Cups are not for Chardonnay is very clever and laugh out loud funny at times She also has some good common sense parenting advice, much but not all of which I agreed with and wish parents woudl listen toI m pretty sure this is a mom I would like That said, I did get a little tired of the repeated references to drinking, taking Xanax and using Unisom I think I heard that the author actua [...]

    17. If anyone wants to know exactly what I m going through with a toddler right now just read this book I feel like this author followed me around for a week and completely nailed my life but that s not the case she just had her own toddler and wrote about it that s how similar lives with a toddler are I guess the only bad thing with this book is that I felt it was too real and when I wanted to escape my life it felt like I was just reliving the day when I was reading about what it s like to live wi [...]

    18. Is book was very funny and I totally enjoyed reading it I gave it 4 stars because it was a very simple and easy read.Naptime Is The New Happy Hour is about life as a new mom and all the things you didn t know, should have known, and all the things you have yet to learn One of my favorite lines is, tyrant is tearing through your house screaming at the top of their lungs, by all means say, Hey, Spa voices please I have a couple of women I know who are pregnant that I am going to buy this book for [...]

    19. This was a fun, smart and honest very honest diary of life with a toddler It was an easy read I had read her first book about life with a baby and looked forward to her follow up publication I laughed out loud at so many things that she wrote that could have come directly from my life It wasn t preachy, didn t give advice and made me realize that many others feel the crazy topsy turvy way I do most days Only a few of my mom friends actually admit it in fear of being judged It provided a nice esc [...]

    20. This book is funny and an easy read The first couple chapters did put me off a bit, making me think, yes, my toddler does drive me crazy, but I still LIKE her It sounded like the author sincerely didn t care for her child at all But, it gets better, so keep reading The best part about this book is it gives you a nice warm feeling of being a pretty good mom, even if your daughter s morning snack yesterday was cheetos and chocolate chips and she is currently running around in a diaper and her danc [...]

    21. I loved this book because it was the author spoke about that 18 months and later time frame of having a kid unlike all the baby books I have been coming across She also views motherhood the way I do and at the time of writing the book she only had 1 girl I could relate to everything The small segment about spending time at Target was when I knew I found the right book for me This is about not being the perfect parent and accepting that we don t need the stress that comes with perfection It took [...]

    22. Like her other book on parenting being a mom Sippy Cups Aren t for Chardonnay , this one on the toddler years was very funny She s irreverent and foul mouthed, but she really can make you chuckle at some of the most stressful parts of being a parent When I read her essays, it makes me feel a little relaxed, and a little less worried about how I m measuring up as a mom The Sippy Cups book was probably my favorite, just because I was completely in need of some chuckles and relaxation in that firs [...]

    23. I found out right as I started reading this book that the author had to go into rehab because she had a drinking problem So although the book was funny it made me a little sad when she made jokes about drinking and there were a lot of them because they probably weren t just jokes Aside from that it was an enjoyable read and made me feel better than I m not the perfect, mother of the year that I aspire to be and that there s other mommies out there just trying to make it through the day in one pi [...]

    24. Okay so I saw this on the library shelf in the parenting section and it looked like it would be a very light, humorous read which is exactly what it was The author touches upons and makes light of all that we as new parents fret about She lives in L.A, so some of her experiences are very L.A and some of the parents she meets are so out there that she tries to put things into perspective with a lot of humor intwined.

    25. I loved her other book Sippy Cups Are Not for Chardonnay And Other Things I Had to Learn as a New Mom This book was just ok though, it seemed as if she was trying to hard to be funny There were moments when I did laugh out loud and just had to read aloud to my hubby he thought they were funny It took me forever to finish this book though because it just didn t entertain me the way her other book had If I know what I know now I wouldn t have even bothered to read the book.

    26. Stefanie Wiler Taylor s take on motherhood is hillarious I enjoyed reading about her views on raising a toddler and the transition from childless female to SAHM This is not a serious book on raising children and sensitive types will likely be offended however, if you like to laugh at yourself and don t mind trashy language, this is a fun read I found it to be like a good conversation with another new mom over a glass of wine.

    27. After having read what seems like every baby book on the market and having the same stories told over and over again, I was so excited to read something that tells the real story the mixed emotions about having a baby, feeling inadequate and resenting the fact that everyone else seems to just get on with their old life while you are home with a newborn trying to figure all this out It is a must read for anyone considering having a baby.

    28. Another great bookI think this and the Sippy Cup one should be standard fare at baby showers forget the diapers, wipes and onesies Just helps me feel less crazy about everything motherhood entails, which is always a good thing And now I will go on to read her other twoI m especially excited about the one coming out in June, mainly b c of the title I m Kind of a Big Deal makes me laugh

    29. This is a very silly book but it s a good time anyway Don t read it for true wisdom, but for a few belly laughs and a lot of, don t worry, you ve got it together pretty much as well as other moms even if you feel like a mess it s great The chapters are each about 3 pages long, so it s even possible to read the book while taking care of a toddler, in case you don t want to waste your precious time off.

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