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Revisions of Goodloe Byron #2020

Revisions of Goodloe Byron Nathan First is a childlike biographer making barely enough from his writing to survive His only source of contact with the outside world is his sister whose recent marriage has left Nathan to his o

  • Title: Revisions of Goodloe Byron
  • Author: Goodloe Byron
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 313
  • Format: None
  • Revisions of Goodloe Byron By Goodloe Byron, Nathan First is a childlike biographer, making barely enough from his writing to survive His only source of contact with the outside world is his sister, whose recent marriage has left Nathan to his own devices.Moved by a paltry obituary that he reads in the paper, Nathan sets out to compose his masterpiece a biography of an ordinary man But this will be no ordinary booNathan First is a childlike biographer, making barely enough from his writing to survive His only source of contact with the outside world is his sister, whose recent marriage has left Nathan to his own devices.Moved by a paltry obituary that he reads in the paper, Nathan sets out to compose his masterpiece a biography of an ordinary man But this will be no ordinary book as Nathan becomes increasingly ambitious, the project blossoms into a study of the dark matter of humanity and appears to contain the abandoned history of the world.

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      313 Goodloe Byron
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    1. First I was all, yay I won a book through First Reads Then I was all, oh no It s self published and being sent to me direct by the author, so it is probably a bad book, and a poorly constructed one at that Then I was like weird The package came and the book actually looks really, really nice, with a great cover, a readable layout, good quality paper, illustrations even Then I was all wuh According to the intro, I won this book because the author, who again, self published it, only gives his book [...]

    2. Revisions Of, a novel soon to be handed out for free at a street corner near you, follows the story of Nathan First as he compiles the writings of a completely ordinary man, Daltry Truett The composer of this scene, Goodloe Byron, splits his time impersonating Ed Wood and Jeff Magnum, weaving crippling desperation onto arcane city sets in a remarkable showing of dime show kitsch Time and again he paints over the same thoughts with the same brush, leaving the reader wondering why he just read the [...]

    3. This was of an experiment than a book The mysterious author without a bio or a photo, the 0 dollar cost and random distribution strategies much expounded upon in an extensive section preceding the book s all very interesting But, alas, not necessarily good or worth the time The concept of the book was actually pretty original, the execution leaned toward the tedious side, for the most part since it was entirely narrated Even the few events that did occur and the minor dialogue that did take pl [...]

    4. Revisions Of Goodloe Byron.Nathan First is a struggling biographer He comes across an obituary in the paper and decides to write a book on this man s life It becomes his obsession and mission to make something of this mans life A loner, and some what sad character, his only contact to the outside world is his sister They have a unique brother sister relationship based on sibling love.Goodloe Byron has a dark poetic style to his writing This story takes you deep into the mind of Nathan, bringing [...]

    5. Revisions Of is one of those books you will probably either love or hate, with little in between Byron has a unique writing style and this is not your typical novel For starters, there is virtually no dialogue The story is in Nathan s ramblings, observations, thoughts, and obsessions Nathan, the main character, is an author One day he reads an obituary that tells him next to nothing about the deceased man Nathan becomes obsessed with this man s life Determined to give some sort of status to this [...]

    6. I just received a copy of this in the mail It was actually a tad disturbing, because the author s writing is so similar to mine that for a moment I thought I d had some sort of mental break where I mailed myself something and then forgot.

    7. Revisions of by Goodloe Byron is a difficult book to describe It is about an emotionally fragile writer who seems separated from himself by a seemingly endless number of subdivisions of commentaries about himself, every second of every moment of consciousness, every thought of an action, each thought continuing to be taken apart until the book, despite the actions and plot and some major emotional events seems to be in stasis The narrator is uncertain at first, in the introduction, a friend of t [...]

    8. Hmmm, I think I have to start out by mentioning that Revisions Of isquirky, to say the least It s not entirely what you would expect and now as I just finished it, I find that my thoughts are a bit muddled to as to how I felt about the book Let s see if I can sort out my thoughtsRevisions Of basically follows the day to day life of an average man who happens to be a biographer who is writing a biography about, you guessed it, the average man Did this just blow your mind for a minute If you re st [...]

    9. First of all, consider me a new fan of Goodloe Byron I basically knew I would love this book before I d really read a word, and the fact that the story was compelling and well written was just the icing on the book like cake When is The Wraith coming out Are there still free copies of The Abstract floating around I would love to read both I think I requested Revisions Of as a giveaway at least four or five times before I finally won a copy, so I m glad I persisted The Zero Dollar Tour is brillia [...]

    10. Revisions of is not a plot driven novel, but focuses on the main character, Nathan First He s the only character with any sort of concentrated sketch, and all other characters are described through his view, his interpretation of their actions and behaviours although the reader can, once you become accustomed to the writing style and Nathan s viewpoint, understand the reality of things a bit better.Yes, the writing style is not typical of a modern novel, but for me, in the course of reading, it [...]

    11. Nathan First is a struggling Biographer He is a loner, his only contact to the world outside is his sister One day he comes across an obituary in the paper and he decides to try to write a story about this mans life This story brings about mixed emotions.It takes you deep into Nathans mind.This story is an interesting journey into the life of an ordinary man.Byron is a talented man , I loved the art work through out the book It is truly amazing I highly recommend this book for all those readers [...]

    12. If nothing else, this book is well worth the price.Byron s writing is interesting and charming, although it is a little and then, and then, and then at times This is a what you see is what you get book Does it look good to you Then you ll like it If not, then skip it.The art inside is due a check out, at least.

    13. This book was by turns challenging, funny, moving, parodic, and profound Most importantly, though, it s different You ll find yourself in a place at once familiar to your experience and foreign to your experience of reading It s good

    14. First let me say that I ve read A.S Byatt s The Biographer s Tale and Steven Millhauser s Edwin Mullhouse The Life and Death of an American Writer 1943 1954 by Jeffrey Cartwright, both texts concerned with characters constructing life stories of other characters So, Goodloe Byron s Revisions Of appealed to me as a possible relative of this postmodern family After completing Revisions last evening, I find that I can t place Byron s novel on the same wafty level of stratosphere However, that may n [...]

    15. I won t lie It was really hard for me to get started with Revisions Of but I pushed on and was amply rewarded.Nathan First is not an easy person to like The book summary is misdirecting Yes, it is about a biographer inspired by an obituary, but it is so much than this I think what Goodloe Byron has done was to write a story addressing Asperger s without saying it out loud Nathan is a recluse prone to extreme flights of imagination.It is a stream of consciousness filled with the boulders of Nath [...]

    16. It seemed like this book was experimental than anything else As if the author was trying out a style and a character, to see how it would take And overall, I didn t feel that it was complete.The style of the book was written to reflect the mental processes of the main character, who has a tendency to tangent and ramble and get carried away in various small, everyday fantasies I really liked this aspect of the book I ve walked through my day and wondered what I would do if suddenly a ninja came [...]

    17. I received this book from the author through the giveaways program.I wondered why the strange title, Revisions of Looking at the title page I noticed that the arrangement of the title and author s name leads to the conclusion that the real title of the book is Revisions of Goodloe Byron, making it a veiled autobiography.The main character, Nathan First, is clearly weird His flights of fantasy lead me to conclude that he is mildly insane, but he seems fairly harmless He uses lots of words that mo [...]

    18. Thanks to the author and for the free reading copy Additional thanks to the author for the personalized note, in purple ink no less See p 83 Before I even began to read this book, I read about Goodloe Byron and his Zero Dollar Tour Mr Byron gives away his books for free, and crashes book fairs to do so This is a man who I d give money to, if I had any money to give Revisions Of is about Nathan First, a biographer documenting the life of a deceased, ordinary man but to discuss the plot any furthe [...]

    19. I received Revisions Of from first reads As others mentioned, the book is very nice in appearance and the drawings at the beginning of each chapter are exquisite The language of the book is verbose, even relentlessly loopy at times, perhaps to emphasize the neurotic inner world of the main character, Nathan Most of the book is spent in his mind, observing life through his nervous, obsessive point of view Nathan is a broke biographer, who becomes obsessed about typing up everything a regular guy [...]

    20. I didn t enjoy this book It was hard to follow with Nathan s ramblings If you ever wanted to be inside someone s head at all waking moments this is your chance to do so, and I am sure by the end you will never wish that ever again There is no quotation marks when there are conversations which is hard to differentiate when he is really talking to someone or if he is going through the different scenarios in his head.Nathan appears to be a poor loner who writes biographies He is captivated one day [...]

    21. From a purely material perspective, this book is a finely crafted work of art worth than an once over I love the brilliant amber of the front and back covers I stared at them often on the train this week , and Byron s sketches are crisp and engaging from the frontispiece to the closing illustration I was very much surprised by how much it all added to the text.The novel itself employs an unique voice to give life to Nathan First, the bizarre author of little noted biographies of increasingly ob [...]

    22. I won this book from First Reads Side note The author was nice enough to autograph it and write a small note inside I love it when authors do stuff like that It didn t really influence my review, but it was a nice touch This book was strange But in a good way There was practically no punctuation throughout the book, but I could live with that it fit the style I wasn t quite sure if Nathan was supposed to be mentally challenged, a genius, or just insane, but whatever he was, I loved him His dry s [...]

    23. Revisions Of is the story of Nathan First, a socially awkward and mediocre biographer working on his pi ce de la r sistance the biography of an ordinary man whom no one has heard of There is very little dialogue as Nathan is very solitary, and the mind of a solitary man can be a rather interesting place Or perhaps we re just fooled into thinking that dull is the new interesting Either way, what began as a charming view of Nathan s habit of overthinking everything charming in that these were pecu [...]

    24. This is a well crafted book, chronicling the downward spiral of a deranged mind Yes, Nathan First is arrogant and deluded, but there is a small part of him that is frightfully aware of just how weak and lost he is He doesn t connect with people, lives alone and is obsessed with his work and his own ideas, and there is very little in his life to anchor him in reality Nathan is indeed a genius, and he is very aware of this fact, using it to rationalize nearly everything he does He is never wrong, [...]

    25. I was intrigued by the concept of an author who publishes his own work and distributes free copies, and Goodloe Byron, it turns out, does just that, to the tune of tens of thousands of free copies distributed My online research on the author was interesting and left me with lots of questions, so since the synopsis sounded interesting, I entered a drawing for a copy through First Reads Further piquing my curiosity, the copy arrived hand addressed by the author in a strikingly unique penmanship Th [...]

    26. Nathan First is a childlike biographer, making barely enough from his writing to survive His only source of contact with the outside world is his sister, whose recent marriage has left Nathan to his own devices Moved by a paltry obituary that he reads in the paper, Nathan sets out to compose his masterpiece a biography of an ordinary man But this will be no ordinary book as Nathan becomes increasingly ambitious, the project blossoms into a study of the dark matter of humanity and appears to cont [...]

    27. I got this book for free via Oh wait, everyone who received this book received it free of charge But really, I was immediately intrigued the moment I started reading about the Zero Dollar Tour Loved those little anecdotes Anyway, onto Revisions Of It took me a while to get through the first few chapters, but after I got used to Byron s style, I managed all right I think what hooked me was Nathan First His is the only point of view we get for the most part, and we re sort of in his mind throughou [...]

    28. I wanted to like this book so badly because I think very highly of the author, Goodloe Byron I think it is so admirable that he gives his books away for free so everyone can enjoy them I love his custom hand drawn illustrations, I think they are the most attractive part about this book However, I cannot get into this story Nathan is deeply reflective and quite often in his own head which restricts the development of the other characters in this novel The protaganist does offer a lot of wisdom as [...]

    29. They always say to not judge a book by it s cover, but I am glad I did judge this one thusly I was perusing the giveaways and noticed some art that really drew me in, and upon reading the synopsis of the story I knew I had to enter to win Revisions of Lucky for me I came out ahead in that action.This book is one that can t be put in any specific category, because it truly does defy category, and that is one of the thing s that fascinated me I enjoyed the various observations of the main characte [...]

    30. Definitely different from all the other books I ve read, but it s worth reading.The writing style makes the book feel like it was written in the past rather than the present It did take me a while to get used to the writing and there were a few passages that I had to read a couple of times before moving on But once I got used to the dated feeling of the writing, I really enjoyed the storyline and the book.The book takes on a narrative form and doesn t contain any dialogue or quotations Even when [...]

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