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Gravesend #2020

Gravesend Ray Boy Calabrese is released from prison years after his actions led to the death of a young man The victim s brother Conway D Innocenzio is a year old Brooklynite wasting away at a local Rit

  • Title: Gravesend
  • Author: William Boyle
  • ISBN: 9781940885032
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Paperback
  • Gravesend By William Boyle, Ray Boy Calabrese is released from prison 16 years after his actions led to the death of a young man The victim s brother, Conway D Innocenzio, is a 29 year old Brooklynite wasting away at a local Rite Aid, stuck in the past and still howling for Ray Boy s blood When the chips are down and the gun is drawn, Conway finds that he doesn t have murder in him Thus begins a sRay Boy Calabrese is released from prison 16 years after his actions led to the death of a young man The victim s brother, Conway D Innocenzio, is a 29 year old Brooklynite wasting away at a local Rite Aid, stuck in the past and still howling for Ray Boy s blood When the chips are down and the gun is drawn, Conway finds that he doesn t have murder in him Thus begins a spiral of self loathing and soul searching into which he is joined by Alessandra, a failed actress caring for her widowed father, and Eugene, Ray Boy s hellbound nephew Ray Boy Calabrese is back in Gravesend some people worship him, some want him dead but none so than the ex con himself.

    • [EPUB] ☆ Gravesend | by ✓ William Boyle
      264 William Boyle
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    1. When a man knows another manis looking for himHe doesn t hide Frank Stanford, Everybody Who is Dead Even death starts to look attractive when hope is gone And the fittingly named Gravesend of William Boyle s first novel is a place where hope is regularly interred Conway D Innocenzio and RayBoy Calabrese are in a race The finish line is their own demise, and the contest is neck and neck all the way Death comes in many guises Conway s big brother, Duncan D Innocenzio, found his when a gay bashing [...]

    2. In brief I m obviously one of the exceptions here as most folk seem to think this is good I really liked the premise of the book but found it pretty hard going.I really found the basic premise of this book appealing Ray Boy is released from prison after serving 16 years for causing the death of Conway s brother He returns home to find that Conway wants to kill him To Conway s surprise Ray Boy is happy with that Conway finds the idea of killing easier than actually doing it The book looks at thei [...]

    3. William Boyle has written a brilliant debut novel, packed full of gritty characters struggling to make a living in the roughed up neighborhood of Gravesend until the only choice left is tragedy This is a working class novel in the way that Fat City is a working class novel or Frozen River is a working class film Actresses can t find films to act in Kids make drops for the mob Grown men ring the cash register in Rite Aid The daily grind Boyle describes is endless You tend bar You run numbers You [...]

    4. SoooI don t write a lot of reviews I am not literary literate, just a guy who likes to read But I felt compelled to jot down a few lines after finishing this book First and foremost, I thank Megan Abbott for introducing me to Mr Boyle s work What I found amazing about this book, beyond enjoying the author s style and cadence, was the care taken with the details and backstory that helped the reader really get a sense of Conway, Stephanie, and Alessandra in particular At several points in the book [...]

    5. Incredible to read that this is Boyle s first novel It is certainly one of the finest pieces of noir that I have read, and these days, that s quite a few In a striking piece of writing there are stand out passages that will stay with the reader long after finishing the book That is the case with Gravesend Notably, the scene by the grave in the forest, and then then at the train station at the very end of the book Please don t make this into a movie I have such clear images in my mind of these tw [...]

    6. This does not feel like a first novel at all I m a sucker for modern composers Philip Glass, Steve Reich, that gang With them, they set up a rhythm that feels inevitable and then abandon it in unexpected ways Like Miles Davis too, sometimes its the silences between the notes that holds the whole structure up the focus has to come in at exactly the right place and time or else it won t work.Gravesend feels like that to me And it does work And William Boyle blows his trumpet at the exact right pla [...]

    7. What a great first novel this was Not only William Boyle has a mind of his own, but he does write for the good reasons and understands how to stay within himself His haunting, elegiac style has a stern beauty to it His characters are beautifully broken and tormented and he doesn t seem to be picking favourites Boyle is happy to just expose the pain of the world on each character s shoulders The people of GRAVESEND are worn down by life and are drowning without their dreams and aspirations GRAVES [...]

    8. A truly brilliant debut from a talent to watch Boyle s prose eloquent, his plot masterful, his characters vivid, his atmospherics artfully rendered.

    9. AMAZINGGravesend is a stunning read It takes an area of Brooklyn and makes it a central character in a novel that ignites the attention from the off.The story swirls around an incident from years earlier like a whirlpool of water preparing to disappear down the plughole The incident in question is the killing of a young, gay man Daniel who was lured down to the beach for some action by a gang of thugs and bullies.Daniel s death has touched so many lives Most importantly it has wrecked his brothe [...]

    10. This book carries my highest recommendation It s so well done on so many levels The first is the sense of place I have a passing familiarity with the nether regions of Brooklyn that form the backdrop, but William Boyle who grew up there etches the details with stunning sharpness It s the gritty, grimy old New York City think of The French Connection that hasn t been gentrified, yet still it s undergone change The clash between the old line Italians and the newer ethnic groups who have arrived is [...]

    11. Beautifully written, full characters, and action for days Gorgeously gritty prose I could not put this book down When I wasn t reading it, I was thinking about it Haunting and a quite addictive The setting and characters come to life on every page, and they have been etched into my consciousness I m done reading the book, but they re all still there, in my head I am in deep admiration of Mr Boyle s writing abilities, and I sincerely hope he has another one in the works.

    12. Hoffnungslos, verzweifelnd, selbstzerst rend ist Gravesend Ein Tipp f r Noir Leser Weil er einen Jungen in den Tod hetzte, kam Ray Boy Calabrese f r 16 Jahren hinter Gitter Nun ist er wieder auf freiem Fu , doch vom einst harten Typen ist nichts mehr brig Er will nur sterben Durch Conways H nde.Conway, der Bruder des Hate Crime Opfers, hat in all der Zeit auf Rache geschworen Er will Ray t ten, doch so ein Mord, ist nicht so leicht wie man es sich vielleicht ertr umt.Und dann gibt es noch Eugene [...]

    13. My ReviewGravesend initially appealed to me because of it s links to Brooklyn The crime blurb is fascinating so I ventured into the seedy, dark, gritty world The atmosphere is intense, the characters a motley crew are well described but not naturally pleasant This book does exactly what you would anticipate, it draws you into an existence that is impossible to claw your way out of intact.Mix in an ex con, an ex cop a wannabe actress there is revenge, murder planning but also caring for family an [...]

    14. My blurb Gravesend plops you down in the midst of a tragedy waiting to happen, and as the story rumbles toward its shattering conclusion, you ll find yourself digging in your heels against the terrible inevitability of it all William Boyle lays bare a seedy corner of Brooklyn and the tortured souls who inhabit it in his debut, and in so doing stakes out his own turf among up and coming two fisted writers.

    15. A can t put it down must read noir novel, Gravesend is set in a pitch perfect Brooklyn and reads like Willy Vlautin MOTEL LIFE channeling Leonard Gardner FAT CITY Boyle s characters are heartbreakers, every one They re so real and complex I ve worried for them, dreamed of them, and kept them with me long after I put the book on my just read favorites pile Boyle s writing is sharp and fresh, his dialogue brilliantly alive This is a fantastic debut from a writer to watch.

    16. Deft and detailed, Boyle s GRAVESEND is a dirty gem of a book modern noir if you d like, with a trajectory and patchwork reminiscent of Selby s LAST EXIT TO BROOKLYN The intertwined destinies of each character unfold, picking up speed like an El clacking out of the stationd there s no escape, no mercy where this ugly train is headed I m definitely looking forward to from Boyle.

    17. Gravesend, am s dlich westlichen Zipfel von Brooklyn, einer der ltesten Stadtteile New Yorks, Bev lkerung berwiegend wei , eher Unter als Mittelschicht, konservativ, bei Wahlen den Republikanern zugeneigt Gravesend ist aber auch der Titel eines Romans von William Boyle, einem amerikanischen Autor, der in diesem Viertel aufgewachsen ist.Gravesend ist ein Drecksloch, Endstation f r die Alten und keine Zukunft f r die Jungen Die einen gehen und suchen ihr Gl ck anderswo Wie Alessandra Biagini, die [...]

    18. The reviews and back cover comments on this book are spot on It s rather a dark story, taking in some of the underbelly of life, the ordinary people who live in small areas and don t or can t venture out, those who return, and the despair of life Beautifully written for the subject It s a guy book, to my mind, language and mindset males will understand I won t restate the story as that s been done so well already And it s timely now in the U.S with guns at the forefront of discussion.

    19. Sometimes I guess I am a little slow because I just sat down to start writing this review of Gravesend and realized how many different ways the title works in respect to this novel The most direct way the title works is the story is set in the Gravesend neighborhood of Brooklyn I have never heard of Gravesend in Brooklyn and since the name sounds so ominous especially for a place where people live I decided to do some quick google research Immediately when I reading about Gravesend and looking a [...]

    20. I liked Gravesend, but not as much as I hoped I would One big concern regards Conway, who is simply pathetic weak, cowardly, treats his father like shit in both life and death , and has no redeeming qualities Try as I might I couldn t empathise with the character because he had no traits I found worthy of admiration even the sense of justice for his brother seemed an affectation Normally this wouldn t bother me as a long time reader of noir I m used to characters who are pieces of shit or in som [...]

    21. The crime novel is not usually my genre, but Gravesend was a gripping read that I d recommend to anyone who enjoys good storytelling I was surprised to see echoes of my own hometown in Boyle s Gravesend, which sounds like a fictional town name and certainly works well with the plot , but is actually a real neighborhood in south central Brooklyn Gravesend feels like an isolated small town even though it s minutes away from Manhattan anyone who has gone home and been saddened by encounters with fo [...]

    22. One of the things I loved best about Gravesend by William Boyle, was the easy, relaxed writing style that immediately engaged, then proceeded to drag me in deep to a dark and affecting world A compelling, fast moving narrative with characters so real we feel their despair and disappointments keenly, Gravesend is not a typical crime novel It s not really a crime novel at all, it s a bit too human for that It s clear Boyle knows the area of Brooklyn he writes about intimately, and we get a privile [...]

    23. Read the blurb for the low down on what happens in this fantastic debut from William Boyle It s a great character piece with everything set up nicely for his characters to move around each other they live and breathe in a way that few first time writers achieve Mr Boyle dumps you right in at the deep end with the unrelenting backstreets of Brooklyn adding to the tension and frustration of his characters.Comes with recommendations from Tom Franklin, Willy Vlautin and Richard Lange, amongst others [...]

    24. The fine fellows over at Booked were foolish enough to invite me on to review this book Have a listen to how I derail their entire show like the B1 jumping the El , won t you bookedpodcast 2013 12 11 185 gravesend

    25. Shame I can only go up to five stars in my rating Bill Boyle knocked it out of the park Brooklyn Cyclones Park that is with this book You keep trying to find a protagonist to root for, or a bad guy worthy of your hate, but the lines are constantly blurred Amazing snapshot into a gritty world way far removed from my rural existence

    26. Gravesend is a crime novel but it s a crime novel with a difference, in that the story revolves around the characters and their individual struggles and the crimes seem like an aside to the characters plights.Ray Boy is released from prison after serving 16 years for the murder of Conway s gay brother Duncan and Conway is out for revenge Ray Boy however is not the same person he was and after abducting him and taking him back to their old neighbourhood of Gravesend, Conway discovers that he real [...]

    27. C est noir, glauque, d primant souhait Les personnages sont cr dibles, les situations sonnent justes et le tout est servi par une belle criture Pourtant je n ai pas r ellement accroch La faute un manque d attachement ces personnages paum s, d sesp r s et d sesp rants et aussi sans doute, au fait que je ne connais pas Brooklyn et encore moins Gravesend alors m me que toute l intrigue tourne autour de ce quartier et des communaut s qui y vivent Cela n en reste pas moins un bon roman bien noir.

    28. I didn t enjoy it Boring Americans coming back to their hometown Everyone else likes it so perhaps I missed something Or perhaps something happens after page 150 where I gave up.

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